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Eye of Midnighter
Eye of Midnight



Yahan no me


Caster Magic
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Seraph Kinmichi

Eye of Midnight (ひとみのまよなか, Hitomi no Mayonaka) is a very rare Caster Magic and Eye Magic observed in individuals such as, Seraph Kinmichi; who are victims of induced mutation.


Eye of Midnight (夜半の目, Yahan no me): Eye of Midnight is one of the most unique and interesting Eye Magic in existence because of its medical applications. It is an ability possessed by Seraph Kinmichi who by taking off his "magic suppression contacts"; which hides his left-golden eye by suppressing its immense magic power and altering its color, can activate this unique optical magic. Upon activation, Seraph's perception of depth, stillness, and speed improve greatly, allowing him to perceive the opponent(s) movements at ease, as well as detect any object or being's "Weak spots" or areas in the body that constantly move and can kill the targeted individual if hit. This also allows him to see the weak points of magic, specially constructs made using Molding Magic; allowing him to easily target and shatter them. Due to the massive amount of information being sent from the eyes to the brain there is a limited amount of time this power can be used before it causes sensory overload. The Eye of Midnight has much greater uses than just sensing "weak spots". Activating it, allows Seraph to instinctively perform complex mental operations beyond the capability of a normal human mind. Thus, allowing him to can copy any physical movement or action after seeing it performed once; essentially giving him the ability to copy one's fighting style, acrobatic maneuvers and even magic that are easy to learn, as well as, giving him the ability to process information at incredible speeds, allowing him to analyze and come to conclusions at an unprecedented rate. The eye of Midnight along with his contacts store about twenty five to thirty percent of Seraph's magic power, thereby allowing him to fight to the best of his ability after removing and awakening, the contacts and the optical magic respectively. Seraph claims upon activation, he is actually able to see all major and minor veins of any living being, as well as their pressure points, nerve clusters and even has vastly expanded field of view, but not enough to give him ability to see behind him, though he is satisfied with his 270 degree vision.


  • Eye of Mignight is possibly the result of Seraph's mutation.
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