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Exalted One of Aether
Name Excellen Kilekion
Kanji エクセレン・プルガシオン
Romanji Ekuseren Purugashion
Alias N/A
Race ½ Esper (Exalt blood), ½ Edolas-Human
Birthday October 9th
Age 17 (Daybreak S1-S2)
21 (Daybreak S3)
48 (Dawn)
Gender Female
Height 164 cm
Weight 33 kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Tsuruko Faction
Occupation Exalt
Previous Occupation Student
Team Tsuruko Faction/Team Daybreak
Previous Team None
Partner Tsuruko Sejren
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Hargeon > Aether
Personal Status
Marital Status In A Relationship
Relatives Phosphor (biological father)
Cecilia Kilekion (biological mother)
Foster parents (disowned)
Education Advanced
Status Alive
Powers and Abilities
Magic Esper Magic: Psychokinesis (Telekinesis (all elements), Telepathy, Healing, Levitation, Psychic Blasts, Clairvoyance, Demonic Materialization, Armatization)
Overlay Magic
Curse None
Other None
Weapons Dragredder
Evil Driver (temp)
Arms Weapon: God Beast Mirror (temp; former)
Arms Weapon: Strike Cannon
Soul Armour
Soul Armour Name Soul Armour Knight Arc (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・悪 (アーク), Sōru Āmā Naito Aku lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Evil) (temp; former)
Soul Armour Knight Arc Rebake (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・唖空・改 (アーク・リベイク), Sōru Āmā Naito Aku Rebeiku lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Silent Void Revised) (current)
Arc | Rebake
"Since when is making sure Sejjey doesn't screw up horribly my j- oh my god, that is my job."
— Excellen Kilekion, to Giselle Mercury, Daybreak S1, Much Ado About Nothung

Excellen Kilekion (エクセレン・プルガシオン, Ekuseren Purugashion) is an extremely powerful magician who entered La Pucelle Academy for a currently unspecified reason. Excellen turns out to be Tsuruko Sejren's senpai in the academy, having enrolled in the same dorm as our hero, being the first person to offer Tsuruko her friendship. Kind yet quiet, Excellen serves as a background character for the early chapters of Daybreak; preferring to help Tsuruko whenever possible; she is known to be a school idol with amazing test results across the board and a friendly personality. While not an official member of Team Daybreak due to being in a separate dorm, Excellen is seen more with them than her actual group; to the point that she takes upon the form of Aeris Lugonis for a disguise to get closer to Tsuruko for a while.

As it turns out, Excellen is not from Earth Land at all—but rather, she is part-Esper, with a human mother from Edolas. Her father is revealed to be Phosphor, the Exalted One of Edolas (エドラスの高貴な者, Edorasu no Kōkina Mono) before Chakravartin; whom disposed of him. Before he was driven to madness because of the overwhelming hatred that his race was the victim of by the humans and flying cats, Phosphor had a child with a human woman, who believed in coexistence between human and Esper, despite all the turmoil that both races went through because of each other. The night before fighting Chakravartin, Phosphor and Excellen's mother opened an Anima portal, sending Excellen through it in the hopes that she would be raised away from all of the hatred.

Excellen notes that her foster parents were 'less than impressive', though as soon as she was old enough to take care of herself, she left them and joined La Pucelle academy, hoping to achieve a proper education so that she could obtain the knowledge and resources to return to Edolas and try and discover what happened in the past; however, thanks to Tsuruko's influence, her relationship with our purple-haired hero helps her transition from somebody obsessed with chasing ghosts into a true hero who puts her burning passion for justice first. Excellen serves as Tsuruko's most prominent non-antagonistic foil; whereas Tsuruko has raw, undeniable power and skill, Excellen has everything else; that is, looks, intelligence, dedication, influence, style, and appeal- essentially, Excellen Kilekion is the sort that one would expect a proper hero to be. However, despite the drastic differences between the two, it would be impossible to find a closer bond within the trilogy.

During the climax of Daybreak S2, Excellen is forced under the thrall of the Evil Driver, which she utilizes in order to transform into Soul Armour Knight Arc (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・悪 (アーク), Sōru Āmā Naito Aku lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Evil); however, in S3, Giselle remodels the remains of the Evil Driver and the Arc Soul Armour; at which point, Excellen is capable of harnessing the Arcle Driver to transform into Soul Armour Knight Arc Rebake (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・唖空・改 (アーク・リベイク), Sōru Āmā Naito Aku Rebeiku lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Silent Void Revised).



Excellen's La Pucelle uniform.

Excellen is an attractive woman with a youthful, but mature appearance. Her figure is notably voluptuous, and her height compliments this further. Her hair is long, and is a tinged shade of gold, with sparkling blue eyes. She is able to maintain a trim, young-and-beautiful appearance, despite having been put through so much. She usually has a kind, soft expression on her face. She has large, D-cupped breasts, wide and womanly hips, a shapely rear, a thin waist, long, beautiful legs, and a perfect physique. Overall, Excellen is shown to be extremely beautiful. When not in her school uniform, Excellen's attire appears to be a white trenchcoat with blue lining over a dark blue top-skirt with golden lining that exposes much cleavage and ends at her thighs, along with this, she wears a pair of dark blue stilletos.

Personality and Traits

Excellen Kilekion is a rather generous and kind young woman who has various traits of cautiousness and a slightly uptight attitude- she can be a bit too serious and with a big focus on logic—this is first seen when, upon noticing Tsuruko Sejren down in the dumps about getting into a fight with Kaguya Kobayashi during the first few moments of entering La Pucelle, she struck up a conversation with her and offered to be her friend. In fact, she utilized Transformation in order to take the form of Aeris Lugonis, complete with forged documents about her identity and the like so that she could look after Tsuruko even though they weren't selected to be in the same group. She seems to act similar to an 'elder sister' regarding younger people such as Hikari Zanna and Tsuruko herself, always looking out for them and caring for their well-being. She is also fairly philosophical, and is capable of motivating people with ease using simple analogues that are easy to understand, yet hammer the point of the speech in rather well. Excellen is strong-minded and is very opinionated, never afraid to point out flaws when the situation calls for it (or if she wants to cut somebody arrogant down a peg). While not exactly cold, Excellen is known to be relatively quiet towards anyone who isn't Tsuruko –and later, Hikari-, rarely speaking unless it's to raise a point or to shut somebody down. She rarely raises her voice and normally speaks using a soft tone, indicating her politeness towards almost everyone that she interacts with- her cool personality contrasts Tsuruko's brash and reckless persona.

Even so, Excellen has some degree of paranoia towards many things that she encounters—as soon as something highly improbable happens, she will immediately begin to investigate and discover what exactly it is. Indeed, this is partly due to being extremely clever; she also has an acute memory. This is a stark contrast to Tsuruko, who usually goofs around until the last minute to solve something, though this is normally because Tsuruko has almost no skills outside of combat. Being slightly paranoid and yet exceptionally intelligent for a young lady her age, Excellen tends to plan ahead in almost all situations that come her away, and even though Tsuruko is recognized as the 'face' of Team Daybreak, Excellen can be seen as the actual leader due to her smarts, commonly directly and organizing those under her charge. Because of this, she is often called 'Old Reliable' by the others; and most of them are very much aware that without her, they wouldn't succeed half of the time. Because she's quite level-headed, Excellen comes off as a "middler" of sorts, and in contrast to Deen/Giselle suggesting something like waiting to decide what to do in a situation or Tsuruko just leaping in guns blazing with her usual "punch first, ask questions later" mentality, Excellen will more often than not offer a decision that isn't too "standstill" or too irrational.

Excellen is somewhat of a 'manners nazi', constantly advising the ruder members of Team Daybreak to be polite as to avoid conflict—naturally and predictably, it doesn't work ninety-nine percent of the time. She's generally more reasonable than the rest of them as well; as unlike the confrontational Giselle and hot-blooded Tsuruko, Excellen normally attempts to reason with authority figures instead of charge in and ask questions later- this is best shown when Excellen goes to rescue Hikari after Tsuruko is "too busy moping", instead of leaping up into Alexis' office and planting her boot in the woman's face while constantly shouting about something-or-other, Excellen simply asks Deen if he can help her go get Hikari discreetly- this action avoided a large amount of conflict that could have happened had somebody else just charged in. Another thing to note that ties into her borderline obsession with politeness is that Excellen tends to downplay her actual power; even after learning about her connection to the former Exalted One of Edolas and her true heritage, she prefers to act modest and humble, instead using her powers to assist her friends.

However, despite Excellen being even nicer than she is multi-talented, Excellen herself notes that for how good she is at almost everything, she'd never really found what she truly desired- somebody to share an unbreakable bond with. Because she was always on the move ever since she was little, Excellen knew that she was a one-of-a-kind Everyone seemed to notice what exactly she could do, which resulted in people putting her on a high pedestal; this prevented her from forming any real connections with anyone else, which led to her slightly aloof attitude. Up until Excellen met Tsuruko, she had nobody who treated her as Excellen Kilekion, not some "super-human, hyper-competent saint" in her own words. Because of Tsuruko just seeing Excellen as Excellen and nothing out-of-the-ordinary as well as the fact that her Empathy power didn't work on Tsuruko, Tsuruko is the only person who Excellen could really form a meaningful bond with beyond typical niceties. Ironically, despite the most "normal" of the main characters with a rather down-to-earth personality in comparison to everyone else, Excellen's personal emotions are often less well-controlled, and under some extreme situations she's displayed a white-hot fury as well a lack of foresight.

Indeed, behind the silk of Excellen's personality hides a cold steel. Excellen has developed a tough side that reveals itself regularly when those she cares about are in danger or if she is angered by something, and she's completely unafraid of standing up for what she believes in; even if it is the "unpopular opinion" or the odds are heavily stacked against her. Again, after discovering her origins and facing discrimination in her childhood, she refused to take the bog-standard Esper opinion of 'superiority over humans', instead she was very aware that "we're all the same; you get some bad ones and good ones for every race". In battle, despite her kindness, she has the habit of acting fairly ruthless and pragmatic, and will actively down any enemy that does not show any signs of repenting—this isn't out of any malice, but rather, if she were to let an unapologetic foe go, they could come back, stronger than before, and threaten her loved ones. Because of this, Excellen is said to be far more terrifying than Tsuruko herself- she's also easily one of the worst members of the main cast to get angry because, she's one of the most brutal and uncompromising ones, and if her patience has run out, she may just opt to kill her enemy- the likelihood of this happening increases exponentially if her enemy brings any harm to her "family", giving people a harsh reminder that yes, Espers are still a proud warrior race.

Excellen also has no tolerance for people who attempt to deny who they are—a good example, although a subdued version—of this is when she saw Tsuruko attempting to act "cool" before their first meeting, softly stating that "All I know you as is All-Lovin' Girl from before—but I want to know you—not the idiot that embarrassed herself, the real you." On a far more serious note, when Kaguya began to rant about not accepting who she was –as she had discovered some fairly new information about herself that shattered her entire worldview-, Excellen was quick to shut her down with a scathing speech about not accepting one's self, and being "different" is "normal". However, it should be noted that the lecture was partly born from Excellen having had enough of Kaguya's crap by then, showing a strong dislike towards bullies. While Excellen is happy to help the others with their personal problems to the best of her ability, Excellen also has the crippling flaw of not wanting to talk about her own problems—instead, she has locked away her own troubles at the back of her mind to prevent them from hampering her own abilities; she's clearly reluctant to talk about her past; and for very good reasons; making her somewhat of a hypocrite when she pries into the pasts of others to dig up more info on them in order to try and help them better.


Excellen Kilekion was born at an unspecified date; though she is noted to be three years older than Tsuruko. She was born to the Exalted One of Edolas, Phosphor, and his human wife, Cecilia Kilekion. Other than that, not much is known about her past in Edolas other that she was transported to Earth Land via an Anima. At Earth Land, she was raised by two unnamed parents; and later ran away to find her own way through the world.



Ultimate Battle Blade, Dragredder.

Dragredder (ドラグレッダー, Doragureddā): Dragredder is a powerful gunblade (ガンブレード, Ganburēdo); a type of weapon only recently developed in the past decade; Tsuruko herself built Dragredder from scratch, tweaking it excessively so that it was so highly customized that only Tsuruko herself can wield it effectively- though Excellen has shown to be capable of doing so as well. Like the other weapons in the series, Dragredder has a designation; that of the High Velocity Sword Gun (高速剣銃, Kōsokukenjū). Essentially, the gunblade is exactly what it says on the tin—it has the ability to transform between gun-mode and blade-mode. The weapon is an ingenious integration of sword and firearm into a single instrument for killing purposes. The weapon is equally capable of dispatching enemies at close-quarters and at range. Dragredder is capable of both melee and long-range properties. Dragredder itself is uniquely shaped; loosely based upon a falchion in template, Dragredder possesses an ornately etched base; it possesses a thin, somewhat curved, blade, with a thick line, colored a darker hue, running up the center. Placed in the hilt lies a blue gem, surrounded by the brown-colored handle that gains a mechanical appearance overall, with outward sticking cylindrical protrusions, the tips of which are colored a brick red. In order to transform between the modes, the blade folds inward from the top. So, when it's release, it unfolds from the top outward, as opposed to from the bottom outward; the method is similar to that of a swiss army knife—in order to transform it safely, Excellen tilts it to the side; otherwise, she would cut herself if it folded in the bottom, so it folds from the top, making deployment a little safer. However, despite the dangers, the transformation from sword to gun mode is extremely fluid and smooth; not to mention quick. When Dragredder is folded into gun mode, the blade is retracted and double folded; revealing the hilt of the weapon to be a powerful two-barrel blaster as the grip is adjusted slightly downward, providing a perfectly serviceable submachinegun. Dragredder is made of a special metal that is almost unbreakable, making it stand out clearly from any other gunblade. The whole construction and the design of the blade is unique, and Dragredder does not need a different setting, since that would bring it off balance. Excellen uses both the weapon's sword and gun forms, quickly switching between the two while attacking to combine close and long-range tactics, such as firing a barrage of gunfire then diving in for a sword slash. When held in front of her, Dragredder is broad enough to act as a shield from arrows and bolts, even diverting lightning into the ground by using it as a lightning rod. Excellen also uses it to cushion her impact by laying the sword level with her body and letting it absorb the impact first. It is a blade that exists in the astral and physical realms simultaneously; allowing Excellen to harm all sorts of beings that could not be struck otherwise, such as Primordial Demons and Dragons; it is armed with silver bullets, which is adversive to a demon. Excellen was given Dragredder by Tsuruko in the climax of the Esper Excellen Part II arc to replace her broken Caeservern. By inserting a Super Soul Ring into the upgraded Dragredder's Energy Drive Bay (エナジー・ドライブ・ベイ, Enajī Doraibu Beī) and locking it in place, the user can perform a Ring Charge (リング・チャージ, Ringu Chāji) finishing technique, which is announced by Dragredder counting "1, 10, 100" (一、十、百, Ichi, Jū, Hyaku). Dragredder can count higher to "1000" (千, Sen) and "10000" (万, Man) when Tsuruko pulls the lever on the Phoenix Driver. When Tsuruko obtains the Shin Gaiki Soul Armour, the Ring Charge can reach up to "100,000,000" (億, Oku), "1,000,000,000,000" (兆, Chō), and "Muryodaisu" (無量大数, Immeasurable Large Number, which is the number Infinity in modern day mathematics); reaching the limits of its power.
  • Kinetic Tether: The kinetic tether is an illegal attachment to any type of magical sword. Excellen uses it to move a specific object from a distance, move specific bridges and load various spring-like pads; additionally, it allows her to move around. It works by splitting the sword into halves and using a blue kinetic energy tether to connect the two halves. When it is being used, the tether extends sending the tip of Dragredder flying through the air. If the tip latches onto certain objects, Excellen is projected towards that object, rather than the tether returning to its original position. This attachment is used commonly to grapple onto far away objects so that Excellen can reach previously inaccessible areas. In addition it allows Excellen to grab far away objects and attack enemies. In most cases, attacking a foe with the Kinetic Tether will only stun them, much to Excellen's dismay. The Kinetic Tether allows her to grapple and pull herself towards one target, then grapple another target without the need to drop down, making it perfect for moving around hazardous areas.

Caesarvern (カイザーバーン, Kaizābān): Caesarvern is Excellen's personalized weapon; symbolic of her status as an Esper. It is an axe/sword hybrid weapon that is transformed from pure power; like other weapons in Daybreak, it has its own designation, that of the Variant Ballistic Axe-Sword (変弾斧剣, Hendenonoken). The head of the axe is shaped like a dragon's wing with the sides being able to glow in a multitude of colours. It also sports a dragon head at the upper tip of the ax's blade and connects itself to a Latin cross-like pommel by a golden neck with ridges. It is a huge Masakari axe that carries the power of the thunder deity and cannot be handled without Excellen's superhuman strength. If Excellen holds Caeservern with two hands, it will be able to interchange between Ax Mode (アックスモード, Akkusu Mōdo), which has shorter reach, but greater power, and Calibur Mode (カリバーモード, Karibā Mōdo), which has a longer reach, but it's power is lessened slightly; additionally, Calibur Mode can be swung faster than Ax Mode. It is revealed to be extremely heavy, as others worthy to use it will need both hands before they could even pick it up. The unique material that the axe-sword is forged from enhances the power of the axe-sword by converting large amounts of magical particles into heat intense enough to melt most defenses on contact. The axe-sword is extremely sharp, and does not rely on the kinetic energy of a high-speed swing to cut through its targets. It is also covered with anti-magical energy coating, allowing it to bust through many a defense. The Caesarvern is the most dangerous weapon Excellen has, because it has the power to destroy the very essence of magic itself, thus permanently killing a mage. It also can absorb a massive amount of magic to charge up its attack power, thus destroying a mage in one hit instantly if it properly hits. It also seems to be able to deflect magical blasts and can also be lodged in the ground. Sheer momentum makes this a superb weapon for unhorsing foes, crushing helmets, smashing shields, and driving bits of armour into her opponent's body. In order to enhance its speed, range, and power against enemy targets, Caesarvern has four miniature thrusters that emit high-powered flames to help the weapon quickly launch and smash its target with great destructive force; allowing it to maneuver in zero-gravity also the ability to change it's direction before impact, and to increase the damage it could cause. It is loaded with 15 cartridges with thunder put into them and destructive power is raised with their detonation.

Evil Driver (悪のドライバー, Aku no Doraibā): The Evil Driver is the name of the Driver Belt that enables the user to transform into the Soul Armour Knight known as Arc. The Evil Driver was one of the eight prototypes developed by Dzerve Sejren, though Devius later swiped the belt and modified it for his own plans. The Evil Driver puts the wearer of the Evil Driver under the thrall of Devius, imposing his will upon the wearer and turning them into nothing but a mere tool.

Powers and Abilities

Ways of Combat

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Excellen is highly skilled with both her Caeservern and her Dragredder; preferring to fight swiftly and striking delicately above all else. Excellen herself mainly prefers to harness her innate psychokinetic prowess in all forms of battle with not much regard for physical power as her psychic powers cover that quite nicely with numerous ways to protect herself from all sorts of strikes no matter the range; however, being quite savvy that no matter how improbable it would be, there might be a time where her magical energies would be exhausted or she would be incapable of harnessing her psychic powers to fight, Excellen picked up rudimentary lessons in swordsmanship to compensate if she were to ever fight herself in a pickle. Indeed, Excellen is quite proficient in swordsmanship, and despite the large size of her axe-sword, she is capable of swinging it around one-handedly and at speeds which could be considered inconceivable to the naked eye, remarking on how light her initial weapon is. While normally, Excellen does not bother entering close range for weapon-based and hand-to-hand combat as her psychic powers handle everything and her Tactile Telekinesis can turn her into a physical juggernaut, if forced to and if an opponent closes the distance between them, she has shown enough skill to fend an enemy off through swordsmanship alone, pushing them back in order to return the flow of combat to normal as Excellen expertly knows her way around a sword; her movements with her weapon are gentle yet powerful, showing no fear in the heat of battle, battling in a fluid manner- though it should be taken into consideration that she can execute defensive maneuvers; evading and defending in a subtle way in order to enforce a maximum defensive coverage upon herself, minimizing her exposure to opposing close-range attacks.

Excellen herself generally fights in a calm and composed manner as graceful as she always is, taking into consideration her psychic-enhanced speed to evade all attacks thrown away as she quickly closes in on her opponent, striking in a fraction of a second in order to deliver multiple flurries of thrusts with her weapon that leave little room for retaliation- Excellen's attacks are easily capable of dealing enormous amounts of damage by targetting the weak points of the enemy with pinpoint accuracy, allowing her to overwhelm her foe in a matter of moments. Indeed, she is extremely powerful with her weapon, and her blows are said to land in the blink of an eye. Each of her attacks is a fatal blow that needs to be blocked or dodged. Her fighting style is free flowing, often revolving around moving with opponents own movements giving Excellen an appearance similar to that of a cunning viper swirling around its prey while performing amazing feats of acrobatics, such as somersaults and backflips, not only for attack, but also to evade the slashes and strikes of her opponents. Running, jumping, and spinning are all emphasized in her style, allowing Excellen to move at high speeds and rain precise blows, jumping and attacking through the air while striking all angles, either from ground or air, appearing like a blur to her opponents, attacking from all directions—the front, the sides, overhead, or behind.

By using either of her weapons as a medium for her absolutely immense amounts of magical power, Excellen can project her techniques through the unsullied blades through thought alone; for example, by flowing magical energy through the axe-sword, Excellen can produce a large barrier that was strong enough to block an Abyss Break attack. What is important to note is that commonly, Excellen rarely takes ahold of either of her weapons in battle, instead telekinetically wielding them and moving them around on instinct with the assistance of her massive psychic potential- they seem to move with an arm, and thus, every move is an attack in itself. Normally, Excellen goes about her offenses, the rare times she does show them off by slashing, swinging, and stabbing with her weapon; also utilizing her weapons as a pole vault or as a prop for defenses; she's also capable of releasing a small shockwave by slamming her sword into the ground. In the heat of battle, either one of her weapons float behind her, hovering through her psychokinesis as they are suspended via Telekinesis- she is capable of thrusting them from long distances, twirl them around herself as a form of defense, and jump down on a foe with her sword pointed downward.

  • Sword Pressure (剣圧, Ken'atsu): Sword Pressure is a basic ability which can be learned by almost everyone and their mother, but it sure is deadly if utilized properly; it is the most basic techniques that one can perform with their sword. When performing the Sword Pressure technique, the user swings forward with their sword, swinging the blade so swiftly that it seems that the user is able to utilize air itself to slice enemies, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge, which the user launches at foes; sending it through the air towards the user's enemy. It is a powerful blade of pressure that appears as faint ripples of wind that is launched towards the foe at high speeds; this attack enables the user to assault things which are out of their sword's range, sending slashes which fly through the air itself; and can even remain floating in it until the right moment to slash. The person struck by the sword pressure is assaulted by countless invisible blades which happens so fast that they would normally be unable to properly react in time, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet; this technique possesses enough power to slice down many trees in a forest. This technique can deflect both physical and sound wave attacks and attack at the same time, making it both an offensive and defensive technique. These blades of wind possess incredible range and devastating power; and at its highest level of mastery, the sword pressure is capable of cutting through barriers of magical energy; and they can even remain floating within the air until the right minute to slash.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Excellen is tremendously skilled in the art of hand-to-hand combat; she is capable of packing powerful punches and kicks, and she often employs unarmed combat in conjunction with her spells to gain the upper hand in battle, demonstrating great mastery in unarmed combat. Her fighting style focuses on direct, unrestrained and powerful hand-to-hand combat, with heavy reliance on her psychokinesis to bolster her strength significantly. Excellen has adapted a majority of her fighting style from Tsuruko's, as the two have been shown to spar from time to time; however, Excellen hasn't adopted her partner's vicious fighting method by going no-holds-barred, but rather, she focuses on precision to end an enemy's threat effortlessly and swiftly. Excellen uses Bāguàzhǎng (八極拳(バジクアン), Bajikuan, lit. Eight Extremities Fist), also known as Reverse Soul (反魂, Hangon), which is a martial art that features explosive, short-range power and is famous for its elbow and shoulder strikes; it is one of the many exotic martial art styles which originate from Joya. Excellen's Bāguàzhǎng is an ultimate technique born from the miraculous fusion of the normal Bāguàzhǎng and her own magic; but more than that, it is a merger between the normal explosive power of regular Bāguàzhǎng and a special form of sealing magic. Generally, Bāguàzhǎng focuses upon elbow strikes, punches with the arm and fist, hip checks, and shoulder strikes- these are all executed with short yet efficient motions, being impossibly fast to the point that only the best of martial artists can keep up with the fighter's motions; entering from a long range with a distinctive charging step. Most of Bāguàzhǎng's moves utilize a one-hit push-strike method from very close range; the bulk of the damage is dealt through the momentary acceleration that travels up from the waist to the limb and further magnified by a charging step. It is a style that takes the shortest route without any initial movement to damage the inside instead of the outside; Excellen's knowledge of this fighting style makes her a "sacred spear" capable of defeating a normal person with a single, piercing strike.

Indeed, the level of Excellen's training has resulted in her body transforming into a weapon when utilizing this martial art; as everything about her movements in the fields of battle attributes to releasing an instantaneous burst of power into her fists. The stance of Bāguàzhǎng, known as, well, the originally named, "Moving Stance" (構え移動, Kamaeidō) enables Excellen to advance towards the enemy by sneaking with a sight step, and without a second wasted, Excellen can shorten the distance between herelf and her opponent, swinging her fist mere millimeters away from the enemy, with the sheer kinetic force delivered forwards in motion being released and channeling the full force of her body into a single strike, capable of dislocating an enemy's limb through sheer air pressure. Indeed, she can predict the opponent's next move purely on the brief moment when her arm blocks that of her opponent, meaning that having a blind spot or having an enemy too fast for the human eye to see is not a problem. Excellen generally aims for the enemy's pressure points with Bāguàzhǎng at astounding speeds before the opponent can properly react, causing the magic channels in the enemy's body to short-circuit and give out leaving them unable to perform any form of magical manipulation, stopping the flow of eterano within their body, reducing their muscular strength, and disables their ability to cast magic temporarily; this is known to be particularly devastating for people who rely solely on their magic to fight- even the most armoured of enemies are not spared from the effects of Excellen's fighting style.

The disabling of the magic channels in the enemy's body results in them feeling a sharp, cutting sensation while their physical strength diminishes, leaving them extremely vulnerable to Excellen's strikes. Excellen has ability to be able to control the damage done by such means, and additionally, attacking the foe in certain spots results in the loss of movement in that part of their body, as they lose voluntary muscular function within a region localized around the attack, essentially becoming paralyzed. When she wishes to make sure that the opponent won't be a threat again, she directly targets pressure points in the bodies associated with magic casting, and, by attacking the bodies internally, and by using her psychokinesis as a basis for some form of internal attack, Excellen causes near irreversible damage to the pressure points associated primarily with magic arts, blocking any user from their magic, permanently. Excellen can also complement her fighting style with her flight abilities, allowing her to take her fighting techniques to airborne opponents and allowing her to launch aerial kicks and strikes at her opponents. Excellen's strength originates from her psychokinesis and relies heavily on their execution. By using her magic in conjuring with her moves, Excellen can create unique and dynamic attacks that deal destructive damage on her targets, making her a fierce force to be reckoned with in combat.

Arcanite Fist

Arcanite Fist (奥義秘伝の正拳流(アーカナイト・フィスト), Ākanaito Fisuto lit. Esoterica of the Proper Fist Style): The Arcanite Fist is a style of hand-to-hand combat that all Espers use when battling, which is used through better handling of their Esper powers and involves the projection of their magical energies into the atmosphere itself- it can be said to be the solid proof of an Esper breaking the stereotype of 'magic-focused fighters being physically weak'. In the style of Arcanite Fist, the user focuses on using mostly their arms and legs; rather, every part of their arms and legs to deal immense damage to the opponent; it is a constantly activated fighting style. It would be more accurate to not call it a type of magic, but rather a spell that mixes the Esper's affinity for magic with their skills with fighting. To go into detail, an Esper's Magic Origin grants the Esper the ability to absorb magical energy and ambient eternano saturated within the immediate vicinity, enabling them to channel those energies in any way that they wish- this means that their attacks get stronger the later in battle they are unleashed. With some minor assistance from the Magic Skill known as Eternano Haste and of course, their Magic Origin, the Esper is capable of drawing in ambient eternano from the atmosphere, and instead of absorbing it into their magical origin, they are able to manipulate the eternano for offensive, defensive, and supportive purposes in any way that they deem suitable going even further, the Esper is capable of compressing magical energy and eternano into their limbs, granting them varying and unique properties- this entire process results in the birth of a magical power-collection-type fighting style known as Arcanite Fist, which is a series of cross-range arms-based attacks.

Through expert levels of supernatural energy manipulation, Arcanite Fist can be considered a one-of-a-kind power as this "magic" enables the Esper to project their blows using energy themselves –both magical energy and eternano- as the ultimate fulcrum for transference of energies, even if the energies used as a medium for their Arcanite Fist attacks do not belong to the Esper, or if they're in the vicinity of their Magical Aura's upsurge. Because of this property which ensures "complete domination of the supernatural", there are nada, zero, zip, and zilch chances of there ever being any kind of supernatural defensive technique that is capable of withstanding or even attempting to defend against any of the Esper's Arcanite Fist-empowered attacks. To elaborate, thanks to their Magi Origin, which bunches together all forms of supernatural powers, whether they be Magic, Curses, or more as one- and going onward, this mystical power source treats all spell classifications as a single type, effectively stripping the powers of what could separate them from the rest, causing these abilities to be known as simply "spells"; by quantifying it down to the simplest form, perceiving offense and defense as naught but the concept of "ability", resulting in the Arcanite Fist blows utilizing the enemy's magic-based attacks as the medium for the Esper's own strikes.

The magical energy released by the Esper when harnessing the power of the Arcanite Fist is simply pure energy with no strings attached in its composition, and it is not influenced by anything that the foe can utilize, meaning that it will strike without fail. If the enemy attempts to utilize magical attacks the Esper, then by using Arcanite Fist, they can turn that magical energy upon the foe and harness the exact amount of magical energy generated by the foe's attack in order to massively augment their own blow. Indeed, with the Arcanite Fist, the Esper is capable of projecting their magical energy as unnamed spheres or waves of pure magical energy which can deal a fair amount of damage, ropes to bind enemies, jet-bursts of speed, barriers, traps, or they can use it to boost their defenses by wrapping it around her entire body, serving as a barrier of sorts against both regular and magic attacks, as well as working to protect their from opposing magic aura pressure; the skies are the limit in regards to that an Esper can and cannot do with their magical energy. The Arcanite Fist, as mentioned above, is always activated- while the above sections describe how an Esper fights, the fighting style is a continuous supplementary effect that bolsters their power constantly.

The Arcanite Fist grants the Esper the ability to harness their magical power more efficiently than other magic-based combatants and utilize it in a variety of different ways; all of which incorporate the focusing of magic power into certain areas in order to achieve numerous and highly varied effects such as increased attack, defense, and speed, or feeding extra eternano into attacks to give them an enormous boost in power. Generally, because of this, an Esper has an easier time collecting this stray eternano in environments with higher concentrations of it such as the area where a vicious battle between others has progressed. To an Esper, there is no difference between simple eternano and their own magical energy as a source of power. Their magical prowess functions as a defense against illusions due to their sheer mastery over it, making them all but immune to everything except the strongest of fabrications; and even then, they are capable of shrugging them off effortlessly. It is not uncommon to see an Esper launch waves of pure magical energy with every movement that they make while erecting split-second barriers for defense. Arcanite Fist is unable to be taught to anyone else except an Esper- it is a power born from the ingenuity of Esperkind in regards to the flow and ebb of magical energy as well as their species-exclusive magic origin. Not only this, even if it were capable of being learnt by others, the original Arcanite Fist was born from a fluke, as the fusion of a an organ with the legitimate method of developing of a proper Magic is something unheard of. The strongest techniques of Arcanite Fist are known as Arcanite Fist Extremity (奥義秘伝の正拳流・奥義(アーカナイト・フィスト・エクストリーミティ), Ākanaito Fisuto Ekusutorīmiti lit. Esoterica of the Proper Fist Style: Secret Art).

  • ExcellenBladeGrab

    Excellen casually stopping the attacks of two Rune Knights using Blade-Crusher.

    High-Level Defense Skill: Blade-Crusher (上段刃弁伎・刃摧, Jōdanbengi: Hasai): The High-Level Defense Skill: Blade Crusher is a specialized skill known solely by Excellen. By focusing her magical energy, Excellen shifts the point and force of any impact by striking the absolute center of her target, which can range from inanimate to living beings. Excellen can transmit the force of impact wherever she pleases; all of this can only be possible as long as there's a medium to transmit her power through. Excellen uses her own gauntlets –manifested in battle- to serve as a medium, granting them the ability to catch and stop almost any attack. This technique isn't influenced by magical or physical factors, even though she is more than fit to apply her magical energy to increase the effects shown. The energy she uses she simply refers to as Transference Energy, which she builds by moving and twisting constantly. The more energy she builds the more powerful the stopping force becomes. As a direct result of this, Excellen can transmit that violent energy through an outward medium, such as her magic, to strike distant enemies; or simply run that torrent through her opponents body; ripping them apart from the inside out. Upon contact, she disperses the power and damage of the opponent's attack elsewhere; leaving her relatively unharmed. Essentially, Excellen redirects the energy of an attack as it impacts with her, shifting the force and power through her body and into another medium, which is the earth. Consequently this technique can only be used while Excellen is in direct contact with the ground or another sturdy solid surface. This attack is considered extremely difficult to use in practice, as it requires an immense level of exactitude in her movements, and a naturally high durability, as her body serves as the medium for the power of the attack to pass through.

Physical Abilities

Low Strength

Low Strength: Despite her immeasurable amounts of magical energy that are packed within her frame, Excellen is known to be one of the least physically-capable magicians around- while this generally doesn't matter most of the time since she can annihilate anything with her incredible prowess over psychokinesis, when it comes to moving things and close-combat, she's more often than not stumped. She has enough trouble as it is breaking a board made of wood, and her punches cannot be referred to as actual punches, but rather, a light breeze in the wind. Indeed, while Excellen has truly amazing (literally godlike) magical powers, making her virtually unstoppable at a distance, even against monstrously powerful enemies; however, once that distance is closed she's almost completely helpless without her magic, as in terms of athletics, she is exactly the geeky person she looks like with pasty white skin and borderline rail-thin with her tracts of land being the only thing about her that looks even somewhat meaty. Even when taking the common saying, "like taking candy from a baby" into account, Excellen would have an incredible amount of trouble to even yank a lollipop from a toddler's hands. Overall, Excellen's unarmed attacks seem to be unable to harm anyone, simply rolling off of her target like raindrops falling off of their body- meanwhile, she can barely move a five kilogram boulder, exerting an absolutely enormous amount of effort to even move it two inches. However, because of her psychokinesis and the resultant ability to manipulate vectors and the Tactile Telekinesis field that constantly surrounds her body when in battle, Excellen can come off as incredibly powerful, blasting foes through several buildings in a single punch while dancing around them as if she were riding the wind- but other than that, Excellen is quite wimpy.

Low Durability

Low Durability: As expected of a 'squishy wizard' type fighter, Excellen is known to be almost completely incapable of taking a hit; magical defenses notwithstanding. Excellen is generally quite 'flabby' in that her body contains almost zero muscle, but is otherwise quite thin. It is virtually impossible for Excellen, without her magical defenses, to take a 'serious' hit, and if struck and sent careening across the ground, Excellen will, more often than not, have her legs buckle inwards as she slides, as contrast to any other close-range magician, who tend to keep their legs bent strong. Excellen even notes that in a straight up close-quarters battle with anyone worth their salt, she would go down in "five seconds, give or take"- indeed, against somebody like Tsuruko, all Tsuruko would have to do is get close enough to land a punch that would knock Excellen out in a single strike. She is completely unable to fight prolonged battles in close-quarters, and thus, she opts to use her incredible knowledge of magic as her primary means of offence, hoping to incapacitate a target before taking them out; additionally, if she's forced to physically exert herself for more than an hour at a time, she tires out extremely quickly- though she frequently goes for hour-long-walks at least once a day because she enjoys sightseeing and helps her take her mind off things, Excellen has never even considered taking up a sport or the like that's too demanding, preferring to use her magic to go everywhere. However, through willpower alone, Excellen has displayed the ability to take a lot of major punishment in battle before she starts to wear down. Even after receiving major damage, Excellen displays a remarkably fast recovery rate from damage, allowing her to quickly re-enter a battle after just a few moments; lastly, Excellen is perfectly capable of breaking free from any sort of spell or technique that threatens to bind and constrict her, preventing her from moving, making her all the more deadlier. The reason why she so paradoxially is rather frail yet can get up over and over is because of Esper heritage, which grants her enhanced stamina, and because of this, her musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. In addition, thanks to her ability to control vectors and by extension her Tactile Telekinesis field, anything sent her way is instantly reflected- however, if her opponent can find their way "around" her psychic field, it makes her open to being defeated in a few hits, as while she has an extremely potent mastery over magic, she still has a rather weak bodily constitution.

Low Speed

Low Speed: Excellen, to cap off her shit-tier physical stats, is about as slow as a snail moving at full throttle. She is neither particularly slow nor particularly swift, but her slender frame makes her a difficult target; it is perhaps this instead of any other traits that enables Excellen to avoid the attacks of her enemies in all-range combat when her magical defenses cannot be summoned at the time. Without any speed-augmenting spells, Excellen is about as ungodly swift as an aging turtle- by being forced to take part in a one hundred meter relay, Excellen was outrun by a few children, an old man, a magician in a walrus mascot suit, and an actual snail in an overly frilly dress; a more serious indication of her low speed is when Tsuruko and Excellen attempt to run away from the explosion created from the destruction of the god of Edolas; Excellen is shown to be panting in exhaustion and collapses a second after they escape while Tsuruko is as fine as day. Indeed, Excellen is shown to be rather sluggish in movements; moving akin to that of somebody who does not get out at all- ironically, she's quite the social butterfly (at least in comparison to Tsuruko). Because of this, as well as her other low physical traits, Excellen is said to be tremendously weak physically. This requires Tsuruko and her own magics to protect her from damage, while she bombards the opponents with powerful magic. However, while she's normally quite slow, when using her Levitate technique, Excellen utilizes her psychokinesis in order to induce flight- this increases her speed and movement abilities to levels matching those of the fastest and most agile characters in the Sun Trilogy, moving at such a velocity that her movements can't be seen, allowing her to perform both rapid attacks and defensive evasions; having the advantage of being able to not only approach and attack either an enemies blind or weak spot, even keeping up with Tsuruko with her Wing Road system activated.

Other Abilities

Immense Intelligence: As a foil to Tsuruko Sejren, Excellen is noted to be a prodigy in all areas that she happens to study. It is said that Excellen has achieved the highest written scores in the entire history of La Pucelle- as a contrast to Tsuruko, who generally scores low in the written tests, but constantly breaks physical records. It could be said that Excellen Kilekion is one of the brightest minds in the Sun Trilogy; her I.Q was noted to be over 329 in Daybreak S1. Excellen is one of the few people to actually understand what Giselle Mercury is saying when explaining things; and often offers her own suggestions. Knowledgeable in both the arcane and in science, Excellen is capable of displaying sufficient understanding of both, despite coming from a culture that puts the former over the latter- indeed, she is one of the few to work out the schematics of the Deus Machina blueprints that Dzerve Sejren left in her laboratory, and successfully tell Tsuruko how to use the knowledge of her anatomy to enhance her effectiveness in combat.

In terms of strategy, Excellen's skill is generally unparalleled. The moment that a battle starts, Excellen's keen eyes are capable of discerning the opponents' battle style and powers, quickly grasping the situation at hand and immediately going to form plans to work according to her current advantages and countering possible threats. Most of the time, she serves as a 'mission control' of sorts for Tsuruko, alerting her of the surroundings and feeding tactics to her via a specifically augmented telepathy that allows her to interfere with the Zero Effect and send messages to her- this is a major reason why Tsuruko is considered unbeatable in the earlier parts of the Daybreak series, as despite her initial lack of skill, her overwhelming physical prowess, Zero Effect, and Excellen's guidance allowed her to often achieve flawless victory after flawless victory. On that note, Excellen is generally aware of the capabilities and limitations of her allies, which assists her in properly coordinating them into achieving feats that can grant her group the upper hand in the heat of battle.

Excellen's knowledge extends to numerous fields, such as history, geography, and even such sciences as quantum physics, even minor skills such as dance, music, and Because of this, and not only thanks to her Esper heritage, which results in her being more attuned to the arcane, Excellen is noted to be a magical prodigy. Indeed, due to an innate understanding of physics and how the world works, Excellen is capable of incorporating that knowledge into her magic, analyzing and breaking down the structure of the techniques, which grants her the ability to quickly overcome them the second time around. Indeed, her knowledge has enabled her to create an entirely new magic style- not a new type like Fire Magic, but rather, something completely original; a new category, referred to as Overlay Magic.

Magical Abilities

Immeasurable Magical Power: Excellen has high amounts of magical power that is more than a force to be reckoned with; a fact that she proves without a doubt. While she usually keeps it under control, when sufficiently angered, she can release it to its full extent. Excellen's magical power is unlike anything ever felt before; or rather, not felt before. What baffles grown adults, officials, allies, and enemies alike is how much magical energy she has; her raw power output is truly immense, bordering a tactical nuclear device; she has high amounts of magical power that is more than a force to be reckoned with; a fact that she proves without a doubt. While she usually keeps it under control, when sufficiently angered, she can release it to its full extent, and she is known to be one of the great magicians to have ever lived despite her young age- Excellen, as an Esper; a race that is the only species in the "world of no magic" which are in tune with the Source of Magic, and thus considered the physical embodiment of the world and magic itself; is noted to be completely in-tune with the very nature of magic itself; through her eyes, magic is simply an extension of her willpower. Excellen's body stores energy actively within her soul as an energy pattern that is linked to her body's Magic Origin. This energy powers most of Excellen's magical abilities, giving her an enormous boost in her magical capacity over other "normal" magicians, something that is only enhanced by being part Exalt as well- whom are considered "deities" in regards to the dimensions they hail from. One could easily mistake Excellen's sheer magical power for that of a never-ending amount. In Daybreak S2, Amadam noted that he, the Great Magister, and thus one of the strongest magicians in the Sun Trilogy, is unable to fully gauge Excellen's exact amount of magical energy. As a contrast to this truly immeasurable amount, her magical power is noted to be not detrimental to the environment or others unless she herself wishes it to be.

Her efficiency with her magical energy can be considered to be comparable to a car that can move across an entire state with only one liter of gasoline powering it. The current head of the Magic Council, when asking her to test the Magic Power Finder, was unable to fully gauge Excellen's exact amount of magical energy. As a contrast to this truly immeasurable amount, her magical power is noted to be not detrimental to the environment or others unless she herself wishes it to be. Her skill and control at using manipulating her magical energy aura allows her to perform a variety of abilities; her magical energy constantly interacts with the energy in the vicinity even when not in combat, changing their properties in a very minimal way. Unlike other magicians, Excellen's magical energy is invisible to the naked eye—any magic-inclined being is incapable of seeing it with their own two eyes unless she voluntarily shows them; such a phenomenon can be likened to "How an ant is incapable of doing anything about the human about to tread on them"; indeed, it's shown that Excellen's magical power is only capable of being rendered visible by somebody on a similar level of power- indeed, the level of her magical power is said to be impossible to truly perceive, seemingly a bottomless well from which her energy springs- it never seems to run out, and theoretically, unless taken out by a physical attack, she could fight for extremely long periods of time without rest.

Technically, the sun is the main source of an Esper's magical power; as Excellen's cells absorb only yellow solar energy, and this in turn, fuels all of her powers and abilities- the conversion from solar energy to magical power is done by Excellen's Magical Aura "dominating" the solar energy and changing its particle composition to that of Eternano, which is absorbed into her Magic Origin; she has also shown the rare skill which allows her to convert anything into something to do with magic; this is done by Excellen's Magical Aura "dominating" all forms of particle energies and changing its particle composition to that of Eternano, which is absorbed into her Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), which is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power. Every magician has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the magician's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. Interestingly, via tweaking the "properties" of her Magic Origin, Excellen can also absorb solar energies of other class stars or even different sources, such as using her ability to nullify the Solar Dragon Magic of Mr. E in Daybreak S2; doing this increased her abilities to a higher degree and gave her additional abilities. Even when worn-out in battle, she can continue fighting effectively while still using her spells to their fullest extent; being a magical juggernaut who, most of the time, is unable to be impeded unless it is via the strongest opponents. Her magical power, at times, feels like a bottomless well- and her skill and control at using manipulating her magical energy allows her to perform a variety of abilities. Overall, Excellen's magical power can be simply regarded as immeasurable, that any individual that tries to sense the depths of her power will only find themselves lost in its vastness.

  • Magical Aura (魔力の霊気, Maryoku no Reiki): A Magical Aura is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of the user's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various mages of varying potency, and is a common means of intimidation. A magical aura is created when the body's container of Eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains, or is purposefully released by the user. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. It should be noted that the density of this aura can cause physical attacks to be repelled with notable ease; Persephone's aura almost consumes her in its colour, leaving nothing but a phantom-like apparition to remain. It is also worth noting that the pressure exhibited from such an aura can form a large column of energy, leaving the pressure enough to visibly cause strain on people even from a considerable distance away from the exertion of the aura, indicating at the sheer level of power within this aura; this has the additional effect of affecting entire areas to the point of disrupting spells from enemies, as well as affecting others from seemingly miles away. Excellen's magical aura produces intense amount of golden energy which can induce a drastic increase and decrease of temperature within the immediate vicinity, as if Excellen's aura was bringing the heat of the sun in its entirety as well as absolute zero into the physical plane. Generally, Excellen is shown to have the ability to control her own magical aura, keeping it repressed so it won't harm people she deems not needing a good smack in the face, though she always leaves some part of her magical energy leaking out to give off an aura of intimidation. Excellen can also use her own magical aura in order to nullify the enemy's own magical aura, and thus drastically weaken the output of their own spells; by syncing her output of magical aura with the opponent's and keeping them exactly equal, Excellen is capable of preventing a change in atmosphere through magical powers, instead creating a threshold for any spell or technique that seeks to change the atmosphere to overcome in order to take effect; she herself is unaffected by this property of her magical aura. Excellen's own magical aura is relatively unique, as despite her tremendous quantity of magical power, it is noted that her aura is almost "invisible", as it is shown to have no detrimental effects on anything in the immediate vicinity- indeed, her magical presence simply flows harmlessly through the area like a cool summer breeze in most instances, giving it somewhat of a refreshing attribute, as a contrast to nearly every other magician's aura out there. However, it is noted frequently that Excellen's magical aura simply exists on another tier of its own- it could be said that it is in a plane of existence different from normal magicians, and as a result, opposition are unable to interfere with it- however, as her encounter with Amadam indicates, it can be perceived by somebody who can nearly equal her skill in the art of magic.
    • Aura Pressure (霊気圧, Reikiatsu): Aura Pressure is a skill that Excellen can harness through her sheer amount of magical power and her refined control over it- when performing this skill, Excellen controls her magical aura by lowering its "tier" into the current dimension, causing it to briefly physically manifest in the form of a momentary heavy shower of visible magical particles, the pressure of which dominates the magical powers of those that she chooses to subjugate within the immediate vicinity through sheer force of will alone. With Aura Pressure, everyone not on Excellen's level is shown to be helpless against her power, as she harnesses the properties of the skill in conjunction with her incredible mastery of magic in order to make fools of her enemies, more often than not beating them at their own games as Excellen turns their spells against them. As Excellen is highly knowledgeable in the mechanics of the magical arts, right down to their exact eternano compositions and effects, she is able to affect even the ambient eternano saturated within the environment and channeling it alongside her own magical power, giving an extra little 'oomph' to her spells. While Excellen is capable of using Aura Pressure to form attacks by their lonesome, such as beams of magical energy and force-fields, more often than not, she simply uses the affected magical powers to bolster the power of her own attacks- as an Esper, she can instantly cast spells without charge-time more often than not, and as such, wasting the subjugated magical energy on standalone attacks is generally considered unwise in her own opinion. Aura Pressure also has one more, far more dangerous function- as any collections of magical energy in any form are dominated by her will; Excellen is capable of inducing a change in the qualities present within spells and magical constructions as to effectively modify them into something completely different, such as turning water into fire. This property of the skill is partly why Excellen is such a master of magic.
  • Empathy (共感, Kyōkan): Empathy is a natural ability of the Esper race; as the name indicates, Empathy is the ability to sense and understand other people's feelings, emotions, and desires; it is also referred to as Reading the Heart (霊視, Reishi). However, unlike other Empathy users, Excellen is unable to control her power, leaving her constantly inundated with the thoughts of those surrounding her. This left her rather pessimistic about others, as she began to see the darker thoughts of people she encountered, becoming filled with contempt for living beings. Empathy seems to work similar to mind-reading- though it does not affect the target's brain, but rather, their heart and soul; it can be strengthened by focusing intently. It could be said that her Empathy is a major reason that Excellen is such an understanding person- as it enables her to completely interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others without reading apparent symptoms, granting her a better understanding of those around her. Most of the time, Excellen is shown to need to initiate hand-to-hand contact with a target in order to sense deeper emotions, but she can receive more superficial feelings just by being in close proximity, in a similar manner to telepathy. Something to note is that Empathy does not work on Tsuruko, as her Zero Effect forms a psychic shield around her existence to protect her from all forms of supernatural powers- and part of what Excellen adores about Tsuruko is how honest Tsuruko is with her; as Tsuruko is somebody who constantly spoke her thoughts and feelings regardless of consequences; leading to a mutual understanding between the two without the need for any powers.
  • Magic Skill: Exalted Soul Wings (魔技・高貴な鎖翼, Magi: Kōkina Hakuyoku): The Magic Skill known as Exalted Soul Wings is something that cannot be learnt nor copied—it is something that emerges within any being that carries the blood of the Exalted One within their veins; or, of course, is an Exalt themselves. When under significant pressure; the user's magical aura will flare outwards, resulting in the sheer power of their soul being manifested into this plane of existence; turning willpower into that of an actual power—when under tremendous emotional pressure like in extreme rage; the wings manifest; normally taking the form of a single pair which are large and jagged—so sharp that they are capable of being utilized in a similar manner to that of an impossibly sharp sword; which can even slice straight through Orichalcum or even Soul Metal with relative ease. When the wings are out, the user gains the ability to understand laws that are hitherto unknown and unexplainable to them, and no longer needs to be touching opponents in order to attack the foe. These wings do all the magic-related calculations for the user, implied to be a much faster rate than regular casting abilities- perhaps infinitely so, and the user can harness the power of the wings for combat, as they are extremely tough and hard to cut through, and the user can also shoot their feathers in the manner of bullets. It is shown that the size, shape and appearance of the wings can be altered, as well as speed and efficiency in the air. With powerful wings, one can fly at incredible speeds and the user possesses amazing maneuverability in the air.

Magic in General

Master Magician: Magic (魔法, Mahō) is the main form of combat for Mages; it is the physical embodiment of the spirit. When the physical spirit of an organism connects with the spiritual flow of nature, the spirit forms Magic as a product of the connection. To utilize Magic, a Mage must use Magic Power (魔力, Maryoku) in their body. Magic Power is the source of Power for all Mages, it is composed of Eternano (魔子(エーテルナノ), Ēterunano lit. Magic Particles), which is the term coined to name particles of Magic. Eternano dwells inside all living organisms and throughout the atmosphere. Nobody knows when Magic began, or how Eternano originated. Eternano is the source of Magic Power for all Mages; and every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power. If the case becomes empty, Eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. Eternano has near-zero rest mass - though, like any particle, its mass increases to reflect its potential or kinetic energy - and can carry either a positive or negative charge.

In order to cast spells, a magician derives the power necessary from two sources: their own body's Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), and the atmosphere. A Magic Origin is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power. Every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. It appears that the concept of using a proportion to the user's Magic Origin or the atmosphere is dependent entirely upon the magic used in question. With internal magic such as High Speed, one requires the use of their own magic far more than external magic such as Fire Magic, where they generally rely more on atmospherically magic. By collecting eternano and subsequently imbuing it with a certain 'command' through either an incantation, hand gesture or a simple spell name, allow it to then mysteriously take upon a characteristic unique to that spell. Interestingly, some magicians, if they are descended from unique families, have shown that they are capable of replenishing their eternano faster thanks to unique traits.

As an Esper, a race in-tune with the essence of magic itself, it should come as no surprise that Excellen Kilekion is one of the most skilled and powerful magicians in all three current dimensions- quite possibly, she is the strongest Esper in terms of mastery over magic; though being generally humble, Excellen tends to downplay her skills as she has a natural dislike of too much attention. As the blood of the previous Exalt of Edolas flows within her veins in addition to being part of a race synchronized with the magical arts, Excellen's prowess is legendary and rule-breaking. While most magicians see magic as a tool to achieve their goals and desires, magic is an integral part of Excellen's very being, as she sees and uses it as an extra limb of sorts. Casting spells and manipulating magical energies comes as easy to her as breathing or blinking. Excellen is shown to have an understanding of the magical arts that no-one else does- indeed, if one were to consider magic a sentient force, it would be more inclined to assist Excellen more than anyone else.

By simply harnessing its power- no, by working in tandem with the magic saturated all around existence, Excellen redefines the laws and customs of the arcane with every usage, smashing down every taboo, strength, weakness, and mechanic, reconstructing it from the ground up on her own terms, ignoring and surpassing every supposed limitation contained within every spell or magic in general. Her usage of magic is more like a conductor directing a symphony to their own liking and the band following their every whim, the desires of everyone harmonizing flawlessly into a divine piece of music, as a contrast to other magicians, whom simply cast the spell and be done with it. It could be considered more of an artwork of utmost brilliance than somebody harnessing a weapon; showing her mastery of magic to be above any other "contemporary" magician; it could be concluded that Excellen is one of the few who has realized everything about the artform that could be referred to as "magic", akin to enlightenment.

As mentioned before, due to being so in-tune with magical powers, Excellen's control over the art also translates to an immense knowledge of the particle, far beyond than what is released to the public, what is inscribed within grimoires and exceeding the powers displayed in legends. This is part of the reason why her natural dominance over magic is only enhanced- thanks to her immense intelligence and craftiness, Excellen has shown the ability to forcibly swipe ownership of a spell from enemy magicians by subjugating the elements of magic in the atmosphere while her aura pulverizes her hapless foe's; their spells rendered null and void under Excellen's masterful handling of the art. Even if the spell is something withdrawn from the public, even if the spell is unique to the enemy, as everything and anything within the essence of magic is the fusion of magical energy and eternano, Excellen can determine the strengths, weaknesses, and numerous other factors of a spell and then replicate it perfectly most of the time.

  • Overlay Magic (オーバーレイ・マジック, Ōbārei Majikku) is a new category of magic; described by many as revolutionary. It works similarly to Unison Raid, enabling the user to overlay the powers of their allies and themselves in the immediate vicinity in order to boost their powers in order to augment spells. It is also known as Legion (双闘(レギオン), Region lit. Paired Battle). Excellen Kilekion was the creator of this magic. Overlay Magic is a completely new category of magic; designed from Excellen's knowledge of music theory and her desire to revolutionize magic for those less privileged. Incorporating the music theory of Acoustic Resonance and a Key Signature into magical manipulation, she was capable of developing an entirely new style of magic. Acoustic Resonance itself is a phenomenon that consists of an acoustic system amplifying a sound whose frequency matches one of its own natural frequencies of vibration; known as resonance frequencies. Replicating this phenomenon through magical superiority, Overlay Magic additionally incorporates a Key Signature, which, in music, is written in the far left of a composition page in order to inform the musician which Key Scale they are to play music in as a reference. It can be either Major or Minor, dictated as Sharps or Flats, but never both. However, in the case of Overlay Magic, the user applies a Key Signature as a guide to determine frequencies for enchantments or to determine resonance/dissonance within Magic Origins of only those that the user perceives as allies, thus enabling the user to put the style into motion. Essentially, the power of the Overlay Magic is one that enforces and causes a resonance between bonds, a power far beyond Unison Raid or any other combination-based magics. It creates a network formed from pure willpower that chains between numerous individuals; linking the Magic Origins of the user's allies together in order to draw out an enormously more powerful spell. This is visually represented by streaks of energy flowing from the magicians who are linked to the user who harnesses Overlay Magic as their personal style; the textures of these energies match the colours of the magics synched. A glowing portal forms in front of the host, as the energies quickly enter and then emerge as drastically superior versions of the spells that the user and their partners visualized casting; also enabling the user and their partners to utilize each other's spells as though they were their own and even combine said spells together in order to form even greater spells. The timespan in which this takes place is no more than a blink of an eye. As such, the style of Overlay Magic is noted to be relatively useful in an all-out brawl, as the user can augment their status as a 'support party member' as they can constantly combine the powers of their allies.
  • Chain Bind (綿鎖の魔法(チェーン・バインド), Chēn Baindo lit. Endless Chains of Magic): Chain Bind is a binding spell that is recognized as one of Excellen's signature spells. Chain Bind is recognized as being "similar, yet different" to Chain Magic - while both involve chains and manipulating their properties, Chain Bind is considered to be a standalone spell and its own unique beast. When casting Chain Bind, Excellen manipulates her own magical power, using Shape Transformation in order to manifest and mold it into the form of chains with numerous edges and spikes decorating the links; she can modify the chains to form grappling hooks on the ends. The most generic usage of Chain Bind is a straight-forward attack where the chains rapidly slice and wrap themselves around the enemy; constricting their movements and putting them in a bind. Unlike most other binding spells, Chain Bind does not lock a target into the one spot at which it was captured, which enables Excellen to utilize the properties of the chain to pull the target towards herself or otherwise drag it into a position of her own choice. Once constricted, Excellen has shown the ability to swing enemies around, and even into solid objects such as buildings and the earth itself. The chains of this spell are well-known their durability as well as defensive nature; and it is shown to be extremely rare for them to be broken, arguably making them tougher than regular Chain Magic. They are also renowned for their great length, as they can be extended far enough to reach several kilometers away. Chain Bind can clash with attacks and projectiles, and once she latches onto something, she can use the chain to pull herself in; in the blink of an eye; more details about this function are below. In order for Chain Bind to work properly, Excellen is required to perform intensely fast calculations; however, due to her superior intellect, this only takes her a fraction of seconds. Keeping in mind that she applies direction, vectors, and other factors, and it can be said that she has a wide variety of methods in which to use Chain Bind.
    • Chain Anchor (綿鎖の推力(チェーン・アンカー), Chēn Ankā lit. Endless Chain Propulsion): Chain Bind can additionally cut through physical objects if "pulled" hard enough; the chains themselves are shown to be sharper than many magical barriers, as Excellen's own magical aura infused into the chains can overpower the enemy's own defenses- this has the added effect of allowing Excellen to use the chain to pull herself towards her enemy; this can also work by causing the Chain Bind to lock the target in place like other binding spells, so that Excellen can shorten the chain to drag herself towards the target, rather than pulling the target towards herself, as Chain Bind usually works- this variant of the spell, dubbed Chain Anchor, is mostly meant to get her into close range without getting attacked.

Esper Magic: Psychokinesis

Excellen's main power is her Esper Magic which is known as Esper Magic: Psychokinesis (幻獣力の魔法・超能力(エスパー・マジック・サイコキネシス), Esupā Majikku: Saikokineshisu lit. Phantom Beast Power Magic: Extra-Sensory Perception); the ability to move (-kinesis) the environment around her with the power of her mind (psycho-); possessing heightened mental awareness; with a sixth sense. Psychokinesis is known as the Primeval Thought-Manifestation Magic (原始の念現魔法, Genshi no Nengen Mahō), being the magic from which all other psychic-based magics stem. When initiating her Psychokinesis, Excellen mentally focuses, before exerting her truly immense magical power on a target no matter its composition by mental and physical commands, commonly extending her arm in the direction of the existence that she wants to affect- the visualization of her psychic power is that of an aura of cyan energy shrouding her hand as well as that of the target- this aura is made up of the aggregation of her magical energy. From here, through thought alone, Excellen's psychic power enables her to instill her Personal Reality (自分だけの現実(パーソナル・リアリティ), Pāsonaru Riariti lit. Reality of Oneself) into the world, allowing her to bring her thoughts into reality and enabling her to influence the current world through her thoughts alone in any way that she deems suitable. This ability cannot be turned off- though Excellen can simply choose when and when not to use her psychic powers. Excellen possesses extreme skill in wielding her psychic abilities, able to utilize them for all sorts of functions, such as attack and defense, as well as supplementary uses. Excellen's knowledge about psychic powers is also as vast as her skill in wielding them. Additionally, as Psychokinesis is Excellen's main method of combat, she has utilized it in all of her appearances; and as such, she is regarded as extremely dangerous to fight against.

Esper Magic is known as the "Magic of the Ancients"; as the Espers were the only beings in Edolas capable of utilizing magic naturally; the power dates back to the old royal bloodline of Edolas itself and is in a way linked to the basis of Lost Magic which is apparent in Earth Land. Esper Magic is shown to be a different kind of magic compared to the regular magic in Earth Land, and the Edolas Items in Edolas. For a lack of a better word, Esper Magic has many forms and powers—it all depends on the user. The innate talent of Esper Magic enables Excellen to learn at an exceedingly swift pace, mastering obscure concepts within hours. It is said that any user of Esper Magic has enormous physical and magic power; being beyond that of regular human beings, to the point that they can be considered something akin to a god. Esper Magic enables Excellen to communicate with the Source of Magic in both realms; an ethereal substance of pure, unrestrained magical power that flows in streams beneath the surface of both planets that takes the form of many separate bands of green-white fluid flowing as a whole. The Source of Magic contains the essence of the universe and the memories, emotions, and knowledge of all who have lived on it. Portions of the Source of Magic are believed to be used to create new life in both universes, and the energy of a person returns to the Source when they die, bringing with it the emotions, memories, and knowledge they obtained during life. The Source of Magic is referred to many times as the life in the dimensions itself, and acts as an afterlife for the conscious spirits of the universe's inhabitants. It is a sort of immune system for the worlds, flowing to and "healing" scars. All life is said to exist within the cycle.

Esper Magic is said to be a miracle, allowing Excellen to reach her full potential. Most deities hate that regular beings are capable of performing miracles, because once this power was once exclusive to them; indeed, with this power, Excellen is completely capable of sensing the environment around herself with her energy, not depending on her other senses. Esper Magic is an immortal, inexorable power, attaching to an Esper and remains with them until their death; while inactive at first, laying dormant, once the Source of Magic senses a reason to reveal itself to the Esper, it will analyze the Esper's soul and forge a link between the Source of Magic and Esper; transforming into an forged extension of their soul while granting them access to the Source of Magic; bestowing upon them their very own personal magic which has been specially customized for their own benefit, making it their strongest and most versatile magic right from the get-go. Unlike any other Esper in existence, as Excellen is the child of an Esper who had become the previous Exalted One of Edolas and a human, this granted her the immeasurable magical energies of an Esper and the soul of a human, giving her a stronger connection than most. Additionally, Excellen's Esper Magic and the power the Source of Magic bestowed upon her after her transference to Earth Land are linked instead of being separate, meaning that no matter her location, she has a permanent connection to the Source of Magic which is incapable of being interrupted- while she is capable of using both separately, generally she harnesses both powers at once.

As part of an experiment to see if the "intermingling of a human heart with the soul of an Exalt and the magical power of an Esper", Excellen was effectively created to be the most powerful magician in all four dimensions and the most powerful psychic-type magician imaginable. She was classified as a Heavenly Saint Esper-level without actually being one, and could be considered to be as powerful as a Magius in terms of mastery of magic. In Earth Land, the Magic Council classifies Excellen as a "Wizard Saint" level threat if not above, with Excellen herself displaying psychic ability and magic prowess beyond any of the Ten Wizard Saints, something that utterly infuriated Leanne Rockwell, the strongest of them all in the Daybreak-era Sun Trilogy. It could be said that she is capable of harnessing her psychic powers for almost anything that she puts her mind to, with her powers working in a similar manner to that of Arc of Embodiment, being derived from her thoughts alone with no real upper limit as to what she can achieve- the reason for which is detailed below. Not only can her psychic powers be manifested in any way she deems suitable through mental commands alone, Excellen can channel them through objects such as her weaponry and clothing to every aspect of the environment itself. Excellen displays very fine psychic control over objects down to the molecular and even subatomic level with her telekinesis, and when faced with an explosion, instead of stopping it, Excellen is capable of curving the shockwave released by the force and the resultant shrapnel around her figure, even bending light around her very being to induce invisibility.

Indeed, Chakravartin, the current Exalted One of Edolas displayed worry at getting on Excellen's bad side when she heard that Tsuruko and Excellen were in Edolas for a visit and thus avoided making things difficult for them by keeping out of sight and out of mind (not that either of them knew she existed), as Excellen's psychokinetic powers are far beyond those of any other user, whether or not they're humanoid or otherwise, being referred to as a Psycho Driver (サイコ・ドライバー, Saiko Doraibā) which is a term used for a weapon of mass destruction that revolves around psychic powers, as well as a living battery of raw psychokinetic energy driven by all sorts of emotions and a supernatural furnace of pure raging psychic forces. She is the most powerful psychic-based magician and quite possibly the strongest Esper in any of the four dimensions, something that is only bolstered a thousandfold when she becomes the Exalted One of Aether at the end of Daybreak S2, effectively making her near-omnipotent like the rest of the Exalts as a living god. As Excellen has shown, her mastery over telekinesis has enabled her to rip down a gigantic meteorite from space and drop it on a large demon to kill it instantly and the motions undertaken were simply Excellen aiming her hand upwards and snapping her fingers meaning that quite possibly, at full power, she could perhaps destroy entire continents in the blink of an eye if she deemed it suitable.

Against a fellow Esper and psychic, Fine Dupree during the Edolas Excellen arc, just by having her powers over plantlife being uprooted and turned against her by Excellen, Fine felt as if her mind was going berserk, as her rapidly-increasing heartbeat screamed at her to get away from Excellen lest she be killed brutally- and considering that Fine was attempting to kill Excellen's family to sacrifice them in order to resurrect the ancient god of Edolas and that Excellen doesn't have a no-kill policy in contrast to her other friends, her heart was very much right as Excellen was seconds away from telekinetically ripping Fine apart limb-by-limb slowly and painfully; the experience of Excellen's psychokinesis being exerted upon Fine caused her magical energies to surge chaotically before being engulfed by a small trace of Excellen's own aura, leading to an almost instantaneous overload of energy that almost fried her brain. When facing another user of psychic-type abilities, she is capable of siphoning their psions, removing their ability to harness their powers and adding their total to Excellen's own to amplify herself via her natural dominance over magic. Excellen's power is such that Elucifer Mercury, a man often cited to be the most powerful spellcaster in Earth Land, being called the Great Magister (大魔導師, Daimadōshi); suggested that her psychic powers rivalled that of his own general mastery over magic when he was in his Magius form- and it should be taken into consideration that at that point Excellen still hadn't reached her full potential.

Aside from giving her psychic powers corporeality to launch almost any kind of attack as mentioned below, Excellen commonly uses her psychic ability to manipulate physical objects; she is able to grasp any number of objects and hurl it at her targets from great distances with tremendous force. Excellen is able to stun her targets by materializing a sphere of psychic energy around herself which can also shield her from incoming attacks. For movement, she is able to manipulate herself by levitating in the air to fly at tremendous speeds which are comparable to the highest speeds; though she can also teleport numerous distances with her psychic powers by warping space. Excellen usually extends her arm in order to remotely pick things up, and push or pull things, including living things. One of her favourite tactics is to create telekinetic energy appendages to move an item, giving it a vector, making it easier to move and more effective than normal Psychokinesis; with this application of Psychokinesis, she was shown to be capable of grabbing ahold of a meteor within space and dragging it down onto her opponent. Excellen can also manipulate aggregate solid masses such as volumes of sand or dust with her Psychokinesis, causing the individual particles to fly apart in an explosive manner to create particle clouds or a forceful attack. She can create large blades of psychokinetic energy that can be launched at her opponent or used as swords as her main attack, and she can confuse her opponent's sense of direction.

When utilizing her psychic powers unless she is harnessing her Tactile Telekinesis, Excellen keeps her distance from the enemy, not letting an opponent get too close to her, as she needs a moment to concentrate for an attack in which she will be left vulnerable unless her Tactile Telekinesis field is up. If an opponent does get too close, however, Excellen can grab the opponent in her psychokinesis and throw the opponent away. Excellen's main method of attacking aside from harnessing the various "-kinesis" is picking up obstacles around her with her psychokinesis and then hurtling them at her opponents, or rearranging objects into shapes that she can manipulate to attack, such as forming blocks or debris and use them to bowl over opponents. If projectiles are launched at her, Excellen can grab said projectiles in her psychokinesis and throw them back at the opponent, effectively allowing her to turn her opponents' power against them. Excellen is capable of telepathically detecting others, as well as the amplification of will, reproduction of thought, and transplantation of emotions. She is capable of effortlessly lifting hundreds of large boulders and stopping a very powerful bombardment attack from the prototype Etherion and send it back with the same if not even more force, completely annihilating the Satellite Square before it could do the same to Hargeon.

Now, what makes Excellen's Psychokinesis so dangerous is that due to it being a psychic power born from her thoughts, it is a "paradox power" in that while her thoughts are certainly natural, the way they are manifested certainly are not, meaning that when faced with something like Nullification Magic, Excellen's psychic powers are incapable of being negated as it both is and isn't a magic. Adding onto that, even when attacked by the "destruction of the supernatural" such as Tsuruko's Zero Effect, which can destroy any sort of supernatural power, the Zero Effect's Event Interference ability becomes confused and Excellen's Psychokinesis simply ends up affecting Tsuruko. Because of this, it can be said that Excellen Kilekion is one of the few people in the entire Sun Trilogy to be as powerful as Tsuruko Sejren. Unlike most other characters, Excellen almost never names her attacks with the exception of Star of Ruin, though she does mention "tactile telekinesis" to Hikari Zanna when Excellen and Tsuruko were fighting the dracolich hoarde to protect her. It should be noted that with all forms of psychokinesis, Excellen, due to her dislike of naming her attacks, has countless techniques, all of which are extremely beneficial or incredibly dangerous, though enemies simply refer to them as what they are, such as 'oxygen explosion', 'gigantic flame', 'tidal wave', 'hurricane', 'lightning bolt', and many more.

Vector Control

It was speculated that aside from the standard telekinesis and telepathy, Excellen's personal brand of psychokinesis revolves around that which is known as Vectors (ベクトル, Bekutoru), which is a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another; specifically, Excellen's psychic ability allows her to modify the vector values of anything touches with her psychokinesis. Generally, Excellen's control over vectors is mainly in regards to Euclidean vectors, which are used to represent physical quantities that have both magnitude and direction, but it is shown that she affect all kinds as long as she recognizes it as something she can influence through her psychokinesis. Of course, going into detail, a control over vectors means that Excellen can do pretty much whatever she wants to as long as it involves 'something goes somewhere,' which is basically everything since movement is the basis of, well, everything. Because of this, Excellen is quite possibly the most powerful magician in the entire Sun Trilogy, and due to her immense mastery over telekinesis to the point of being capable of manipulating all vectors, it can be theorized that Excellen is capable of performing any power at all, but for obvious reasons this is never fully shown; however, whenever she's in battle, Excellen can and will display a few new powers; most of what she can do is mentioned in the sections below, but some abilities aren't.

Since vectors are the basis for damn near everything, she can perform amazing feats such as converting air into that of plasma and understanding the movements of electrons to enhance her telepathy- not only this, her control over vectors plays a major part in her Levitate technique and her constant hovering as it is partially an extension of her power to manipulate gravity, as gravity is simply another vector. She also has certain degree of super strength and super speed that can be multiplied indefinitely as long as her Tactile Telekinesis field is up, all of the "-kinesis" powers which enable her to mimic Elemental Magic and in some cases, take control over the opponent's own elemental powers, plasma control through changing the air into plasma, control over all electrical currents (including bioelectricity), cyberpathy - as displayed when she commonly turns electrical appliances on and off simply by pointing at them, and of course, an immunity to most weaponry and ranged-powers thanks to her Tactile Telekinesis field which can additionally bolster her physical parameters tenfold- this aspect can be multiplied infinitely. As she can change the velocity vectors of anything she comes into contact with, the wide range of which she affects includes physical objects, energy blasts, and even UV radiation, which is relatively handy as she dislikes too much sunlight. With her Tactile Telekinesis field up, her control over vectors activates automatically as well to protect her from any possible threat. On a more mundane note, Excellen can redirect annoying noise of any kind away from her so it doesn't bother her; this is humourously seen whenever Kaguya starts being a jerk and Excellen just zones out- however, in battle, this property can be harnessed to instantly repel any sound-based power.

Something of note is that Excellen doesn't just induce vector manipulation to form pretty much any power that she can think of in battle- as the term would imply, vector manipulation enables Excellen to influence vectors in any way that she deems suitable- this allows her to magnify the forces of the vectors near-infinitely or reduce their kinetic energies to zero. By exerting her psychic power on any object no matter if it is living or not, she can change the magnitude of its vectors, such as when she grabbed a pebble when she was attempting to show Hikari how to skip rocks over a pond and while lightly throwing the pebble, her vector control accidentally activated, causing the miniature rock to shoot forth like a high-speed bullet and tear a hole through several buildings on the other side of the lake- generally, Excellen has consistently displayed the ability to modify the vectors of objects to a point that she can turn anything into a phenomenally powerful projectile. By reducing the vectors of any object, she can stop it in its tracks and in some cases, use her telekinesis to induce a "-kinesis" to send it back to its source or in the case of a physical object, telekinetically grab it and simply throw it back to the enemy or just toss it away casually. When affecting her own vectors, this enables her to mimic superhuman strength and superhuman speed but nigh-invulnerability is left untouched as generally her other powers can cover that particular aspect. However, if Excellen's enemy is capable of discovering a way to circumvent her vector manipulation ability, it is shown that it would be rendered rather useless due to having strong magical powers but a somewhat frail constitution.

Aside from what happens once an opponent gets around this incredible power, the limit to Excellen's psychic powers and control over all fundamental forces of the universe through vectors is the mathematics behind controlling the vectors that she wishes to direct: if something is too complicated for her to calculate in her head, she is incapable of influencing it, even if her powers technically should cover that; additionally, harnessing her power over vectors requires Excellen to take into account anything that is deemed an "outside influence" such as the innumerable variables which could happen when she is influencing vectors to perform any action she wishes- meaning that while she generally has full control over what effects her powers produce, she has to be careful with what she incorporates into her powers. Indeed, this isn't too much of a hindrance to her though, as she's a mathematical genius along with everything else she's talented at and when harnessed in conjunction with Excellen's incredible intelligence and her calculation prowess, her psychokinesis enables her to reverse engineer techniques and processes of all kinds no matter their source while putting laws or aspects of physics that she would previously be incapable of understanding, even discovering the correct vector calculations to manipulate incredible forces such as that of Chakravartin's Aesthetica Arts; to go further, as long as Excellen has experienced the force, she can use her intelligence to analyze it, take note of the vectors that have been applied and then adapt- this prowess can be considered an existence similar to that of a human's immune system.

  • Tactile Telekinesis (三百六十程・超能力場(タクタイル・テレキネシス), Takutairu Terekineshisu lit. Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees Psychic Power Field): Tactile Telekinesis is a supplementary usage of Psychokinesis influenced by Excellen's dominance over vectors, which enables Excellen to manifest a telekinetic force field that surrounds her body from all conceivable directions as a protective shield. Tactile Telekinesis is said to be the basic application of her control over vectors, and the "stone from which all psychokinetic powers can be carved" as the moment an incoming vector comes into contact with the Tactile Telekinesis field, she is capable of influencing it in any way that she deems suitable. The Tactile Telekinesis field is a semi-invisible field that covers her body from all conceivable directions as the kanji in the name would suggest; visually, it is a faint cyan glow emanating from her frame that covers even the clothes she wears and select objects she is holding. As it is hewn from her control over vectors, the Tactile Telekinesis field automatically puts any oncoming physical-based vector coming towards the field that protects her entire body under Excellen's thrall; normally, without even thinking about what to do with the incoming forces, so her Tactile Telekinesis field will simply redirect anything that tries to hit Excellen, regardless of whether she's aware of its existence or not back to where it came from at the exact same force with which it was launched towards her. Excellen is able to remove any probabilities of receiving injury from all sorts of attacks by causing the object to be deflected from her personal force field. As such, the semi-invisible barrier provides protection against physical attacks and projectiles, even things such as shrapnel—however, enemies are still capable of passing through it if they use energy-based attacks; the protection granted by Tactile Telekinesis is sufficient to be impenetrable to most conventional weaponry as everything has its vectors redirected, but it could be penetrated by high-powered fighting spirit-infused weaponry. This field does not repel gases or energy based attacks as well, meaning that Excellen does not have to consciously direct vectors to gain air while the barrier is manifested. Tactile Telekinesis largely negates impact shock, thus protecting Excellen from catastrophic events such as high-speed collision. More or less, Tactile Telekinesis is a filter that analyzes everything as harmful or not, with Excellen using her psychic powers (more specifically, her vector control) to redirect anything that could harm her. Examples of these would be high-velocity vectors that are reflected, such as bullets, which Excellen obviously could not consciously react to, as the speed of a bullet is immensely high. As this redirection occurs both suddenly and unexpectedly, the reflected attack can prove difficult for opponents to evade. The reflection is so swift that it appears as if Excellen herself had launched the attack, confounding many an opponent. Tactile Telekinesis is capable of bending the opposing projectile away from her, as well as some physical attacks; however, in the case of the barrier going up against a massive onslaught of attacks, the Tactile Telekinesis field can only redirect so many kinetic energy particles at a time and it requires precise timing. The Tactile Telekinesis field will suspend any projectiles that enter its radius for a brief second; and just like normal Telekinesis, Excellen can then redirect the projectile back at her foe with twice the force. However, when the Tactile Telekinesis field is active, Excellen is required to consciously allow things like gravity and light to affect her; this is quite possible that this ability is why Excellen's skin is almost deathly pale as the Tactile Telekinesis field reflects ultraviolet radiation, resulting in her skin being incapable of manufacturing melanin; effectively, the Tactile Telekinesis grants Excellen immunity to most attacks, and she can defend other allies with it. For a summary, the Tactile Telekinesis barrier protects Excellen from nearly any sort of attack, and it is said with it, she can withstand a nuclear missile, shock-wave, heat, and radiation. Tactile Telekinesis enables Excellen to break free of an opponent's grip by pushing the field outward to force the opponent away; disrupting any attempt to bind her or even restrict her movements, though, on the flip side, Excellen is capable of rendering an opponent immobile by extending the telekinetic field as long as they are both standing on the same ground. Thanks to the psychic field encompassing her body, when the Tactile Telekinesis field is active, she receives a massive increase in her physical parameters all across the board to near superhuman heights, granting Excellen extremely high-level speed, strength, and durability, turning her into a 'flying brick' of sorts. It is said that with her Tactile Telekinesis field up, Excellen is about as physically powerful as Tsuruko herself as when it is activated, Excellen can reinforce her body structure right down to the molecular level; and she can infinitely multiply the force she exerts using this power until she can pulverize almost anything. Objects lifted with her telekinetic strength do not crumble under their own weight or internal stresses; though this does not truly count as super strength in the traditional sense. While Excellen's full strength is undetermined at this time, she can lift a battleship which weighs from fifty-eight thousand tonnes and upwards. Thanks to her Tactile Telekinesis barrier, by simply coming into contact with something, Excellen is capable of causing that target to literally fall to pieces. Another permanently activated ability of the Tactile Telekinesis field that Excellen has is the ability to change the vectors of her limbs and body, bestowing upon herself superhuman prowess, as mentioned above; she seems to be capable of lifting almost anything she can conceive of; and using her telekinetic strength, Excellen is shown to be capable of smashing through almost any defensive measure taken against her using brute force alone as well as lift up and throw a concrete wall, a prospect completely uncharacteristic to her. She can also throw a small child at Mach 5 from Luin to Hargeon, which is several thousand kilometers away regarding distance; thanks to this massive augmentation of her strength and durability, Excellen has shown the ability to simply stop the attack of Black Dragon Nidhoggr with a single hand, gripping it before using her psychokinesis to launch the hulking monstrosity backwards for several kilometers with just those movements- in addition, she has displayed the ability to withstand the grip strength of the Reionyx Archangel Gabriel while her Tactile Telekinesis field is activated. With her Tactile Telekinesis field and the fact that the barrier itself is what induces her ability to manipulate vectors, Excellen can reflect anything except Tsuruko's Zero Effect at full power and attacks designed to counter her immense psychic powers.

Core Psychic Powers

  • ExcellenLevitate

    Excellen shooting forth while using Levitate.

    Levitate (飛翔念行(レビテート), Rebiteto lit. Psychic-Type Flight): Levitate is a Psychokinesis spell that enables Excellen to fly through the air. When performing Levitate, Excellen focuses her thoughts, allowing her enormous amounts of psychic energy to affect her own body's weight, completely removing it to enable weightlessness, resulting in Excellen beginning to levitate. Excellen can utilize minute psychic manipulation as a small "push"- unlike other flight-based powers, since her psychokinesis runs solely off of her thought patterns alone with no need for excess movements and mechanics, all Excellen has to do is envision herself flying, and her wish is granted, removing her weight to the point that she becomes even lighter than a feather to enable her to go against the fundamental forces of gravity, suspending herself within the air by hovering in place; while Levitate is in action, Excellen's frame emits a barely visible cyan glow. Once in the air, Excellen is capable of moving about as if she were flying at incredible speeds; she can even shoot up vertical surfaces; moving dozens upon dozens of times faster than somebody using teleportation-based magic while maintaining flight for extremely long periods of time. Levitate also enables Excellen to travel long distances at an incredible pace, travelling at a speed almost too swift for the naked eye to be able to see properly- something that should be taken note of is that Excellen is able to carry all sorts of items with her while levitating, allowing her to keep herself and various masses aloft while darting through the air- the upper limit as to what she can levitate with her is objects with a mass up to eight thousand, five hundred and fifty kilograms. When in flight, Excellen can move herself at extreme speeds, nearing those that her partner, Tsuruko Sejren, can run at, which is estimated to be around Mach 7- Excellen's movements with Levitate form thick trails in the sky wherever she goes; however, it should be taken into consideration that Excellen can turn, accelerate, and stop on a dime with absolute mastery over levitation. This spell grants Excellen a general advantage in a fitting situation. When used in the heat of battle, Levitate causes Excellen to appear as if she is simply flowing around her opponents without expending any energy at all, letting the opponent tire themselves out and thus creating exploitable openings. This conservation of energy, combined with her high stamina, gives Excellen an advantage in prolonged combat, with Excellen moving throughout the air as free as a bird, or rather, in a "deeper" term, like a plastic bag in the wind- by using vector manipulation in conjunction with the Levitate power, Excellen is capable of increasing her speed almost infinitely to the point of being able to move vast small distances at light speed; as such, even if those in the vicinity were capable of detecting the trajectory of Excellen's movements, it would be near-impossible to actually stop her, as with her speed, Excellen is capable of assaulting her opponents with quick attacks of any and all kinds, as while she is moving in the air, Excellen can apply this to combat by dive-bombing and tackling enemies downwards while striking so fast the opponent cannot retaliate as Excellen has already flown out of the enemy's grasp a split-second after the attack. The drawback of Levitate is that its performance is tied to Excellen's own stamina and concentration. If she should start to wear out from overuse of her psychokinesis or lose concentration, it would cause Levitate to end and Excellen to fall down. Levitate sees liberal usage, as it is near-constantly activated whenever Excellen is moving, meaning that her feet rarely, if ever touch the ground.
  • Psychic Healing (念行超速再生(サイキック・ヒーリング), Saikikku Hīringu lit. Psychic-Style Ultra-Fast Regeneration): Psychic Healing is one of the most useful powers that Excellen is capable of harnessing by using her psychic energies- effectively, it allows her to regenerate all sorts of wounds at a highly advanced rate. When inducing Psychic Healing, Excellen stabilizes her psychokinesis, heightening her body's own natural healing properties, before projecting it outwards through her hand, allowing her to induce her psychokinesis within a target's body or her own, allowing her to affect all of the target's organs with her psychic energies, putting the target's body under the thrall of her psychic powers. From here, Excellen is capable of forcibly accelerating the natural healing processes of the target's body to the point that it reaches the speed of thought. This enables Excellen to regenerate the damaged tissue as well as organs and blood cells of her target, effectively negating any wounds they had received of any scope within a second. The healing power granted by it is extremely high, having been described as capable of healing wounds inflicted by an actual dragon. Concretely, it was enough to almost completely cure most injuries it was used on, and to nullify the effects of powerful poisons, and is capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress; with it, she is considered a healer on par with, if not greater than the Sky Dragon Slayer. She has been shown to enable her target to fully heal from numerous gunshot wounds, severe burns covering most of their body, and regenerate missing eyes within a matter of seconds. Among the more extreme depictions of this accelerated healing factor involves the target having their skin, muscles, and internal organs incinerated from their skeleton only to fully regenerate the tissue within minutes; it can also cure minor things such as fatigue and headaches- additionally, with some physical assistance, the Psychic Healing can heal broken bones by having Excellen harness her own magical energy as a "super-adhesive glue" of sorts to correct them. This power even amends psychological wounds inflicted as a result of traumatic experiences. Psychic Healing enables Excellen to perform such feats as drain poison from an infected victim, and by using a lot of energy, she can even revive people that are in a near-death state— she is also capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress. However, Excellen's healing powers force their target's mind to suppress the memories as to prevent them from going insane due to the excruciating amount of pain experienced, sometimes resulting in amnesia. When induced in her own body, Excellen's Psychic Healing also gives her a constantly activated regenerative healing factor and the virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs, except in massive doses. For example, it is extremely difficult for her to become intoxicated from alcohol, and her highly efficient immune system, which is part of her accelerated healing factor, renders her immune against all known diseases and infections. While it is mainly harnessed for its healing properties, Psychic Healing can be utilized in order to regenerate non-living objects or organisms to any previous state in their history, allowing Excellen to repair damage done to it such as fixing a flat tire or a putting a door back on its hinges, revert chemical changes and all sorts of structures no matter their composition back to their original components- for example, by inducing Psychic Healing upon a table, she is capable of fixing a broken leg, but at its fullest point, she can regress its very existence into that of the woods that once composed them. Additionally, Psychic Healing is capable of merging two objects together regardless of their structures, such as a human with a boulder, and it can also de-merge targets, such as removing a Take Over form from a magician by separating the beast and the user, or trapping an enemy by regenerating portions of a broken object around them- it can also be used for sensory purposes as a portion of an object that was removed from something, when affected by this power, will automatically fly back to its source of origin as to attempt to reattach itself. As with all of her powers, Excellen can utilize this ability in a much darker fashion; she can assimilate her life force, replenishing her own strength while heavily wounding her target at the same time. The life energy can be overloaded, causing it to become a highly corrosive poison which can obliterate anything.

Integrated Arms: Psion Striker

Integrated Arms: Psion Striker (総合魔法と武道・心霊現象拳流(インテグレーテッド・アームズ・サイオン・ストライカー), Integurēteddo Āmuzu: Saion Sutoraikā lit. Integration of Magic and Martial Arts: Psychic Ability Fist Style): Integrated Arms: Psion Striker is a method of combat exclusive to Excellen Kilekion, the strongest psychic of all. Indeed, Integrated Arms: Psion Striker is a special martial art, that, as the first lot of kanji would indicate, is a merger of Excellen's hand-to-hand combat skills and physical abilities with her expertise in manipulating anything and everything through her psychokinesis.

A key part of Integrated Arms: Psion Striker's power is that unlike any other user of psychic powers, Excellen is capable of turning what can be considered an invisible force into something completely tangible, allowing her to manipulate the psychic energies exerted by her psychokinesis as if they had a physical form just like users of Elemental Magic. When affecting something ordinarily intangible and bringing it into the physical realm as a consistent form, Excellen compresses her magical energies and then mentally focuses on a single point- by superimposing her mental energies generated whenever she is inducing her psychic powers -as seen in the cyan glows manifested- Excellen transforms the magical energies gathered into that of a sublime cyan, resulting in the manifestation of psions, which are effectively psychic energies given semi-physical form; psions are defined as a form of energy that stuck between the state of particles and waves, it's frequency is wildly fluctuating. When psions can be brought into the current plane of existence, Excellen can control them and harness the psionic energies in both offensive and defensive styles; turning her body into a makeshift weapon unique to herself as she can manipulate psionic energy for almost countless purposes, changing its state of matter from a pure energy into that of a solid and shape it into any form suitable for the current situation in the blink of an eye, controlling it to serve as a weapon and bolster the power of her attacks, while it is released as projectiles of concentrated energy, with Excellen generally being capable of manipulating psions to her every whim, making them float in the air in wide arcs- she can mold the psions into a variety of offensive and defensive moves and even use it to heal herself.

When harnessing Integrated Arms: Psion Striker, Excellen's psychokinesis works in tandem with her close-range combat, enabling her to project each and every one of her blows through the atmosphere and every other surface imaginable as long as she is capable of performing the corresponding "-kinesis" power, meaning that she is able to strike from all sources and harm an opponent without even physically coming into contact with them- for example, by making a punching motion, her psychic powers will project that power and blow the opponent away. Excellen can alter the properties of the psions, morphing the psychic particles from having immense cutting power to smashing into foes with incredible blunt force, all according to Excellen's will. The psions can harm a target that is a living organism rather heavily, being directly sent at target like lead or surrounding the target and causing several attacks at once, and she can also change the properties of a space such as producing heat underwater, with Excellen capable of carrying out a variety of strikes; waves are shown to possess explosive properties, with a relatively small amount of it being capable of producing fierce explosions; in addition, larger amounts of it can be shaped into objects of various sizes, again usable for offense, causing a diverse amount of effects ranging from pure energy emission to warping- the power and shaping of the psions are assisted by Excellen's mental commands reacting with the psychic energies, enabling Excellen to prevent the effects from being randomized and instead, they are fully controlled, and she is capable of manifesting perfect imitations of normal matter by refining the psionic energy and altering its composition, enabling her to use her "-kinesis" powers like she can harness the normal psions; each strike unleashed is able to bend, ricochet, and pierce through targets with relative ease.

The damage inflicted using Integrated Arms: Psion Striker is entirely reliant upon Excellen's own energy reserves rather than her physical power, meaning that it could still deal enormous amounts of damage as Excellen is infamously physically weak- effectively, the power is an extension of Excellen's physical body in close-range combat as she casually harnesses the objects in the immediate vicinity as projectiles by casually launching them towards her opponent without giving any indication that she is focusing on them while additionally discharges pulses of psychokinetic energy to knock the enemy off of their feet- it doesn't always affect what she aims at, but rather, it can be harnessed in order to lash out at any target within her line of sight and she can modify the damage done by Integrated Arms: Psion Striker to amplify or reduce the damage done, enabling her to merely stun an opponent or outright kill them. Not only are each and every one of her blows augmented by working in tandem with her psychokinesis, she can unleash concentrated explosions of psionic energy that disperse over a relatively wide area-of-effect to deal enormous amounts of energy alongside her strikes, more often than not blowing the opponent away with each and every one of her strikes. By focusing psions on select portions of her body, Excellen can harness their power with such pinpoint control that she is capable of distorting space in centralized areas of her choice, such as around her fists or in midair, which she can then utilize in hand-to-hand combat in order to increase the power of her unarmed blows drastically—as each and every strike can inflict massive damage while she deals intense internal damage to her opponent; meaning that strikes that would seemingly or normally miss will actually be able to strike the target with relative ease.

  • Force Blast (念行光線(フォース・ブラスト), Fōsu Burasuto lit. Psychic-Type Light Ray): Force Blast is a Psychokinesis spell that enables Excellen to project a blast of raw psionic energy from her body. When performing Force Blast, Excellen focuses her mind, releasing large amounts of coherent particles of psions which are charged by Excellen's mental commands to force an increase in density and multiply; this causes them to seek equilibrium and self-stabilize, being reflected and amplified by her thoughts and formed into a high-powered and potentially destructive beam of coherent radiation which is in a hyper-condensed form which shoots forth by Excellen thrusting her hand towards her a target; essentially, a powerful burst of psionic energy in the shape of a bolt of cyan lightning towards the enemy. What is so notable about Force Blast is that everything about it can be customized, from the trajectory, the properties, and even the shape and firing position. Excellen is capable of altering the trajectory of the attack to the point that it can undergo several complex maneuvers, which can, in extreme cases, allow Excellen to strike more than one opponent with relative ease. Indeed, the speed settings are capable of being altered as well, though this is stuck to two settings. Version one causes Excellen to unleash a higher-velocity beam with enough momentum to breach weak defenses –even able to smash through steel and assorted metals- but in this case, the damage dealt to the target without penetrating their personal defense spells are significantly reduced due to the lower transference of magical power in the Force Blast; though because of the high velocity of the attack, it's certain that it will reach its target. Version two is more like a classic "ki attack" from fiction, as the psychic particles have less velocity, and while generally less penetrating, the particles quickly transfer their energy to the target upon contact, reverting to pure heat and destroying the target from within. When the blast lands, it blows the opponents away with tremendous speed and force; blasting through everything in it's path in order to assault the opponent ferociously as the arrow sends the opponents flying at a semi-spike angle, inducing tremendous knockback from which it is difficult to recover. The move goes through walls. The move can hit a maximum of six targets but the damage and knockback weaken for each target hit; thus if used on many opponents, it may not destroy the ones in the back, even if the foes are still suffering from harm. This attack goes through any and all defenses, and at extreme distances it does slightly less damage. If the opponents are too close together, they may collide with each other and prevent immense damaging from happening. The blasts she emits have concussive force equivalent to five thousand pounds of dynamite. She mostly projects the energy from her hands; however, on several other occasions, Excellen has shown to be capable of shooting them from anywhere with her Tactile Telekinesis active since her Tactile Telekinesis field permeates from her entire body. Interestingly, Excellen can harness Force Blast under the influence of her "-kinesis" powers to change the attack into theoretically any elemental type; also giving Force Blast a large type coverage. In addition, Force Blast as been modified by Excellen to attack the opponent from within in any form if a foolish Slayer attempts to devour it in any of its elemental forms.
  • Psychofield (超常的力場(サイコフィールド), Saikofīrudo lit. Forcefield of Paranormality): Psychofield is a Psychokinesis spell which enables Excellen to manifest a barrier of psions that can come in many forms- while the prospect of a forcefield is rendered quite redundant considering that her Tactile Telekinesis handles defensive measures, a Psychofield is capable of defending others. In any case, when manifesting a Psychofield, Excellen gathers psions and projects them slightly outwards in any direction that she deems suitable according to the situation- at this point, through concentration alone, Excellen harnesses her psychokinesis in order to shape the psions and give them material consistency, being molded through Excellen's thoughts into the form of a four-layered barrier of psychic energy of various shapes and sizes; it can be said that a Psychofield is an existence similar to that of Defenser; however, Psychofield has more stopping power and is capable of being modified to suit almost any situation in regards to both its shape and properties. Each transformation that the Psychofield undergoes is induced by Excellen's mental commands alone, with no real need to pump any magical energies into its composition to alter its shape and sizes- effectively, this puts a Psychofield above a Defenser barrier as Excellen is not required to spend excess amounts of energy to change its existence. The Psychofield acts as a high-density shield that can defend against the attacks of the enemy- it protects against magic, bullets, explosions, and other projectiles—however, enemies are still capable of passing through it if they nullify their magic; but in any case, the Psychofield is capable of withstanding the full force of an Abyss Break spell head-on. Every single psion particle that makes up the barrier vibrates magnificently at nearly ten million times a millisecond, meaning that even a High-Frequency Blade is said to be incapable of tearing through it. It can be cast on any part of Excellen's body or even away from her, including under the foe's feet- going further, by projecting a Psychofield in any location, Excellen is able to manifest the psychic forcefield without even appearing to do so to take enemies by surprise, even defending her allies from any attacks. By projecting it under a target's feet, the Psychofield will slow them to a crawl as they become stuck in the spell. Given its inherent malleability, Excellen has displayed the ability to manipulate its structure into almost anything that she can imagine, ranging from relatively simple forms to far more complex manifestations- she can change her Psychofields into rectangular planes, cylinders, globes, domes, cones, and many more- it should be noted that the complexity of the shape the Psychofield takes upon is limited by Excellen's ability to mentally visualize a particular form and keep it in sharp mental focus: with the smallest force projection she can visualize and maintain the visualization is the size of a marble; in contrast, the largest solid force projection she can visualize and maintain is about one hundred feet in diameter. Small objects at high speeds become missiles; large objects at slow speeds become battering rams, and Excellen make these objects grow or shrink as desired- through applying her vector manipulation psychic power to the Psychofields, Excellen is capable of changing the force of the impact of the barrier and speed of its projection- by compressing a Psychofield to its utmost limit while accelerating its projection speed to the fullest extent, Excellen is able to launch her barriers as lasers of a sort which are capable of piercing through anything and everything that gets in their way, never stopping moving in a straight line until the pseudo-laser makes contact with something Excellen has designated as her target. These barriers can also hide the presence of the things it coats or even make the target invisible. Adding to the Psychofield's versatility is the fact that Excellen has displayed the ability to grant successive layers of the Psychofield barrier the ability to harness the properties of different forms of her psychokinesis, either all at once or by one layer at a time, allowing for almost innumerable combinations to surprise the foe no matter what they throw at Excellen. Not only that, as a barrier, the defensive capabilities of the Psychofield has shown to be able to stop any form of attack which is elemental in nature in its tracks by switching the positions of the layers of the barriers around when infused with Excellen's "-kinesis" powers to suit the situation, flaring up the quantity of the element contained within the fields as to overpower the incoming attack and absorb it to gain more and more power. A Psychofield is difficult to pinpoint in regard to barrier size, as it is horribly inconsistent, but there is one certain thing—when an attack attempts to breach the barrier's defenses, nine times out of ten, the attack will fail. However, a Psychofield is slightly difficult to use has it can only manipulate so many magical particles at a time and it required precise timing—despite this, and despite being far more advanced than any other barrier, it still suffers from energy draining. The barrier can only be used for a total of one hundred and five seconds and requires one hundred and twenty seconds to cool down.
  • Star of Ruin (消滅の超能力星(スター・メイク・ルイン), Sutā Ofu Ruin, lit. Psychic Power Star of Extinction): Extinguished Star is Excellen's most notable Psychokinesis spell; while it is not seen much, whenever it does appear, Star of Ruin is a finishing move, more often than not ending the battle instantly. When performing Star of Ruin, Excellen focuses her thoughts while surging her magical energy to its utmost limit, combining the two; this results in psionic energy emerging from her body in the form of green waves, green transparent bubbles and green sparks; this creates a circular seal made of two decorated rings (one large and one smaller) of pure psychokinetic energy from under her feet that damages everything that comes into contact with the glyphs; these rings have a radius of about twenty meters, which can increase at will. The moment that the glyphs are manifested, the glyphs' formation releases a wave of pure psionic energy that pulses outwards from the seals, pushing back anything within the glyphs' blast radius before the seals draw them in once more, if someone enters this seal's vicinity, any lesser enemies are instantly destroyed or receive massive damage; their magical power is drained and Excellen absorbs it. At any moment afterwards, Excellen is capable of compressing the seals into a sphere of absolute unimaginable power that has a mixture of cyan and green aura radiating from inside of it, pulsating vibrantly. As the sphere moves towards Excellen's opponent at a rather slow velocity, it creates rapidly-expanding kinetic ripples in space, flinging nearby objects away at high velocity, trimming away at the ground and surroundings while pulling enemies towards it- upon contact with Excellen's target, the Star of Ruin explodes with enough force to level a city block at its lowest output; the sheer amount of energy contained within the sphere washes over the target, disintegrating the enemy with no possible way to defend against it; Excellen referred to it as a "a mass of destruction that eliminates everything".
  • Psycho Hurricane (念行・無回転天涙の嵐螺暴風(サイコ・ハリケーン), Saiko Harikēn lit. Psychic-Style Tempestuous Spiralling Windstorm of Infinitely Rotating Heaven's Tears): Psycho Hurricane is the name of a powerful Psychokinesis spell and quite possibly Excellen's most powerful attack; effectively, it is a hurricane formed through mental concentration alone that is capable of bringing about massive amounts of destruction. While it technically does involve wind, it is not a part of Excellen's Aerokinesis powers. In any case, when performing Psycho Hurricane, Excellen gathers psions and projects them outwards in any formation that she wishes- the area-of-effect of the projected psychic energies depends on how much damage Excellen wishes to inflict on the surroundings, and it can range from affecting a rather small ten meter circular area to something much bigger. When inducing the Psycho Hurricane, Excellen, with a single mental command, causes the psions saturated within the environment to swirl about in a spiralling pattern, causing multiple streams of winds, guided by the psions to converge at a singular point, resulting in an ear-piercing screeching noise that echoes through the air as these gales circle where Excellen wishes for the attack to awaken, leaving a cyan aura trail as per her normal psychokinetic prowess- in a few moments, the psions and winds form into an interweaving helix of varying pressure. Through mental concentration, Excellen can unleash the power by using a snap of her fingers as a catalyst, and the resulting slipstream results in the returning currents of wind to instantly ascend in the atmosphere as the psychic energies influenced by Excellen's mental commands evolve the streams of wind that they had previously guided into the form of a highly destructive hurricane; the vortex of air spins around the area-of-effect at speeds invisible to the human eye- indeed, the individual currents of air swirling around the sigil are actually microscopic blades of wind similar to those generated by Sword Pressure- the sheer number of these wind-cutters are to the point that not even those with the sharpest of eyesight are capable of properly counting them all. Anything that just so happens to be in the epicenter of this maelstrom of absolute annihilation is laid bare before the vicious onslaught of pressurized wind blades, which slice at them endlessly- it cannot be said that one or ten edges impact upon the target's form for every second that passes, but rather, millions perform such a feat- these wind blades are sharper than actual metallic swords, and they cut so deeply that they are capable of causing damage on a cellular level, cutting off the Magic Pathways and removing the methods of casting spells from the enemy's existence; once this process is finished, the hurricane blows the opponent away with tremendous velocity, sending them careening into the stratosphere in the blink of an eye. The size and the strength of the hurricane manifested all depends upon the pressure difference between the high and low pressure wind currents, the amount of energy present in that wind and the number of revolutions in the spiralling motions of the psions which had been finished before Excellen unleashed this overwhelming power. As a bonus, the hurricane will continue to absorb the energy that Excellen and her opponents generate, which is more often than not guaranteed to further enhance the strength of the hurricane if her enemies attempt to fight against the overwhelming force aiming to annihilate them- this effectively enables Excellen to use Psycho Hurricane to reverse the foe's energies upon themselves. The tornado peaks at two hundred and fourty miles per second with a pressure of one thousand, eight hundred HPA.

Telekinesis Mastery

Telekinesis (念行操作(テレキネシス), Terekineshisu lit. Psychic-Type Manipulation): Telekinesis is an ability used by various psychics; it is a type of power that allows the user to move physical objects and substances with their mind. This is done by manipulating the Eternano from both within the magician and from without the magician- the ambient Eternano. The process can be quickly and easily described as "visualizing" the movement of the matter that the magician wishes to manipulate. This is Excellen's main usage of her Psychokinesis; with Telekinesis, Excellen can mentally seize an object in question, exerting her will on it so that it performs as she wishes; and she can cause a material body to draw close to her; the greater her aptitude with this, the heavier the object that can be pulled or the more wide arc or radius of the method. It can be used to pull weapons from enemies, or, at higher levels of skill, the enemies themselves to be brought closer within her range; levitating them within the air before her, subjecting them to her will. This power is also very useful when a chasm or hole lay between Excellen and the enemies. It could also be used to pull foes to the ground. It is an ability to move matter with the mind without exerting any physical force upon the items. With telekinesis, Excellen can exert enough pressure to bend half a meter thick Orichalcum bars, crush lesser demons with a single grab, and immobilize others' movements completely. Additionally, Excellen can also use her psychokinesis to grab onto certain non-solid objects, such as fireballs and certain types of energy blasts.

Excellen is shown to be a master of telekinesis; being able to telekinetically grab and move up to several objects many times her own size and weight as both a single- or collective mass, her most impressive feat being forming a compressed ball of objects over twenty times her own size and could potentially weigh a net total of several tons. Through exerting a sliver of her true power through telekinesis, Excellen was shown to be capable of lifting thousands of enormous chunks of debris that was a result of the collateral damage caused by the dracolich and its army of minions left behind during the Sejren Family (and Tsuruko and Excellen herself)'s battle with the resurrected dragon, restoring it in a matter of moments with a single flick of her hand, thus saving the family and numerous civilians of Luin from spending months picking everything up and beginning anew. Generally, she harnesses her telekinesis to restore things after Tsuruko's fights with her enemies leave the areas where battle is done in a mess - this allows Tsuruko to evade serious trouble as Deen had informed the two that Tsuruko was very disliked by those who had their houses and businesses trashed by her sheer destructive power, and considering that Tsuruko had not developed a method of mitigating collateral damage at that point, Excellen decided to take it upon herself to fix things before anyone noticed- while the Esper Excellen Part II arc's ending as mentioned above is the best indicative of this skill, when Tsuruko starts a fight with Alexis during the prelude to the Knights vs. Magicians War in the Council Arc during what was supposed to be a peaceful negotiation with the Magic Council, before Tsuruko and Excellen leave, Excellen uses her telekinesis to fix the entire dinner hall with a single wave of her hand. All of this was done without effort exerted.

While she can normally perform all of these above-mentioned abilities on a whim, with Telekinesis, Excellen is capable of manipulating her psychic power to an even finer extent with Micro-Telekinesis (念行素操作(マイクロ・テレキネシス), Maikuro Terekineshisu lit. Psychic-Type Elemental Manipulation). Micro-Telekinesis refers to the movement of smaller substances and, therefore, is a lot harder to do as it requires a great deal of precision and control. Micro-Telekinesis can, due to what it works with, appear similar to other magics. The easiest use of Micro-Telekinesis is the movement of water and other liquids, which can to a degree appear similar to Hydrokinesis (流水能力(ハイドロキネシス), Haidorokineshisu lit. Flowing Water Power). There is also the ability to cause movement in the air or with the wind and can be easily mistaken for any sort of sky-based magic. The most difficult use of Micro-Telekinesis is referred to as Thermokinesis (気温能力(サーモキネシス), Sāmokinesisu lit. Temperature Power), it requires the most control and is the most likely to be confused for Excellen having access to Fire Magic and Ice Magic, allowing her to raise or lower the temperature by visualizing the movement of the Eternano to either increase or decrease and therefore either set something on fire or freeze it. Excellen can also induce Aerokinesis (風能力(エアロキネシス), Earokinesisu lit. Wind Power), allowing her to manipulate winds, and extend that into Ionikinesis (血漿能力(イオンキネシス), Ionikinesisu lit. Plasma Power), which, of course, renders her capable of manipulating highly ionized gases.

Other skills that she displays are Photokinesis (光能力(フォトキネシス), Fotokinesisu lit. Light Power), which is the ability to manipulate photons, Geokinesis (大地能力(ジュキネシス), Giokinesisu lit. Earth Power), which enables Excellen to manipulate earth and assorted materials, Electrokinesis (雷能力(エレクトロキネシス), Erekutorokinesisu lit. Lightning Power), with which she can manipulate electricity, Quintekinesis (生命力(クインテキネシス), Kuintekinesisu lit. Life Force Power), which enables Excellen to manipulate life-forces and by extension Naturakinesis (環境能力(ナチュラキネシス), Nachurakinesisu lit. Environment Power) which enables Excellen to manipulate nature, and finally, Magnekinesis (磁気能力(マグネ), Magunekinesisu lit. Magnetism Power) which allows her to manipulate magnetic fields. While she can induce all forms of "-kinesis", Excellen is capable of harnessing her fine control over her psychic power for numerous supplementary uses, such as manipulating dust particles and water vapour in order to refract light-waves and create holograms, phasing straight through solid matter by mentally shifting her molecules around another object's while in motion, and by taking her "-kinesis" powers a step further, she can manipulate various types of the energy from electromagnetic spectrum. Excellen's mastery over telekinesis is to the point that just by touching anything with her telekinesis, she is capable of feel the texture of objects she has a psychokinetic hold on while automatically processing the materials she has a hold of to see their compositions- additionally, Excellen can modify the molecular and atomic structures of anything she grabs ahold of when inducing Telekinesis. Excellen can use Telekinesis to support her weapon which float around her constantly, and she can move them according to her will in a form of telekinetic combat.


Hydrokinesis (流水能力(ハイドロキネシス), Haidorokineshisu lit. Flowing Water Power): Hydrokinesis enables Excellen to move water and other liquids with her thoughts alone. In order to harness Hydrokinesis, Excellen must project her thoughts outwards, enabling her to induce combustion on hydrogen or hydrogen-containing compounds or by having them react with oxygen or oxygen-containing compounds; thus, by utilizing the scientific method of generating water, she is capable of exerting finer control over the element as well as manipulating it in any way that she likes, seemingly without limit; displaying a level of proficiency of water beyond anyone else- perhaps even moreso than water-based slayers or a god of water in general- her telekinetic field helps the atoms of water rearrange to fit together; and when forming water, her telekinetic field will contain it, making sure there is no overflow or such. It takes much more ability to create the water outside the body than to manipulate what is already available; but thankfully, Excellen is capable of generating water from nothing as long as there is hydrogen and oxygen in the vicinity. With Hydrokinesis, Excellen is able to manipulate water pressure, allowing her spells to grasp other objects or cutting through without simply parting around them. Since water is in-compressible, it can be used as a semi-solid while being able to move and flow in a similar manner to that of a liquid; it seems to inflict harm from the sudden force that the spells exert, which would cause massive internal damage to a human.

Depending on its use, the physical properties of water can be manipulated to Excellen's advantage; large masses of such liquid are shown to possess remarkable force, being usable to inflict blunt damage upon targets by sweeping them away with water; a similar effect can be achieved using high-pressure currents, which, due to their reduced size, focus the damage on smaller areas. Pressure is also manipulable to a great extent, enough that when it is focused on the outer sides of the water surfaces being controlled, the liquid can become an effective cutting weapon—mirroring a real blade; when utilizing whirlpools which are generated on the ground, the combination of rotatory force and slicing power is capable of effortlessly reducing solid steel to pieces. Excellen herself displays incredible ingenuity in manipulating the element of water whether it's for battle or for recreational uses; generally, her fighting style while utilizing Hydrokinesis is to prove that the best offense is an ass-kicking defense as instead of simply shielding herself from an attack, Excellen displays exceptional control by redirecting the opponent's power, no matter the source, against them, while she rarely directly harms the opponent while also employing sharp, quick, boxer-like punching motions when using her Hydrokinesis- when not flying around, this enables her to remain light on her feet to enhance evasion chances. Excellen is capable of drawing water which is invisible to the naked eye out of countless sources such as plants while generating and controlling greater quantities than any other water-based magician, casually focusing the water into any shape that she wishes in a similar manner to Molding Magic but with more versatility. Excellen can also evaporate the water in the immediate vicinity to burn the target and heat up her water, enabling her to scald her enemies.


Aerokinesis (風能力(エアロキネシス), Earokinesisu lit. Wind Power): Aerokinesis enables Excellen to move anything related to the sky with her thoughts alone, allowing her to manipulate the wind around her at her will; granting her high offensive power, allowing her to assault enemies in different ways, enabling Excellen to generate further wind through air circulation, as well as to manipulate the wind around her at her will. Generally, Aerokinesis attacks consist mainly of short to mid-ranged offensive techniques that combine brute force and keen precision to deal cutting and slashing damage. Excellen has achieved absolute mastery over the skies; this grants her incredibly high offensive power, enabling her to assault her foes in countless ways; she not only has control over wind, but taken to an entirely new level, Excellen has control over air molecules and anything associated with their composition, enabling her to manifest and manipulate air of any strength and intensity; she displays a level of aerokinesis far beyond normal wind-based magic users and even perhaps those with Lost Magics which revolve around wind; she has absolute dominance over the heavens, the azure skies- if an enemy were to attempt to utilize a wind-based power against her, Excellen could effortlessly take control of the power and turn it against them with twice the power as it had under the ownership of her inferiors. Simply by raising her hand towards an attack, she can deflect it with an invisible shield of wind. Unlike most other wind-based magic users.

When Excellen is performing her techniques, her Aerokinesis can absorb air from the atmosphere in order to bolster the strength and scale of her next attack. Additionally, Excellen, through intense focus, is capable of absorbing external sources of air in order to restore her body and vitality- though she cannot restore her own energies this way. However, a downside to this function is that Excellen is directly affected by the air surrounding her, meaning that, if the air were to be clean, she would become more powerful, but if it were to be heavily polluted, it would be hazardous for her health. Some of Excellen's deadliest and most devious abilities with Aerokinesis is the creation of miniaturized hurricanes that can bring destruction to anything that comes into contact with the wall of wind; in addition to their rotational power, they retain the signature sharpness of her winds- these hurricanes create pressure of enormous proportions, flinging everything that it touches away at horrifying velocities. Excellen can even siphon the air out of others' lungs; suffocating anyone she wishes with no more than a thought or incapacitating them by saturating their surroundings with oxygen. Overall, due to her mastery of an elemental nature that is essentially goddamn invisible, Excellen has been referred to as one of the most feared users of wind-based powers.

  • Ionikinesis (血漿能力(イオンキネシス), Ionikinesisu lit. Plasma Power): Ionikinesis is the ability to manipulate highly ionized gas; for all intents and purposes, it is an extension of Aerokinesis. When performing Ionikinesis, Excellen is capable of harnessing Aerokinesis in order to create plasma by compressing the wind at high speeds in a single point; these plasmas can and will burn through anything that they come into contact with. Plasma is known as a state of matter that consists of fully ionized gas of low density containing an approximately equal number of positive ions and electrons; while they are unbound, these particles are not 'free'. When the charges move they generate electrical currents with magnetic fields, and as a result, they are affected by each other's fields. It appears that the process is quite delicate, in that it requires the ionization ratio of positive and negative particles to be 1:1 in order to produce any "long-lasting" plasma. This is then coated with a layer of psions, providing it with the colour of brilliant blue. On planet plasma is relatively rare, but it is present in electricity, extremely hot flames and polar Aurora, or artificially in low energy lights, electric arcs of all kinds, etc. In space, plasma is the most common state for ordinary matter, most of which is in between and in stars; and Excellen can generate plasma in any, and possibly all its forms; fire, light, electricity, etc. Plasma has an absolutely overwhelming amount of destructive power; it is capable of dishing out damage on the molecular level, disintegrating anything that it touches with relative ease; but to those who survive this plasma, there is something much worse. Unlike the superficial flames of Slayers, this scarlet plasma acts as a fast-acting poison which is capable of inflicting many painful effects upon the victim, such as intense headaches, nausea, fever, sickness, muscle spasms, and the ultimate deterioration of the foe's bodily functions; meaning that if one of it's attacks doesn't kill the foe, the effects will as their body is violently dismantled, piece by piece, causing the foe to suffer an agonizing death; and then their corpse will be disintegrated by the scarlet plasma. When faced with opposing flames, light and lightning, the plasma consumes them in order to boost their strength and quantity; making using any sort of lightning, light and fire based magic are ill-advised against Excellen; meaning that she has absolute dominance over all three elements. In fact, in this form, not even any Slayers of all three elements or any Dual-Element Slayer Modes are capable of consuming this energy—if they do so, the pain they receive from Excellen's plasma will multiply twentyfold, more often than not completely blowing the opponent straight out of the water.

Thermokinesis (気温能力(サーモキネシス), Sāmokinesisu lit. Temperature Power): Thermokinesis grants Excellen the superhuman ability to manipulate her external and internal body temperature, projecting intense coldness or heat from her body. When inducing Thermokinesis, Excellen can create, shape and manipulate temperature, a form of kinetic energy between particles at the atomic or molecular level: the greater the movement of these particles, the greater the thermal energy and reversed; it should be noted that heat itself is internal thermal energy that flows from one body of matter to another, it is not the same as the energy contained in a system—that is, the internal thermal energy of the system- this effectively grants her the ability to manipulate her own body temperature; possessing absolute control over her bodily temperature which can be extended by Excellen projecting it outwards, granting her the ability to manipulate hot and cold energies. She can increase and increase the temperature to harmful or lethal levels, increasing it to levels where coming into contact with the target and merely touching them inflicts third-degree burns, while keeping the target unaffected by the changes, concealing her body temperature, making herself or her target resistant or immune to temperatures, and many more usages of such a powerful ability. It is well-known that thanks to her Thermokinesis, Excellen is unaffected by changes in the temperature that would normally be noticeable. The nerve centers for regulating Excellen's body temperature are found in the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. However, Excellen can mentally override her hypothalamus to allow her body temperature to be lowered by an unknown internal mechanism. This ability converts the latent thermal energies in and around her body into an unknown form of energy that is efficiently dissipated, rendering her body tissues unaffected by sub-zero temperatures.

As her body temperature falls, the surrounding moisture in the air that is in contact with her is similarly lowered. By doing this she can lower her temperature to create ice around her using vapor in the air and manipulate ice. She can also instantly seal wounds by freezing her veins and skin, as well as keep her head cool to prevent suffering from mental damage. Because Thermokinesis is a temperature skill and not an ice skill, Excellen can freeze other liquids aside from water. She can also raise her body temperature to produce fire; and she can control and move the flames, including the shape, heat and even colour; she can casually form fire-based attacks which can be used both in melee and as a ranged form of offence; more often than not, Excellen assumes a fairly aggressive attacking style with very little defensive abilities when inducing the fire side of Thermokinesis, regularly attacking with powerful bursts and torrents of flame- though there are a few exceptions to this rule, and it should be noted that she can alter offensive maneuvers to serve defensive purposes. Excellen is capable of creating shields and unique constructs without hesitation, and she can change the properties of the flames such as its "form", allowing it to take shape as a gas or solid element; and it can also work in a similar fashion to explosives. Excellen is able to conjure both fire and ice from nothing; though it is possible for weapons to use fire as well.


Geokinesis (大地能力(ジュキネシス), Giokinesisu lit. Earth Power): Geokinesis is the superhuman ability to manipulate elements derived from earth, which includes most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state, dirt, soil, and many more. When inducing Geokinesis, Excellen harnesses her psychokinesis in order to manipulate the soil and anything related to it in any way that she wishes even without directly touching it- as long as her telekinesis affects something and it has traces of earth embedded within it, Excellen is capable of modifying it, even through thought alone. Effectively, this grants her the ability to manipulate, modify, generate earthen materials to her fullest extent- Excellen has absolute dominance over the earth and everything related to and dwelling within it. When using Geokinesis, Excellen harnesses the power of the earth around her to attack or defend, giving her a great deal of flexibility as she harnesses her power to unleash powerful earthen structures, create walls to block opposing spells, and generally use it to enhance her physical attacks— Geokinesis is intricately tied to Excellen's physical motions, though she is required to remain in motion at nearly all times, only standing still long enough to launch an attack; these motions help to retain her balance between attack and defense, using strength and defense to become both a shield and spear.

With some help from the surroundings, Excellen can produce earth from her very existence, before shaping it mentally and setting it upon her enemies to inflict maximum damage with ease. To Excellen, the earth around herself is similar to an extension of her body as she is capable of manipulating a pre-existing earthen construct's movements and structure, subjugating it to her will- she can levitate entire buildings, tear extremely large pieces of stone from the earth, create fissures with a simple stomp, turn soil and dirt into quicksand, and of course, tunnel through the ground. She can manipulate the physical properties of earth, such as making sand as hard as metal, creating iron-hard rock pillars from the ground, or even bending the ground at will and turning it into a liquid form. Geokinesis also enables Excellen to literally dive into the ground (be it rock, concrete, or metal) and tunnel through it; commonly in conjunction with Tactile Telekinesis, Excellen modifies the vector of force applied to the ground by her feet to induce an earthquake to shake up the area as well as propel her forward in the blink of an eye in any direction that she wishes to go. By stomping on the ground and inducing Geokinesis, Excellen can cause massive destruction to the immediate vicinity due to shockwaves created by the impact.


Electrokinesis (雷能力(エレクトロキネシス), Erekutorokinesisu lit. Lightning Power): Electrokinesis is the superhuman ability to manipulate electricity; in order to manifest Electrokinesis, Excellen is able to pulse her psychic energies outwards to take ahold of electrons which are ambient within the atmosphere, allowing her to alter the movements of said electrons and then use almost any electricity based power; controlling, generating, and absorbing electric fields; utilizing electricity, but more specifically, lightning, as a form of offense and defense. Excellen is able to generate these elements from her body, and manipulate them, giving her the ability to channel and manipulate electricity through her body; she is also capable of utilizing lightning from a distance, such as from the ground near them, or down from the sky. Lightning attacks work by electrocuting the opponents to various degrees, and there are attacks that are said to be capable of completely paralyzing enemies, due to the extremely high voltage of the electricity employed in her usage of Electrokinesis. Because of the high amounts of light produced with its use, Electrokinesis can also be utilized to blind opponents, albeit for a short amount of time. By combining her Electrokinesis with her regular Telekinesis if clouds are overhead, Excellen is capable of pulsing her psychic energies into the clouds and manipulate their properties to the point that they become cumulonimbus clouds, allowing her to bring down lightning from the clouds in various shapes and sizes to deal enormous amounts of damage.

With Electrokinesis, Excellen can create lightning orbs around her arms and legs before connecting strikes, increasing her striking power in a way similar to most other elemental magician, allowing her to move around much faster, propelling herself towards her opponents, by surrounding her entire body with lightning, and empowering her connecting strikes by summoning forth lightning from the sky to accompany her motions. In addition to these properties, the bright light from the lightning can be also used to momentarily blind enemies. Additionally, Excellen can amplify the bio-eclectic currents that exist within all aspects of her body, primarily in the nervous system, heart and muscles, to the point that she will force electricity to manifest around her very being and is fueled by her body and magic. By doing this, she is able to channel what has now been named bio-electricity (生体電気, Seitai Denki) in various ways: unleashing burst of bio-electricity that can fry a person from the inside-out and even being able to drain the bio-electrical energies that may dwell within another being, in a way that is similar to Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. She is also able to form constructs out of the bio-electricity drained or stored, find persons by sensing her bioelectrical presence and even scramble personal bio-electric rhythms to shock others. However, it is said that this way of using Electrokinesis is incredibly dangerous as it has a great risk of hurting Excellen's own body, especially her nervous system, and can even result in death.


Magnekinesis (磁気能力(マグネ), Magunekinesisu lit. Magnetism Power): Magnekinesis is a supernatural power that enables Excellen to manipulate magnetic fields; and indirectly through them control anything that is affected/connected/by/to them. When inducing Magnekinesis, Excellen focuses her psychic energy outwards; this is signified by violet sparks being emitted from her body, using earthen elements in order to convert the projected psychic energy into magnetic waves which can be utilized to manipulate ferrous objects and materials, which are used to levitate, utilize, or control metallic objects; effectively, Excellen is capable of generating, controlling and manipulating magnetism in all its forms, effectively allowing her to become an electromagnet; because of this, Excellen has comprehensive control over all forms of magnetism, utilizing that control to manipulate ferrous metals and it can be used to levitate, utilize, or control metallic objects in order to achieve countless varieties of effects which can wreak havoc on the fields of battle. Indeed, with Magnekinesis, Excellen can manipulate scores of metallic objects simultaneously and accelerate them to high velocities; once she comes into contact with a magnetic object, she can remotely move it in any way that she wishes. Excellen is also capable of affecting any matter that is magnetic, such as iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys, some rare earth metals, naturally-occurring minerals such as lodestone, manipulating and controlling them as she wishes and indirectly use them to manipulate other things. Effectively, this grants Excellen a wide amount of options to choose from.

Magnekinesis can be utilized in order to shut down all sorts of electrical equipment in addition to being an electric sensor which can detect nearby electronics, effectively ensuring that any technological advantage against her is rendered moot. Adding onto this, Excellen has a certain dominance over any sort of metallic-based weaponry and defenses, as, with a single hand movement, she can simply tear them off of the enemy's figure with the opponent being incapable of any sort of resistance. Naturally, Excellen is capable of repelling metallic objects away from herself,, such as reflecting a bullet back towards its shooter. She can also draw metallic objects towards herself and form them into objects; one of the more dangerous aspects of the magic is magnetizing the target through the iron in their blood, leaving them open for more and more onslaughts. A stronger application of Magnekinesis is Electromagnetism, which enables her to create, shape and manipulate electromagnetism which, with the exception of gravitation, accounts for almost all physical phenomena observable to the unaided human senses, including light and other electromagnetic radiation, all of chemistry, most of mechanics, and of course, electricity. Electromagnetism takes Magnekinesis's versatility even further, being capable of inducing electrocution, heat generation, computer and mind hacking, and electrolysis alongside those mentioned above. The main weakness of Magnekinesis is its dependence from the surrounding environment, which must contain metal in order for the power to be used.


Photokinesis (光能力(フォトキネシス), Fotokinesisu lit. Light Power): Photokinesis is the superhuman ability to manipulate visible light, commonly referred to simply as light, which is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye, and is responsible for the sense of sight. When inducing Photokinesis, Excellen is able to modify the light around her at her will; granting her high offensive power and allowing her to assault enemies in different ways, but commonly, it is harnessed as a semi-defensive power. When inducing Photokinesis, Excellen uses her supreme eyesight to visualize photons that are ambient in the atmosphere, before she focuses her psychic powers into their very molecular structure, putting the photons under her thrall and giving her the ability to harness them in any way that she deems suitable; she is capable of emitting it in vast amounts, enough to cover a wide area, and of shaping it into various forms. Depending on the brightness or heat that the light emits, it can be capable enough to blind an enemy or cause the surroundings to explode; and it can also be manifested for multiple usage in defense. Excellen has demonstrated the ability to condense the light put under her control, enabling her light to cut clean through various objects. When formed into spheres of light, the light serves to be rather concussive, able to firmly pulverize objects, such as stone; she is able to generate powerful shields of swirling light which could withstand the full force of four simultaneous elemental attacks. Excellen is even able to charge up her light before releasing it, and she can not only manipulate it in any way, shape, or form, she can effortlessly harness its supplementary effects without extending them into spells- a good example is that Excellen is capable of causing others to view light as colour-shifts as they get closer (red) or further away (blue) from her- this is referred to as the Doppler Effect (観茶色交(ドップラー・エフェクト) Doppurā Efekuto lit. Sight Disruption Colour Shift); Excellen mainly uses this power to disrupt her enemy's sights, leaving them at a loss on where to attack when facing her.

In addition, Excellen can increase the vibrancy of these colours to temporarily blind her foes and allow her to get a clean hit in without exceptions. Excellen can also induce obfuscation by scattering photons, effectively enabling her to completely turn off the lights in a room, leaving only Excellen able to see properly; this allows her to carve a bloody swathe through her confused foes. It is rumoured that Excellen is able to cause a city-wide blackout with this technique. By refracting light from her eyes, Excellen is capable of observing two places at once, enabling her to see from the front and in any other direction she desires; if utilized correctly, this allows her to remove the fact that she can be taken by surprise; to onlookers, it appears as if Excellen has a "sixth sense" of sorts. And, of course, she is capable of causing bilocation, which causes her foes to view two places at once; this allows Excellen to shift herself towards the enemy's blind spot. Upon noticing the "fake" of Excellen, her foes become caught under brief hypnosis, causing those under the influence of the technique can be easily outmaneuvered by her. However, Excellen must stabilize their psychic energies in order for this technique to work; if her psychic energy is thrown out of balance (this is done by rousing her emotions or by being struck by anything outside of the area-of-effect, or even by losing focus while initiating this technique), then this technique will dissipate and she will be left stunned- this bilocation power is touted as a "high risk, high reward" type power, with it able to completely save her hide in many a situation if applied properly. Excellen prefers to use her Photokinesis for supplementary purposes as she already has quite a few offensive "-kinesis" powers.

  • AerisFull

    Aeris' full appearance.

    Photonic Camouflage (光能力幻影変身(フォトニック・カムフラージュ), Fotonikku Kamufurāju lit. Light Power Phantasmal Transformation): Photonic Camouflage is an advanced Photokinesis technique which enables Excellen to alter her appearance by reflecting the light around herself. When performing Photonic Camouflage, Excellen uses her photokinesis in order to enthrall photons ambient within the atmosphere as usual- only this time, she specifically focuses on photons around her own body. From here, Excellen brings that power upon herself by reflecting any quantity of photonic concentrations around herself, casting a "real" illusion upon themselves by affecting everyone even if they were not there — this is an action which is highly taxing upon Excellen, if only momentarily - but in any case, it enables Excellen to change her appearance. Photonic Camouflage is relatively easy for a magician to learn and in this case, for Excellen to master. Just like Transformation Magic, there are different levels of Photonic Camouflage, three in total. The first level, also known as Basic Level (新米順位, Shinmai Jun'i lit. Beginner Rank), allows Excellen to change her outward appearance into that of another person. However, it doesn't allow her to change clothes or additional features such as her voice. After becoming accustomed to this level, Excellen can move on the next one that is known as Intermediate Level (名人順位, Meijin Jun'i lit. Expert Rank), which outside of the similarities to the basic level, grants Excellen the ability to not only change her outward appearance, but her clothes and voice as well. It should be noted that changing clothes with this magic is different when compared to that of Requip. Finally, the last level within Photonic Camouflage is Advanced Level (妙手順位, Myōshu Jun'i lit. Master Rank), which in addition to all the previous abilities from the past levels, grants Excellen the ability to acquire additional physical features such as wings or gills, and can even change size. It enables her to change her appearance into that of another person, down to the weight, height, and voice. When inducing a prolonged transformation, Excellen channels her magical energy into her bodily systems, allowing her to take upon completely different statistics and powers- though generally, if mimicking another magic, especially an Ancient Spell such as a Slayer Magic, the replication will be noticeably weaker, which can often be a problem because more magic-savvy people will probably take notice of such an oddity. Excellen's skill in utilizing Transformation is considered Master Rank or above- through Transformation, after learning that she and Tsuruko weren't in the same team, she used the magic to construct a fake identity- Aeris Lugonis (エアリス・ルゴニス, Earisu Rugonisu), a supposed Wood Demon Slayer with connections to fairies. Aeris was a young woman, who possesses a fair complexion and lithe build; her figure is noted to be very similar to that of a doll's; absolutely perfect and stunning. Her skin is also said to be so white and smooth that it appears almost like she’s made of porcelain. Aeris' facial features are very child-like to the point that when she smiles, she seems to de-age a fair bit. Her light red hair is arranged neatly—parted in the middle with a large clump of hair that reaches down to her nose; the sides are fixed with two messy pigtails that drape the sides of her head, and to finish it off, Aeris' hair is fixed with two cross-shaped ribbons. For attire, Aeris dresses in a rather frilly set of clothing mostly red and orange, with white thigh-high socks adorning her legs. A good to describe Aeris would be to call her similar to snow; snow can be cold and harsh at first glance but it is also what keeps autumn's seeds warm and safe until spring. It can be assumed that "Aeris'" Wood Slayer power is derived from the natural Esper ability to control nature, and her Artistic Expression power was made manifest through Excellen's skilled paintings and drawings with the Esper life manipulation. In addition, she was capable of creating a weapon drastically different from which she normally used and change her natural parameters through her blacksmithing skill and life manipulation, along with forging papers and thinking up an extensive background for "Aeris" in the span of an hour, showing a high amount of mastery of the magic- indeed, later on, Excellen shows the ability to create fake identities in ten minutes. Excellen's mastery of Transformation is to the point that everyone except Giselle Mercury was fooled- though Giselle didn't really give a damn about what was happening. However, keeping this ability active requires a truly incomprehensible amount of magical energy, which is generally more than Excellen can continuously supply, so it must be reapplied every three days in order to keep up the ruse, making this the spell's biggest disadvantage.

Quintekinesis (生命力(クインテキネシス), Kuintekinesisu lit. Life Force Power): Quintekinesis is a power inborn within all Esper-kind; Excellen is no different. Espers are naturally the elemental embodiment of the planet; no matter it Earth Land or Edolas; and as such, they are fully tuned with the planets. Naturally, this harmony with the planets results in the Espers gaining a "seventh sense" of sorts; the ability to control life energy and nature in general; which is present in every twist and turn throughout both planets. When utilizing Quintekinesis, Excellen is capable of sensing, generating, and manipulating the fundamental force that allows life to appear/exist, grow and flourish throughout the universe; life energy itself; also referred to as the "Source of Magic" (根本の魔法, Kongen no Mahō) and the Akashic Records (根源の魔法の渦(アカシック・レコード), Akashikku Rekōdo lit. Swirl of the Source of Magic). When tapping into the Source of Magic using Quintekinesis, Excellen is able to control her own personal life-force that dwells within her, allowing her to achieve untold power and great abilities considered to be beyond that of normal beings. Indeed, she is able to produce life energy from any part of her body, including her lungs, giving her the ability to, in essence, breathe and manipulate life energy in its purest form to the point that it appears like pure energy; and she can give life energy form by focusing life energy in a way that it takes a physical essence, appearing like pure energy. From there, the energy can take on a variety of functions, such as offensives, supplements, and altering of elements. Excellen is capable of manipulating life-force to its fullest extent; the scope of her life manipulation remains unrivaled by any known magic user—even Slayers; her life energy manipulation is said to be about as strong as the Haven Magician's; and this was before she became the Exalt of Aether. In fact, Excellen's life energy is unable to be consumed by any opposing magic user of any type, and she can actually transform opposing sources of life energy into her own, meaning that she has full control over life in every way, shape, and form.

When used for offense, life energy can take the form of a sphere-like object that can be ejected at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted. Life can also be emitted from Excellen's body; depending on the brightness of the life, it can be capable enough to blind an enemy or cause the surroundings to explode. She is known to unleash extremely powerful sheets of life, not showing any visible strain in exchanging and blocking attacks with ease; as she displays several incredibly powerful techniques: blocking with a short blast of pure energy, spreading to take the shape of a wall and split the stream, unleashing an enormous charged-blast, propelling herself into the air, charging her life energy and sending down an attack as she came; in addition to a tornado of pure energy which tears through the area. While Excellen can show a more refined version of control over the Source of Magic, she more often not simply releases it as waves of energy that wash over the opposition, destroying anything that be considered her "enemy". As well, the techniques aren't just limited to the physical, as Excellen has shown that she can create "voids" in an enemy's harnessing of their magical energy, though this only lasts for a split second. As a supplement, Excellen can eliminate the adverse effects of the earth's natural forces upon herself in order to move more freely, the concept being used in one of her techniques as life energy flows from her eyes being the source, to remove the limits created by outside forces upon her form. Quintekinesis is also able to allow Excellen to absorb life energy from around her, to a small extent, to gradually accelerate healing and magic restoration; this can be bolstered significantly by focusing intensely. This ability also grants Excellen a much greater level of endurance, as well as a powerful sense of smell which is beyond that of a regular human being; when tapping into the Source of Magic, Excellen can be considered aligning with the cosmic forces and becoming utterly unstoppable.

  • Naturakinesis (環境能力(ナチュラキネシス), Nachurakinesisu lit. Environment Power): Extending her natural power over life energy, Excellen is capable of freely manipulating nature, creating nature, rapidly accelerate the growth of plants; this can be done to rather minuscule plants on the ground, and interacting with nature enables Excellen to heal her body and restore her magical power. Because of this, it works best in lush, forested environments. The nature can take on a variety of functions, such as offensives, supplements, and altering of properties. With nature manipulation, Excellen can create nature and plants from the ground of or their very being, causing them to grow to great sizes and manipulate them to diverse shapes and battle uses at will and in an instant, they could shape the entire battlefield for her own uses. Indeed, she can create massive forests and gigantic flowering trees whose pollen can render a foe unconscious, utilizing large-scaled and highly destructive techniques such as creating numerous massive trees with which to attack her opponents directly, and a dense forest of flowering trees, whose pollen can render a foe unconscious; and she is also capable of creating single or multiple nature clones using the pre-existing vegetation and wood in the immediate vicinity as a medium; arguably the most dangerous aspect of the magic is that everything that is connected to the environment, including plant life underwater, plants from the group, and even pre-existing forms- effectively, what Excellen is capable of influencing ranges from secret seeds (秘種, Hidane) to even flowering trees, giving her an extremely large range of versatility. Excellen can manifest complete trees, including wood, vines, plants, fruits and flowers, even moss and fungus; allowing plants to grow from the soil, move/attack or even rise from the soil and 'walk', mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure, and revive withered or dead plants. This ability can also be used to create other aspects of trees, such as seeds or flowers by modifying the properties. Taking this versatility further, Excellen can force their trees to sprout seeds/fruits/berries, or even to possibly use plant chemicals to heal people or objects or manipulate their properties for a wide range of effects; producing different types of fruits which they can utilize with various effects or transform them into golems to assault the opponent, manipulate the sharpness of the flowers and grass to cut through anything, and many other effects; it can also be used to slow down, and halt, desertification. She can also summon a massive fist from a tree to punch her opponent and create multiple, smaller tree fists to pummel her opponent as well. Such a hazardous battleground can be dispersed by a powerful enough attack.

Telepathy Mastery

Telepathy (念話(テレパシー), Terepashī lit. Telepathic Communication; Telepathy from the Ancient Greek τῆλε, tele meaning "distant" and πάθος, pathos or -patheia meaning "feeling, perception, passion, affliction, experience"): Telepathy is the other "half" of Excellen's psychic powers, so to speak. As the name would indicate, with Telepathy, Excellen is capable of talking to other people through their thoughts and over long distances, allowing her to read/sense another person's thoughts, communicate with them mentally and/or affect their minds/thoughts. For it to be able to be used, Excellen must be able to sense the presences of those she wishes to contact. However, communicating with non-magical beings becomes nearly impossible over distances greater than ten meters, and the limit for magical beings is one-hundred meters. Excellen can only exchange short ten-word sentences to those that she is attached to. Eye contact allows Excellen to have less difficulty in focusing on a target's thoughts. Moreover, telepathy also gives Excellen an advantage in combat, being able to easily predict the next movement of an opponent, and furthermore to taunt and confuse opponents by echoing her voice in their head in every direction, masking her position. Telepathy falls into two categories: Telepathic Communication, which is the ability to transmit information from mind to another, and Telepathic Perception, which is the ability to receive information from another mind. Honestly, "Telepathy" is really an umbrella term for any ability that involves projecting, reading and manipulating thoughts. Because of the telepathy, Excellen is sensitive to the hostile intentions directed at her by others, allowing her to uncannily react to her opponents even before the offender carries out their intended action. Excellen's Telepathy is also capable of affecting her opponents, enabling her to induce limited vertigo in others.

Her skill with telepathy is at a point that it enables her to read thoughts across vast distances, and even interface with multiple minds at once, allowing Excellen and others to have conversation at a distance as whoever Excellen contacts doesn't need telepathy themselves to return a message- it's said that this is a major reason why Excellen is rarely seen using her phone, though she has one just in case of the one in a million chance that she runs out of magical energies or if her ability to use magic is blocked by an outside force. Not only does she display masterful basic usage of telepathy, Excellen is capable of harnessing it in more unorthodox methods, especially for that of defensive measures- a good example of this is the fact that Excellen can use it to conceal her life-signs and that of her immense magical abilities, preventing herself from being detected by almost any other magician if they are incapable of seeing her visually, effectively hiding her presence and inducing a pseudo-form of invisibility- though it should be noted that through telekinesis she can induce regular intangibility. Her mastery over telepathy additionally enables Excellen to have an immunity from all sorts of illusions no matter their scope or who is using them, as her powerful mind prevents them from seeping into her brain as her telepathy instantly knocks it backwards. She can also prevent other telepaths from reading her mind, instead turning their powers on them as she can effortlessly overcome them- not only this, Excellen's immense telepathic powers prevent her from losing any of her memories and thus be affected by a magic such as Memory Control. Finally, Excellen can run her powers over an area's surface, to obtain information of past events, like a powerful form of psychometry.

  • Clairvoyance (天眼通(クレアボインス), Kureaboiansu lit. Heavenly Eye Authority): Due to her masterful usage of Telepathy, Excellen possesses an extrasensory sense which warns her of potential immediate danger; warning her of potential immediate danger by the manifestation of a tingling sensation in the back of her skull, and links with her body, enabling her to evade most any injuries, unless she cognitively overrides her automatic reflexes. The sense also can create a general response on the order of several minutes: Excellen cannot discern the nature of the threat by the sensation. Excellen can, however, discern the severity of the danger by the strength of her response to it. The clairvoyance is directional and can guide her to or away from hidden weapons and enemies. Sudden and extreme threats can cause the sense to react with painful intensity. Using clairvoyance to time her enhanced reflexes through adrenaline, Excellen can casually dodge attacks up to and including automatic-weapons fire, provided there is sufficient distance. Her clairvoyance is sufficiently well-linked to her reflexes to the point that a threat can trigger them even when Excellen is asleep or stunned; and clairvoyance does react to those who she does not consider to be a threat, such as Tsuruko. Excellen's fighting style incorporates the advantage that her clairvoyance provides her. Her body begins to produce more adrenaline after the sense is triggered, an extension of the 'fight or flight syndrome.'
  • Telepathic Scramble (念行反転(テレパスイック・スクランブル), Terepashikku Sukuranburu lit. Psychic-Type Inversion) Telepathic Scramble is a Psychokinesis spell that is a sub-spell of Telepathy; when performing Telepathic Scramble, Excellen focuses psionic energy to its utmost limit while establishing a telepathic communication link with the target, resulting in psionic energy emerging from her body in the form of green waves, green transparent bubbles and green sparks; affecting the electrical signals within the brain during this release of energy, thus messing with the nerve connections between the brain and limbs, causing any attempt to move one limb to instead move a different one—the effect can be accurately be called "switching around the player's controls in a videogame", only extending to the real world in this case; essentially short-circuiting the foe's body. Up and down, left and right as well as forward and backward are reversed. However, it is not just the sense of direction that is changed; the opponent's eyesight, direction of incoming attacks, and injury locations are also inverted—in addition to this, it can also be used selectively, only reversing some directions. All of one's attempts in countering the damage from the inverted directions simply by processing it all within the mind is not possible; as no matter how powerful the opponent, even if one is accustomed to fighting in that particular way, their body will not adapt, and will continue to fight by reflex, which causes it to continuously succumb to the power of Telepathic Scramble; in any case, opponents will have a highly difficult time adapting to this sudden and dangerous change; as Excellen darts around the area swiftly and silently, picking them off, one by one. Excellen is also capable of targeting selective opponents, meaning that while one opponent can fight normally, another will not be so lucky. The power of Telepathic Scramble additionally crushingly affects the balance of the target, giving them vertigo, causing confusion, disorientation and/or nausea. Taking the power of the spell even further, if Excellen wishes, then she can invert the speech of the target or herself, making them say the opposite of what they want.


Armatization (要素吸と具現事体細交(アルマティエーション), Arumatizēshon lit. Elemental Absorption and Embodiment through Body-Cell Shifting): Armatization, also known as Elemerge (分子融合(エレマージ), Eremāji lit. Element Fusion) and by the ancient name of Akashic Exclamation (幻獣力・奥義・陰陽照準(アカシック・エクスクラメーション), Akashikku Ekusukuramēshon lit. Phantom Beast Power Secret Art: Dual Cosmic Forces Alignment), is a special form in which an Esper becomes one with the Source of Magic; achieving a state of union between the Esper's physical body and the magic that flows throughout the universe. In essence, Armatization allows the user to absorb elemental magic from any source unto themselves and integrate it within their magic origin and their biology, resulting in a powerful fusion, and thus, a transformation to grant the caster characteristics of that element for a short period of time.

Armatization is a powerful state of existence that can be an existence considered akin to the likes of Unison Raid; it is something that has been highly sought after, but even so, very few are capable of obtaining such an incredible surge of strength; while under normal circumstances, after death, an Esper becomes one with the Source of Magic, this is not always the case, as in some extremely rare cases and under select circumstances, living Espers are capable of becoming an extension of the Source of Magic, essentially becoming nothing more than an extension—a tool—of the Source of Magic, achieving a perfect calm; thus, it is something that can definitely and accurately be referred to as "one in a million". It should be noted that Armatization is a 'high risk, high reward' type of magic—it's both dangerous to the user and their opponent. In order to utilize Armatization, the user is required to concentrate; momentarily shutting out the interference of anything else that could be considered a 'distraction', and focus solely on the elemental attack in front of them; which is normally unleashed by the opponent. Armatization works by the principle of controlling the flow of magic within the user's own body and turning the enemy's own magic against them; making the best offense a good defense. As the elemental strike approaches them at breakneck speeds, the user is required to open up a narrow pathway from their fingertip; as well as up to their arm to the stomach. The magic origin of a magician is located within their stomach- and as everyone knows, the magic origin is the source of supernatural power within the body. The way that the magic works requires that the elemental energy enters the user's stomach; in contrast, if it passes through the user's heart; more than half of the time, the result is fatal for the user. Once the elemental energy has entered the user's stomach, their magic origin activates; the magical energy being constantly pumped into the user's limbs takes ahold of the elemental energy, and breaks down the eternano and energy that it's composed of. When activating Armatization, a large amount of pure magical power envelops the user's body; submerging them in the Source of Magic, giving their eyes a unique glow that shines brilliantly.

From here, the user's magic origin absorbs the components of the opponent's attack, and begins to pump it into the user's own body; essentially recycling it while restoring it into its elemental state. This grants the user an enormous increase regarding their statistics all across the board; the properties of the user's attacks become elemental in nature; capable of dealing greater damage alongside various other effects—naturally, the powers vary from element to element. In addition, the user is now able to transform their entire body into the absorbed element, and dispel the element with ease. However, it is also not-well-known that Armatization is capable of being utilized by the user if they have a corresponding form of Elemental Magic, simply absorbing their own magical energies shifted to the element in question and undergoing the usual processes. When under the effects of Armatization, the user becomes a maelstrom of luminous magical energy that pours from a calm center in which they do not appear to be present either physically or as an individual personality, having completely surrendered themselves to the will of the Source of Magic; becoming a being of glowing light. In this state, all of their physical attributes are bolstered enormously; far beyond even the strongest of Espers and even as powerful as a Soul Armour's Super Mode; their speed is increased tremendously, nearing twenty times the speed of sound, they can jump much higher than usual, and they have improved reflexes to match their improved movements. Their physical strength is also increased vastly, allowing them to smash through large demons, break any sort of metal without effort, and even kill a Primordial Demon with a single punch.

In this form, the Esper has access to upgrades or even additions to their normal abilities like flying or hovering. Lastly, the Armatization transformation enhances all of the user's regular spells, greatly increasing their area-of-effect as well as improving their damage significantly. Of course, with great strengths, come great drawbacks. Utilizing Armatization is a terrifying and exhilarating experience; keeping the elemental energy in check is fairly difficult, as the user is aware that it can and will explode within them if they make even the slightest mistake. Once Armatization has been achieved, the user's magical power slowly drains, and the transformation ends when it is depleted. While channeling an element, the user slowly begins regenerating their stamina; while they gain a higher chance of obtaining a critical hit; as well as generic bonuses as special attacks, increased damage, and other enhancements. After the process of Armatization ends, the user will experience an enormous drain in their magical power and stamina—the reason for this is that most of their power is used to remain in complete control of the harnessed power; there are no exceptions to this rule. In addition, incorrectly redirecting and absorbing the elemental energy can have severe consequences; it's known that some magicians have been bedridden for weeks afterwards if they make a mistake. With Armatization activated, Excellen becomes more like a physical force of nature than a living breathing being, being considered a dynamo of pure power as her abilities have been magnified a thousandfold to the point that she was capable of killing the ancient god of Edolas without any assistance- indeed, whereas the Haven Mage could only seal it away, Excellen killed it outright with absolutely zero chances of it returning, bypassing its regenerative powers to deal a vicious flurry of fatal blows.

Demonic Materialization

Demonic Materialization (魔族実現, Mazoku Jitsugen): Demonic Materialization is one of the "holy trinity" of Esper Skills, alongside Armatization, and Shaper; effectively, it is the ability to manifest a gigantic demonic being to assist them in battle.

When bringing the Demonic Materialization into this plane of existence, the user raises magical power to its utmost limit, gathering eternano within the atmosphere and adding it to their magical total; until their power level has surpassed almost over the regular limit of nine thousand, nine hundred, and ninety-nine to twenty-thousand. From there, Fafnir and Elraine perform a swift hand movement with their hand/claw, instantly expelling all of their magical energy, and shaping and expanding it using the crystals generated through their magic to force the magical energy contained in their body to spiral around them, using the magical particles in the air to "solidify" and stabilize, hardening and forming, shaping into an enormous, vaguely humanoid being that appears somewhat armoured- generally, the form that the Demonic Materialization takes upon depends on the user's own preferences, as it is influenced by the Esper's thoughts and feelings, shaping itself in accordance to the caster's personality- because it is given a material consistency through the user's soul itself, no two warriors made manifest by Demonic Materialization are alike. However, something that is shared between all gargantuan knights is the fact that they all possess vaguely tengu-like features.

The Demonic Materialization is forged from an indestructible substance reinforced by the user's magical energy that is invincible as long as the forger constantly supplies magical energy to reinforce its structure, meaning that as long as the user has enough energy to feed the Demonic Materialization, it is theoretically invulnerable. Due to its enormous frame (around one hundred feet tall), at least as large as a skyscraper in width and height, the Demonic Materialization is capable of withstanding truly enormous amounts of damage if it cannot reflect the opposing attack with its mirror shield- indeed, it was shown to simply shrug off countless Crash-imbued fist barrages and two Elemental Magic Extremities at once when under Phosphor's control in a flashback. This being has a fair amount of brute strength, being able to tear and bite off an opponent's flesh with its bare hands and mouth, respectively. The Demonic Materialization can even move and fight like the user as well, with the similar amount of strength as the user if they had their power multiplied tenfold. The Demonic Materialization has such an immense destructive power that the user is capable of defeating weaker opponents in a single blow; though stronger foes are capable of counterattacking. Indeed, a testament to the Demonic Materialization's enormous strength is that it is capable of wielding its large, two-handed sword with a single hand, swinging it around as if it were a twig while still maintaining the force of a two handed blow. The construct itself is highly durable, able to withstand a blast from an Abyss Break; as the construct sustained only a few injuries.

The being possesses tremendous power in all fortes; with its speed being unbelievable, its strength enough to demolish an entire mountain range with a swing of its katana; and finally, it is durable enough to go up against a Primordial Demon easily. Due to the sheer volume of the strikes involved, defending against the entirety of them is nearly impossible; and of course, its enormous figure is sometimes more than enough to intimidate the user's enemies into submission. Unlike most magical constructs, the Demonic Materialization is able to fix and restore itself after being damaged or broken, in reflection to how much the user has healed. The user is capable of partially summoning any part of the Demonic Materialization on the fly for an instant surprise, as generally, fully summoning such a construct is particularly draining upon the user's magical power- only manifesting a portion of the being only costs a sliver of magical energy on the user's part. However, a glaring weakness of the spell is that once the user summons it, it shrouds their body, effectively anchoring them to the Demonic Materialization and vice-versa- additionally, for every waking moment that it is active, the Demonic Materialization drains a large amount of the caster's magical energy, meaning that it should not be active for long periods of time as it can exhaust the user quite rapidly.

  • Swordsmanship Specialist: No matter the form that the Demonic Materialization takes upon, the Demonic Materialization is shown to be a master of swordsmanship, being capable of utilizing the momentum of its blade in motion to execute wide swings while chaining together blows- its fighting style focuses on strong, concise strikes that yield heavy damage, while sacrificing speed for more defensive tactics; attacking viciously with large, slow, sweeping movements, creating an unstoppable force; the Demonic Materialization has great range on its attacks, which can give some characters great difficulty when trying to get in on the construct. In battle, the Demonic Materialization wields its blade with incredible prowess; the tremendous cutting power of the knight's sword strikes are capable of effortlessly slicing through magical barriers. Its precision is even able to cut off a lit candle's wick and keep it lit on the edge of its blade; as well as produce shockwaves from its strikes to intercept enemy attacks. The knight's swings have the potential to split the very earth with each swing, bringing mass devastation to every direction that the weapon lands- each of the knight's attacks is a fatal blow that needs to be blocked or dodged. With its sword, it is capable of launching waves of pure magical energy from the blade at its opponents with high speed and power, often taking enemies by surprise.
  • Partial Manifestation: One of the more useful applications of the Demonic Materialization is to summon only a single or a few parts of the knight's body in the heat of combat- as mentioned above, the user is capable of partially summoning any part of the Demonic Materialization on the fly for an instant surprise. When this process is in motion, the user releases their magical energies into the atmosphere in order to manipulate the eternano ambient within the vicinity by using their magical energy to shape their magical energies into a sturdy and ordered structure- in this case, once this is done, the user mentally shapes certain portions of the hardened magic formed into apparitions resembling the Demonic Materialization's body parts; which parts depend on what the user of this magic wish them to be. These body appendages manifest into the physical realm via a Magic Seal that appears from anywhere that the caster deems suitable- for example, summoning the arms of the guardian can have the seal be generated besides the user in order to send these gigantic fists launching forward from the crest; or to take an enemy by surprise, the user is capable of placing a seal below the opponent, resulting in a knuckle rocketing upwards to catch them unawares. The reason why this manner of summon is used mostly is because generally, fully summoning the Demonic Materialization construct is particularly draining upon the user's magical power- only manifesting a portion of the being only costs a sliver of magical energy on the user's part.

Soul Armour

Soul Armours (神鎧(ソウル・アーマー), Sōru Āmā lit. God Armour) are specialized armours worn by various powerful warriors known as Soul Armour Knights (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト), Sōru Āmā Naito lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior); they are human or humanoid warriors who transforms from a natural human form using a Driver Belt into a superhuman form clad in the armour. The Knights secretly patrol their respective territories to protect civilians from demons. Armed with special magical equipment, the knights carry an eternal war to maintain the light over the darkness in the realm. When transforming, the user declares the transformation as they rev the Evil Driver, excreting crimson magical energy as it falls into the glass on the bottom, causing the bottom of the glass to fall through and surround the user, before transforming them into Soul Armour Knight Arc (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・悪 (アーク), Sōru Āmā Naito Aku lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Evil); Arc's name comes from a Japanese word for "evil" (悪, aku) and obviously, "Arc". Excellen was only a Soul Armour Knight for the final three chapters of the finale of Daybreak S2 before her belt was destroyed. In S3, Excellen occasionally utilizes a remodeled version of the Arc Soul Armour referred to as Soul Armour Knight Arc Rebake (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・唖空・改 (アーク・リベイク), Sōru Āmā Naito Aku Rebeiku lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Silent Void Revised), now purged from Devius' influence.


Tsuruko Sejren

"Excellen: Haha, don't call me 'lady'. I'm more of a 'sir' than a 'lady' if you know what I mean. Well, what are you waiting for? Heya there, I'm Excellen Kilekion! All I know you as is All-Lovin' Girl from before—but I want to know you—not the idiot that embarrassed herself, the real you.
Tsuruko: ...I'm Tsuruko Sejren. I-It's nice to meet you, Excellen...Kilizeon? Purugashion? Alphaeon? Sorry, your name is hard to pronounce...
Excellen: Hahaha, don't worry about it! Just call me Cell, and I'll call you Sejjey. And! I'll be your friend here, you have my word!
— Excellen Kilekion and Tsuruko Sejren, in their first meeting, La Pucelle

Out of Tsuruko's closest companions in the series, Excellen is the one who spends the most time with her. Upon her arrival at La Pucelle, Tsuruko was sorted into the Ōryu dorms, Excellen was the first to befriend her, stating that despite her lack of social skills, Excellen wanted to get to know the real Tsuruko, even coining the nickname "Sejjey" for Tsuruko. Even though the two are on different teams, Tsuruko and Excellen develop a close bond, as Tsuruko even lets Excellen carry her on her back whenever she offers to. As Excellen became more involved in Tsuruko's life, Excellen gave unyielding support to Tsuruko through everything, with or without Tsuruko's consent and/or knowledge to the point of following Team Daybreak on their missions and helping Tsuruko whenever she could.

The bond between Tsuruko and Excellen is, without a doubt, their strongest each—in fact, Excellen is perhaps the only character who does not betray, manipulate, or even be rude to Tsuruko throughout Daybreak's run, family members notwithstanding. Though Tsuruko can test Excellen's patience at times, as seen during the third part of the Esper Excellen arc regarding Excellen's father Phosphor (or whenever Tsuruko says/does something stupid in general), though she never misplaces her trust in her and always relies on her to do the right thing. They share a lot in common, like the same passion in regards to making people happy; and they're willing to support each other in the most difficult times. Indeed, it is noted that while Tsuruko doesn't like magicians and magic, the fact that Excellen is an Esper and one of the strongest magicians in the world doesn't really bother her at all. Whenever Tsuruko has an adventure to explore, she always comes to Excellen and asks her to come along, and Excellen is always ready to help.

Despite Tsuruko's clueless knowledge on most basic topics, such as Magic, Excellen has shown to be patient around her and often acts as her tutor, teaching her about what individual magics do while acting as a sort of 'mission control' for her during battles, often giving Tsuruko hints and tips, however, unlike others, Excellen has much confidence in Excellen's abilities and has no trouble with following her lead. It later turns out in the Esper Excellen Part II arc that Excellen is very much in love with Tsuruko; as she treats her much differently than anyone else does. Because of her heritage and reputation as a prodigy, Excellen never really had any close relationships as people were generally intimidated by her. The reason why she loves Tsuruko is because of her refusal to give up, to accept everyone, and her unbiased opinion on her. However, due to Tsuruko's pathological fear of getting closer to other people than a simple friendship, no matter if it is familial or romantic, Tsuruko rushed off after Excellen confessed her feelings, unable to properly handle them in a coherent manner- this causes Excellen to become relatively depressed, misunderstanding Tsuruko's actions as her being irked by such a thing, whereas she was a bit wigged out due to personal experiences. However, during the penultimate chapter of the arc, in a rush of emotion at seeing Excellen about to be killed by the dracolich while Tsuruko rushed towards them, she blurts out how she truly feels about Excellen, accepting the latter's feelings, at which point the two become a couple.

"Excellen: ...Why do you always jump in to protect me without thinking?! Do you think I'm in the way of your fists pulverizing your enemies!? Or is this some stupid honour crap?!
Tsuruko: ...It's because I care about you! I-I...I love you, so I couldn't bear to see you hurt!
— Excellen Kilekion and Tsuruko Sejren, Daybreak S1, Unbreakable Heart

Generally, Tsuruko and Excellen act like a married couple, normally being perfectly in-sync with each other. Even before the whole 'love confession' thing, the two tended to each other on "dates," holding hands, and even saying they love each other; they used to sleep in the same bed, say romantic things about each other, and act like a committed couple in many other ways. However, their relationship could be considered a unique one, as their relationship is portrayed as focusing more on emotional aspects/intimacy than physical due to both girls being relatively emotionally stunted no thanks to both not receiving much affection from others and their fractured childhoods, though heavy hints are often dropped as one-off gags -and a very important scene near the end of S2- that they're very physical at night.

Excellen is also the only person able to keep Tsuruko's thoughts in the moment, frequently snapping her out of her imagination spots or preventing her from losing her temper. To Excellen, Tsuruko is a muse of sorts, as she represents a person whose singular drive and focus to excel at something propels them on to greater things, something that Excellen herself, who's always been dragged along by the flow, was unable to do- Tsuruko's desire to keep fighting to save people no matter the odds is something that inspires her constantly. It should be noted that in Infinity Future, Tsuruko is willing to not only give up Gaiki, which she referred to as her "partner", to save Excellen, but destroy it with her Zero Effect, that, as far as she knew, would irrevocably render it useless. This is especially telling of their relationship, as Tsuruko was normally emotionally vulnerable regarding Gaiki, as it was one of two things her father left her before his death, and yet, she gave it up to save Excellen without a second thought, despite the latter's protests.

At the end of Daybreak S2, Excellen uses the Philosopher's Stone to become the next Exalt of Aether, Tsuruko goes with her to ensure that she wouldn't be lonely, and because Excellen asked her to, serving as her right-hand in all matters. It is implied that the two are married by the time of Dawn, as during S3, Excellen managed to convince Tsuruko to stop fighting and settle down after they've defeated Devius; something to note is that Tsuruko absolutely adores the thrill of battle, and early in S1 stated that she wouldn't give up until she'd stopped all evil. However, Excellen asking such a thing seems to be the only exception to this.

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  • For all the jokes that are had about her sexuality, ironically Excellen doesn't display any stereotypical queer mannerisms; the only way one would know that she is a lesbian is due to her attraction to Tsuruko.
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