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Name Etherion
Kanji 衛星魔法陣 エーテリオン
Romanji Sateraito Sukuea Ēterion
Type Holder Magic
User(s) Magic Council

Etherion, also known as the "Satellite Square: Etherion", is an extremely powerful weapon controlled by the Magic Council.


Tower of Heaven arc

In the Tower of Heaven arc, Siegrain with the help of Ultear tricks the Council into firing Etherion at the Tower of Heaven in order to gather the 2.7 Billion Edeas of magical energy required to activate the R-System. It has been called a destruction magic that transcends time and space and some of the Council members mention that it is powerful enough to make an entire country disappear. It has not been used since the Tower of Heaven Arc. It is fired after a group of mages under the Council's control chant an incantation, ending with "We pray to the sacred light, Release Etherion!!", causing a series of glyph-like circles and squares to appear above the target, where the main beam is formed. Once the beam is finished, a blinding light is shot at the target, decimating all in its path until it hit the lacrima crystals inside the Tower of Heaven, which absorbed its energy.


Etherion, once powered up fires a large amount of energy that will strike the target. The massive amount of energy (Fire Energy along with several other types of Elemental Energy) causes distortion and then wipes the target away, leaving only dust.


  • Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer (who can restore his energy by eating his specific Element), was able to eat Etherion and activate the Dragon Slayer's Ultimate Form the Dragon Force, even though Etherion is fused with other Elements as well. It did however have side effects later on, making him sick for days after.
  • Etherion shares it's name with the Ultimate magic in Hiro Mashima's earlier work Rave Master. It shares the same destructive capability with its namesake.