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False Death
Parent Magic

Illusion Magic


Manito Doufu

False Death is a Caster Type Magic branching out from Illusion Magic. It is a quicken spell that utilizes a psychosomatic illusion technique and a quixotic force technique.


A type of Magic which gives the user and his or her allies the state of death at wherever they are located (though within 900 to 1,200m in diameter from the user), allowing them to only get up from the death state when all harmful effects and events during the battle ends. The user and his or her allies are fully revived from their last current status at the time when this spell was last casted.

The spell also affects the land, its environment, and its non-hostile creatures the same way it would do so for the user and his or her allies.

This spell can only be used twice every hour.

As a quicken spell, the user may choose to have this spell's effect take place before any other effect.

Derived Spells

Back from False Death: A type of Magic that negates the effect of one illusion from a target object and shatters it with a variety of effects.

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