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Fabula Nova

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"Fear on the level of God"
The Almighty Sheep

A relatively unknown organization, it's even a mystery as to whether or not it's an actual Guild. The details of the group being a complete mystery, the only hint that it exists arrived during the invasion of Pilse Navarina in the form of Diaros who would later be accompanied by Seifer and the mysterious "N".

Despite the lack of fame the group holds, the members are without a doubt more than capable of holding their own against several mages, an example being the fact that Diaros was able to hold his own against both Dante Royard and Mirone Picoros although it should perhaps be realized that the Phantom King was temporarily robbed of his magic.


Name Position Alias Division Status
Nowie Leader ???? 1 Active
Seifer Leader Infinite Void 2 Active
Rubix Leader Mr. 3 (By Leengard) 3 Active
Saxon Xadrez Leader King Saxon 4 Active
Leengard Former Leader ???? 4 (Former) Active
Masamune Leader Sealed Sword of Godspeed 7 Active
Name Position Alias Division Status
Diaros Apprentice The Corpse 1 Active
Araseph Apprentice Mage's Bane 2 Active
Divino Xadrez Apprentice Berserker 4 Active
Kali Etorkizuna Apprentice Fortune Teller 4 (Former) Active
Jeanne LeBlanc Apprentice The Scarecrow 7 Active


Deus Fortitúdo (Latin for God Strength) - A last resort technique that is awarded to every single Apprentice within Fabula Nova, the Corpse was the first one within the guild to recieve it. Appearing in several different formats, Deus Fortitúdo is a seal that takes a set amount of magic from the user's body each day, storing it into the seal. Upon release of the seal, the caster is granted almost limitless amounts of magic at his/her disposal for a maximum period of 30 seconds. The primary reason for this is to provide the mage an opportunity to counter against a particularly difficult opponent. However, after the usage of their 30 seconds, the Apprentice is not only robbed of their ability to use magic for several days, but also physically and mentally drained to the point of extreme exhaustion.

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