Fairy Tail : Happiness Rainbow (フェアリーテイル:幸福の虹 Feari Teiru Kofuku o niji is a fanon instalment of the FairyTail series; it is set after the Grand Magic Games arc of the canon storyline.

Fairy Tail : Happiness Rainbow's song such as opening,ending, ost, and character song in there.


Fairy Tail:Happiness Rainbow's Episode

Some time after the Grand Magic Games arc, Fairy Tail created a party for winning the Grand Magic Games. they were met with a mysterious mage Hikari Kurokawa previously an evil and enemy of Fairy Tail also became a member of Fairy Tail. different fairy tail story is begins!

Main Characters

Hikari Kurokawa

Erza Scarlet (BR~)

Gray Fullbuster (BR~)

Natsu Dragneel (BR~

Aoi Matsumoto

Matthew Kurokawa

Main Antagonis

List Of Arcs

Selfish Arc

Duo Arc aka Daybreak Arc

Lullaby Reborn Arc

2nd Selfish Arc

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