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Fairy Tail: Admiring a Storm (フェアリーテール:嵐を愛でますFearītēru: Arashi o medemasu) chronicles the life and times of Emilia Dobrevski (エミリア ドブレブスキ Doburebusuki Emiria) as she discovers what the world is really like. Her story is completely separate from established Fairy Tail canon, though it appears to be set around just before, during, and after the seven year time skip. Few references to canon material will be made in an effort to keep the'Admiring a Storm' universe separate from canon.


Emilia, a young user of light magic, finds herself in a messy situation as the conquest and captor of a Dark Guild known only to her as 'them'. After a wild rescue operation takes place Emilia finds herself in the company of one Quinn Daley, an independent mage with a penchant or trouble. She and Quinn go on to learn from one another until Quinn's mysterious disappearance. Emilia is left with no clues as to his whereabouts other than a fake address and a few jewels.


Main Characters


Story Arcs

Intro Arc

Down the Rabbit Hole

These Things Unknown

These Things Unwanted

Mentorship Arc



Losing Hope


Starburst Arc



  • Admiring a Storm is open to character cameos, so just make your way to my talk page and ask away. Especially open to members of Koma Inu.
  • If you would like to make a large appearance in the story that is discussable. Please arrange with me on my talk page. Although you'd have to be open to me using your character in a suitable way (I promise to stay as true to your portrayal as possible, however).
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