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Fading Counter
Parent Magic

Illusion Magic


Manito Doufu

Fading Counter is a Caster Type Magic branching out from Illusion Magic. It is an enchantment spell that utilizes a psychosomatic illusion technique and a quixotic force technique.


A type of Magic which allows its user to enchant himself or herself with an intangible, colorless aura-like cloak throughout their body and soul which creates a pair of illusion copy of his or her arms which auto-magically projects itself from the user's torso's either side to block any melee type of attacks. It will also reduce the attacker's melee attack's power and efficiency each time Fading Counter blocks. After blocking, the arms instantly vanishes. As long as the enchantment is up, the effects of Fading Counter continuously to take place even after battle. This spell does not have an upkeep cost to maintain this enchantment spell.

The spell itself is intangible and so any physical object will easily phase through it as long as it is not a melee-type of attack. This also means that this spell cannot be use as an offensive means for a follow-up attack though it can be use to make the user perform other spells and capabilities with their real arms. Fading Counter's arms are twice as long as the user providing more than enough space between the user and their attacker though the arms could be use to block closer to the user at his or her discretion. The spell will not produce a shadow. Any form of light will pass through it though if the form of light is a melee-type of attack, then the spell will be able to block it.

Although a useful mean of defense, if the user's opponent focuses their spell upon Fading Counter and not the user, then Fading Counter will dissipate and the user is no longer enchanted with Fading Counter. This is usually done by using a fake pretense to strike the user and then, at the last minute, use their attack upon the spell resulting in a brilliant shatter of rainbow-like fireworks. Fortunately, for the user, the enchantment's destruction causes a sudden flash of light that renders anyone in the area except the user to become temporarily blind and disoriented which is enough for a novice illusion mage to use as a means to escape or hide.

Derived Spells

Fading Horsefish Counter: A type of Magic which allows its user to enchant a target enchantment spell and splice it apart to summon a phantasm in the shape of a flying horsefish.

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