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Fairy Tail: Demon Castle is the first story of the Fairy Tail: Dawn of the Demons series. It is based on how the infamous guild, Sacred Sentinels, is caught up in a deadly battle with the Demon Spade guild in the Millennium Echo Alliance, an alliance consisting only of a few humans, demons, and mostly Etherious, that is so epic and so fierce, it would make the earth rumble. The main goal is for Sacred Sentinels to stop the GULE-EEL project.

Prologue: The Gates of Hell

On a cold and snowy night, at the majestic Serafin, in the town of Delafonia, the Magic Council was discussing matter on how they could stop the guilds and factions associated with the Millennium Echo Alliance. While they speak and discuss together, a member of Serafin storms into the meeting room and says that there are intruders, one male and the other female. Afterwards, sparks of light and darkness are seen and the whole building explodes. Then, only 2 members of the Magic Council that survived were Davis and Troy. Then after, the man comes along and pins Davis down with sharp staffs made from his Darkness Magic and the woman then comes and projects her palm in front of Davis along with the man. A small sphere of light and darkness magic if formed. Troy then asks who they were. The man then said," I am Pain Endgame and my partner here is Blossom Kingston. Don't forget our names and remember us as the mages that destroyed the entire Council of Serafin." Troy was able to teleport himself away from where he was. Davis was then killed after, causing a huge explosion in the debris created from the first explosion.

Chapter 1: The Battle Begins: Jason vs. Cain Crueling

After finding out the location of Demon Spade, the guild sets out to defeat Demon Spade guild and it's members. As the whole guild enters, all the doors are shutdown due to an initiated lockdown and the whole guild is separated into different rooms. Some of the guild mates are fighting against the henchmen of the guild. Some are stuck with fighting against members of the Strongest 5 and the Dhampir Forces. The rest are fighting ordinary members of the guild. Jason was stuck to fighting a man who used Chain Magic and Blade Magic. The man, said,"Let me introduce myself. The name's Cain Crueling, and I'm about to chop you up into a million pieces." Jason then said,"I doubt that you'll take the chance to do so." Cain the attacked with 'Slicing Blade'. Immediately, he brought out a long blade that could slice through shockwaves. Jason managed to dodge the attack but his hair didn't cause a few strands of his hair were cut. So Jason had no other choice but to use his Wind Magic and fight him. Jason then said,"Let's end this quick!" This was just the beginning, or was it ?

Jason then attacks with 'Wind Slicer' causing Cain's blade to shatter into a hundred pieces. But luckily, Cain's sword grew back into its normal shape. Cain then changed his sword into a flame sword and attacked Jason with 'Flaming Shot' and Jason was hit by it and it sent him flying to the ceiling. While he was in the air, Cain tried to hit him with Flaming Stab, but Jason disappears and then appears behind him and casts 'Magic Wind Palm' and sent Cain zooming to the ground. Cain, who was slightly injured said," Let's get serious!" He then struck with 'Ice Blade: Icy Stab' and his ice sword pierced through Jason chest but it wasn't Jason, it was a clone that absorbed the power of the sword that Cain was using, gave it to Jason and then Jason absorbed it and combined it with his own magic. Jason then said,"Now, I'm playing serious." But there was only one risk, he could use the absorbed element once, and only once. Jason attacked with 'Icy Blizzard Cyclone' and created a large blizzard-like cyclone from his palms. But he wasted it cuz' Cain used his sword and absorbed all the magic.

Then, Cain kept his sword aside and said,"Time to suffer from my chains of binding, Chain Spikes!" Chains with spikes were shooting out from the ground and Jason got caught in them. His energy was being sucked from his body and it was being transferred into Cain's body as he was coughing blood. Cain the swung him aside, but luckily, it was only a clone. The next clone was trapped as well until the real Jason came out and got captured. Cain then performed his greatest technique, 'Gates of Hades'. A seal then appeared under Jason and Jason was being sucked down. Cain said,"This is your final moment. Join Hades in the Underworld." Jason then remembered his training on how to escape a trap. And that was by turning his body into molecules since wind is moving air and air is a mixture of gases and gases flow and spread out easily. He tried and he was successful. He then teleported his clone next to Cain so that the clone would absorb the magic that he used along with the elements involved. Jason then managed to get the magic from Cain and successfully defeated Cain with ' Blazing Iced Chain Blade' slicing Cain through and through in an omni-directional hit. Cain fell to the ground unconscious and grievously injured.

Chapter 2: Over-Possessive: Geraldio vs. Kat Badstorm

While Jason was fighting Cain, that is before Jason won the battle, Geraldio was stuck in a room with a female who was possessive, carefree and selfish and she used Possession Magic along with Telekinesis. She said,"Well, well, well, it appears that someone's entered my trap. Well here's something, say goodbye to your life cuz' this battle will be your last!" Geraldio then said,"And it won't be your first!", "Don't worry, you'll soon be my possession," she said, "What's there to worry about? I ain't losing to you, ya fat ass grandma!" Geraldio then said. The female then attacked with 'Animal Possession: Lion Soul'. Some parts of her body were enhanced and she then had powers like that of a lion. She scratched Geraldio with her claws, but that didn't stop Geraldio. He had Elemental Magic, so therefore, he could manipulate the 5 elements, fire, water, wind, earth, and lightning. He attacked with 'Earth Knuckle' as he was in mid-air creating giant earth knuckles sprouting from the ground. She then said,"Not bad, perhaps I should introduce myself. My name is Kat Badstorm, and I'll soon possess you." Geraldio then said,"Fat Chance, grandma!"

Kat attacked with 'Demon Possession: Tempester Soul'. She completely turned into Tempester and was able to control his Calamity Curse. Geraldio was surprised to see that she could possess demons' souls. Kat attacked again with 'Cyclone' and blasted Geraldio away. She appeared near him and attacked with 'Inferno' but luckily, Geraldio's clone got burnt instead of him. Geraldio attacked with 'Fiery Inferno' and she took the attack and got hurt real bad. She then said 'Demon Possession: Jackal Soul' and she manipulated his Bomb Curse. Geraldio allacked with 'Water Tsunami' but Kat bombed it. She then attacked with 'Explosive Helix' creating a large explosion-like cyclone. Geraldio got caught in it and his skin got burned. Kat then said,"It's time for you to die! Demon Possession: Torafuzar Soul" Immediately, she casted 'Tenchi Kaimei' and the whole room was flooded with black water containing carbon. She then attacked with 'Deep Impact' which she used to brutalize Geraldio. Geraldio then realized that Iron and Carbon combined gives you Steel and he controlled so he was able to create iron, absorb the carbon particles and produce steel. He then gave her the finishing blow 'Steel Sword of Destruction' causing Kat to have internal and external damage. She fell to the ground unconscious and the black water dissappeared.

Chapter 3: Mirror Flashback: Maryjane vs. Dark Maks

Maryjane was trapped in a room just like the others. She then saw inscriptions on the wall. The first one said,"Jason vs. Cain, Winner: Jason," and the second one saying,"Geraldio vs. Kat, Winner: Geraldio." Maryjane then said,"I knew they could do it!" Then, out of the blue, a mysterious shadow appeared and a man rose up from the shadow. As he slowly walked towards her, he said,"So, those two lost. Well then, I guess I'll just have to finish things off here myself!" In a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of her and sparks of light appeared in front of her and exploded in her face and she flew to the end of the room. She then asked the man,"Who are you?" The man said,"My name is the opposite of my magic, and I'm your worst nightmare." He attacked with 'Light Spores'. Maryjane used Mirror Magic, so she defended herself with 'Reflector' but the magic was too much, so the mirror broke into shards and she used the shards to attack the man with 'Mirror Shards' and the shards tore his shirt and he began to bleed a little. She then said,"Your name is Dark, correct or incorrect?" He said,"The name's Dark Maks, have you forgotten the agony and trauma when you lost your beloved town and parents, Maryjane? Have you forgotten?" She had the flashback of the trauma of losing the ones she loved the most. She then said,"I'm gonna kill you!" She charged at him with a sword made from glass and slashed him but he turned his body into nothing but darkness. Dark then said,"Ready to rumble?" She said,"I'll do whatever it takes to take you down!" Dark then said,"Bring it on, bitch!"

Maryjane then made an armor of glass and she had 2 swords. She brought them out and used them to attack Dark but the attacks still went through him and he then decided to bring out his sword and attacked with 'Dark Slash'. In one slash, Maryjane's glass armor was filled with darkness and the armor shattered to millions of pieces. He then felt pain and saw himself bleeding from his stomach. He then said," How did you attack me?" He then remembered the light mirror shards. Dark said,"So, you absorbed the last of my Light Magic, right?" He then attacked with 'Shadow Knuckle'. She was hit in the stomach by the Shadow Knuckle and hit the ceiling. She fell back to the ground. He then attacked with 'Destruction Slash' and destroyed her dress. She thought it was too late for her. She then said," I can't lose like this. I've gotta do this for the world's magic!" Immediately, she rose up. Dark then attacked with 'Dark Delete' and she blocked it with 'Mirror Shield'. She then kept the shield and made a sword of glass and charged at Dark. He attacked with 'Shadow Snakes'. She used her sword and absorbed the shadow snakes. She then landed the final blow with 'Black Light Shadow Mirror Sword'. Maryjane pierced the magic-enhanced sword through Dark's chest and immediately, Dark Maks turned to glass and disintegrated into thin air. Maryjane had finally fulfilled her life long wish.

Chapter 4: Sadistic Witch: Alex vs. Elyzabeth Strife

While Maryjane was fighting, Alex saw the same inscriptions. He said,"All right! We're on fire!" Then, as he looked forward, in front of him was a woman with her head faced downwards. She raised her head up and she gave Alex a vile smile. Alex then gave her an awkward look. He then turned around and found himself in the middle of a hallway that had wall torches lit with fire. He looked back and saw that the woman from before had disappeared. He walked through the hallway and saw a door in front of him. He tried to open the door but it was locked. He bashed through the door and found himself floating in a void room. Before he could turn back, the door disappeared. He then started falling, thinking it would be a fall that was eternal and never-ending. He then broke through the void floor and was falling down in the sky. He then saw illusions of Elyzabeth descending through the void hole. They attacked him with 'Flaming Darts'. He blocked it with 'Water Shield'. The darts were quenched by the water and Alex used 'Water-Make: Ice Shot'. Darts of ice were shooting out of the water shield. The darts passed through the illusions. He was almost at the ground. He smashed the ground with 'Water Nebula' and the earth floated upwards. He then used 'Water Lock' to lock up the illusions in the boulder rocks and he froze the boulder in ice. He then used 'Water Nebula' again and smashed the frozen boulder to bits. He was exhausted. He then saw the woman again and said,"Look's like it's just you and me!"

She said,"The name's Strife, Elyzabeth Strife." Alex said,"And I'm about to whoop your ass off!" He charged at her with 'Water Blade' and she attacked with 'Fire Clones'. Fire started forming the clones one by one. He started slashing the clones one by one. They were blocking his view and he lost sight of Elyzabeth. After he slashed the last clone, Elyzabeth attacked him with 'Light Punch'. She nearly hit him but he disappeared and appeared behind her using 'Water-Make: Hammer' sending her flying into the boulder in front of her. She said,"Impressive. How about we start fighting seriously?" Elyzabeth attacked with 'Flaming Dragon Burst'. Alex countered with 'Water Barrier'. The two spells clashed and caused an explosion, followed by a smokescreen. From the smokescreen, she attacked with 'Light Slash' and he was bleeding from his right abdomen. He was about to fall down but he back flipped. And he said,"I can't lose to a girl. That's awful. I have to win this battle with all I've got!" He used Maguilty Sense Magic. He created a sensory link between himself and Elyzabeth. He then finished her with 'Frozen Sensory Water Sword'. He inserted the sword through her chest. She fell down dead. Alex's last words were,"I did it. The rest is up to you guys..." Saijo Strife, Elyzabeth's son and one of the 10 Paths of Mastery, heard of the death of his mother and how she was brainwashed before she was killed. He was angry and he set off to find Demon Spade. He said,"I'm gonna take down that bastard that got my mother killed," with his eyes filled with tears running down on his face.

Chapter 5: Gentle Outside, Fierce Inside: Hibachi vs. Saladin Kingston

Hibachi was looking for a way out when he was trapped. He then saw a man at the other end of the room. Hibachi asked,"Who are you?" The man said,"I'm your opponent. Saladin Kingston's the name. The rules are simple. If I win, you become a servant for my master and I take your magic away. If you win, you can take all of my magic for yourself." Hibachi said,"Enough talk. Let's fight" Hibachi threw 3 of his knive blades at Saladin. Saladin used Territory Magic and switched places with Hibachi. The knive blades cut Hibachi and handprints appeared on the areas of his body where the knive blades injured him. The handprints started glowing with purple light. As soon as Saladin snapped his fingers, the handprints exploded with purple smoke coming out from the explosion. Saladin said,"You see, I'm not the kind of guy that you can easily defeat. Those handprints on your body were Dark Prints created from my Darkness Magic. I can also use Territory and Teleportation Magic. So you have no hope of winning this battle." Hibachi then said,"Well, I'm not the kind of guy that gives up easily." Hibachi then attacked with 'Ice-Make: Shotgun' and he made an ice shotgun and shot a giant ice bullet. Saladin uses Territory and switches places with Hibachi and Hibachi was hit by the bullet. Hibachi then smiled and he turned into ice and shattered to pieces. It was just a clone. Hibachi then said,"Not bad at all." Saladin said,"I guess you can't easily give up."

Hibachi then attacked with 'Ice-Make: Lance' and he shot lances of ice at Saladin. Saladin defended himself with 'Dark Dome' and a dome made entirely of Darkness Magic was created. The ice lances managed to break through the dome and the lances shattered and they turned into Hibachi and he attacked with 'Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance' and Hibachi gave Saladin an injury by his right abdomen. Saladin said,"How about we get serious." He attacked Hibachi with 'Dark Wave' and Hibachi was struck with Darkness. Saladin attacked with 'Dark Capriccio' and Hibachi defended himself with 'Ice-Make: Shield' but his defense was penetrable. Saladin then used his daggers and pinned him down. Saladin then attacked with 'Dark Delete' and Hibachi was about to go blackout. He then used his Teleportation Magic to teleport himself away. Saladin then said,"Let's settle this with one last attack." Saladin attacked with 'Dark Rondo' and Hibachi used 'Ice-Make: Rainbow Mirror' and as the Dark Magic hit Hibachi's ice mirror, it turned to light and it blinded Saladin, giving Hibachi the chance to end things with 'Ice-Make Unlimited: One-Sided Chaotic Dance'. Hibachi trapped Saladin in ice. Hibachi won the battle and Saladin was freed from the ice. Saladin said,"Trap me in your magic. I want to give you my magic without dying." Hibachi trapped Saladin in an ice crystal which he absorbed into his body.

Chapter 6: The Grand Master: Hibiki vs. Fallen

Hibiki saw black feathers falling in the room where he was. The feathers then started circling around and the feathers formed a man wearing a white robe with black wings coming out from his back and and the man was holding a scepter in his hand. Hibiki said,"So, I'm guessing you're my opponent." The man said,"I'm Fallen and I'm looking forward to winning this battle." Fallen summoned a giant sword. He used the sword and attacked Hibiki but Hibiki dodged the attack. Fallen said,"You were lucky to have dodged my Excalibur attack, cuz' this sword cuts through anything." Fallen attacked again and as he was about to slash Hibiki, Hibiki held the sword and absorbed the iron and used it to strengthen himself and Fallen's sword broke into pieces. Hibiki attacked with 'Iron-Make: Iron Fist' and his fist completely turned into iron. He then punched Fallen over and over again. Fallen then held his hand when he was about to give Fallen the last punch. Fallen transformed into Hibiki and elbowed the real Hibiki to the ground. Fallen then said,"So who's the real Hibiki?" Hibiki said,"We're about to find out!" Hibiki attacked with 'Iron-Make: Hammer' and Hibiki used the hammer to attack Fallen but held the hammer and re-shaped the hammer into an iron cannon and shot a bullet and it hit Hibiki and Hibiki was coughing blood out. Fallen attacked with 'Iron-Make: Kunai" and nearly 100 iron kunais cut Hibiki. Fallen said,"This is just the beginning."

Hibiki got up and said,"It's not over until I say so." Fallen laughed and said,"You might as well just say that it's over." Fallen transformed to his normal self and said,"Give up?" Hibiki said,"Never!" Fallen then brought out his black wings and flew towards Hibiki with great speed, held Hibiki by the neck and brushed his face through the wall and dragged him across the wall while flying. Fallen then threw him to the other wall and as Hibiki was about to hit the wall, Fallen turned to a bunch of feathers and disappeared and he re-appeared behind Hibiki and punched him to the ground. Fallen then picked Hibiki up, flew him to the ceiling and smacked his head to the ground. Fallen started laughing and looked at Hibiki closely and saw that Hibiki was a clone. He then felt rumbling under his feet and saw Hibiki come out from under the ground attacking with 'Iron-Make: Iron Fist' and Hibiki punched Fallen upwards and kicked him in mid-air. Hibiki said,"Did you really think you were facing the real Hibiki?" Hibiki then finished Fallen with 'Iron-Make: Infinite Iron Fists' and Hibiki kept on punching and punching and punching. Fallen then fell to the ground and said,"I can't believe it. I lost to a weakling." Fallen then turned to a bunch of black feathers and disappeared.

Chapter 7: The Dhampir Force: Hikari vs. Sean War & Ark Master

Hikari saw two men in the deep shadows. The first man stepped out and said,"You seem lost. Let me put you in your." The second man said,"We'll put you in your place. It's called the afterlife." Hikari said,"I would love to see you try." Hikari attacked with 'Wasteland' and a large gust of wind appeared which gave Hikari a chance to attack the first man. Hikari was about to punch him but the man held his fist and threw him to the other end of the room. The man then attacked Hikari with 'Light Pulse' and a large ball of light appeared in his hand and he shot a light laser beam at Hikari and it hit Hikari. Hikari then said,"Alright! Time to show you what I've got!" Hikari jumped into the air and attacked with 'Storm Shred' and tiny blades of wind fell from the sky and the man had to dodge them but he was exhausted. Then, Hikari attacked with 'Storm of Blades' and over 1000 wind blades appeared in the sky and rained down on the man. The man couldn't dodge the wind blades so he took the damage and he started bleeding. The man said,"Impressive. The name's Sean War and my partner over here is Ark Master." Hikari said,"My name is Hikari." Sean attacked with 'Light Wave' ad a large wave of light hit Hikari. Sean then attacked Hikari with 'Searchlight' and a large disc of light was shot at Hikari and Hikari dodged the attack. The disc then started shooting out light blasts that Hikari couldn't dodge. Hikari was exhausted but he didn't feel like giving up. Sean then said,"Let's fight seriously!" Hikari agreed with Sean.

Sean then attacked with 'Flash Break' and blinding light was shone in the room. Hikari couldn't see him. Sean then attacked with 'Flaming Iron Fist'. Hikari was hit by the attack and he flew up to mid-air. Sean then attacked him again with 'Light Cannon' and he projected a powerful beam of light from his hand. Hikari said,"I can't do this alone but I've just got to try." Hikari fell to the ground and stood up again and said,"Time to end this fight!" Hikari then defended himself with "Storm Mail" and Sean attacked with 'Moon Blade' and he made two rotating waves of light that attacked Hikari but Hikari's defense was impenetrable. Hikari then finished him with 'Storm Bringer' and Sean got caught in a large tornado of wind that blew him away and Hikari defeated him with 'Emera Baram' and Sean was defeated. Hikari thought it was over but it wasn't too long before he remembered Sean's partner, Ark. He then saw a shadow overshadowing him. Hikari turned around and saw Ark. Ark elbowed him to the ground. Ark said,"It's over. You've exhausted all of your magic defeating my partner and you can't beat me." Hikari then passed out. As soon as he woke up, he saw Ark defeated and he saw Hibachi in front of him. Hibachi helped him up and Hibachi said,"Looks like you had a hard time fighting. It's a good thing that he's down." Hibachi brought out an ice crystal which he used to trap Ark. Hibachi then said,"You'll be working for my brother from now on." Hibachi gave Hikari the crystal and Hikari gained Ark's power. It was also a bad choice because when Hikari absorbed Ark's power, he became a human-demon hybrid.

Chapter 8: Paths of Mastery: Kazuto and Saijo vs. Tengu and Akujin

Kazuto saw two men, one with red hair and the other with white hair. The man with white hair said,"Such a shame that you ended up with us." The man with red hair then said,"Cuz' we're gonna beat the pulp out of you." The man with white hair said,"I believe you've heard of us, haven't you?" Kazuto said,"Nope. Don't got a clue of who you are." The man with white hair said,"I'm Serious Tengu and this is Akujin. Now, do you know who we are?" Kazuto said,"Nope. Still don't know. Now let's fight!" Kazuto summoned his Heaven's Wheel Armor and attacked with 'Heaven's Wheel: Blumenblatt' and tons of swords were fired at Tengu but Tengu melted the swords with his Fire Magic. He then saw Kazuto charging towards him and saw that the swords were delusions. Kazuto slash Tengu by his abdomen. Tengu was bleeding. Tengu attacked him with 'Heat Shot' and Tengu shot a stream of fire from his palm. Kazuto changed into his Flame Emperor Armor and used his flame sword to brush the flames aside. He then attacked him with 'Demon Blade Crimson Sakura' and stabbed Tengu. Tengu fell to the floor and died. Akujin then attacked Kazuto with 'Phoenix Flame' and a large flame phoenix appeared and it attacked Kazuto. Kazuto said,"Looks like it's just you and me." Akujin attacked with 'Heat Shot' and a large wave of darkness was coming towards Kazuto. Kazuto used his sword and slashed the wave into two. Kazuto saw that Akujin wasn't there. Then, the slashed wave of darkness started forming Akujin and Akujin appeared behind him and attacked with 'Flaming Iron Fist'. Kazuto then falls to the ground. Kazuto then said,"Is it the end for me?" Then, out of the blue, fire appeared and started forming a person. Then, a man wearing a white jacket stepped out of the fire and said,"Long time, no see, Akujin." Akujin said,"I'd say the same thing to you, Saijo." Kazuto said,"Saijo Strife, one of the 10 Paths of Mastery, the path of hope. How do you know him." Saijo said,"Akujin and Tengu were former members. Tengu was toughness while Akujin was gratitude, but ever since he left, he decided that when he'd get his revenge, he'd become the founding path of chaos. Akujin said,"Let's settle this just like old times."

Akujin attacked with 'Water-Make: Lion, Water-Make: Eagle, Water-Make: Dragon' and he created the three creatures out of water. They then charged at Saijo. Saijo defended himself with 'Sol Shield' and his body was covered entirely in flames. Saijo charged at Akujin and as Saijo touched the water creatures, they disappeared into thin air. Saijo then attacked Akujin with 'Sol Pressure' and Akujin flew into mid-air. Saijo attacked him again with 'Infinite Sun Dive'. Saijo punched Akujin with his flame-enhanced fists. Akujin then entered his Demon state. Akujin attacked Saijo with 'Black Lightning: Dark Raging Bolt' and he struck Saijo with Lightning and Darkness Magic. Saijo was bruised but Saijo said,"You wanna play dirty, then I'll play dirty." Saijo removed his limiter jacket. Akujin attacked Saijo with 'Lightning Pillar' and Saijo absorbed the attack. Saijo said,"I can use my Speed Magic, Absorption Magic and Reverse Magic when my jacket's off." Saijo attacked Akujin with 'Lightning Pillar' and Akujin was hit. Saijo then entered his Sol Release and he ran with his Speed Magic towards Akujin and used every single Legendary Fire spell he knew, but the spells were enhanced and advanced. Saijo attacked Akujin with 'Family Secret Art: Risky Win: Volcanic Fist' and Akujin tried to block it with 'Dark Dome' but the defense was penetrable. Akujin got hit. Saijo said,"Let's both settle this." Akujin attacked with 'Dark Delete' and Saijo dodged the attack and he brutalized Akujin with his deadliest attack 'Family Secret Art: True Risky Win: Ultimate Grand Explosion' and as Saijo punched Akujin, Akujin's body started breaking and he shattered into pieces. Saijo then fainted and passed out for 5 seconds. Saijo then woke up and saw his injuries. He then used his Reverse Magic and reversed the state of his body so he was finally in good shape. Saijo then took his limiter jacket, put it on and said,"It's time to take this guild down."

Chapter 9: The Remaining 4: Sacred Sentinels vs. Demon Spade

All the members of the Sacred Sentinels that survived their fights got together and plotted on how to defeat the guild master, since the lockdown was over. Saijo then used his Super Archive and figured out the path to the guild master's lair. The team ran towards the location but the team was stopped by 2 girls, one in a white dress and the other in black. Maryjane and Hikari decided to take them on while the rest moved forward. The rest of the team was almost close to the guild master's lair. 2 other boys came and stopped them. Jason and Geraldio then wanted to face them. The rest got to the lair. The lair was a giant chamber and at the end of the room is a wooden throne. Saijo, Kazuto, Hibiki, and Hibachi heard the door close behind them. The turned and saw that the door was closed. They then turned again and saw a man dressed in a black suit. Alas, it was the guild master of Demon Spade. The whole team was split up into fighting the last of Demon Spade's guild members.

Chapter 10: Mirror of Cursed Flames: Maryjane and Hikari vs. Blossom and Foxy

Maryjane and Hikari wre caught up in a fierce battle with 2 female members of Demon Spade. The 2 girls said,"We're Blossom Kingston and Foxy Lantern!" Maryjane and Hikari introduce themselves as well. Blossom attacked with 'Light Saber' and she struck the ground causing an opening. Foxy then used her sword and attacked with 'Omni-Directional Pulse' and the attack was very hard for them to dodge, but luckily, they dodged it. Maryjane then said,"I'll take Blossom, you take Foxy." Hikari brought out his sword and said,"Got it!" Blossom said,"You guys don't know who you're dealing with. I was the one who slaughtered everyone in the entire council, with Pain Endgame." Maryjane then said,"So you're the wench who destroyed the council." Blossom then attacked with 'Moon Blade' and sent two slashing waves out of her light saber. Maryjane formed her own sword with her Mirror Magic and slashed through the waves. Blossom and Maryjane then clashed with both their swords. They kept on clashing. Blossom then attacked with 'Light Spores' and Maryjane got attacked. She then fell into the opening that Blossom made in the ground earlier. Blossom then stabbed Maryjane with her light saber, but Maryjane started turning to glass and the light energy was being absorbed. It was a clone and the clone disappeared and Maryjane appeared behind Blossom and used her glass sword filled with light magic to stab Blossom through her chest. Maryjane then said,"This is for killing everyone I cared about in the council." Maryjane then said,"You need help, Hikari?" Hikari then said,"You think?"

Hikari was having a hard time with Foxy. Hikari attacked Foxy with 'Flaming Slash of Darkness'. Foxy used her sword and absorbed the magic from the attack. She then said,"So you defeated Ark and absorbed his powers. I expected more from him. After all he is the master's younger brother." Hikari then said,"Your sword absorbed my attack?" Foxy then said,"Oh yeah, this is no ordinary sword. This sword can absorb any kind of magic. So just give up." She then attacked with 'Flaming Slash of Darkness' and slashed Hikari. Maryjane then defended herself with 'Reflector'. Foxy then said,"What good is that gonna do?" Hikari attacked with 'Cursed Flame Barrage' but Foxy had enhanced speed and agility so she was able to dodge the hits. She then brought out her sword and absorbed the magic from his attack. She then used her speed and ran behind Maryjane. She used the attack 'Cursed Flame Barrage' but Maryjane created an invisible reflector mirror behind herself and as it absorbed the attack, the mirror broke and Maryjane attacked with 'Cursed Flame Barrage of Mirror Shards' and Foxy used her sword and absorbed it again. The power was too much for her sword to take so her sword broke into millions of little pieces. Maryjane quickly trapped Foxy in her spell called 'Kaleidoscope' Then, Hikari used his 'Molecular Rearrangement' and rearranged the pieces of Foxy's sword. Hikari then gave Foxy the final blow with 'Mirror of Cursed Flames' and Foxy fell to the ground helplessly.

Chapter 11: Element Warfare: Jason and Geraldio vs. Nolan and Pain

Jason and Geraldio decided to face the 2 boys that stopped the team on their way. The 2 boys said,"You seem to be lost. How about we put you in your place, the afterlife. By the way, our names are Nolan Strange and Pain Endgame." Jason and Geraldio said,"Enough with the chit chat, alright. Let's settle this once and for all." Geraldio then decided to attack Nolan with his Wind Magic and attacked with 'Wind Slicer' and waves of wind were sent flying towards Nolan and Nolan didn't move an inch. The wind waves missed him except one. Nolan then said,"Those wind waves would have all missed me but I just wanted one to hit me so that I can show you how hard it is to beat me." Nolan's injuries and wounds started fading away. Nolan then said,"You see, I'm a werewolf demon. Thanks to that, I have a regenerative healing factor and I have mental resistance, so I can block any magical attack thrown at me. Why do you think that all those wind waves missed me?" Jason then attacked Pain with 'Wind Cyclone' and a cyclone of wind appeared and circled towards Pain but Pain succeedingly countered the attack with 'Dark Drill' and the drill went through the center of the cyclone and hit Jason. Pain then said,"You can't beat me, weakling. Don't you know that I'm the guy who obliterated the Magic Council. "I'd love to see you try and defeat me."

Nolan used his enhanced speed and started circling round Geraldio. Geraldio then attacked with 'Earth Smash'. Nolan dodged it and jumped in the air. He then raced towards Geraldio and Geraldio created a defensive dome of ice. Nolan used his claws and destroyed the dome and pierced through Geraldio, noticing that it was a clone. Geraldio then attacked Nolan with 'Ice Drill' from behind and stabbed Nolan. Nolan then used his mental resistance and casted the spell away. Geraldio then attacked with 'Earth Boulder' and a humongous earth boulder was crashing towards Nolan. Nolan was still regenerating from the grievous wound caused by the ice drill. Nolan tried as much as he could to break the boulder to pieces with his mental resistance. Nolan then used all the strength he had left and broke the boulder to pieces. Geraldio then took advantage and attacked with 'Earth Arrow Shot' and the tiny fragments turned to tiny earth bullets and they all pierced through Nolan's body and Geraldio won the battle, but Nolan's presence disappeared afterwards. Jason was still fighting with Pain and Pain was beating him to a pulp. Geraldio came and helped him defeat Pain. Maryjane and Hikari met them and they all decided to meet up with the others and help them defeat the guild master of Demon Spade.

Chapter 12: All-Out War: Sacred Sentinels vs. Vlad Master

Saijo, Kazuto, Hibiki, and Hibachi were ready to take the guild master of Demon Spade head on. "Shall we introduce ourselves before we settle things dreadfully? My name's Vlad Master. And what are your names?" said the guild master. "Our names are Kazuto, Hibiki and Hibachi Alexis, but you can call us the Alexis Siblings, except that one of us isn't here. And this is..." Kazuto said, until he was interrupted by Vlad, who said,"Saijo Strife, I know. You're one of the 10 Paths of Mastery, the path of hope, right?" Saijo said,"You could say that again." Vlad then said,"Alright then, show me the power of the Alexis Siblings and the path of hope combined." Hibachi attacked with his dagger knives. He threw them at Vlad and they cut him by his hair, face, and neck. But as soon as the knives passed Vlad, the knives melted. "How is that possible?" said Hibachi. "I thought you wouldn't be surprised since I do use Fire Magic," said Vlad, "Anyone else want to try?" Hibiki attacked with 'Iron-Make: Hammer' and a gigantic iron hammer appeared and he used it to attack Vlad but Vlad counter attacked with 'Fire Bullet' and the flame bullet sent Hibiki flying across the room. Kazuto then attacked with 'Demon Blade Crimson Sakura' and he slashed Vlad but Vlad didn't feel pain and snapped his fingers while saying 'Abysmal Explosion' and a flaming whirlwind blasted Kazuto to where the others were. Vlad then said,"I guess the Alexis Siblings are not as strong as they seem to be. How about we fight, Saijo." Saijo attacked with 'Sol Arc' and Vlad dodged the attack not knowing it was a delusion as Saijo attacked Vlad with 'Sol Stamp' and gave Vlad a heavy double kick wit his white flame-ignited feet. Vlad was pushed back and he said,"Not bad. You might just be the one opponent that could actually take me on." Saijo said," I'd love to see you try and beat me. No holding back this time." Saijo took off his Limiter Jacket and Vlad entered his Demon Form. Vlad said,"Time to get serious!" The battle was just beginning, or was it...

Saijo said,"Are you ready, guys?" The others said,"We're right behind you!" Vlad said,"Time to keep your companions company." Vlad used his Living Magic and summoned his underlings and commanded them to attack the Alexis Siblings while he dealt with Saijo Strife. Kazuto then said,"Don't worry, we can handle them. Just defeat him and interrogate him on why he bombarded the magic council, and hurry!" "I've got this, you can count on me," Saijo said. Vlad attacked with 'Dark Rondo' and swirling spirals of darkness came towards Saijo but Saijo absorbed it and combined it with his Lightning Magic and then attacked with 'Dark Lightning Spiral Pillar' and Vlad fell to the ground and said,"You wanna combine magic, I'll combine magic too!" Vlad attacked with 'Dark Delete Flames' and several spheres of darkness and fire were fired at Saijo, but Saijo used his Speed magic and dodged them all but Vlad had disappeared, unnoticed. He then jumped out from the smoke screen and attacked with 'Flaming Missile of Darkness' and Saijo was hit by it. Saijo and Vlad were exhausted and they decided to end their battle with one last attack. Vlad attacked with 'Genesis Zero' but Saijo attacked with 'Family Secret Art: True Risky Win: Ultimate Grand Explosion' and Saijo won the battle with ease. Saijo then said,"First things first, why did you kill the Magic Council?" Vlad answered by saying,"It's simple, because we wanted no one to interfere with our plan on activating the GULE-EEl Project, that is the Gigantic Ultra Luminous Ether-Extraction Explosive Lacrima, which we would use to wipe out all the magic from the face of the earth." Saijo then pierced his hand through Vlad's chest. "This is for killing my brother and for kidnapping my mother and getting her killed," he said. A voice then spoke in his head and he started repeating what the voice said, which was,"The first clue is that which brings up all true, the next enemy's hideout is all covered in blue, the front passage is an empty face with the GULE-EEL project running on the chase. Saijo then thought and knew that the project would ge passed down to the next guild guild called the Nightmare Wing and they trained hard for the next guild and so here the story comes to the end, or does it...

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