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This article Fairy Tail: Dawn, is the sole property of Per and as such, no user may edit this article without explicit permission from the aforementioned creator. If you wish to use this article in any way, please ask me first.
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The logo for Fairy Tail: Dawn

Fairy Tail: Dawn (フェアリーテイル・暁, Fearī Teiru Akatsuki) is a fanon instalment of the FairyTail series; it is set after the Grand Magic Games arc of the canon storyline; meaning that the catchphrase that occurred during the games has come to pass, and in an alternate timeline that differs from canon sometime prior to the events of the Grand Magic Games, so as not to interfere with canon itself, and allow the authors more freedome. It is co-authored by User:Perchan and User:LastationLover5000.

The opening theme for Part I of Fairy Tail: Dawn is Smile Bomb! (微笑みの爆弾 Hohoemi no Bakudan) by Mawatari Matsuko. The opening theme for Part II of Fairy Tail: Dawn is Fortuna on the Sixteenth Night (十六夜のフォルトゥーナ) by fripSide.

Darkrai predicts the end of Fairy Tail: Dawn to be within late 2015, early 2016, as the authors believe they are approaching the final arc of the story soon.


Some time after the Tenrou Island arc, Jason LaHote and Wendy Marvell call into the custody of the Magic Council. Fed up with the corrupt nature of the government, a former Rune Knight, Vivian Starrkewolfe joins up with the two after they break out, forming the guild Akatsuki, in an effort to bring around a new world order. The story takes place in an alternate universe from the series, branching off sometime after the Tenrou Island Arc. The many canon characters are presumed dead, however, they are rarely reference and no information is given, for simplicity purposes, giving the authors freedom to do as they please.


Dawn, like it's source material, is primarily a shōnen, however, it incorporates traits of the harem genre, merging both in a manner that could actually make it reminiscent of the Mahō Sensei Negima!, though whether this is deliberate or not remains to be seen, as both authors are a fan of the series. In addition to these, Dawn features it's fair share of comedy and drama, which are staples to the original source Fairy Tail. Like many other series the authors write, Dawn's plot is written as they go, and while many of the better ideas are decided before hand, just as many are truly random ideas that came to their heads and were shuffled into the story.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters




Morgenroete Arc

Rising Sun Arc

Stone Ocean Arc

Note: This arc begins a two month timeskip.

Suihakkei Arc (水發勁 Liberation of Water Arc)

Uprising Of Hell Arc


New Beginnings Arc

Deicide Arc

Beginning of a New World Arc

Dawn/Daybreak: Sengoku Battle Royale

Junction Mini-Arc

Showdown At Tenrou Island Arc

Black Dawn Arc

Note: The Black Dawn arc will be the only arc of Fairy Tail: Dawn to feature characters from another series, as it is a crossover arc between Dawn and Fairy Tail: Vice.


Note: Unlike the "filler" chapters, these side-stories will be canon to the overall storyline.

Filler Chapters

Note: The canocity of these chapters are up to debate and have no true bearing over canon unless explicitly stated.


  • There will be no cameos from other users' characters, so please do not ask.
  • Coincidentally, the Suihakkei arc currently holds the record for both the longest amount of time it's taken any arc to reach completion, totalling at four months; starting on November 14, 2012‎ and ending on April 9, 2013, as well as the most chapters contained in any single arc, totalling at 13. Just only just surpasses the Uprising of Hell Arc, which has 12 in total.
    • It also holds the record for the most times a chapter title was recycled during the run of a single arc; Arrange The Clues is the most used chapter title in the Dawn series, and possesses seven total variations, making up for more than half the chapters in the Suihakkei Arc in total.
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