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Extraction Magic
Extraction Magic



Chuushutsu Maho


Caster Magic


Jack Crow

Extraction Magic (Chuushutsu Maho, 抽出マジック) is a magic that lets the caster pierce through absolutely anything and then pull it out from its original state, effectivly allowing the caster to "dig" out anything in anything.


Extraction Magic allows the caster to send out a beam from the hand of the caster that will pierce through anything, it pull it back towards the point where the beam was shot from. The length of which the beam will pierce can be controlled by the caster by thought. The only objects that the magicis not capable of piercing and then extracting is any matter in the form of gas. Liquid and solid states however work completely fine. However, the more resistant the object(s) that the beam needs to pierce through, the more eternano will be drained from the caster, aswell as the time that it takes to pierce through it will increase.

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