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"Vamola!!" "Do you hear the Earth's Song?"

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Fairy Tail: Journey and Retribution (フェアリーテイル 人生行路と罰, Fearī Teiru: Jinseikouro to Bachi), alternatively referred to as Fairy Tail: Journey of Life and Divine Punishment and Fairy Tail: J & R respectively, was a fanon installment of the Fairy Tail series set in an alternate timeline adjacent to the canon storyline as a means to increase creative freedom.

Authored by Another Poetic Spartan, Journey and Retribution followed the journey of travelling mercenary Delilah Gardner as she searches for the murderers of her guild White Horizon in order to bring them to justice and bring peace to her guilt-ridden consciousness. However, unbeknownst to her, something far more sinister was at work.

The Opening Theme for Fairy Tail: Journey and Retribution was Raison d'etre by Nightmare


Set some months after the Tower of Heaven Incident, a young woman by the name of Delilah Gardner witnesses the unwarranted massacre of her guild, White Horizon, at the hands of a cloaked assailant who goes by Dante. Powerless at the destruction before her, Delilah attempts to stop Dante to no avail as he easily knocks her out, mocking her as she fades into unconsciousness. The last thing she remembers is a distinct Guild tattoo of a Laughing Hand.

Delilah awakens the next day in the wreckage of her guild home to see the bodies of her guild mates mysteriously gone. Rising, Delilah sees a young man shifting through the wreckage and angrily chases him off. Unknown to Delilah, the trauma of White Horizon's destruction becomes a central fixture of her mind, causing her to momentarily seal the true identity of the culprit and mistakenly believe the young man to be the main perpetrator. With a desire for vengeance, Delilah packed whatever she could bring and set out in search of the young man, promising that by the time they meet, she would be stronger.

The main theme of Journey and Retribution is


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Finding Him Arc

Search For Laughing Hand Arc

Iceberg Lich Arc

Demon Tool Arc

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Behind the Scenes

  • Due to Another Poetic Spartan's famous procrastination and laziness, Fairy Tail: Journey and Retribution may never be finished.
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