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Eugene Woodland



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Ghost Dragon Slayer (霊滅龍, Reimetsuryū)
Ninja of Fairy Tail (忍びの妖精尻尾, Shinobi no Yōsei Shippo) (By Happy)
Yuna (Alter Ego)
Ching Hei (Alter Ego)
Fairy Tactician the Second




June 3rd


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17 (Pre-Timeskip)
20 (Fairy Tail: Breakdown)
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Right Shoulder (Fairy Tail)
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Fairy Tail
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Team Sleeping Forest

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Team Natsu (currently disbanded)


Shana Sper
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Kiyoko Kriya
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Fairy Tail Guild Hall

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Gardina (foster parent)
Moss (foster brother)
Meredy (foster sister)
Sif Akiyama (Future Wife)
Brooke Woodland (Future Daughter)
Violet Woodland (Future Daughter)
Ezra Akiyama (Future Brother in Law)
Anastasia Zharkov (Future Sister in Law)
Alexander Akiyama (Future Nephew)
Mara Akiyama (Future Niece)




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Eugene Woodland (ユージン・ウォードランド Yūjin Woodorando) is a Dragon Slayer who was raised by the Dragon Gardina. His magical abilities include a wide range due to the large variety of plants he has at his disposal. He also has many physical talents that one should not underestimate. Despite the fact that he's the Forest Dragon Slayer, he has picked up the alias of Ghost Dragon Slayer (霊滅龍, Reimetsuryū) due to his common disappearances or appearances out of nowhere. He has also been called a ninja because of it.


Eugene has dark colored eyes which give him a bit of a mysterious look when he's serious although his face shows no signs of masculinity and has more of a feminine face, something that has caused Eugene to be mistaken for a girl at one point while he was in casual clothes after not getting a haircut in a while. He also has short somewhat messy black hair as he doesn't bother too much with grooming having lived in the wilderness for all that time. He's skinny but his body is well toned and muscular due to his time living in the woods and all of the exercise from it. However, nobody can really tell with his clothes on.

Eugene always wears simple clothing which usually includes a hand-sewn pale blue short sleeved shirt with a V-shaped cut on the chest which was tied with a light brown cord along with trousers and hand-sewn leather shoes. After joining Fairy Tail, his guildmates encourage him to get new clothes. After a while of pestering, Eugene finally conceded and got a new outfit. His current outfit stays true to the simplicity he's used to. It consists of a dark green shirt, black pants, sneakers, and also a dark cloak while on jobs.

On his right shoulder, he bears the Fairy Tail guild mark and on his left shoulder, he bears the Unchained Soul guild mark.


Eugene is generally a carefree and friendly person, quickly able to make friends with almost anyone. He doesn't really pay attention to trends or gossip and most of the time goes by his own flow. Because he's lived in a forest almost his entire life and has had little interaction with things from society, he is almost completely clueless about it. Although he does not act like a savage or an animal, this does bring strange characteristics such as sleeping in trees and climbing up buildings instead of taking the stairs. He also refers to normal humans as if they were a separate species due to the huge difference in how normal people grew up in civilization are to him and not understanding common things from it. in the wild, Eugene's sense of direction is that of legendary hunters. Despite that, he always gets completely lost in places like a city, often taking an hour to actually reach his destination if he were by himself.

Perhaps due to his training or him not sticking out much in terms of appearance, outside of battle, Eugene has even less presence than a background character when he's not talking to anybody and people tend to forget he's even there. A running gag is when he surprises those near him by seemingly appearing out of nowhere once he makes his presence known even if he was there the entire time. Even his guildmates who know about him and how he does this on a daily basis, they still get surprised by these 'sudden appearances'.

Although his appearance and general tone would say otherwise, Eugene is no idiot. General knowledge aside, he is quite intelligent. In terms of battle style he's Natsu's opposite since he likes to use his brain more than his brawn. Since he doesn't have as much raw power as Natsu, he relies on his analytical abilities, physical abilities and more diverse magic to defeat his opponents. Eugene is unconsciously calculating while in battle figuring out where his opponent(s) will attack next or what a person will do. Using that information, he will attack his opponent's weak spots with full power. This method is more effective than the full power frontal assault approach Natsu does for Eugene as he doesn't have as much raw power.

The only time his kind demeanor changes is when the situation becomes serious or when he needs to fight the enemy. Some have compared this face to that of a cold blood murderer or a wrathful Dragon. He shows almost no mercy to his enemies in battle but refuses to kill them or to let them die. He'll be willing to give his enemy close to fatal injuries or wounds so that they couldn't move, but he won't deliver the final blow to kill.

He sincerely cares for his guildmates and his friends to the extent that he is willing to sacrifice himself to protect them. This can be shown through how protective he can be of his guildmates. Also he says a lot of stuff that would seem to others as cheesy or stuff that strikes the heart and he doesn't even realize it. Eugene likes to help ease whatever burdens his guildmates have and helps others overcome their personal issues due to someone having helped him in the past overcome his. Despite his sharp sense of perception where he could figure out the situation of others or the battle easily, Eugene is extremely dense to whatever non-battle related advances are made on him, especially romantic ones. His denseness towards romantic situations involving himself as the target of affection has made other people think he's an idiot sometimes.


Eugene was found by the Dragon Gardina when he was a baby. Gardina opted to raise Eugene and taught him how to talk, hunt, as well as magic. One day on the year of X776, Gardina thought that Eugene was ready to start interacting with humans and was about to introduce him to them. Unfortunately, a group of soldiers of the town nearest to where Eugene and Gardina lived were ordered to kill Gardina because of that that town's governor's hatred for dragons. Because he wasn't strong enough, Eugene couldn't do anything but watch the soldiers attack his foster parent until he couldn't take it anymore and went into a rage killing some of the soldiers before they retreated. Gardina then understood that Eugene wasn't ready and decided to wait a year before trying again. However on July 7, X777, Gardina, along with the other Dragons, mysteriously disappeared leaving Eugene on his own. A while after, the same soldiers led by the same governor decided to attack again and a similar result occurred where Eugene went into a rage and killed or wounded some soldiers before they retreated. This resulted in Eugene distrusting humans and he would attack any that come near him. After 2 years of living like that, a swordsman known as Zento Asuda along with his apprentice named Riku Demar confronted him about his attacks on people. Still holding feelings of hatred for humans, Eugene immediately attacks the two but is skillfully defeated by Zento. Out of a desire of wanting to be stronger, Eugene asks Zento to teach him which he accepted because he wanted to guide Eugene down the right path. With that, Zento taught both Eugene and Riku who were about the same age Kofuna Shizen Ryu, his sword style.

A few years later, both Eugene and Riku improved drastically in their sword skills. Although not on the level of their master seeing as both of them teaming up on him couldn't even come close to beating him. One day while they were training, they were attacked by a dark mage from a dark guild called Demon Sword. Zento was able to defeat the enemy at the cost of becoming injured. The dark mage took advantage of this and used his magic to take control of Zento's body and turned him on Eugene and Riku, the only way to free their master was to kill him. Through the use of magic and knowing how his sensei would move Eugene was able to land the finishing blow because his sensei fought against the control slowing him down. Before he died, Zento decided to give Eugene his sword which was a magic sword by transferring it into Eugene's body along with his own soul. Riku saw that Eugene killed Zento and ran off saying that he would never forgive Eugene for that.

For a while after that, Eugene was alone again. He still didn't trust humans very much but after having met Zento and Riku, he doesn't hate them and even interacts with some that he crosses paths with. At some point after hunting down a giant bird, he found a strange egg in it's nest. Becoming curious, Eugene took the egg home and a few days later, it hatched out a green cat to Eugene's surprise. Eugene named the cat Moss since the color of the cats fur was similar in color. Moss became Eugene's closest friend and after Moss could handle carrying Eugene while flying, it made daily hunting much more easier. The two did everything together, from eating, sleeping, hunting, etc. Besides Riku, Moss is the closest Eugene's had to a brother.

A while after that on a stormy night, Eugene and Moss could see two people coming over to their location. Cautious at first, the two of them were on their guard but they then saw it was just two people, one who was injured, were trying to get out of the rain, The two people were Ultear Milkovich and Meredy, members of the dark guild Grimoire Heart at the time. Meredy was wounded from a earlier done mission and Ultear began treating her. Unfortunately, her wound wouldn't stop bleeding. Eugene couldn't stand seeing someone die in front of him so he jumped down from the branch he was on and used his plants to stop the bleeding and save her life. Because she was still wounded, Ultear reluctantly decided to leave Meredy with Eugene (not without a death threat if Meredy got hurt) while she reported back to Hades. During the time Meredy stayed with Eugene, she had come to think of him as the older brother she never had and was sad when she had to leave but visits him often after that.

(Enter how Eugene was stuck in a time freeze here)

One day while Eugene and Moss were on a hunt, they saw Fairy Tail's Wendy Marvell under attack. Although he didn't know who this person was, Eugene didn't want to abandon a person so he defeated the assailant using his magic. Both Wendy and Natsu who were there at the time couldn't see his face but were able to see his magic and were surprised at that due to the fact it was Dragon Slayer Magic.

About a week later, he saw both Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox coming towards the area he lived in. Not recognizing Natsu from before, he thought the two of them as a threat and assaulted them. At first Eugene had the upper hand due to the surprise attack as well as having the home field advantage but was soon overpowered and Eugene took a great deal of hits. Knowing that the two other Dragon Slayers were much stronger than himself, he used plants that released a sleeping gas of sorts making Natsu and Gajeel fall asleep, thus ending the battle. Not wanting to just leave them like that, Eugene and Moss dragged them back to their tree.

Soon after bringing them back to their tree, Eugene and Moss were assaulted by Gray Fullbuster who thought that Eugene was the enemy after seeing Natsu and Gajeel unconscious. Well, they were sleeping but Gray didn't know that. It was then Erza Scarlet and Lucy Heartfillia had caught up to Gray and they too also assumed Eugene to be the enemy because of a similar reason. Erza told Gray and Lucy to get Natsu and Gajeel out of the area while Erza fights Eugene. The two then engaged in a fierce battle. In terms of swordsmanship, they were at about equal and Erza had trouble with Eugene due to his plants. Eventually, it lead to the two charging at each other, each using a strong attack until it was stopped by Wendy getting in the way. Both parties not wanting to hurt her, they both halted their attacks. Having run out of magic energy, Eugene then collapsed.


Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy: Due to the fact that they're all Dragon Slayers like Eugene, he thinks of them like siblings. He always likes to spar with Natsu and/or Gajeel and he enjoys doing medical work and such with Wendy. He also has uses the Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy character mode the most.

Erza: Eugene recognizes the swordswoman's strength and thinks of her as a fellow sword wielder and a powerful ally. He like sparring with her since she has the most diverse sword style in the guild and he wants to copy more or improve his own skills. In terms of swordsmanship alone, the two are at about equal skill. Whenever they go head to head, destruction is sure to follow.

Gray: Eugene still gets confused about why he strips but he thinks of Gray as a good friend all the same. Gray's the reason why Eugene learned about ice cream and other cold treats. Eugene learns more about creativity from him as Gray's magic revolves around imagination. When Eugene copies him, he also takes off his shirt to the Ice Mage's embarrassment.

Meredy: Eugene's foster little sister. Ever since he saved Meredy's life back when she was a little girl in Grimoire Heart, she's thought of him as the older brother she's never had. She tries to visit him often. Eugene spoils her sometimes whenever they're together. He's also quite overprotective of her. It's the cause of some people calling him a siscon.

Moss: Eugene's Exceed partner and best friend. They've stuck together through thick and thin even though Eugene becomes too reckless to Moss's disdain. Moss tends to have to be Eugene's sense of reason although it's rare that Eugene listens to him completely. Their relationship is comparable to that of brothers and are perfectly in synch with each other not needing any verbal communication.

Gardina: Eugene's dragon foster parent who taught him how to use his magic and how to survive in the wild. They had a really strong father-son bond. Unfortunately, like the other dragons, Gardina disappeared. Eugene still tries to find him never giving up hope.

Kiyoko Kriya: As a fellow guild mate around his age and Dragon Slayer, Eugene is on friendly terms with the Earth Dragon Slayer, sometimes sparring with her. Due to their neighboring elements and his own diverse element, Eugene sometimes plays a tutor role for her, teaching her in magic or martial arts skills. Due to his common appearing out of nowhere trait, it wasn't abnormal for Eugene to catch Kiyoko with her guard down to the latter's shock. Eugene also acts as an emotional support pillar for her at times after having seen her in a time of weakness once due to his ability to not be noticed.

Malek Kriya: Eugene didn't really know how to deal with the middle Kriya sibling at first due to the Ice Dragon Slayer's more analytical personality that was mostly devoid of emotion. It was also hard for Malek to get along with Eugene due to him not being able to truly figure Eugene out. But after a sparring match between the two of them, they became more friendly with each other, often sparring with each other to train. Like the rest of the guild, Malek is also a victim of Eugene's sudden appearances and is shocked whenever he does that, this being one of the reasons why Malek couldn't figure Eugene out.

Rika Kriya: Like with Erza, Eugene had some difficulty figuring out how to talk with the even more serious Rika, the eldest of the Kriya siblings. After a bit of thinking, Eugene decided to challenge Rika in a sword duel in order to figure her out. Through the intense battle, Eugene was able to learn that Rika was not completely emotionless and was more like a slightly more serious version of Malek and the two gained respect for each other as fellow sword wielders. Besides Erza, Eugene will also regularly spar with Rika in battles of swords. Like the rest of the guild, even she doesn't notice the Dragon Slayer until he makes his presence known although she shows considerably less outward surprise than others.

Mavis Vermillion: As a mage of Fairy Tail, Eugene showed great respect towards Mavis as the first master of the guild and sometimes went to her for sage advice, some actually wise, some not so much. At one time when Eugene asked Mavis on what he could do to help his guildmates more in battle, she decided to take him in as her student in tactics and strategy. After that Eugene calls her Master but in the way one would call a teacher. (pronounced as Shishou in Japanese)

Sif Akiyama: Eugene met her during a mission after mistaking her for one of his guildmates who appeared similar to her. After clearing up the misunderstandings and fighting side by side, she decided to join Unchained Soul, becoming one of his closest friends and guildmate. Nowadays, Eugene and Sif partner up on a majority of the missions and sparring matches between the two are common. Eugene is also responsible for teaching Sif how to use Fortification Magic. A while later, he begins to have feelings for her but doesn't even realize it himself and is even oblivious towards Sif's feelings for him until one Christmas night.


Unlike the other Dragon Slayers who generally don't use weapons, Eugene always carries a sword of some sort with him at all times. At first he always had a bokken with him. It's made of a wood that's strong enough to go head to head with a sword made of steel. However, it has no blade and therefore cannot cut. It can however still deliver a powerful blow.

He also uses a bow for medium distance attacks but it's usually only used for hunting.

Sword of the Night Sky (夜空の剣, Yozora no Ken)Eugene received his sensei's sword before he died, it's a long black sword that has an appearance sort of like a combination of a katana and a one handed long sword. It is made from a Gigas Tree which is one of the hardest in the world. The sword also retains some of it's regenerative abilities when under sunlight and Eugene can also easily channel magic energy through it. His sensei never gave Eugene its true name and just told him its nickname, 'The Black One'. Later on, Eugene learned it's true name from its maker. This is his trademark weapon.

Misroth's Wrath: Eugene's friend Malek Kriya gave this to him when he was supposedly dead as part of his last will. It is a blade forged from the scales and a single horn of Malek's foster mother, the Ice Dragon of the Frozen Arctic, Misroth. The sword is strong enough to cut through the strongest of metals and can destroy buildings. The blade has a reverse slanted grip. If Eugene were to fuse the sword with Ice Dragon Slayer magic or Ice Magic through the Replicards, it would bring forth a powerful Blizzard and possibly more. This is his second most used sword.

Magic Candy Dispenser:  A candy dispenser that, unlike normal ones that carry candy that at most cause cavities if you don't brush your teeth, carries candy that replenishes magic energy and is quite useful.

Maneuver Gear: The gear designed and built by Shiro Kurono is responsible for allowing Eugene to have great mobility in combat. The gear allows him to fight in multiple axes as opposed to normal people who normally fight on a two dimensional plane. The gear itself takes the form of a body harness that encompasses much of the body below the neck. To allow Eugene to fight on multiple axes, the gear utilizes the firing of the multiple piston shot grappling hooks made of steel wire located at the sides of the hip area at a target and then uses the engine to reel him towards it before disconnecting it and doing it again in the direction he wants. He was given this gear after helping the Black and White Squadron with a case.

Black Dragon: The Black Dragon is a magic combat suit designed by Ren Akagami so that Eugene would
640px-Tatsuya suit 6

what the suit looks like

have more protection in battle as well as more combat versatility. The suit is black in color and it primarily implements two devices into it. One would be the Maneuver Gear System which allows Eugene better maneuverability as one could guess from the name. The other device implemented into the suit is the Replicard Gauntlet and the Replicards themselves which allow Eugene to use other magic, at max, the magic of two other people at the same time. In order for the suit to utilize the Replicard system, the suit can also absorb the magic energy around it. However, this does not mean it'd be able to absorb an entire magic attack and at most would absorb 1/4 of it. The suit is additionally bullet proof, water proof and fire proof.
  • V2: Given the nickname the 'Ezra Slayer' this upgraded version of the suit was made to combat Ezra Akiyama in an apocalyptic future where he is an extremely powerful tyrannical ruler. It's appearance has been slightly altered, making it look a bit more like armor while retaining its combat suit look. While the Replicard System and the Magic Absorption System is still in place, the Maneuver Gear System has been removed, being replaced with a new system that links up with the upgraded version of the Kouken. It also increases his strength and speed thricefold.

Kouken (光剣, translated as Light Sword): Throughout his journeys, Eugene acquired a unique type of sword, one without the blade. The design is like black metal tube that is three centimeters in diameter and around twenty-five centimeters long. On one side, a metal fixture like a mountaineering carbine hangs down, the other side is slightly thicker while the center has a black hole. This 'sword' has the ability to channel magic energy and transform it into a blade, its properties dependent on the user. When combined with his Forest Dragon Slayer magic, the sword is able to absorb solar energy to create a blade of pure solar energy. In the event there is no solar energy available, it will absorb the nutrients from the surrounding plants or the eternano in the air to form the blade. Eugene used to use it a lot but after getting Misroth's Wrath, this sword hasn't been used as much as before.

  • V2: Alongside the upgrades to the Black Dragon, the Kouken was also upgraded, becoming the primary weapon to be used with the combat suit. It's appearance has been greatly altered with its handle being 1.5 times longer than it was originally and its design being a cross of the original tube design and an actual sword handle with something akin to a trigger on one part of it. It retains its energy blade functions as well as its absorption functions but the latter of the two has been improved on immensely. When Eugene presses the trigger on the handle and takes a defensive stance, a large magic circle with a radius equal to Eugene's height will appear in front of him. The magic circle is able to fully absorb any magic attack that comes in contact with it at the cost of range and mobility. When the blade is out, it also has the ability to absorb magic energy from what it touches, including magic based barriers and people. A majority of the magic energy absorbed by both the combat suit and the sword go to the sword's blade, making it stronger and sharper. The rest of it goes to making Eugene stronger and faster. The blade was upgraded in this direction to counter Ezra's immense magic energy.

List of Replicards Eugene has

Name Magic
Ryuunosuke Kageyama

Fortification Magic

Malek Kriya

Ice Magic

Magical and Abilities

Natural Abilities

Ways of Combat

Saito Hiraga

Kofuna Shizen Ryu: Cyclone!

Swordsmanship and Close Combat: Eugene learned the 'Kofuna Shizen Ryu' (Archaic Nature style) and martial arts from a swordsman. The Kofuna Shizen Ryu consists of sword techniques based on mimicking nature itself through the movement of the sword. His martial arts has a similar style. After learning about his copying abilities, his style is also influenced by what he learns.
  • Spellblade (魔法煎剣(スペルブレード) , Superuburēdo lit. Magic Infusion Sword): Eugene learned how to infuse his raw magical power within a sword, giving it elemental properties, in addition to unrestrained cutting power. It was originally designed as a magic technique which creates an exceedingly thin layer of eternano capable of cutting through almost anything. It turns the magic energy into a blade of light, similar to a laser.

Ninjutsu and Assassination: During his training with the Kagemori Clan, he has shown a great aptitude towards the ninja arts and assassination. While he's rarely killed his foes, his skills can be used to give him a great advantage over otherwise stronger opponents. Training has also improved his ability to read people and has advanced to the point where he can a visual representation of a person's state of mind in the form of wavelengths just by looking at the person and focusing slightly. This allows him to find gaps where his opponent's guard is down or where his opponent is highly susceptible to outside stimuli like a loud clap.

Physical Prowess

Immense Strength: Living in a life or death situation constantly would definitely bring one's strength up although it is not recommended. Eugene however grew up in that situation and from the age of 5, he was already used to fighting giant creatures several times his size and weight with his bare hands without using magic and was even able to carry them easily. He keeps and increases this strength through regular training and fighting. As his teacher put strong emphasis on physical conditioning, Eugene has been trained to a high point of human physical potential. This has come from several years of strict training. In the human body, there are three basic typed of muscles. Red muscles which have a lot of stamina but not much power, White muscles which have a lot of power but not much stamina, and pink muscles which have a lot of both stamina and strength. From all of the training, all of his muscles have been turned into pink muscle and they have been conditioned to an extremely high level to the point of crushing steel with his bare hands as if it was a piece of paper. It also helped that he had his guildmates namely Erza, Natsu and Gajeel, to help him improve at a fast pace. After receiving further training from Ling, a master martial artist, his strength has increased even further. With just a simple punch, he can easily launch things over 3-4 times his size and/or weight a considerable distance. His punches are able to make a small crater in the ground and his legs which are at about the same level of strength have enabled him for long distance or high altitude jumping. Luckily, he can keep this strength in check except for times when he gets angry and forgets to hold back.

Immense Reflexes and Speed:

Eugene cutting up bullets being fired at him by a machine gunner.

While Eugene lived in the forest, he often traveled by branch after seeing some monkeys do it. Much practice of this gave Eugene better reflexes as well as making him faster and these skills were further increased through training with his Dragon parent Gardina. Soon, he was much faster than the before mentioned monkeys and had the reflexes and speed that would match a trained ninja. But even these weren't enough to beat the swordsman who trained him after beating Eugene in a one sided battle. Because of his original build Eugene’s master decided to use training methods that at first focused on speed and strength. His agility became further increased, doubling his running and attack speed. After he had finally come out of his shell and started living with humans, he discovered his worst enemy, vehicles. Because of his innate weakness to vehicles, Eugene decided to train to the point he’d be able to keep up with a speeding car just so he’d be able to avoid riding a vehicle, even if taking a train was faster. With training from Alzack and Bisca, Eugene trained his reflexes so that he’d be able to dodge a flurry of bullets coming at him at machine gun speed. After a while, it progressed to the point where he was not only able to dodge the bullets but also cut each one of them in half, showing an immense amount of dexterity and accuracy. Besides in swordsmanship, Eugene has also shown to use it in martial arts, using his speed to quickly close the distance between himself and a foe and unleash a heavy barrage of attacks and making it more difficult for opponents to counter. Combining it with his strength allows to him to pretty much pulverize some things, once turning a boulder to dust.
  • Ghost Mirage: Basically, this is just Eugene using his speed and reflexes to his advantage through the use of fakes that look real enough to fool an opponent making them see an after image of the fake before they realize it's not real. Even if the opponent figures out about the fakes, Eugene will figure out that the opponent knows and either add another fake or just land the first blow. In order to perform what was mentioned in the second part of the explanation, Eugene must use Ghost Road in order to figure out his opponent's timing. This technique got it's name from Eugene's nickname and the fact that to most people it looks there was a mirage.

Immense Endurance/Durability: At first, Eugene only trained his strength, speed, and reflexes and primarily had a fighting style where you try to hit your opponent without letting them hit you. When he met his future guildmate Erza Scarlet and did battle with her, he learned that the fighting style he had learned was not completely effective as he was taken down by her. After he joined the guild Fairy Tail, he asked his guildmates, mainly Erza, Natsu, and Gajeel, to help train him. During his training, he took every attack head on so that he could increase his endurance and physical durability. Thanks to a lot of his training being like this, Eugene now can take several powerful blows without taking too much damage. He has conditioned himself so that he can endure blunt force trauma that would render most people unconscious or crippled as well as some attacks that would have been fatal to a normal person with only minor damage and be able to get back up, unfazed by the attack. Even blades will only deal light cuts to him. Even when he does get injured he can still continue to fight at full strength or near full strength. Once, he received a fatal blow to the abdomen which practically made a hole there and he also had some fractured bones as well as a few cut wounds but despite all of that, he was still able to keep on fighting with all he had. It should be noted though that if Ling hadn’t arrived to treat him, Eugene would have died from blood loss.

Assorted Others

Enhanced Hearing: Like all Dragon Slayers, Eugene has enhanced hearing. Using it, Eugene can listen in on others conversations at his leisure. Also, if he focuses a little, he can separate the different voices in a crowd and distinguish the different people in it. His hearing has a 5 km radius and is a part of his natural radar to be able to detect hidden people/enemies and/or objects. This has become a valued asset for Eugene's hunts and fights after much practice in this area.

Enhanced Smell: Another Dragon Slayer ability Eugene got was an enhanced sense of smell which is 10 times better than your average dog. Eugene usually uses this to tell who a person is if he can't see them or to distinguish people from each other. Like his sense of hearing, it has a 5 km radius and is the other half of his natural radar to detect hidden people/enemies and/or objects. This is also another valuable asset in Eugene's hunting and fighting.

Animal Communication: Due to his time on his own in the wilderness, Eugene is able to understand most animals and what they want to say making it easier for him to befriend animals. For some reason, it is very difficult for him to understand insects and often will mess up the translation. To Eugene, it's as if the animals are using the same language although it sounds like whatever animal sound it is. Before he joined Fairy Tail, Eugene just assumed all animals talk and that it was normal. 

Ninja Stealth Ability: Due to the fact that Eugene had to learn to hunt, he also picked up the ability to suppress his existence to be able to sneak up on his prey. To be more specific, Eugene blends into the environment and misdirects the target's attention to something more obvious. But because he used it a lot he unconsciously uses it, surprising his guild mates and other people with a 'sudden appearance'. Happy has related this skill to the stealth ability of a ninja thus it's name.

Master Strategist: Wanting a way to help his guildmates more, Eugene asked for Mavis, the first Fairy Tail guild master's advice for what he could learn to do so. Seeing that Eugene had a very good mind along with the memorization ability, Mavis decided to teach Eugene her style of tactics and strategy. From learning from her, Eugene can not only memorize the abilities, fighting style, and battle patterns of those around him, but he also can run countless battle scenarios and come up with the best strategy from the results, making it look like he was predicting the future. However, like Mavis, his calculations are not perfect and he has an 94% accuracy rate. If he switches to Mavis's persona, for some reason, his accuracy rate increases although if they are incorrect, he cries like Mavis would.

Ghost Road: By sending magic energy to the brain, he can accelerate his brain's processing abilities and to him, the world around him slows down, allowing Eugene to dodge attacks more easily as he can see them and analyze them allowing him to react accordingly. And by continuously going into his opponent's blind spot, it will be as if he disappears like a ghost thus the name. However, he tends to use it more for the former mentioned purpose.

Magic Abilities

Magic in General

Magic (魔法, Mahō): Magic is the main form of combat utilized by Mages, and is bought and sold all throughout the world; it is the physical embodiment of the spirits. When the physical spirit of an organism connects with the spiritual flow of nature, the spirit forms Magic as a product of the connection. Only ten percent of the world's population is able to use Magic, which is noted to keep a balance between ordinary people and those with Magic. It takes an enormous amount of concentration and mental ability to use Magic. All kinds of Magic are used in Earth Land, and they can be used for many purposes such as offense, defense, supporting, and healing. Magic is used by exerting their Magic Power as a wide variety of spells or by focusing it into an external source.

  • King's Presence: Eugene was taught this technique by Daichi Katchu who believed that he would put it to good use. By releasing a short but great burst of magic energy in the form of a wave, the people within a 125 meter range will feel the magic pressure coming from him thus increasing his presence and causes people to pay attention to him. Eugene uses this ability to his advantage with teamwork. Unlike Daichi who has a strong presence, Eugene's barely noticed at all. When Eugene uses this ability, it'll be as if a new person all of a sudden appeared, meaning it is more effective due to his usual lack of presence.
    • Instant Erase: Knowing that he didn't have the ability to keep this ability activated as long as Daichi can,so he decided to find a new way to use it. After much experimentation, Eugene created a version that works in collaboration with his comrades. When an ally goes to attack an enemy, the said enemy will focus on the ally. By using this ability for a moment while the ally ducks into the opponent's blind spot, it will seem to the opponent that the ally disappeared before getting hit. The downside to this ability is that it has a time limit as the opponent will get used to it if it's used too often.

Forest Dragon Slayer Magic

Forest Dragon Slayer Magic (森の滅竜魔法, Mori no Metsuryū Mahō): Forest Dragon Slayer Magic is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic and a type of Dragon Slayer Magic, which allows the user to control plants with the ability to slay Dragons. Due to it's elemental properties, it may be one of the most diverse of the Dragon Slayer Magics because of the many different physical properties different plants have, some even have magic properties. Eugene has used a variety of plants for several purposes ranging from first aid to combat.

  • Forest Dragon's Claw (森竜の鉤爪, Moriryū no Kagidzume): Transforms his arm into a large wooden claw. He usually fuses it with the plant crystal flower which hardens it for protection and allows for energy absorption to a certain extent.
  • Forest Dragon's Roar (森竜の咆吼, Moriryū no Hokō): He shoots a beam of collected energy at an opponent. Not the most strong and is mainly used to knock back the opponent before following with more attacks.
  • Forest Dragon's Spiral Roar: A much more concentrated version of the normal roar and it has more penetrating force.
  • Forest Dragon's Catus: Machine Gun (森竜の仙人掌・機銃, Moriyū no Saboten Kijū):'Eugene summons several cacti which fire needles at a rapid pace. This is probably his weakest technique but it is able to hit multiple targets at once.
  • Forest Dragon's Solar Cannon (森竜の日大砲, Moriyū no Hitaihō): By gathering a lot of solar energy and concentrating it with the crystal flowers in his arm, he can unleash a enormous blast of energy. This is usually a last resort as this drains much of Eugene's stamina and magic power.
  • Forest Dragon's Seven Flame Cloak (森竜の七炎外套, Moriyū no Naengaitō): By surrounding his body with the plant '7 flame bush' he becomes fire proof. He developed this technique because of Natsu.
  • Body Shift: Since Eugene is a body type Dragon Slayer, he can transform parts of his body to plants which allows him a greater diversity in attacks.
  • Futa: Along the way, Eugene figured out how to create a clone out of plants with his powers. Dubbed Futa, the clone has the same abilities, personality and memories as the original. however, his body is much weaker than the original and can't take as many hits before having to merge back with the original after disappearing. Eugene will receive the memories of Futa upon merging back. Eugene can also channel spells through Futa, letting Eugene fight in a way that’s like a remote control.
  • Forest Dragon’s Vine Whip: As one could probably guess, this attack is used to transform the user’s arms/hands into large vines to use them like whips. The vines themselves are about a foot thick in diameter and at maximum be 10 meters in length. Thorns which may or may not be poisonous can also be added to the vines to increase the damage the enemy receives and to poison them if the poison was added. While it will feel light to the user, the person getting hit by the attack will feel the full weight of this very heavy attack.
  • Forest Dragon’s Mirror Tree: The user summons a peculiar looking tree from the ground as a defense, preferably against long range attacks. This odd looking tree is very rectangular in shape with a maximum height of 20 meters and maximum width of 10 meters as well as a thickness of five meters. When Eugene uses it, it has a Forest Dragon Slayer mark on the front of it. This tree has special properties that allow it to absorb the magic energy of an attack and store it in the many branches of foliage at its uppermost parts before firing it back once the initial attack being absorbed is completed with a coating of Forest Dragon Slayer energy. However, while this shield can absorb an enormous amount of magic energy, if an attack is too powerful, this shield like tree will collapse before exploding due to the stored up energy within it already. Against physical attacks, at most, it can take up to a few hits from a cannon or a tank before collapsing.
  • Forest Dragon’s Stink Bomb: This attack is for the most part self-explanatory. The user can summon out a small fruit that has a minimum size similar to a small grape and a maximum size similar to that of a grenade. At first, it doesn’t appear to have any special qualities but when it’s been burst open through it either being physically broken or when the user snaps his or her fingers to burst it, it will release a mind blowing and powerful stench which is perhaps the worst smelling thing in the world. To give a comparison for the reader, take what you think is the worst smelling thing, multiply it by at least 20 and that’s how foul of a smell this deceptively plain looking fruit contains. However, it generally has a small range of effect with the largest one only having a range of 5 feet in radius from the spot the fruit burst open, the smallest having a mere 3 inches. Despite its short range, if used effectively, the opponent will surely think of this spell as ‘foul’ play.
  • Forest Dragon’s Shrieking Mushrooms: The user summons several small mushrooms from the ground. Upon being activated, the mushrooms will grow to be 2-3 feet tall and will have a face on them. They will then release from their mouth an ear piercing scream to those the caster views as enemies. The mere volume and screechiness of the sound which is 10 times worse than the sound that comes from scratching one’s nails hard on the chalkboard has led some people to insanity and is usually used as a very annoying distraction and in some ways, a mental attack. If they so chooses, the caster could make it so that the mushrooms would activate when an enemy was nearby. The caster themselves as well as their allies aren’t as affected, only hearing one-fourth of the volume and screechiness of the shriek the enemy hears and can therefore use this in an enemy detection system, using the shrieks of the mushrooms to figure out the enemy’s location. It doesn’t require much magic energy to summon a group of them so this becomes an annoyingly spammable skill. It won’t do any physical damage but it can be used to break the enemy’s fighting spirit.
  • Forest Dragon’s Bomb Flower: The user can summon bulb based flowers which range from being the size of a baseball to the size of a king sized bed that, as the name would suggest, can serve as explosives. The flowers themselves are actually quite heavy and it requires a good deal of strength if one wants to be able to throw them. When one is able to throw the bomb flowers with enough strength, the flowers will explode on impact if the impact is hard enough. The heavier and larger the flower, the more powerful the explosion will be. The same can be said about the range of the explosion. The explosion can also be triggered by it catching on fire, being in the blast range of another explosion, or by the user snapping his or her fingers.
  • Forest Dragon’s Hell Pepper: The spiciest pepper in all of Earthland. Just touching the outside part of it with the tip of your tongue will make your whole mouth feel as if it was on fire. When one tastes even a drop of the extremely concentrated juices within, it will be as if their entire head was going through a living hell of torment from the spiciness of the juices. It’s even been said that a person will feel a much lessened version of it if it gets on their skin. A person who summons this plant from hell usually uses this to try to get some of the juices in the enemy’s mouth and make them go through this torture which lasts about 30 minutes when it dies down. The only way to get instant relief is to negate it with the juices of a Nilfheim Berry. 
  • Forest Dragon’s Nilfheim Berry: The opposite of the Hell Berry and instead of causing people torture though heat, its juices instead make the victim feel as if they were in the middle of the strongest blizzard without any clothes to protect them from it, making the victim believe in their mind that the temperature had dropped into the negatives once the juices touches them. Like the Hell Pepper, it is used in psychological torture which lasts for approximately 30 minutes. The only way to get instant relief is to negate it with the juices from the Hell Pepper.
  • Forest Dragon’s Hydra: The user can summon a large carnivorous plant that’s 10-15 feet tall and has 4 heads. One head can fire acid at its foes, another can fire a sticky solution that solidifies after a while, another head can fire a liquid which paralyzes its target after a period of time once it’s gotten on the said target, and the fourth one, which is also the only one with teeth, sharp ones at that, is the head that primarily rips apart the foe before attempting to swallow its prey.
  • Forest Dragon’s Gigas Cedar: The very species of tree Eugene’s Sword of the Night Sky was made from. It is the most powerful and sturdiest tree known on Earthland. It appears to be fireproof and is incredibly sturdy. It has a diameter of 10 meters and a height of 17 meters. It’s been said that it took 50 years for normal humans (that means without magic) to cut down one tree with the best quality axes. It’s even been said that it took a Dragon at least a couple of hours (6-7)of slashing and attacking the tree before it would finally fall. It also has the ability to absorb vast amounts of magic energy in the area that can be fired at a foe of Eugene’s choosing, blasting the foe with a destructive force exponentially higher than his Forest Dragon’s Spiral Roar and with a much larger blast radius. However, summoning such a powerful plant drains a good amount of Eugene’s energy afterwards so it’s not used much. He can however cover his body with the plant to use it as armor if he wanted to use much less magic energy. It’s still just as tough though.
  • Forest Dragon's Darkness Realm: The black petals from the gigas cedar can be used to temporarily make an affected person lose their senses such as sight, hearing and smell. (Going to explain this more in detail later. Aru and the rest actually said this would be fine.)


Transformation (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō) is a Caster Magic that allows the Caster to change his or her appearance. While Transformation Magic is a deep and complex art, basic Transformation Magic is relatively easy for Mages to learn. High-level Mages such as Mirajane are capable of performing this Magic easily in all of its levels. People from Edolas can also use a special box that contains Transformation Magic. As mentioned there are different levels of Transformation, three in total. The first level, also known as Basic Level (新米順位, Shinmai Jun'i lit. Beginner Rank), allows the Caster to change his or her outward appearance into that of another person. However, it doesn't allow the Caster to change clothes or additional features such as his or her voice. The more a Mage knows about this level, the easier it is to perform. After becoming accustomed to this level, they will often move on the next one that is known as Intermediate Level (名人順位, Meijin Jun'i lit. Expert Rank), which outside of the similarities to the basic level, grants the user the ability to not only change their outward appearance, but their clothes and voice as well. It should be noted that changing clothes with this magic is different when compared to that of Requip. Finally, the last level within Transformation is Advanced Level (妙手順位, Myōshu Jun'i lit. Master Rank), which in addition to all the previous abilities from the past levels, grants the caster the ability to acquire additional physical features such as wings or gills, and can even change size. According to Mirajane, this level is very useful in combat. This looks slightly similar to Lisanna's Take Over, but at the same time, it is different. Eugene was taught this Magic by Mirajane as a way to make recon missions and similar things much easier for him. At the moment, he is only at the basic level, thus leaving him with the ability to only change his onward appearance. Normally, this level of transformation would be easily seen through but Eugene is able to bring it to life with his unique skill of being able to copy personalities. In fact, Eugene uses this magic along with his copying ability to create new personas for situations that require it. At this point, when he transforms into one of his alter egos, he acts like the persona immediately out of habit.

Character Mode: During the early stages of a child's life, the child will learn through mimicking everything around them. Because Eugene had to survive in the wilderness on his own for about 2-3 years after his Dragon disappeared, he's had to retain this instinct in order to survive. That's why he always carefully observes the people around him and learn how they fight, their techniques, their personality as well as their voice to an extent and likes to copy them sometimes using magic to do so. After memorizing another person's technique, he can improve on it if possible and sometimes likes to combine techniques he copies. He can also use this along with transformation magic to completely fool others.

  • Natsu Mode: When Eugene copies Natsu, his fighting style changes to Natsu's more ferocious one. He also temporarily adopts Natsu's personality and acts like him to add to make the movements more fluid. To copy Natsu's fire abilities, Eugene covers himself with Fire Blooms (A magical fire breathing flower) and the 7 flame cloak.
  • Erza Mode: This is when Eugene copies Erza. Although he cannot copy her Requip ability too much, he primarily focuses on copying her personality and fighting style with a sword. He is however able to copy techniques like Circle Sword and Pentagram Sword.
  • Gray Mode: This is where Eugene copies Gray and his Ice Make to some extent. Comically, he also strips his clothes when in this mode like the original person does on a normal basis, By using Blizzard Flowers (A magical flower which can freeze things) Eugene can imitate Ice make by freezing the moisture in the air with the flower.
  • Gajeel Mode: When Eugene copies Gajeel, he temporarily adopts Gajeel's more rough personality and fighting style even copying Gajeel's Gi Hi laugh. He turns his body into the qualities of the Tetsuki tree which is about as hard as iron to copy Gajeel's iron abilities. This is the easiest to copy for Eugene because Gajeel is a body type like Eugene.
  • Juvia Mode: In this mode, Eugene adopts Juvia's more cold side (Not her love sick side obviously) and her water abilities. He does so by absorbing water from plants around him before blasting high pressurized blasts of water at the enemy.
  • Wendy Mode: In this mode, Eugene copies Wendy and her more graceful fighting style. For some reason, he uses the suffix 'san' while in this mode towards other as the original would do. He also acts just as polite as the real wendy. To copy Wendy's wind attacks, he uses the fact he's a body type Dragon Slayer to his advantage and changes parts of his body like a wind turbine.

Unison Raid

Unison Raid (合体魔法 (ユニゾンレイド), Yunizon Reido lit. Fusion Magic): A spell which allows two Mages to unite their Magic into a single, combined and stronger attack. Because of his diverse magic, it's easy for Eugene to do this with several different people. 

  • Solar Meteor Storm: This Unison Raid spell is done alongside his friend Kiyoko Dragoon and it combines the solidity property of the earth with the diversity of plants for one large scale attack. Kiyoko uses her power to fire large rock shards which are infused with Eugene's plants. The plants will absorb a large amount of sunlight which the plants use to create a large explosion upon impact. 

Alter Egos

From Eugene's talent of copying others, Eugene figured out he could create new personas on his own that he could act as to disguise himself when needed, even changing his voice. Very few people know that he has these alter egos and he has managed to fool everyone who doesn't know. This may also include changing of outfit and perhaps the use of Transformation Magic along with the change in personality. The only people that currently know about his alter egos are the members of Unchained Soul, Makarov, and Erza. The latter two Eugene told because of their high up positions in the guild so in the future, they'll know it's him. At this point, when he tranforms into one of his alter egos, he immediately begins acting like the persona out of habit although he can still revert back to his own persona in that form.

  • Yuna: In a sense, this is the most disturbing of Eugene's Alter Egos, even Eugene himself doesn't 

    Eugene as Yuna
    (Hard to believe right?)

    want to do this unless it is absolutely necessary or when somebody finds a way to force him to. Yuna is Eugene's female alter ego. Usually, Eugene is forced to wear some feminine clothing normally consisting of black tights, a dark green skirt with a brown trim, a navy blue blazer and a light blue bow tie. and he uses his magic powers to grow his hair longer and change his voice to a feminine one. Along with his already semi-feminine face, Eugene looks and sounds completely like a girl to his dismay. To make sure that nobody outside of the people who already know about his alter egos figures out it's really him, he also changes his personality completely. Regardless of what he's really thinking on the inside, on the outside, he acts like a combination of Mirajane and Wendy, two people he's already copied. This combo has created the persona of a proper lady. It seems that Eugene has a higher presence when in this persona which captures peoples' attention.
  • Ching Hei: Sometimes, when Ling needs an assistant, he asks Eugene to come along, primarily because of his skills in combat which makes him a reliable ally and the fact that if needed, Ling can get any medical plant he needs from Eugene who can summon plants with his magic. However, to make sure he doesn't cause any issues in the Crescent Archipelago due to not being from the region, Eugene decided to create another alter ego. He changes clothes to those similar to Ling which include a farmer's hat and outfit along with grey tights with a white-and-grey striped pattern at the bottom along with white socks with black shoes curved a bit upward at the ends. Unlike most alter egos, he doesn't need to really change his voice as he. for the most part, maintains a quiet persona, making him not stand out much, like how he is normally. And like how he is normally, when he makes his presence know, it's like he appeared out of nowhere, causing shock to the surrounding people.


  • This character is originally from Sword Art Online's Kirito/Kazuto Kirigaya
  • The concept of Eugene is a combination of Kirito, Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket, Saito from Zero no Tsukaima, Reiko from Denpa Kyoushi, Kise also from Kuroko no Basket and myself IRL.
  • Eugene is the main character for my fanfic 'The Forest Joins the Sky' on Please take note that not everything will match on here and in the fanfic for multiple reasons. And no, I will not post my fanfic on here for the same reasons.
  • Some people have commented that Eugene is like the combination of a ninja, a samurai, and Tarzan. I actually sort of agree with that.
  • Eugene's Alter Ego section was created out of boredom at first as well as just for laughs but after positive reviews for it, I decided to keep it as a permanent part of his character to make him more interesting.
  • LastationLover5000 approved of Mavis teaching Eugene tactics and strategy
  • Perchan allowed me to let Eugene use Spellblade
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