"Hahahaha! Oh, this is priceless! You lot keep calling us a Dark Guild, even though we have yet to declare a name! Hahahaha! Oh, oh my stomach! I...Hahaha!!! Okay...Okay...! Oh, dear God, I haven't had a good laugh in a while. Aaaah~ Ya'll want a Dark Guild then? Haha. A'righty, Mr. and Mrs. "Fuck You", you get yers. How 'bout...Malice Striker, eh? We're the ones who gnaw at the roots of "order" and with one more push with our teeth, we'll bring about "chaos". So, please, for the love of whatever religion you're in, don't knock on my door. I don't want your cookies."
— Lamia gleefully accepting the status of a Dark Guild
"What did I tell you, eh? The moment we start this operation, you will make enemies with not just any family, but a family of monsters"
Eva Kiesler describing the family to Guran Doma
Euryale Family



Yurieiru Famiri



S-Class Mages

Aphrodite Cytherea


Dark Guild (Unnofficial)

The Euryale Family (オニバス・ファミリ, Yurieiru Famiri) is the self-given name to the group founded by Lamia and Amon, shortly after the birth of Lilith and Circe, classifying themselves as a "family", going with the surname Euryale, from Amon's first given name, Ira Euryale, and after his mother, Rhea Euryale. They are also sometimes referred to as Sango Family (サンゴ・ファミリ, Sango Famiri), due to Amon also being the adoptive son of Juno Sango, though is much less common.

Soon after their invasion on the Magic Council's Fiore Branch, they have been branded as a Dark Guild, and have been since going by the title Malice Striker (殺気の集合 (マリス・ストライカー), Marisu Sutoraikā lit. Assembly of Killing Intent), a title Lamia herself came up with, which later branded her as the Guild Master. They have since been identified as one of the strongest Dark Guilds in Fiore.




Main Family


Name Rank Team Status
Lamia Guild Master None Active
Amon S-Class Mage None Active
Aphrodite Cytherea S-Class Mage None Active
Juno Sango Guild Ace None Active
Rhea Euryale None None Active
Kiryu None None Active


Name Rank Team Status
Lilith None None Active
Circe None None Active
Kurobako None None Active

Other Members

Name Rank Team Status
Hera None None Active
Frank None None Active
Noma None None Active
Beast None None Active



  • The article was originally not going to be made, but the author made it in the end in order to organize all the members accordingly, since future plans would make the family too big, and difficult to remember and keep track of.
  • Malice Striker is the literal translation for "Nidhogg", who in Norse mythology, is a serpent that gnaws at Yggdrasil, the World Tree.
    • Ironically, their Guild symbol is more akin to the Ouroboros, a snake that devours its own tail, and represents rebirth or recreation, or eternal return.
    • It should also be noted no one in the family actually has the symbol on their bodies, rather, it was decided for them, without their acknowledgement.
    • Furthermore, both Ouroboros and Nidhogg are serpents, which is associated with Lamia's serpent theme, such as her being named after the mythological Lamia, a half-snake woman in Greek mythology.
  • The ranking among the family, in the Guild's terminology are:
    • Guild Master: Lamia
    • Guild Ace: Juno Sango
    • S-Class Mages: Amon and Aphrodite Cytherea
    • While the rest are considered to be the normal Mages of the group, or aren't accounted at all.
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