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All Cynteria could hear after passing out is different sounds and voice's that came in and out during the time she was passed out, some sounded like children laughter, others sounded like crying, and some sounded like the activities that she and Alice did in private. However, all of the sounds slowly died out as she started to wake up, opening her eyes to see that she was staring at a wooden celing.

"Where... Where am I?" She asked when she heard the sound of a door opening. 

"Morning lazy....We're in another hotel on Korkon Island, Tsume was kind enough to give us a lift on their boat." Said Alice leaning over Cyn.

"Ugh... Man, what about Enigma, where is he!?" Cynteria said in an angry tone, but was held down by Alice.

"Gone....He left the island and nobody has seen him since." Said Tsume sitting by the door. "Was kinda hoping he's show off so i could end himself."

"Yeah he vanished after you owned him." Said Alice smiling. "You did good though he was created to kill Markus and you matched him."

"I don't even know how I managed to achieve it..." Cynteria said groaning as she felt her head pulsing from the pain she had taken. 

"It's called the Phoenix Force." Said Tsume walking over. "I heard legends of the magic when i was a mercenary.....Was mentioned afew times this form they could enter that gives them a huge pwoer boost."

"Wow....You know more than i do." Said Alice sitting ont he bed. "And my brother IS a Phoenix Slayer."

"So he must've been able to use it too, but I never heard about it at all, then again my father didn't exactly teach me everything about the Phoenix" Cynteria said sighing as she moved her hand to grab Alice's.

"Ask Markus he could help when we get back. I'm sure he could help ya with some new tricks." Smiled Alcie laying next to Cyn. "So after you've recovered what shall we do? There some really cool castles around here and they got a martial arts tournement going on as well."

"I was thinking we go visit this nearby village, it's suppose to have this amazing festival today and I've honeslty never been to a festival before" She said chuckling like a school girl, but stopped when she felt pain on her sides. 

"Luckly all the castles are in or near the village!" Smiled Alice helping Cyn up. "Come on lets go find some earth for you to absorb."

"I'm gonna find Abi...I think she got lost clothes shopping again." Said Tsume leaping out the open window.

Cynteria and Alice smiled as she helped her lover up and went to get her some earth to absorb.

Destiny's Way

The two walked around for abit heading towards the near by village but came across a horried discovery, the town was in ruins with some buildings still in ruins.

"What happened here?!" Said Alice shocked as she saw a woman's arm hanging out from beneath some rubble and a burnt teddy on the ground with dried blood on it's face. "Who did this?!"

Cynteria looked around at the devestation, she was in shock at what had just happened to the area, the once peaceful village was in ruin's as many were dead and bleeding on the floor. She was about to cry when she heard the sounds of soft sobbing, "Alice, there are survivor's!" She said running to the sound to the sobbing with Alice following behind.

Eventually they both found themselves in a house, still standing despite being the entire village being torn asunder as the crying could be heard louder. 

Alice closed her eyes and moved her head around to find the source of the sound. "It's upstairs...." Said Alcie as she ran to the blocked staircase. "Damn!"

Alice tried to move the blockage but was unable she looked around abit for something to help her while Cyn did the same.

Cynteria sliced at the wooden blockade with her feathered wing as it managed to split it in half and allow the rubble to slide down the roof as she and Alice made their way upstairs. The two found two rooms and went in one, they found it to be a former little girl's room with all of the furniture and items all torn and broken, and in the middle of the room were a husband and wife, both stabbed as they were holding two dolls.

Cynteira was horrifed by the sight that she saw, but then heard the muffled sobbing as she looked at the closet, she turned to Alice who nodded. She then walked over slowly, reached out towards the door and opened it quickly, seeing two little girls in front of her, one had short white hair while the other was a younger sister with long flowing blue hair as the older sister stood in front of the younger one, trying to make sure Cynteria wouldn't harm them.

"Easy, I'm not going to hurt either of you, you're safe now" Cynteria said with a kind and gentle smile on her face as she looked at them.

Alice looked around and noticed the swords. "They look familiar...." Said Alice as she reached for the blade only to be stopped by a voice.

"They're weapons used by Vega's personal band of zealots...." Said the voice. "I got here too late.....Sh*t!"

Alice turned around and saw her twin brother Markus standing in the doorway holding the lifeless body of a Black Hand Zealot.

"Guys, please..." Cynteria said glaring at the two of them, reminding them that there were two young girls that had just lost their parentsd and were scared half to death, "Come on out... It's okay, nobody's gonna hurt you" She said with a gentle smile as the girl with white her slowly made her way out of the closet with her little sister in hand as Cynteria had covered their parent's bodies to make sure that they didn't see anything. 

"The survivers have gathered at the town square....Lets get there." Said Markus dragging the Zealot's body behind him, while the sealot had no injuries it was obvious he wasdead by the large lump in the side of his neck. "I've got no clue what Vega is doing here....This region has no involvement in the Archipelgo War.....Then again Vega isn't one for rational thinking or mental stability."

"It looks like he just attacked for the hell of it." Said Alice glancing at the body Markus was dragging. "Was he a straggler?"

"Yep....His friends ran once i appear and this weakling took his own life." Said Markus looking at his sister showing the anger building up in his eyes. "Thought i'd bring him along for the towns people to do whatever they want with....."

Cynteria nodded as she looked down to the sisters, "Come, we'll take you to the group, I'm sure the elder's there will help you" She said smiling as she attempted to grab the younger sister, but stopped when the older one blocked her way, glaring at her. "It's okay, you can trust us, we'll protect you and your sister" She said with a smile as Alice walked over and nodded.

The younger sister nodded as she let Cynteria pick her up while Alice held the older sister's hand.

Markus looked back and sighed, he then looked at his luggage and decided to toss it into a near by fire. "Now your body can experience the fires of hell...." He mumbled as he walked away. "So do we know the names of the kids?"

"Not yet Markus....Let them recover a bit first." Said Alice.

Cynteria felt the younger sister tighten her grip on Cynteria, starting to cry again as they exited the house, both Alice and Cynteria could tell that she was still so scared as her older sister went to her and rubbed her back to comfort her.

"It's okay, you're safe now, there's no need to be scared" Cynteria said with a smile.

Markus walked over and patted the little girl on the head and smiled. "It's ok we'll protect you from anything kid....." Said Markus taking the girl from Cyn and using his lightning to create beutiful sparks in the hopes to cheer up up and distract her. "I'm Markus Hotaru the red head is my twin sister Alice Hotaru and the one with green hair is Cynteria her girlfriend....."

Cynteria elbowed Markus as she took back the girl who giggled when she saw the sparkles and saw Markus groaning in pain, "Excuse me, I believe you meant to say Sister-In-Law" She said showing off the ring that Alice had bought for her. 

"Ya what?!" Said Markus alittle shocked. "Well thanks for waiting till ya got home.....Besides i haven't given my blessing as the head of the Hotaru clan it's my right and duty."

"Well I figured after saving her from a ruthless butcher, I thought that would've made up for it" Cynteria said adjusting the young girl's weight in her arms. 

"Which one?" Asked Markus leading the way to the town square.

"Enigma...." Said Alice following on.

Markus stopped at hearing the name of Enigma. "You managed to beat him?" He asked Cyn turning around with a smirk.

"Well not destroy him, but yeah, I was able to take him down with my Phoenix Force that I unlocked" She said as they kept on walking to the town center with Alice carrying the older sister as she had fallen asleep on her shoulder, slightly drooling.

"Lets see if we can find somewhere to rest.....We'll pick up the hunt for Vega tommorow." Said Markus glancing around.

"What about these two?" Asked Alice stroking the big sister's hair as she slept.

"We'll bring them along....Can't leave them here, but we'll make sure they don't see us when we find Vega." Said Markus.

Cynteria nodded as the group made their way to an empty house nearby to allow themselves some rest as Cynteria and Alice put the two sister's to a clean bed that they managed to find. Afterwords, they went to the kitchen to see if any food was still there,

"Damn, not so much food" Cynteria said as she saw a couple pieces of meat and some rice. 

"We can do sometihng with this...." Said Markus as he openned a pouch on one of his belts and pulled out some herbs. "Can make a broth from the meat juices and make a beef rice stew."

"Ohhh sounds nice!" Said Alice sitting down. "So whats the plan?"

"I found some traks to the east so that's their route we'll follow it and end them." Said Markus lighting a small fire with his magic.

"I'm all for trying to get them, but we have the two girl's with us, before we head out, we must find someone to take them in" Cynteria said adding some more herbs as she began chopping them up. 

"We can bring them with us...I know afew people in this region that can help us....Tsume and Abi Kurosaki. Came across them earlier in the week." Said Markus as he stirred the stew abit. "They're tracking them at the moment."

"Hey we know them!" Said Alice smiling. "They helped us with Enigma!"

"Well thats handy....We can leave the kids with them while we tear Vega's men apart." Said Markus tasting the strew. "Ok it's ready....Alice put some in a couple of bowls and take it to the kids."

"Ok!" Said Alice doing as her brother asked.

Cynteria and Alice each grabbed one bowl as they went upstairs to give the food to both of the kids as they were awake and holding each other as they heard them both look up to see them a bit scared. "Hey, it's okay, it's just us come on, we brought you two some warm food" Cynteria said as the older sister glared and held her younger sister tightly.

"You need to relax....We are the people who are gonna kill those who do this to your home." Smiled Alice as she placed a bowl at the end of the bed.

Markus came up the staris. "Hey i'm gonna train abit out the back...I've eaten already.....Yours is waiting by the fire." He said before leaping out the hole next to the stairs.

"Typical...Always wants to be ready for the next fight." Said Alice with a smile.

"Here, eat up, you two had a hard day" Cynteria said as the older girl glared before grabbing the bowl that Alice had placed and beginning to eat. Cynteria chuckled and was about to give the younger girl the bowl, but saw that she had already left and gone to the window, looking at the lightning that Markus was producing.

"Pretty isn't it?" She asked walking over as the girl looked back and nodded.

"Mama used to tell me that Lightning wasn't scary, it was part of nature, and nature wasn't something to be scared of" the young girl finally spoke as Cynteria was suprised. 

Markus mixed his martial arts with his lightning before stopping and changing his look, growing 5 feathers on his forearms, lightning bolt marking across his skin and lightning to constantly come from his eyes. He then moved faster and summoned a sword swining it with an amazing level of skill and elegance.

"Wow... That's so cool..."Was all she could say before her tummy decided it was time to eat as she smelled the warm food and took it from Cynteria before going to sit over with her older sister.

"Well, I'm glad you guys like the food" Cynteria said smiling.

As the kids were eating they hear a loud noise like a bird screaching and a bright like outside. Followed by the sound of lightning disappating. "Well thats enough warming up my magic....I think i'll focus on physical aspects for now." Said Markus out side following by the sound of body parts moving at great speeds with the off booming of immense strength shaking the ground itself. "Vega will probably use ambushes at first but looks his limited paitence and attack head on....He's not one for manipulation so we won't ahve any 3rd parties working with him.....Though we could expect some problems from angry 3rd parties linking us to him in the wrong way."

"Markus stop talking to yaself!!" Shouted Alice with a smirk. "Strange man...."

"He can't help it, he gets really focused on his training it seems" Cynteria replied as the sounds of smal burps could be heard as the two girl's had finished their soup.

"So, did you two enjoy it?" Cynteira said looking at the older sister.

"It was fine...." Said the older sister. "What magic is he using?"

"Storm Phoenix Slayer Magic it's a rare lost magic taught to humans by phoenixes....He was taught by The Storm Lord Botlerus." Said Alice smiling. "Cyn is a Phoenix slayer as well but she uses the Earth style and was taught by the Earth Lord Stontas."

"Why kill phoenixes?" Asked the older sister.

Suddenly Markus appear and openned the window. "Well regular phoenixes can be effected by an illness that drives them mad and they attack everything and anything....." He said stepping into the room. "The Phoenix King told the other phoenixes that they could only kill a feral phoenix if one attacked them....So to counter that order they made us.....Now at first there were hundreds of us all finding and kill these ferals so they ould be reborn and come back with some extra resistance to the illness....But it came at a cost, many Slayer went rogue and began to hunt phoenixes for mroe power....That is an option we can take we can absorb a part of a phoenixes soul to gain mroe power and true immortality or the entire soul and replace that phoenix......However at this time they were hunting for power and killed any phoenix they came across or tried to....Thats when the Phoenix King decreed that 1 slayer per phoenix and if that Slayer wanted to create their own slayer but only one.....The bulk of the Slayers now are created by the Phoenix Nobles like Bolterus and Stontas."

"So you hunt them when they god mad? Why do they go mad....I mean i know it's an illness but how did they get it in the first place" Asked the older sister.

"Well before humans came into the world the gods made phoenixes to protect nature and all that the gods created from the dark gods they've been fighting.....The illness was the cause of a fight between a demonic lord known as Hodareth....After he was beaten he cursed all phoenixes to go mad and kill their own.....Luckly the phoenix king appear in person for the first and only time to try and coutner the curse.....He only weakened it enough that the Phoenix Lords, himself and his mate the Phoenix Queen were immune....Luckly each time a feral is killed and reborn they gain more resistance to the illness so they can't sucumb to it as easy."

"Ok next question....Why can't the Phoenix King enter our world?" Asked the sister her curisoity peaked.

"It's simple he's so pwoerful his very presence distorts the world around him....Trees grow out of control, the weather becomes chaotic and the earth begins to break and volcanos erupt and burn all." Said Markus sitting on the floor. "This is why he uses a form of thouht projection t oappear in human form when he wants to vist here....Normally he'sfound in the phoenix realm....Humans cna't enter it even Slayers...If we do our bodies break down and we vanish from reality....apparently."

"Huh, I never know anything like that" Cynteria said looking over to them, "Then again, it wouldn't be the first thing that he kept from me" Cynteria replied as she looked at the sister's.

"So, what's gonna happen to us now?" The younger girl said looking at them.

"Not sure but for now we'll look after ya." Said Markus smiling at the two.

"Yep!" Said Alice hugging the two sisters tightly. "We'll protct you with our lives!"

"That's right, you guys are more than happy to join up with us" Cynteria said smiling as she joined the hug, making Markus looking at them, seeing a future family.

"So you two gonna tell us your names....Will make things alot easier for us." Said Markus looking at the sky through the hole in the roof.

"My name is Joo Dee" The younger sister said looking at the grown ups.

"Chae Yi...." Said the older sister.

"Nice to meet ya." Said Markus standing up. "Lets all get some rest before we head off."

"Yeah i think thats a good idea." Said Alice standing up and stretching.

Cynteira looked at the two girls, "Get some sleep you two, tomorrow we have a long journey ahead of us" She said as the two sisters slowly went into the bed's sheets as she placed a large blanket on top of the both of them, before blowing out the lantern's.

Markus was sitting on the remains of the front wall watching the city. "You guys go to sleep i'll keep watch...." He said as he looked at the village.

"Yeah sure..." Said alice laying down on the floor and pulling Cyn down with her. "Cya tommorow bro!"

"Haha, good night" Cynteria also said as she placed the blanket over the two of them as Markus closed the door, "Wow, I have to admit, this wasn't what I expected" She said feeling sad.

"A wise man never trusts his expectations.....But flows with the way of life." Said Markus still watching the city. "It's a shame i didn't get here sooner....Some more people would've survived this attack...."

Hunter's Journey

After the long day's sleep for the small ground, the sound of the wind slowly woke up many of the people that were sleeping as Alice and Cynteria woke up, smiling at each other, "Good morning, sleep well?" She asked with a chuckle. 

"Yeah i did...despite having a large rock digging into my right leg..." Said Alice throwing the rock away. "Hey seen Markus?"

Alice got up and looked around trying to spot her brother but couldn't. She then went upstairs to see if he was there but again he wasn't.

"No, not since we went to bed" Cynteria said sitting up as she looked around, trying to get any sign that Markus was still here or out.

Suddenly Markus teleported just outside the building. "Good news and bad news....." He said stepping in holding a bag of supplies.

"Whats the good news?" Asked Alice as she came down the stairs.

"Well good news is that Vega has left the island....The bad news is he's gone south...." Said Markus putting down the bag down. "I found a zealot that got left behind and after some interrogation said they were going to Destero Island south of Mochina...."

"Ok so whats so bad about that?" Asked Alice sitting down on a chunk of the roof.

"It's a independant island....Led by a very paranoid leader and the police are as well.....So we as strangers will have a real fun time...." Said Markus leaning against whats left of the wall. "We'll head back to Mochina so you two can have your wedding and officially induct Tsume, Abi and Cyn into the guild....Then we'll head to Destero and finish this."

"Well that seem's simple enough" Cynteria said with a chuckle as she stood up and stretched her arms, "We better go talk with the kids about this Alice, I don't think they'll just accept being brought to a strange new place without them deciding if it's right for them or not" She told Alice as she and her walked up to the stairs to their room.

"Yeah lets talk to them about it." Said Alice following Cyn up the stairs.

"I'll go get Tsume and Abi....And see if i can arrage a lift back home." Said Markus turning around and heading off to find the others. "I spent most of lastnight looking for those suppleis and they don't even notice....."

As they both entered the room, they saw that the Chae and Joo were still sleeping in their bed as Cynteria gently smilied before walking over to see them, "Hey sleeping beauties, it's time to get up" She said pulling back the blanket as the older sister made a grab for it. 

"Hmmm that reminds me of someone." Smiled Alice looking at Cyn bfore poking the two sister. "Come on you two we got a surprise for ya."

Both finally groaned before they rubbed their eyes and looked up to the two as they were still sleepy, "What is it?" Joo Dee asked with a sleepy tone.

"Well, me and Alice were thinking, we know it's been hard since you met up with us, but we have a good feeling about you two. So we were wondering, would you like to become our daughter's?" Cynteria said with a smile as the two sisters looked in shock. 

"Relax i'm as shock as you two." Smiled Alice as she hugged Cyn. "I think it's a great idea though!"

"I-i don't know...." Said Chae Yi looking down. "Will we be leaving here?"

"Yeah we will....But you'll be safe with the rest of our guild, we're all family there and we'll protect you and help you." Said Alice smiling. "Plus Mochina Island where me and Markus are from has loads of adventure in the capital alone!"

"Will we be able to do cool stuff like that other guy?" Joo Dee said with excitment in her voice as Alice and Cynteria laughed.

"Well, we don't know if you two have the potential for magic, but we'll have to see won't we?" Cynteria said picking her up and hugging her. 

"We can ask Markus he can see magic within people remember...You should be able to as well being a Phoenix Slayer and all." Said Alice hugging the older sister. "We'll keep you guys safe and make sure you never loose your family again."

Both of the girl's looked at each other before smiling and looking back to the duo, "We'd like to come with you!" They said in a confident tone as both of their newly adopted mother's chuckled before giving them each a kiss on the cheek. 

"Ok lets head home!" Smiled Alice as she picked up the older sister. "Only problem is we gotta find your new uncle.....We'll be here awhile then...."

Cynteria carried the younger sister as they both headed out the door to the downstair's area as they grabbed their bag's and handed the smaller one's to their new daughter's. 

They sat outside the ruined building for a couple of hours waiting for Markus, Tsume and Abi. Eventually the three arrived and they started to make their way to an old patrol boat that a deceased soldier left behind.

"Wow this is actually in surprisingly good condition seeing at it's 50 years old." Said Tsume examining the boat. "So anyone know how to sail one of these?"

"I do go check the engine see if it's got enough Lacrima fuel...." Said Markus stepping aboard placing the Chae Yi on the deck with her bag. "Ok how's it looking down there Tsume?"

"We got 3/4 fuel left should enough to get back right?" Said Tsume pocking his head out the engine compartment.

"Yeah and if we run out there alittle trick i can do with my magic to get us that extra bit of distance." Said Markus starting the engine up.

"Well we got everyone set and ready to go" Cynteira said as the sister's were put down and went running to get on the boat. 

Markus used telekinesis to get them to the boat as it motored off to the sea. "Right now that we're all aboard we can head home.....We can also get the two latest additions to the Hotaru Clan settled in." Said Markus manuevering the coat around the rocks surrounding the island. "So what do you girls wanna do when we get back?"

"Well what is there to do?" Joo Dee asked with a shy tone.

"Tsume take over for me..." Said Markus handing over the wheel to Tsume as he sat on a crate. "Well you could spend time with the guild, see if you can use magic or tour the city with someone and see what your enw home is like."

"Cool i wouldn't mind a tour." Said Chae Yi looking up at Markus. "I already know what magic i can use uncle."

"Markus please....And what magic can you use?" Asked Markus.

"Requip....I dunno how though dad didn't teach us magic...." She replied looking down.

"Instinctive.....She'll be a powerful one then." Said Tsume glancing back. "Only person i know about that has that kind of skill is Erza Scarlet over in Fiore."

"Oh yeah! Titainia herself had instinctive use of magic....Read about it in Sorcerer's Magazine when me and Ellena were hunting Dark MAges there when we were younger." Said Markus shooting two lightning bolts between his hands. "The Hotaru Clan has instictive use of elemental magic."

"How about you Joo Dee, do you know any magic's?" Cynteria said looking down at the young girl who was shy by the amount of people in front of her as she hid behind Cynteria's leg.

"Um.. No... I haven't..." She said in a quiet tone as her sister scoffed at her. 

"I'm sure you can learn one or two for what my eyes show me you have great potentual in you." Said Markus as a pulse of lightning went through his eyes. "We got a good number of mages who can teach ya."

"Hehe yeah our guild is filled with loads of mages who can teach you magic....Though they are abit off the wall." Said Alice smiling.

"Don't worry about it, you don't have to choose right away" Cynteira said picking her up as she looked at the smiles everyone was putting out and smiled herself. 


A couple days later the group returned home  with just enough fuel to spare. After recovering from a rather chaotic trip they made their way to the Hotaru Estate to make the announcements.

"Welcome to the Hotaru Estate and guild hall to the Twilight Phoenix Guild!" Said Markus proudly. "This is your new home kids.....Welcome!"

"Thanks....I thought it be bigger." Said Chae Yi and smirked at Markus dejected face. "So what does that make you uncle Markus if you have a home like this?"

"Well our clan is one of the 5 major noble clans on the island.....Traditonally we're the deadliest mages and bodyguards to the royal family.....But that was before the attack, now i'm head and we're seen as the most.....Chaotic and powerful guild in the archipelago." Said Markus openning the gates with a wave of his hand.

"I think it's amazing" Joo Dee said with joy in her eyes as she gazed apon the house, she never saw anything like this before in her entire life.

"Just wait until you see the inside" Cynteria said as the small group went walking to the main door. 

Markus led the group to the front door and openned it. "We're home!!!" He shouted which caused the sound of a stamped came from all around, suddenly they were surrounded by a large number of mages. "Hey back up you savages!!"

The mob backed up abit with Yoshi holding them back. "So how was the vacation ladies?" Asked Yoshi with a smile. "And who are these tiny ladies?"

"Joo Dee and Chae Yi....And yeah was find until Enigma showed up....Oh and when we found Vega's handy work...." Said Alice picking up Joo Dee. "Though we did find these two so can't be all bad."

Joo Dee looked at all the people in front of her, shaking in Markus's arm's as she hid her face in his toned neck while Chae quickly jumped in front of Markus, telling the people to get away as they were scaring her. 

"Hey relax Joo....These guy are friendly...They're part of the clan as well." Said Markus patting her on the head. "Your safe here little one."

"You sure? I don't trust that guy with the blonde hair." Said Chae pointing at Sting.

"What i do?!" Said Sting slightly confused. "I just came to say hi to Markus!"

"She's still a bit shaken up, I'm guessing since the incident, she doesn't fully trust everyone right away" Cynteria said going to rub her head gently as Chae went to rub her back. 

"Yeah i guess....Oh and guys we got a wedding to get ready for!" Said Markus as he handed Joo Dee to Cyn. "Alice and Cyn are getting married and you lot are gonna get things ready while i give my two neices a tour of our city."

"Typical always getting out of work..." Said Ellena walking down the stairs carrying a baby in her arms. "I guess you forgot to tell your sister about HER new nephew?"

"Well i was hunting Vega!" Smirked Markus. "Kinda hard to remember things when you focused on beheading that freak."

Cynteria looked over and chuckled, "Aww, he's so cute, hey Joo Dee, meet your cousin" Cynteria said as Joo Dee took one look and saw the new baby, she then slowly looked over to the baby, curiously looking at him as she placed a gentle hand on his cheek.

"What's his name...?" Joo Dee asked with a quiet tone. 

"Kiba....Kiba X. Hotaru." Said Ellena smiling at Joo Dee. "So you're my new neice? I'm Ellena Hotaru wife of Markus."

"Come on you two lets take that tour.....Your gonna lvoe this palce." Said Markus gesturing them to follow. "Plus we can get some sweets as we go."

Ellena sighed and smiled at her husbands avoidence of work outside conbat or things that determine the course of his home's future. "Just don't be too long we need to get those two outfits for the wedding." Said Ellena adjusting Kiba's postion in her arms.

Cynteria settled Joo Dee on the ground as she and Chae went with Markus to explore the area.

Uncle's Teaching's

Markus walked with the two carrying Joo Dee in his arms and Chae Yi walking next to him. "Ok we're currently in the Noble Quater....It's wear all the noble families live, within in this is the Royal Quater where the royal family live and where the Roal Guard are based." Said Markus directing the two to what hea means. "You may meet the royal family at the wedding, they're good friends of our clan."

"Cool!" Smiled Chae Yi. "So what, they're like the royal family?"

"Nice actually....My dad was personal guard to the king for awhile before me and Alice were born then he retired and opted to train future Royal Guards." Said Markus leading the two to the large part fot he city. "This is the people quater...The largest district of the city and the best palce to find out about the city."

Around them the sounds and smells of a busy city surrounded the group, the amazing food smells dominated the smells and the sounds of the food cooking on hot woks filled their ears.

"So want a snack?" Asked Markus looking at the two sister. "Mochina Island is known for it's stir fries and ramen."

"Wow, we never had anything like this back home" Joo Dee said as Markus changed from carrying her to having her ride on his shoulder's, overlooking the site's. "Wowee, this is cool".

"I got an idea lets go get lunch at my favirote place...It's owned by an old friend of my dad." Said Markus taking them to the establishment but met with a problem. "Crap....These guys again."

Outside the building was a group of thugs knwon for MArkus who were watching as a new member was picking on a clinet of the resturant. "I told you worm i don't care who you are your gonna pay for our meal now!" Said the new thug as he punched the guy in the face twice. "Understand?"

The victim tried to reply but got hit again. MArkus put joo Dee on the ground with her sister. "One sec you two let me deal with this guy...You might get to see my other magic." He said as he stood up releasing alittle of his magic power making the faint sound of thunder cracking move through the air. "Hey new boot!"

The thug turned around and saw Markus walking towards him, drawing his machete like blade as he did.

Both the sister's watched in awe as what they were looking at, Markus was shown to be dancing in a sense as he was able to take down the guy with ease as he sent him flying outside.

"Wow...." was all Joo Dee could say as he came back to them. 

Markus glared back at the beaten thug and his friends. "You have 10 seconds to leave the island or i will hurt you very badly...." He said with a growl as his magical power pulsed a couple of times. "!0, 9, 8, 7...."

Just as Markus was about to say 6 the group of thugs ran for their lives vanishing down the street in a cloud of dust and cowardice.

"That...was...COOL!!!" Joo Dee squealed as she went running towards Markus as she tackled him and hugged his waist.

"I could've used my magic but there innocent people around....Too risky for just a bunch of thugs." Chuckled Markus as he picked up Joo Dee and took her into the resturant with Chae Yi following. "Ok what do you guys want? This palce has alot of spicy food."

"Ramen!" Joo Dee said with excitment as she and her sister both took their seat's on the table as a waiter came to them and immediatly recognized the person.

"Oh, Mr. Hotaru, what an honor it is to meet you" He replied bowing in respect. 

"Ahh Yang....Yeah i'll have my usual....Sweet & Sour chrispy Beef with noodles, Spicy Pork Ramen and Spicy Deep fried Squid." Said Markus not looking at the menu. "The little nut with blue hair will have Sweet and Sour Beef Ramen and the other one will have Spicy Beef Noodles."

"Yes, of course Mr. Hotaru, we will have your order out as soon as possible!" He said with excitement as he quickly dove into the kitchen to speak with the chef.

"That man is funny" Joo Dee said laughing as she looked over to her uncle, "Does everyone act that way when you're here?"

"No he's abit of a fan....Alot of the well known mages have fan clubs around here....He's apparently president of my fan club." Said Markus with a smirk. "Though he knows i dislike being called Mr Hotaru.....It's Markus or one of my aliases only."

"Can we call you Uncle Markus?" Joo Dee asked as she grabbed a bread stick that they brought to snack on while they waited for their food.

"Yeah thats fine." Smiled MArkus looking at Chae Yi who was looking around. "What up Chae?"

"Nothing just weird to see so much life in one place....." Said Chae looking back at Markus with a shrug.

"Well the industrial quaster is is full of life....Theres always people rushing around moving metal for weapons and armour or movign coal for the forges." Said Markus taking a bread stick taking a bite out. "These breadsticks were made there as well...There's a bakery on Talon Street that is one of the best on the island."

Just then two Royal Gaurds walked in and sat down. "Hmmm a rarity to see...Royal Guards outside the Royal Quater.....They normally eat in the castle dining hall." Said Markus waving alittle at the guards who returned the wave.

"Do you know everyone in this place?" Joo Dee said looking at the guard's as they continued eating.

"I know enough people...." Said Markus eating his squid. "I know all the guild, the royal family and about 35% of the island's population."

"So alot then?" Smirked Chae eating her noodles and smiling at the quality. "Wow these are great!"

"Best noodles on the island!" Called the chef. "We make them here and you eat them!"

"He's right....They get most of their business from the guild ordering take out." Chuckled Markus with a mouthful of ramen having finished the squid. "Fun fact the owners, chef and his assisance all used to be partof the Navy and Army."

"We're now Militia Officers!" Said the Chef vanishing back into the kitchen.

Joo Dee took a sip of her noodle's and began panting heavily as she went to grab the glass of water that was placed in front of her as she chugged it down, "Phew, these are some spicy noodle's" She said wiping her mouth of the juice that was still on her. 

"Haven't noticed...." Smirked Markus taking a tiny sip of his sake. "So how you liking your new home so far?"

"It's really awesome!" Joo Dee said with an eager smile as she finished slurping her food.

"Yeah it's cool....So about this magic you guys can teach us? What choices are there?" Asked Chae Yi finishing her noodles.

"Well... If I had to choose one.... could it be your's Uncle?" Joo Dee said with a shy voice as Markus coughed up some food before turning to see his niece. "I.. I wanna get brave, I don't wanna be afraid anymore".

"Hmmm i think i can do that...Won't be easy though took me most of my life to learn....But i'm willing to teach if your willing to learn." Said Markus before looking at Chae Yi. "What about you?"

"Dunno requip sounds nice.....I mean i know the basics of Sword Magic so learning that as well will help." Said Chae Yi.

"Alot of mages can help with that." Said Markus before standing up and paying. "Ok lets head back and get ready for the wedding."

"Yay!" Joo Dee said jumping up and down as Markus got her and carried her with Chae walking with them as they went back to the guild.

"Wonder how they've done with the decorations." Said Markus out loud. "We normally do well preparing for events."

"How comes you avoid doing things like that?" Asked Chae Yi looking up at Markus.

"Well simple....I'm lazy outside of working." Chuckled Markus poking Joo Dee on the nose.

They arrived back at the estate seeing it already for the wedding and two Royal Guards standing at the gates.

"Well i'm guessing the king arrived." Smirked Markus. "Afternoon Kiro and Yuri.....Got the bum job?"

"Yep...." sighed Yuri adjusting his helmet alittle. "Someone has to do it huh?"

MArkus chuckled and went through the gate and into the main building seeing everyone relaxing waiting for Markus and the kids to get back.

"Hey guys, we're back..." Joo Dee said in a semi-loud voice as she was still showing nervousness while the people looked back to see her. 

"Welcome back girls...Follow me we need to get you dressed for the wedding!" Said Ellena dragging the two girls off upstairs while MArkus chuckled and sat down.

In one of the dressing room's, both Alice and Cynteria were getting ready as they were helped by some of the maiden's, adding the finishing touches to their wedding dresses. "Wow... I honestly never expected this day to ever arrive" Cynteria said looking down at the maiden's. 

"Well we rarely know what the future holds ma'am....We can only walk through it and hope for the best." Said one of the Maidens as she smiled up at Cyn. "You look amazing, Alice is very lucky to have met you."

"Oh no, believe me, I'm the one who should be lucky, she is an amazing person and to be her wife, it is something that treasure greatly" She told the maiden's as they finished the dress and all walked back to see her in all her beauty as they blushed. 

"You look amazing ma'am....This wedding will be the best in the island's history." Said one of the Maidens before they left.

After Cyn made her way to the gardens to join the others Markus stepping onto the stage standing next to Alice who was waering a custom tux. "Now as head of the Hotaru Clan it is my duty to marry these two....Now before i do that i'd like to say something.....Here at this event we have people from all over Earth-Land....From all walks of life, some have dark pasts others don't. But there is one thing we all have in common....We are Hotaru! Each of us here is a member of this clan known for it's fury and wisdom! We are bound by loyalty, love and honor traits that go beyond the links of blood!" He said with pride and strength causing the guild members and even the royal family to cheer. "Now lets marry these two so Yoshi can get drunk.....Alice and Cynteria....You emt only recently and already have a love that is rare in these times, it's a refreshing site to see and i am honored to do this for you both.....By the power given to me as head of this clan and as the older twin of Alice i marry you two and welcome you Cyn into the Hotaru Clan as my sister-in-law and friend! You may now kiss and make this official."

Alice smiled and pulled Cyn in for a deep kiss before cheering and running to Ellena and her daughters in excitement. "It finally happened!! I'm married to the hottest girl ever!!" She shouted in excitement.

Next Chapter: Happy Tide's: New Resolution

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