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The True Adventure



Fearī Teiru: Enchanto


X788 to X790


Earth Land

Main Character

Keith Maverick
Kithe Maddie
Joy Adelia
Michelle Valance
Almark Giovanni
Trinity Whiteheart
Rin Irving
Shiro Kirusaki
Axel Kiyoshi
Acha McSchwartz


Action/Adventure/Comedy/Slice Of Life

Theme Song

Blank Space, by Taylor Swift

"Friendship Is Magic"

Fairy Tail: Enchanted (フェアリーテイル:エンチャント, lit. Fearī Teiru: Enchanto) is a fanon installment of the Fairy Tail story which was written by Sheperd, Iffy, Acha and Justin. Ironically, Enchanted was rather unique than most storyline in the fanon, as it is the currently known story which have 2 separate sequels, one done by Iffy, which focuses on the group Zero-to-Infinity, and the other done of Acha.

Like most other stories in this fanon, Enchanted took place in an alternate timeline and dimensions; Thus, preventing any canon materials from entering it. In this story, it revolves around the getting the Keystones concept. The concept might be look dull, but it will slowly grow well as the story progress. On the other note, every chapter will be posted randomly suits the author(s) mood, but if the didn't do anything within a week, their line will be cut off.

Practically, Shiro Kirusaki is the lead protagonist, so F And A got a feeling that he will be the strongest by the end of the series. Unfortunately, Keith Maverick is currently the strongest character without a stupidly broken ability, (please check Acha McSchwartz for an OP character). The authors predicted that Enchanted will end in eleven arcs.


After waking up finding themselves in a strange dimension, Shiro Kirusaki, Almark Giovanni, and Keith Maverick team up to find a way back home. Meanwhile, their friends are looking for them everywhere, but somehow, they too, end up inside the dimension. Soon, a dark guild called Magnasium Dark, reveal themselves as the ones who trapped them there the first place. They also reveal that the only way back is to obtain the 8 pieces of the Keystone to escape, but the 12 mages have to defeat the S-class mages and the Guild Master, and Magnasium Dark's motives are still unknown...



白 切る崎
Shiro Kirusaki
RinStar トリニティー ホワイトハート
Trinity Whiteheart
Clayton りんアアービング
Rin Irving

KeithStar キス マディ
Kithe Maddie
Keith Maverick
Sora KH アルマク ジョバンニ
Almark Giovanni


Michelle Valance
Shiina Mashiro ジョイ アデリア
Joy Adelia
Kotori-itsuka-134185 エスメラルダ
Joy Adelia

Male BRS アクセル清潔
Axel Kiyoshi
Acha FTE
Prussia アカ ムクスクワーツ
Acha McSchwartz


Magnasium Dark

S-Class Mages
K-11-reishi-third king-blue king-powers-aura アリスサンダルおうどい
Alice Sandaloche
Zafkiel 炎山のキラー
Fuego Yamakira
Alice Sandaloche

Napoleon Wreckmaster

Guild Master

Side Characters

Captain Hood


"Time for some mystery!"
— F And A

Begin Arc

Gathering of the Keystone Arc


  • Fairy Tail: Enchanted is the first story created by it's respective author, with the exception given to Justin Wong who already have his own story.
  • Most of the characters included in this story doesn't have accurate information about their powers just yet. However, it will soon be revealed as the story progress.
  • Acha McSchwartz was stated to be as one of the strongest character in this series.
  • The famous Keith Maverick also make an appearance as a protagonist. Ironically, this must be one of his route.
  • A new chapter will be posted every week at a random day. If an author doesn't post his or her part of the story within a week, the next author in line may cut the line and edit.
  • As of Feb 27th or 28th for some of you, Fairy Tail: Enchanted has officially started
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