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"It all started with a job that some multi-million-jewel mining company posted to a guild in Fiore. The job was to help mine out some precious materials from the island of Cardascia that could only be found there. When the team of mages- and miners- disappeared mysteriously, the mage's parent guilds sent out rescue teams; all of which who also disappeared. The Magic council then put together a team of hand-picked mages to take on the rescue mission and guess what? They also disappeared. Then, the Magic Council contacts us, the Orion's Belt Guild, to try and investigate. I, along with a crew of mages who have special skills in Surveying, accepted the job, but we can't do it by ourselves. We need more people to ensure that we make it out that island that has claimed many lives. So, What do you say?" - Lars O'Ryenne



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