Fajuro La Fuego, is a Fire Mage originating from a small tribe of Demons who specialize in Fire Magic. He is currently serving under the Emperor of Neo Sabaakhan as one of his personal bodyguards. Before he took up his duties as a bodyguard of the emperor, he worked as a bounty hunter and was infamously known as the Meteor Fist (流星拳 Ryūsei ken) due to his insane physical strenght combined with his Fire Magic creating his own unique Martial Art Style.

Fajuro La Fuego
Name Fajuro La Fuego
Kanji N/A
Rōmaji N/A
Race Demon
Age 35
Gender male
Height 7´10
Weight 110 kg
Eyes red
Hair purple
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Neo Saabakhan
Previous Affiliation Northern Ignis Tribe
Occupation Mage
Previous Occupation Bounty Hunter
Team Hellhounds
Base of Operations Neo Saabakhan Palace
Personal Status
Alias Meteor Fist
Magic Fire Magic


Fajuro is a very huge individual with a wide, distinctively muscular physique. Also worth mentioning are his reptilian scales and spikes on various areas of his flesh as well as pointy ears which are prominent features shared by most of his clansmen, giving him an appearance of an humanoid dragon. His eyes are of a hellish red, with no visible pupils He keeps his slightly purple hair in a side parting.

His attire consists of an purple-green armor with the Insignia of his former clan decorating his breastplate as well as cape fixed on the back of his armor. Hes wearing lacrima enhanced gauntlets as well as boots enhanced by the same lacrima, which serve as amplification for his Martial Arts.


Fajuro is a very cruel, hotheaded and bloodthirsty guy who enjoys fighting above everything else. His only desire is to fight strong oppenents, he despises weaklings deeply. In his opinion only the strong ones are privileged to stand before him the weak ones have no place in this world and should just perish. It doesn´t bother him to resort to dirty tricks such as surprise attacks or an ambush as long as it helps him winning. He also has a very sadistic side which is shown when he is torturing allies of his opponents before their very eyes just to make them loose their minds and break their will. He quickly loses his temper when someone doesn´t follow his commands or the situation seems to get bad for him during a fight.

Despite his cruel personality, he shows great loyalty towards his kingdom and the Emperor, even willing to risk his own life in order to protect them from damage and dishonor.




Heat Lacrima Gauntles & Boots:

Those weapons are forged from heat lacrimas which can be found in Saabakhans volcanos and a special metal alloy created by the Saabakhan Research and Development Department. Thanks to the processing used by said institute the weapons are as solid as diamons which makes them pretty dangerous used as close combat weapons. The lacrima functions as absorber of the ethernano around and turning it into heat energy inside of the gauntlets/boots. Combined with Fajuros internal ethernano the lacrima produces a massive combustion upon imapct with an enemy giving his attacks much more impact and an explosive attribute.

Power and Abilities:


  • Fajuro is based of Agatio from Golden Sun: The Lost Age
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