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"His desire is to become strong? What will be the consequences of taking the path he has chosen...?"
Mr. Draco
Fairy Tail: Breakdown

フェアリーテール:ブレークダウン (破壊壊す内訳)


Feari Teiru: Bureikudaun


X794 (August to September)


Ishgar (Fiore, Seven, Bosco, Isenberg)

Main Character

Damon D. Draco

Theme Song

Midnight's Meeting (1st)
Hard Knock Days (2nd)

Fairy Tail: Breakdown (フェアリーテール:ブレークダウン(破壊壊す内訳) Feari Teiru: Bureikudaun) is a Fanon Spin-off of the Fairy Tail Series, whose author is Hiro Mashima, and is written by Mr. Draco.

It is set three years after canon's first timeskip, focusing on the mage named Damon D. Draco, a mercenary and member of Hydra Head, who leads his own team Red Hawk alongside his life-long friends. The story seemingly focuses on Damon's misadventures after his training with Jellal Fernandes and discovery of a mysterious secret, as he reunites with his friends and sets out to travel through Ishgar. Hiding his true motives, Damon drags them along for whatever he has planned.

That also means the story is set during the year of X794. It is told in a third-person narrative, although, there may be points in it when it will be shown in Damon's or another person's perspective.

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership over the manga Fairy Tail written by Hiro Mashima, aside from the characters that will be used in this story. Also, note that some of the canon won't apply or show up in this story.


After a certain turn of events on his life, Damon D. Draco is looking for ways to improve himself, he is appointed by a fellow friend towards Jellal Fernandes for a training session. Having spent the three years training with his new friend, Damon, now at the age of 21, decides to go back to his friends and bring them together once more.

Strangely deciding to travel through the rest of the continent of Ishgar, Damon tells his comrades about becoming even stronger, while also spending quality time in their company. But, his motives are loose... is he truly only seeking strength? Why is Damon attacking specific groups and taking their combatants down?

This is the story of a Mage that seeks the cleansing of his own doubts with friends in hand.


Much like the original Fairy Tail, Breakdown includes the genre of Shōnen (初年 Youth Action), though it can incorporate Gore (ゴレ Violence), unlike the main series, making it one of the reasons for its R rating. It could be considered somewhat of a Seinen (青年 Adult Action), given that there is nudity, even if undetailed, and certain references to characters' relationships.

The author also included in the drama, comedy, and rare romance, reminiscent of Fairy Tail itself, as he tries to properly mix these genres during chapters and events. The writer also likes to put references to many things, be them about the real world or about other animes/mangas/series as well, those being included either during moments of comedy or camadery.

Unlike a good deal of stories, the author made sure to develop most of Breakdown's plot. Although, he shall rarely alter anything which will happen in the story, he can change a few ideas. He tries to produce and post chapters every once he can.

Major Characters

DamonProfSto ReggieProf AnorakProf MeredyProf
Damon D. Draco Reggie Anorak Meredy Milkovich
HershellProf SamProf ShinMug1 Shiro portrait
Hershell Fullbody Samantha Diaz Shin Shinri Shiro Kigeki
NazarProf AlexProf JBGProf PeltinProf
Nazar Alex McQueen Jiggle Butt Gang Peltin Geonova
Margaret closeup RogueNewProf KaguraMug JimmyCMug
Margaret Flower Rogue Cheney Kagura Mikazuchi Jimmy Curry
NArfallProf BishopProf CarProf DOProf
Narfall Bishop Laxal Caribou Doctor Orange
JackProf GUlandProf1 ErikProf DealokProf
Jack Napier Guland Erik Dealok
Magic Council Shadow Broker Rogue Broterhood Dragon Soul
Alvarez Empire







Introduction Arc

Seven's Tournament Arc

Underworld Arc

Musical Mini-Arc

Isenberg Arc

Vegas Las Arc

Dirty Bosco Arc

Christmas Mini-Arc

Fiore Back Arc

Purgatory Prison Arc

Great War Arc

Post-War Arc






  • The author does not shy away from the foul language in this story, using much more bad words than the original Fairy Tail.
  • Breakdown seems to be the biggest series in the fanon so far, although most of its chapters aren't done yet. Though notably, the entire plot is planned and done.
  • The Great War Arc so far is the biggest arc in the series, it has up to 18 chapters. That is nine times the amount of the Mini-Arcs.
    • According to the author, most chapters have four sections, with a single section corresponding to a single manga chapter.
    • That would make Breakdown approximately 400 manga-chapters-long.
  • The story was initially going to end at the Fiore Back Arc. The Vegas Las Arc also wasn't going to be included in it.
  • Out all of the author's storylines, Breakdown seems to be the biggest in terms of chapter's amount. Possibly, it's the biggest on the wiki.
  • Despite being made by only one author, the storyline is shown to have some other people cooperating on it.
  • Breakdown along with its familiar storylines will be having references about many things, be it either another series or real life.
  • The author sometimes gets sad because he is so slow paced at posting chapters. After posting one single chapter, it all goes away.
  • The author also once said he prefers Damon D. Draco's overall story instead of his own original series.


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