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"Can sins be forgiven and forgotten?"

Fairy Tail: Vice (フェアリーテイルバイス, Fearī Teiru: Baisu) is a Fanon installment of the Fairy Tail series, set in an alternate timeline in order to not interfere with the canon storyline, as well as to allow more freedom with the story. It is authored by HB, and primarily focuses on Amon and Lamia, shortly after the "birth" of Lilith.


In this timeline, during the battle against Future Rogue and the Dragons that came out of the Eclipse Gate, things went differently. In the fierce battle, many were killed by the Dragons, mainly the Mages who battled against them, including those of the Fairy Tail Guild as well as Crime Sorcière, also enabling Ultear Milkovich to use Last Ages and fix the damage done.

It was only until the present Rogue Cheney sacrificed himself in order to make it so his future counterpart never traveled back in time, sending the Dragons to their timelines as well, but the damage they inflicted remained, and Crocus was destroyed, along with many victims and very few survivors.

Now, about 4 years since that event, the story focuses on Lamia, one of the survivors of said event, who was injured and left scarred by the Dragons' attacks, after she has become an infamous criminal and is now trying to live her daily life in a small town far from Crocus, staying in an abandoned hotel on top of a hill close to the town.

It also focuses on her best friend, Amon, a blind assassin for hire who sees Lamia as his only friend, and has no memories of his early childhood, and does not know why he became an assassin to begin with.

The primary focus is Amon and Lamia as they attempt to raise Lilith, their artificial daughter, and as the story progresses, the family increases as well, all whilst several antagonists with unknown intentions appear to be having their own plans.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters




Main Story Arc


Everyday Arc

Shadow God Arc

Trio Arc

Beauty and Beast Arc

Asterion Arc

Breather Arc

Late Arc

Forgotten Childhood Arc

Prisoner Arc

Council Invasion Arc

Kaiser Arc

Seperation Arc

Loss Arc

Returning Games/Monsters Arc

Hellhole Arc

Bosco Arc

Dianoir Arc

Alakitasia Arc

Black Dawn Arc

Note: The Black Dawn arc will be the only arc of Fairy Tail: Vice to feature characters from another series, as it is a crossover arc between Vice and Fairy Tail: Dawn.


Dark Jade

Dark Jade (黒翡翠, Kurohisui) is a spin-off of the main storyline, focusing primarily on the Queen of Fiore, Hisui E. Fiore, and her bodyguard, Sirius, having a lighter, more comedic and slice of life edge to it, compared to the main stories, taking place in different points of the timeline. The stories have no overarching theme and are simply meant to be nice distraction for a good laugh and breathers. Note that the canonicity of these chapters can be up to debate, compared to thers (i.e. Unexpected Visitors being one).


  • The series is titled "Vice" for the reason that most of the main cast are criminals, wanted for a multitude of crimes, or have commited sinful acts in the past, or present.
    • The Maken being a central focus later on can also count as the reason for the title, as they represent the Seven Sins, including the "8th Sin", which is said to be Despair.
  • The author does not shy away the foul language.
  • Vice has various mythological themes, mostly from Greek Mythology, as many characters of Vice share names with Mythological Greek figures, and at times, a theme associated with said Greek figure.
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