How the dare you.... How dare you hurt my comades?!?! - Eve Skyler to Oracion Seis 


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Eve's look

Eve is a teen in the beginning of the series and and a young adult in when Fairy Tail comes back from The Tenrou Isalnd arc. Eve had amnesia so she coudnt remeber her childhood friends, which was Gray and Meredy. She met Gray, Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Lyon and Sherri at The Galuna Isand, then she met Meredy in The Grand Magic Games. Eve has shock pink hair with yellow tips, her normal clothes are a blue T-shirt, grey jeans with a light brown belt and dark grey boots. She likes to cosplay and colour her hair, just for the look of it. She has a crush on Eve Tearm, but dousent admit it. When she said it to Hibiki he almost said it to Eve <.<  >.> She is very clumsy and often breaks a leg of two on missions. Her best friends are Scarlet and Evangelina.


Eve is from a village south in Fiore, there wasn't many kids to play with  so Eve and her parents moved to a village close by. Thats where she met Gray and Meredy. The three friends got split up after 5 moths because Eve's parents wanted to feel "young" so they took her on a adventure. After 2 months of adventuring Eve's parents got killed by a female thunder mage, and Eve ran away just as her parents said . While she was running she hit her head hard in a stone and got a amnesia. Karen Lilica found Eve in the forest while she was on a mission. Karen took Eve to the guild and she was an official member of Blue Pegasus. When she was in the guild Eve improved her fighting skills alot. 3 years later she was an S-Class mage. When Eve Tearm joined the guild she fell in love cuz the cuteness.

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