This is a episode list of Fairy Tail:Happiness Rainbow. The episode(s) is still ongoing.

List of Episodes

# Title Arc Air Date
1 謎の少女

Nazo No Shoujo
Mysterious Girl

Selfish Arc
Friday 24 , 2014
Fairy Tail will celebrate a feast because they won the Grand Magic Games. when Team Natsu will stay at Lucy's home, they were met by a mysterious girl who says that "prepare your magic, or else you will die". without them knowing a mysterious girl watching them from the top of Lucy's apartment building.
2 新たな敵!

Aratana Teki!
A New Enemy!

Selfish Arc
Still writing, not finished yet...
a mysterious girl said that her sister kidnapped by a guild that is called Selfish Lord. Automaticly Team Natsu and the girls headed to the Selfish Lord, which is located quite far from fiore. when they arrived, they were shocked because his guild is very luxurious. they also met with the Five Daily Sins, before wants to save his sister have to fight them first ..
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