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It was an early summer morning in Kimotama City and the city was mostly quiet. The sun had just risen, painting Kimotama in a beautiful orange light that would strike anyone who was lucky enough to see it with awe. Inside a small house, a ten-year old girl had just finished greeting ready for the day. Like anyone, this girl hated getting up early, but it was the only way she was able to sneak out of the house and meet Deneb for Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic training. Honestly, she didn't want this training, all she wanted was to learn how to fly, but somehow it changed into magic training. Kanami let out a small sigh before she tiptoed to the door without waking up her father.

Tossing over in his bed NaVarro Nakano slept peacefully, lost in the dreams conjured up by his mind, blissfully ignorant of his daughters attempt to sneak away for the moment. Rolling to his side immediately he rolled off the bed and landed hard with a crushing thudd, that said good morning in the loudest way it could. "Jeez, this can't be life. Everytime I have a good dream I fall out the bed, I don't know what will be the end of me first this damn family and it's issues or the floor when I fall out the bed. I don't wanna be up this early. The God Slayer sighed as struggled to pull himself back into the comforting embrace of his bed, all the while holding his hip where he had fallen.. He welcomed this embrace with open arms as he landed gently into the pillow fit just for his head and once more tried to lose himself in the illusion of his dreams."

The loud noise produced by her father falling out of bed made her jump in surprise and it took all her concentration not to produce any sound of surprise. "What was that?", Kanami thought curiously. As a child, Kanami was a very curious being and it was hard to resist the urge to check what that was. Kanami was distracted with what happened that she forgot that the door was closed, meaning that she kept walking until she bumped into the causing a loud noise to echo through the house.

Grrrr. NaVarro growled at the throbbing pain in his hip, it was more so annoying than painful as the pain didn't seem to subside over time. "Great, just great, its first thing in the morning and im already waking up on the wrong side of the bed. NaVarro utter sliding out of the bed and onto to his knee's. "Early or not I still gotta say my prayers, pray for good fortune, wonderful blessings and protection of my daughter". NaVarro said as he closed his eyes and began the early mantra of his own self made prayer. He clapped his hands together as he usually did and started to utter the all to familiar words.

Kanami knew there was no point sneaking out now that she made so much noise, which means that she has to improvise. "Dad! I'm going to see Nora!", Kanami said. What Kanami said wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the whole truth either. She was going to see Nora today, but not now. Kanami waited for a while before she opened the door to the warm outside air.

"Huh?!!! Kanami Wait!!! don't you wanna have breakfast first and share a meal with your pops. I won't be around forever you know". NaVarro heard himself say as he repeated it in the back of his mind. His family lineage would ensure he lived for a while, but he still wasn't proud of it. "Well if your really not going to wait for me to make breakfast then at least tell Nora I said hi". NaVarro yelled from the comfort of his room. Isn't it kind of ealy for them to be hanging out?? Meh you know kids they enjoy being outdoors and playing with each other and I do want my little angel to enjoy her youth. NaVarro said among his thoughts, as he got dressed and prepared to carry himself downstairs to make breakfast.

Kanami paused for a while after her father spoke before closing the door without going outside. "What are we having for breakfast!", Kanami asked as she walked toward her father. Even though most of her training took place in her mind, she hoped Deneb wouldn't make her run or fly laps for being late. The last time he made her fly laps her wings were sore for a whole day. As if the mere thought was painful, she began to feel a little sore behind her shoulder blades, which is where her wings are manifested from.

"Depends on what my baby girl has a taste for. You know I need my little angel to eat a healthy balanced meal to start her day off right". NaVarro said rattling through the pots and pans he had nicely stored away in the cabinets. Do you want a nice breakfast for a growing girl or would you prefer something light like a continental breakfast. I'll simply eat whatever you want since I really don't care". NaVarro said looking at his younger daughter. Though they shared no relation by blood, NaVarro cared for this for her as his own, having fond her as a lone babe, he took her in instantly and upon watching her grow their relationship of father and daughtered burned strong. Much as he wouldn't admit it NaVarro was tightly wrapped around Kanami's fingers.

When Kanami reached the room where father was she paused as she decided what she wanted before she said, "A small breakfast please.". Kanami walked to her father to watch him cook in the hopes of learning exactly what he had mind. As she did so as she asked her father, "Is there anything we have to do today?".

"Small breakfast it will be then. Anything in particular you have a taste for?, if its anything I need to run to the store thats about the only thing we have to do today". NaVarro chuckled as he peaked around for pots and pans to start the meal. At least interested in getting them out for when he did cook. "Far as what else needs to be done today, I am still on the search for my siblings both of your uncles and your aunt, I am hoping I can still reach out to them and talk some sense into them". NaVarro said his tone changing for a brief moment and time, the family ties he had with his own was a severely damaged and hurt. Kanami was the only functional family he had at this point.

"I don't care, I like all of your cooking.", Kanami said politely. When Kanami heard that her father was going to visit his siblings her eyes sparkled with glee and she smiled as she said, "When you go see uncle can I go with you, please?" Kanami didn't need to specify which uncle she was talking about because the only person she calls uncle is her Uncle Itsuki: also known as Nurarihyon.

Looking over to his daughter he could see the life in her eyes, he didn't understand hergrowing attachment to her uncle. He hadn't told he of his family history yet. His family hearlded from matrimony and humans and demons. He much like his siblings were hybrids, and while NaVarros chosen to embrace his human side his sibling chose otherwise. While his sister Samara Nakano seemed to simply shift sides, it was his younger brothers he worried for the most.Itsuki and Raido X, both men who not only renamed themselves as Nurarihyon and Sub-Zero but were heavy affliates of Demons and Etherious. One led a band of demons, the other was in a guild full of them and responsible for countless crimes. Thankfully for him Itsuki was more reserved in his time with demons than SubZero was.

"Honey I told you your uncle is not someone you want to close with, he runs with a very bad crowd of people right now I dont like you around him. Its not him I don't trust its the company he keep dear.. but yes I am going to see him and the other. I need to save them form their decisions". NaVarro said as he decided he would make an omulette for the both of them. He wasted enough time pandering over a situation that would not be solved with sentimental words.

Kanami didn't respond right away as she tried to think of a way to convince her father to let her see her uncle. A couple seconds passed before Kanami remembered what Itsuki suggested she said in a time like this. "What makes Mom trustworthy and not a guild filled with nice people?", Kanami said. Otohime was the name of a dragon hybrid who is the mother of Nora and a mother-like figure to Kanami. She is a very wise being who has seen more blood than anyone should see in an entire lifetime. This bloody past caused Otohime to retire from being a mage and become a simple information broker. The combination of her intelligence and displeasure in killing has made her one of the most trusting people in the city.

"Well, uhm". NaVarro was taken aback by her sudden remark, he wasn't prepared for this rebuttal from Kanami but over the years she had become remarkably sharp with her words. "See I- You know it's- sigh guess your right". NaVarro silently gave in as without a response he had no comeback. Fine Ill take you with me to see Itsuki but when I meet with Raido you are to go straight home you understand me. I don't want you asociated with him at all till he gets his head right. NaVarro said with a stricter tone. He trusted Itsuki with his demons far more than the one's Raido moved around with.

Kanami was surprised that that actually worked. Kanami was starting to think that perhaps her uncle isn't as stupid as he causes people to believe. "I understand, I will go right home.", she said. "...Or at least meet up with Deneb." Kanami thought to herself.

"That's my girl you make me proud as a father everyday with how fast your mind works, you have gotten incredibly sharp with your words too". NaVarro said turning the nobs on the stove on to preheat. "I better be careful pretty soon you could use that against me and try to get me to be putty in your hands". He spoke confidently as he if this wasn't already the case.

"Its thanks to Itsuki, he has been teaching me a lot of things recently.", Kanami admitted. Kanami said this because she didn't want her father to think her mind grew this smart by itself, it didn't feel right to her to take the credit. Itsuki may be ADHD and a prankster, but he is also wise and smart when he wants to. That's probably what people fear about Itsuki the most, he can go from acting like an idiot to being a tactical genius in a heartbeat.

The phrase hit NaVarro in the gut and it felt like a knifed had completely impaled him. Cleaning his ears with his fingers he swallowed hard at the reality made present before him. Kanami said it so casually, but to NaVarro it was world breaking. Itsuki was teaching her. His daughter was being taught by a brother who paraded around with demons.. To NaVarro Itsuki was maybe a sneeze and a cough away from being like Raido but even now he was spread it, before long Kanami would hang around the wrong crowd. I can not let the happen. NaVarro thoughts snapped back to as he eyed his daughter.... OVerprotective mode engaged.

"Kanami??!!! he has been teaching you.. teaching you what, with who, and why, how using what examples and motives, what mold have he used for this, anything I should know about huh?! dont just sit there and look at me angel answer me I gotta know, I am worried you I-" NaVarro's mind was moving faster than his mouth as his words grew more incoherent by the second.

"He has been teaching me with Nora and the only thing he has been teaching me so far is stuff you can find in a textbook.", Kanami said with a worried tone. If this was his reaction to Itsuki teaching her, Kanami hated to see what his reaction would be if he found out a Celestial Spirit was teaching her Spirit Slayer Magic. That mere thought caused a small shiver to go down her spine. "For example: math, history, and writing.", Kanami continued.

"That's it??!! Whew I thought it was going to be something far more.... drastic if I can use that word politically here". NaVarro said relieved. It was as if the weight of the world was on his chest and then instantly removed his breathing slowed. "Good, I thought perhaps some of his less than admirable traits were rubbing off on you or he was teaching you somehting a irl your age has no business knowing. Itsuki may be smart but he has a few screws loose, man if i thought you were into stuff that angel id likely burn this place to ashes from frustration. HAHAHAHAHA". NaVarro said trying to clean up his overprotective angle. "I dont mean to pry into your business but you mean the world to me and I know i can't shield you from it forever.. it's a lot of strange stuff out there and I dont want you getting exposed to it any sooner than you have too. I can't lose you". NaVarro said dropping the pans and turning the heat from the stove off.

Forget breakfast, how about some ice cream on our way to go see uncle Itsie.

When NaVarro spoke about her uncle having a screw loose her curiosity as a child caused her to wonder why. Whenever Kanami was with her uncle, he always seemed to be unable to sit still. "Prehaps that's the trait dad is talking about or maybe it's something else.", Kanami thought to herself. "Yes please.", Kanami said happily when she heard her father suggest getting ice-cream. Afterwards, she ran off to her room and shortly returned with a heavy winter coat. Despite it being summer, Kanami has learned to always bring a coat when going to the Hyakki Yagyō guild. This is because one of the guild members has a tendency to decrease the temperature around them to below zero. "I'm ready.", Kanami said when she returned with the winter coat in her hand.

Once Kanami got her coat, Kanami and her father walked out of the house and towards the Hyakki Yagyō guild hall. As promised by NaVarro, they did get ice-cream and by the time they arrived at the entrance of the guild Kanami had ate all of her ice-cream. As Kanami stood outside, the door of the guild hall she put on her winter coat and zipped it up all the way. Kanami was just about to open the door when she froze in what seemed like terror. What scared Kanami was the low temperature of the guild, but the immense magic power she felt coming from inside the guild. Since Kanami has an acute ability of sensing magic power, the magic power scared her even more than it would for a normal child. Kanami quickly hid behind her father and manged to stutter out while she trembled in fear, "A-after you dad." What Kanami was sensing was the presence of Hyakki Yagyō's fourth member of The Four Great Generals: Lilith Demonblood.

Huh??! NaVarro said as he watched the little girl run behind him and utter her after you dad. The door had only opened and she was already shaken by something. Those damn demons probably they don't gone and spooked my daughter. Among those creatures he called heathens his brother Itsuki stood tall and proud among this circus of demonic activity and even called himself their lord. "I tell you just for once id like to visit a family remember and not have to deal with the theatrics of grand entrances". Navarro said sighing as he made his way up the into the dark room of the guild, his daughter in tow walking just behind his legs. Holding on as if for dear life.

If you ignore Tsuki's Arctic Presence that is causing the temperature of the room to drop to below zero and the immense magic power coming from a cloaked mage, the guild hall has a very relaxing feel to it. The guild hall looked a lot larger on the inside than the outside. The guild hall had a wooden floor and ceiling that seemed to be made out of oak trees. Matching the floors were rows of picnic tables and benches positioned in such a way so that there were a couple of aisles running horizontally and vertically across the guild hall. In the back of the guild hall were two doors: one lead outside while the other lead to Itsuki's work room. Due to how early it was, there weren't a lot of people. Itsuki and Tsuki Uintā sat across each other on one of the sets picnic benches. On the table between Itsuki and Tsuki sat a chess board and they both looking at the chess board intently. Sitting next to Itsuki was a cloaked figure that was emitting a strong and unusual aura. When Kanami noticed the aura that the cloaked figure was producing she immediately assumed that this was the source of the immense magic power. Aside from those three thier were only a handful of other guild members scattered across the room. A couple seconds passed before Itsuki finally realized that he had guessed. Itsuki looked up from the board and towards the entrance. "Hi Kanami and Nav.", Itsuki said with a carefree smile. "Do you need something?", Itsuki continued. Itsuki knew it was rare for his bother to visit him and the fact that his brother was in the guild hall this early suggest to Itsuki that something was amiss.

NaVarro could feel his skin crawl as he walked hearing his hollow footsteps click on the floor with each passing movement. Sitting like some king of demons himself he saw his brother and two demons on each of his sides. One was cloaked away in mystery the other was some a demon with blue hair with strips of black near at and the end of each strand of hair. Her large yellow eyes were unsettling as it felt as if she was peaking at his soul through his flesh. The faster I get out of here the better. NaVarro said grabbing the back of his neck, something was making him uneasy here.

"Itsuki while I find it equally disturbing that you are comfortable living among the heath- I mean demons. It is always good to see my younger brothers face since you rarely drop by to visit me". NaVarro greeted getting the pleasantries out the way first. "Normally id never drop by this early but ive gotten word about Raido and its not good. "As you know he was branded a terrorist by the Magical Council of Neo Arcadia and word has it that he much like you has joined a guild of demons rumored to be made by zeref known as the underworld Tartaros. These demons do not seek peace as yours do and I fear Raido may be going down a very dangerous path. He has been associating and even living with a Demon for years, that blonde haired chick with him has been outed as an etherious as well and she could be corrupting him. Worst of all he has been dabbling in some unknown mysterious devil magic which may also be adding to his growing sins and corruption". Navarro went on in a worried tone.

"I can't find Samara and you are the only person left who I know can help me reach out to him. Something is seriously wrong and his sins are growing it pains me to see our sibling in such turmoil. He needs his support system to help guide him and find his light again. He needs his family... help me brother, we can save him". NaVarro said lifting his head up to make contact with his younger brothers eyes.

Itsuki didn't speak for a while as he thought about what his older brother just said. After a couple moments passed Itsuki said, "If you are planning to fight him I won't be able to help you. I'm not the same person I was all those years ago. I've gotten very rusty as a result of these long years of peace." The event Itsuki was talking about would be very obvious to anyone who knows him. One night, Itsuki was enraged to the point that he entered his demon form. Once in his demon form, Itsuki paraded across the Fiore with Tsuki, killing any human who got in his way. As he travelled across Fiore, the demons he passed began to follow Itsuki due to the mysterious aura he was producing. This was the start of the Hyakki Yagyō and Itsuki's life as a demon lord. "If your so adamant about doing this, you can wait for a couple of months for me to regain my former strength.", Itsuki said.

"A couple months??!!! He needs our help now?? I do not plan to fight him but I have no idea how he will react so I am prepared. We don't have a couple of months he is the one responsible for the attack on Black Vox. That's magic council property and he killed over 30 guards with that same blond haired demon I mentioned. Itsuki that prison was one of the magic councils most famous and most protected prison and he attacked it brazenly. BRAZENLY!!" NaVarro said damn near yelling as his anger rose just a little. "In the span of a few month he could wind up far worse off than he is while we wait this few months to gain or strength. We have to get to him now before he falls deeper so its got to be now. NaVarro said pleading yet yelling at his younger brother." Time was not granted to him at this juncture and a few months only the gods would know what Raido would be into. NaVarro made sure to check his anger because he did not want Kanami to see him like this.

Upon NaVarro's outburst, the cloak figure released a small amount of her magic power. However, luckily it wasn't for intimidation purposes, but to serve as a warning. Upon releasing the small amount of her magic power, the divine presence coming from this person became a bit more noticeable. "Why can't you fight him yourself? You always say your flames can destroy anything. Plus, Raido never listened to me as a child: why would he listen to me now?", Itsuki commented. Upon sensing the magic power, Itsuki's danger sense started to tingle, causing him to feel a bit nervous. This nervousness was barely noticeable in his voice. "If you really need me to help, spar against her. She uses the same kind of magic he uses, except it's not a Devil Slayer Magic. It could help you prepare for the inevitable.", Itsuki continued.

"WHAT GOOD WILL SHE DO IN HELPING ME GET TO HIM I- wait he uses what? Devil Slayer?? Devil Slayer magic". NaVarro said almost calming down. "Is that the magic that's been corrupting him?. Suddenly NaVarro realized that Itsuki was more informed and yet did not extend the hand he knew Raido would have extended to him. This realizations boiled his blood to the tipping point. "YOU KNEW ALL THIS TIME AND STILL YOU DID NOTHING TO HELP HIM!!!!" NaVarro's anger had boiled over. Itsuki was more informed on this than he was and yet he idly stood by and did nothing. Black flames exploded over NaVarro which upon the burst washed over him like and cloaked him clad of it. The force pushed Kanami back from him slightly so she would not get hit by it. Balling up his fist which the black flames extended to he launched a downward fist into the ground which immediately buckled under the impact of such fury, cracking and splintering apart as the ground shook slightly from the impact. Material from the floor went flying as the thunderous blow caused the black flames to rage out and burn it to ash.

"ITSUKI YOU SON A BITCH, our brother has been branded a terrorist and a dark mage by the magic council of the world, is responsible for the attack on The MBF which resulted in the death of 120 people and destruction of Magic council property, is dabbling in heretical practices like Devil Slayer Magic. He is running around here doing god knows what with that blond haired demon bitch who is a well known demon from the book of zeref. A demon from the fucking book of zeref Itsuki. Attacked the Black Vox prison with that same demon and even joined a guild of demons who are also from the books of zeref. YOU KNEW ALL OF THIS AND YET YOU DID NOTHING". NaVarro said as the flames on him danced rapidly and angrily, his fist still pressed on the ground as the pressure once more cracked the ground. He was so tempted to leap up there and beat Itsuki like the ignorant asshole he was being, that it hurt. Yet he remembered he was clearly outnumbered and had Kanami with him. Who he would no subject to this kind of violence at any cost.

"Itsuki he is our family, our blood you want to wait months what we can do now. Does family mean nothing to you? or has living with these heathens clouded your mind to believing they are your family. NaVarro said trying to get a hold on his temper which breached the surface far to fast for his liking. You knew all this time and did nothing".. NaVarro said shaking his head as tears streamed down the corners from his eyes like droplets of water from a recently turned off faucet. "I pity you brother I really do, you have become so deluded in that darkness of our family and simply become among the masses. I hope the gods have pity on you as do I brother". The God Slayer said slowly tilting his head to hide from the shame of what he perceived his family as becoming. As a God Slayer I must free you from the same darkness as him, he who would parade around with demons and commit such transgressions with little to no repentance". NaVarro said simply wiping his eyes and looking back up at his younger brother

"Last time I checked, family members aren't supposed to fight. Don't talk to me about loyalty to family members when you want to kill our brother. Destruction only leads to greater destruction, if you kill Raido someone even worse might take his place.", Itsuki said with anger filled in his voice. Tsuki and the cloaked figure was just beginning to stand up to attack NaVarro, but when heard how angry Itsuki had become, they stopped moving immediately.

NaVarro heeded the words but didn't exactly admit to his brother true claim, Itsuki was right, but at this moment right was not what NaVarro wanted to here. "Ive got no plan to kill him just beat some sense into him because I don't see him just walking away from all that blashempy he is into today. I came here thinking you would help me but I see I was wrong, I was willing to fight for him and resort to violence to wake him up where you and your horde of demons would rather sit back and view his path of destruction. Have fun walking around with your new "family" since clearly we mean so little to you. NaVarro said not even making eye contact any further with the young man than he had to. NaVarro was hurt beyond belief that he was wiling to stand and fight for his brother and yet Itsuki seemed content to watch the road to self-destruction. "May the Gods pity you brother, I pray that the time never comes you need my aid in any endeavors. If so, remember well this day and mark my words, they will fall on deaf ears" . NaVarro said turning his attention to his daughter who had said nothing up to this point." Kanami we're leaving" , lets go. He said looking into her eyes, his eyes looked into hers for a way to aplogize for his actions yet not words came from his lips, his thoughts to erratic to formally apologize for him being out of character like that.

"Good Day.. Demon Lord". NaVarro said as he looked at the ground where his blow remained strong, the cracks in the grouns and crater where solid ground once stood was a open taunt to his face, he could feel the cracks on this family and it was starting to give away and break apart and crumble within itself. Yet with all his so called power and prayer to gods he seemed hopeless to do anything to stop it.  Turning to the door he felt the weight of everything was on him, he would have to wake up his brother, deal with his father and restore a broken trust among a family that was torn apart and corrupted by demons. A task fitting for one who held the claim God Slayer.

Upon hearing NaVarro's words about the god's pitying Itsuki, the person in the cloak sneezed as she stopped releasing her magic power. "Did you know that, when you sneeze it means someone is talking about you.", Tsuki said to the cloaked figure. "Maybe someday you will understand why I am doing this and when you do, then we will talk.", Itsuki said as he tried to calm himself. Once his bother had left, Itsuki turned toward Tsuki and said, "That's not true Tsuki, that's just superstition."

Kanami looked at her father for a second before quickly turning back to her uncle and waving goodbye. Afterwards, she turned back to her father and followed him out the door. Once she exited the guild hall it felt as if a huge weight was taken off her shoulders. Kanami was too frightened by the magic power that she couldn't speak, which was the reason she didn't say anything. "Can you drop me off at mom's house instead of our house?", Kanami asked politely.

NaVarro sighed as the everything before him seemed to crumble away. How did this family become so damn torn that there's not unity or morality. Itsuki wont help a family member, Raido is gone bat shit crazy, Samara I can never find. Mom is missing and that damned Raikardo is out there somewhere enjoying this. NaVarro's thoughts echoed among his skull pinging from side to side. His concentration interrupted only by Kanami's question. "Sure honey of course you can plus dads's gotta go visit you know who so I can't afford to bring you along." NaVarro said putting his hand on top of his smaller daughters head. "I'm sorry for what happened back there, I lost my cool and you should never be subjected to see me like that". NaVarros said with his head down hung in shame. Knowing he set a bad example of what he preached of patience. Yet in such a critical one he failed to apply his own message.

"It's fine, maybe all of this will work out someday." Kanami stayed quiet for a moment as she tried to think of a way to relax her father.", Kanami said. After speaking, Kanami stayed quiet as she thought of ways to get his mind off what had happened. "Hey dad, want to make a bet about whether mom is in a bad mood?", Kanami said with a clever smile. If anyone knew Otohime at all, they would know that it would be stupid to agree to such a bet. Simply because Otohime is almost always in a bad mood because of her rather short temper.

NaVarro felt a small smile creep on his face, Otohime was many things but calm was not one of them. Nearly anything could set her off and her temper was something even he did not want turned on him. However it was always funny when she was mad at someone else. "Now Kanami im not nearly crazy enough to bet something as trivial as that, so lets up the ante. Lets make a bet on how pissed she really is by the time we get to her shall we". NaVarro said showing that he too had his own devious side. Lets go see her right now and find out.

"What kind of standards are we using to judge how angry she is, by normal standards or dragon standards?", Kanami asked. Once she spoke, Kanami realized that she was now close enough to her destination that was able to sense Nora's magic power and judging by how easily she is able to sense the magic power, Kanami knew that she isn't that far away from the house.

"Hmmmm well I haven't seen a big blast or explosion yet so id say her anger right now is still on the human side of things. That being the case we better double time it because I dont anna be in her warpath when she goes dragon rage. Ive seen what she's done to gyuki when she gets pissed, and all im saying is I dont want no parts of that anger on my ass". NaVarro said recalling the memory of the first time he saw Otohime go over the top with anger. With her upset was skipped there was pissed and then fucking furious. If he had to choose he would have preferred neither, but thats like asking for the sun to come back right after it set.

"I just hope when we get there and she is pissed that it didn't have anything to do with me". NaVarro said looking at his daughter as a bead of sweat ran down the side of his face. He gulped quietly hoping she would not hear the hesitation of his voice and confidence. His little episode of anger not to long ago was nothing compared to her. May the gods watch over and protect me.

Kanami nodded in agreement as she remembered the numerous times Otohime got mad at Nora. A half a minute later she was finally close enough to her mom's house that she can see it. The moment she could see the house, Kanami heard a loud dragon-like roar that made her jump in surprise followed by Nora being launching out of the house with incredible speed and slamming into the house on the opposite side of the road. "Nora Mizuchi Dragonborn!", Otohime said angrily as she walked out of the house and towards her son. "How many times do I have to tell you not to explode the pipes with your hydrokinesis?", Otohime asked. "I wouldn't need to if you taught me how to awaken Water Dragon Magic! That's all I want.", Nora said as he slowly got up. Upon hearing this Otohime's facial expression changed from being angry to a thoughtful expression that showed a hint of pain. Nora looked like he wanted to say more, but he stopped himself when he saw his mother's face. "I will help dad fix it.", Nora said as he walked back into the house.

Otohime let out a sigh before turning towards Kanami and NaVarro. Otohime walked up to the pair as she said, "Hello Kanami and NaVarro. What do you need?" While there was no visible way for Otohime to know that one of them needed something, the fact that Kanami was here instead of training, told her all that she needed to know: that it was probably important.

Taking one step back ensuring he was outside of her immediate range before he spoke. "Otohime so glad to see your house in mostly in one piece. The fact that you only blasted out the side is a sign of progress. NaVarro joked casually about her attitude problem. Ahem anyway im dropping Kanami off to you because its time. Raido has reappeared and joined Tartaros, there are rumors that he and- "NaVarros reached out to cover Kanami's ears for the moment. "That demon bitch he has been shacking with for years are responsible for the brazen attack on Black Vox. As the eldest I gotta go straighten out the younger brother and help get his head on straight". NaVarro said as he uncovered Kanami's ears release the gentle grip he had on her.

"I'll be back shortly so before you and Gyuki make plans include me in them". NaVarro said with a confident side smile as he looked around the area. So uh I like what you have done with the place. He joked once more. Unaware the next time he would see them would be on a hospital bed.

Once her father stopped covering Kanami's ears she began walking towards the house until Otohime placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her. The way she did that made Kanami flinch as if she just suspected what her mother was about to say and didn't like it. Otohime thought for a second then said, "Are you sure you are able to even find your brother let alone beat him?", Otohime asked.

The question that left her lips had stung deeper than any blade, it broght a sense of doubt to his mind, something Itsuki also mentioned once again appeared. However despite these doubt tip toeing through his mind his confidence and honor would not be shaken. Not him he was a God Slayer, nothig could stand up to their righteous might in his mind.

"Of course I can Oto, he uses Ice Magic and I am a Flame God Slayer, sure Raido's gotten bigger and better but he's nothing I can't handle once I find him". NaVarro said relaixing he had no idea where to look. Despite their brash attacks Tartaros was extremely elusive. "Finding him is where things will get hard so I may need your help with that, but fighting him please. Raido couldn't beat me back then growing up, he damn sure can't beat me now. Nothing shall surpass a God Slayer, Ill drag his ass back her and make him apologize before the end of the day then put this family back together one member at a time". NaVarro said his ego and arrogance nearly caused his head to swell and pop. Confidence leaking from the pores on his skin. yet in the back of his mind something about the term Devil Slayer bugged him, something Itsuki mentioned.

Otohime covered Kanami's ears before responding, "Do not underestimate a Devil Slayer NaVarro. Think of Kanami, she already has to deal with not knowing who her real parents are. Do you want her to grieve your death as well?" Otohime took her hands off of Kanami's ears before continuing, "Gyūki's partner uses a type of fire magic that if a Slayer consumes it they will instantly enter their force, I think it would be wise to take him with you."

NaVarro was touched by Otohime's concern and even more so happy she cared this much, but his pride was to great to allow someone to help him with a family issue. This was a personal matter. "Otohime if things were different I think you and I would have made a great couple, you are extremely caring of me and even agreed to help me raise the angel child, but this is a personal matter and it must be handled by me alone". NaVarro said with what appeared to be a tone of regret, he truly did wish things were different between them, but alas it was not meant not to be.

"This is my burden of a family and I was chosen by mother to be the glue to bring this back together, I could not task the sins of my kind onto another. Nothing will happen to me , I dont expect it to be easy, but Kanami will be fine. "So thanks but no thanks, besides Gods beat Devils so my slayer is superior to his. No slayer class tops that of the flames blesses by the divine". NaVarro said with a hint of honor devotion but arrogance in his tone.

NaVarro's words reminded Otohime of how stubborn he is and how hopeless it is to argue with him. "Last time someone thought that way they ended up dead in my arms.", Otohime said softly. NaVarro's words about Slayer Magic reminded Otohime of Kanami's Slayer Magic, which she had discovered two years ago. Within those two years, NaVarro has been blinded to how strong Kanami really is and it is this fact that gave Otohime an idea. "If you really want to go after him, I will help you find him, but it will cost you. All you need to do is have a quick spar with your daughter, when the spar is over I will give you the information you need.", Otohime said. Realizing what NaVarro's would be she added, "You don't have to use any magic at all if that's what you want. I just want to show you something, that's all."

"I don't have time for this Otohime, if you know something I need to know it now!!! We won't have time he and his guild moves". NaVarro was ready to argue but realized his wouldn't go anywhere on his end either. Otohime's face made that clear and she would not give it up so long as he didn't spar. "Why do you want me to spar against my child? how is that going to help me?". NaVarro said looking at Kanami, the situation made little sense but he needed to be swift and catch Raido. Only way out was to go through it.

"I can't tell you all the details, but I will tell you that it will shock you.", Otohime said. It took Kanami almost all of her willpower to prevent herself from laughing, despite how nervous she is regarding the fact that her father might find out soon. "I don't have to show him everything, maybe I can disguise it as a Lightning-Make spell.", Kanami thought to herself. "Its fine dad, if it means helping you I will be glad to fight you.", Kanami said hesitantly as she released her magic power in the form of a small aura. Due to the electric nature of Kanami's magic power, the air around her began to be charged with electricity. Even though this was from her Slayer Magic, Kanami knew it wouldn't give it away because it's not impossible for a low-level Lightning mage to infuse electricity with magic power.Otohime knew Kanami would act this way, it is not like Kanami to ignore her father when he is in need. Otohime glanced around to make sure know one is around and sighed in relief when she saw no one before stepping back a couple of feet.

Everyone was extending the hand of help but even to Kanami his own family she would not be allowed to help either, he couldnt. He didn't want her exposed to such a level of violence at her young age, outside of Otohime and Gyuki at the moment, Kanami was the only light amidst the situation he was in. If something happen to hurt he was sure he wouldn't like where it would drag him to, much less if he could live with himself if he failed her. "I would never ask you to get your hands dirty with the likes of him, your uncle is just lost going down a dark road and I have to help him, he really is a good person but he just need to wake up. I wouldn't allows anything to happen you nor could I live with myself if I put you in harms way like that. NaVarro said raising his eyes to see the building aura that blanketed her, elementary lightning magic I see, looks good hun, well I dont see the point to this but I can't turn down such a father daughter dance, so show me". NaVarro said finding the time to smile among the doubts circling his head. Otohime never warned him about anyone or anything, but to hear her say don't underestimate sent a chill down his spine slightly. He had never see or heard of Devil Slayer till today, and beyond its name it didn't sound appeasing.

Kanami stopped releasing her Magical Aura and ran her father. Once within range, she aimed an impressively strong side kick at her father's stomach. If her kick were to land, she would send a current of Raijū lightning that had enough voltage to knock out Nora Dragonborn into her father's body.

She attack proudly and with courage, the determination in her eyes, she wields this lightning well it seems NaVarro said following the path of the kick he quickly stepped backward and much like his 360 buster reverse pivoted spinning to his left side to quickly evade the kicks trajectory, the spin was quick enough to appear like a shift movement as he quickly faded from her central view. NaVarro id not approve of using his mis primary magic in this case, it was out of bounds for a spar so NaVarro would rely more so on his Sound Magic. Most times he often forgot about the magic but it's style was more in need than God Slayer magic, this was his daughter after all.

Having evaded the impending kick which looked to make contact with his midsection NaVarro lifted his hands in the air before him each hand in position to ready to help snap his fingers to create a wall of sound.

Kanami's enhanced ability to detect magic power instantly alerted her to her father's location. She quickly turned around and then extended her hands. Once her hands were extended, she used her ability to generate lightning to release several bolts of lightning at her father. These bolts of lightning held a high amount of voltage in them, capable of knocking out a normal human that is twice Kanami's age.

NaVarro watched how his daughter quickly recovered and went right back on the offensive, however he was going on the defensive but in an offensive manner. Kanami was quick, but still young and not fully developed, NaVarro was mostly able to track her advancing lightning and immediately defend.


A force came from no where and caught the lightning at the flash point of contact before it reached NaVarro stopping dead in its tracks, a sound causing the house beneath them to vibrate rapidly as the wall shook the floor.

"Great recovery love but come at me with more feeling like you mean it I know you can do it". NaVarro said looking to encourage his daughter, he was getting into the swing of seeing what she had to offer. He would adhere to the use of his Sound Magic which sadly was only two spells but it would have to hold tight.

Kanami glanced at her mom, trying to see if she showed any signs of stopping the fight. She did not, Otohime just stood there, looking at Kanami expectantly. "Do I really have to use it mom?", Kanami said with a hint of defeat in her voice. Otohime simply nodded without a word. Kanami looked at Otohime pleadingly before looking back at her dad. "Watch closely dad because what I am about to do will shock you.", Kanami said. Kanami jumped into the air and manifested her angelic wings in the air. While in the air she inhaled deeply as she said, "Lightning Spirit..." Once she inhaled deeply, she gathers as much Raijū Lightning as she can in her mouth. Kanami then compresses the lightning. She then let out a bluster that sounded like the thunderous roar of a Raijū, while simultaneously releasing a large blast of Raijū Lightning at her dad. Once released, Kanami was completely sapped of her strength and she fell almost lifelessly to the ground. When she landed on her feet, she found that she was too tired to even budge.

Expecting another cute motley blast NaVarro stood proud till he saw Kanami release her wings. He was aware of them, but the energy around her shifted.. greatly. It was a deal stronger than what was outputting previous, and then a blast that looked like it was ready to tear through the air was flung at NaVarro with all intents to do far more than just shock him. His rust was showing he wasn't dodging this one in time, he could only defend.

"Lightning WHAT!??!" he roared in surprised He quickly folded his arms in front of him in an X formation and a black flames over took his body as a sphere formed around him intent to defend while the blast of Kanami's new hidden magic blasted him backward the force of the blast propelling him like a rocket from the ground as the explosion of light and lighting followed suit.

Kanami closed her eyes and focused on the electricity in the buildings around her. This caused the electricity to be drawn to her and then the electricity was absorbed into her body. A couple seconds passed before Kanami felt strong enough to move, which at that point she broke her concentration: causing the electricity to stop being drawn to her. Kanami then opened her eyes and slowly walked toward him until he was standing right next to him. "Are you alright dad?", Kanami said hesitantly as she retracted her wings back into her shoulder blades.

Otohime wasn't kidding about shock although the shock we was feeling more so from the blast and kind of magic it was rather than the blast itself though some electricity clung to his clothes greatly. He looked wide eyed and in utterly confused about what just happened in front of him. When kanani came to check on him he looked down and the words got caught in his throat. "Me? IM - Wh- WH- When and the hell was that?, did you do that? I saw that right right?. When did you learn that". NaVarro seemingly lose his ability to complete a sentence.

Otohime started to walk towards NaVarro as she said, "Now are you starting to see what I mean NaV? There are mages out there who use Slayer Magic that have a lot more potential than your God Slayer Magic or my Water Dragon Magic.", Otohime said. When Otohime reached him she smiled slightly before saying, "Take Kanami for example, she has not yet fully mastered her Lightning Spirit Slayer Magic, but she was still able to push you, a God Slayer, back a couple of feet. Maybe this will convince you to not rush into your fight with your brother."

"The hell kind of Slayer magic was this?? Spirit Slayer I swore I heard her say that? thats a actual thing??". NaVarro said awakened his ignorance of the situation before clearly cleared. Something nicked at him though chomped at the back of his neck and then it dawned on him. "Wait one minute. Kanami!! where in the bloody hell did you learn this magic, who taught you this?? No better yet how did you have the time to learn this. "Questions in NaVarros mind ran a mile a minute and the more he thought of it, he realized it lead down on road. She did this behind his back!!!. The pain of distrust hit him in the ribs with a cold punch that shed light on what stood before him, and Otohime seemed to know about.

Kanami flinched at her father's anger and she quickly hid behind Otohime's back. "Calm down NaV, I didn't tell you because her abilities weren't at this level before. When I last saw them, her abilities were barely any different from a normal lightning mage so you wouldn't have believed me.", Otohime said. She glanced behind her to look at Kanami before looking back at NaVarro. "Plus, you shouldn't get so mad. She didn't tell you because the person the celestial spirit who is training her is a lot like, in fact he is the closest thing I have seen to Kanami's species so far. I'm guessing she was afraid of losing him because she knew you would react this way, not that I blame her.", Otohime continued. Otohime knew the pain of losing someone, which was probably one of the main reasons she was able to understand Kanami's thought process and it is also the main reason she is now speaking up for Kanami.

"Angry?? im not angry im just, NaVarro said dropping his head. Once again even hear among a family not truly of his own the same features reared it's head' lack of communication, and most importantly lack of trust. Im just hurt and disappointed. I've told Kanami she could talk to me about anything, that we had open lines of communication and trust. Yet she didn't trust me enough to tell me any of this. I would have supported her through it I wouldn't have stopped her or anything. Its just painful to know my own daughter didn't trust me the way I have always trusted her." NaVarro said keeping his thoughts clear but his emotion was breaching the surface, he same song and dance with his relatives, even his own daughter.

"Guess my feelings in this don't matter since it seems you two can make the decisions for me I wouldn't have reacted this way had I know my daughter was just practicing the magic. Instead she is sneaking off learning a magic and worst of all feeling she didn't need to tell me. but wait? you were in on this so I guess as long as you knew dumb ole dad didn't need to know huh. Its funny that this family always seems to have issues with trust and communication, yet they expect some sh-" NaVarro caught himself mid sentence realizing this wasn't just Kanami he was talking about, she was just a another rising issue that seemed to follow NaVarro around. NO matter what he tried. Putting his hands to his head and wiping he decided to cut his speech short since the already knew his reaction.

"Whatever, if we are done here I have yet another family member whose lies and bullshit excuses on why's I have to deal with. Ill see you all later". NaVarro said quickly turning before starting his walk. To Hell with them and their help, I don't need their help, I can do this by my damn self, the way it was meant to be." At least Raido is honest about his sins, lies being told around me and I can't even trust that my own close people would trust me, now instead they make a decision for me NaVarro said ignorant of his own rust, blinded by his own self convuluted emotion of distrust that hissed back at him in the form of his daughter.

Kanami was about to say something when Otohime gave her a look that seemed to stop Kanami in her tracks. "I guess the only way you will learn is by experience.", Otohime said as she turned around and began to walk back to her house. "Come on Kanami, maybe you can help Nora fix the pipes.", Otohime continued. Kanami glanced at her father before following Otohime while saying, "Ok, mom."

Cold Reality

"No-not like th-t-t-tthis,Kanami'.. I s-sss". NaVarro shivered as the frostbite marks that riddled his body was apparent on his flesh, the skin turning dark with blisters covering the surface on his skin. Having made use of the element of heat he was use to feelings of warmth, yet here he experienced a cold like never felt before. Dried blood stained his ripped and destroyed, dragged himself leaving a small trail of blood from the large blister that burst on his stomach. He felt weak, tired, robbed of energy, unable to produce a a small flame. His vision growing as dark and black as the now black flames he wielded. The pride he felt in his flames now reminded him of the shame of such a one sided defeat flames beaten so easily by ice and to add insult to it his flames were frozen and mocked. He eventually passed out faced down in the area not to far from the battle, the ice underneath him a wake call to a cold reality of what he faced.

"Are we almost there?", Hikaru, a small rabbit-like demon, complained to his companion. Lilith glanced down at Hikaru and said, "Stop complaining, Lord Nurarihyon gave us order to find his brother and we are going to do that.", Lilith said. Hikaru stayed silent, before responding, "It has been a week since he left, do we even know if he is still alive." Lilith was about to respond when she sensed a weak signal of magic power nearby. Lilith started to sprint toward the magic power she was sensing and it wasn't long before she was standing above NaVarro who, was covered with frostbites. As Lilith looked down at him, something told her that this man was dangerous to her, but she didn't know where this feeling was coming from or why. She reached down and touched the man's body and bestowed a very small amount of her magic power, which would slowly heal NaVarro back to normal as well as restore some of his magic power.

ICE DEVILS RAGE!!!! The voice in NaVarro's mind shouted out as a large purplish blast aimed its sights into smashing into thim, waking him up from his slumber. NO!!!!! NaVarro snapped to as he woke up laying in the center of what looked to ab a winter wasteland, the area around him frozen and jagged. Even the blades of grass beneath him were frozen sharp. Looking up he saw the cloaked figure from when he visited his brother and what looked to be some kind of rabbit creature. Instead of being happy to see them NaVarro felt humilated, belittled and humbled.

"I guess itsuki sent you all to help me and then rub it in that not only did I rush in but I failed". NaVarro said not even wanting to make eye contact. He noticed that the blisted one him were healed and that the frostbite on him was gone. His physical damage was healed but the mental damage remained of this loss. "How long was I out?" He asked actually making eye contact with the two individuals.

"He sent us because he was worried. Plus, he couldn't rub it in even if he wanted to.", Hikaru retorted. Earlier that day, Lilith and Hikaru had received news from a member of the Hyakki Yagyō that Tsuki sent to tell Lilith and Hikaru that Itsuki was just found dead in the street, so the shock of that news was still on both Lilith and Hikaru's minds. "I just got here, but it looks like you have been out for at least a week.", Lilith reported.

A WEEK!!??. NaVarro jumped to his feet under the revelation what happened to his daughter how was where she? Where was Otohime. Question nearly foamed at the mouth of NaVarro. "Well at least I know he cares in a sense just not enough to help me out when I needed it, where were you two when I was getting my ass kicked?. NaVarro said grabbing the back of his neck and rubbing it. We have to get back I need to check on my baby girl its been too long.

"Are you sure you want to go back now? You won't like what you find when you return. It would be better if you rest and gather your thoughts for a while before you go back home. It has gotten so bad that Otohime has started to consider if she should become a mage again.", Lilith informed. It would take a lot to make Otohime even think about considering becoming a mage, which should tell NaVarro how bad it is.

"Out cold for one week and the world goes to hell literally, what did you mean I wont like what i see, beside winding up half near dead and seeing death im sure it can't get any worse than that." NaVarro said rubbing his neck still. "What the hell happened that even she would decide to take up arms again". NaV said his eye nearly bulging out of his eyes.

Lilith stayed silent for a while as she thought about whether she should tell him or not. She remembered how easily angered he was the last time. She didn't want his anger to be directed at her in the same way he got mad at Itsuki before he left. "Well, Itsuki has been killed and Otohime's only child has been kidnapped.", Lilith said hesitantly. "Not to mention this girl called Kanami is set on rescuing Nora so she has been training herself every day to the brink of exhaustion.", Hikaru added.

Black flames lit around NaVarro increasing powerful from a moment during his fight and he stuck the ground with an intensity to shake it slightly. GOD DAMNIT!!!! "Itsuki is dead??!! How the fuck- and Nora has been taken, and my baby girl is in this too. You aint kidding it has gone to hell and come hell and high water we will get them back. I wanna know everything, Who killed My brother? who snatched Nora and who the hell told Kanami she was getting in on this. I want answers, the black flames danced around him as he kept his fist impaled in the ground below them destroying the rocks and reducing them to ash.

Was Sub-Zero behind this?? Tell me cloaked women did a man wearing all black and ice powers like this have something to due with this?" NaVarro said point down to the purplish dark ice that once nearly claimed his life.

An overwhelming surge of fear ran through her body like it always did when her danger sense detected to something seconds before the black flames appeared. When Lilith felt the sensation that came from her danger sense she instinctively jumped back a couple of feet to get out of range. Once she jumped back she was curious as to why her danger sense would react so strongly and why her movements her so instinctual. She knew Slayer Magic was dangerous and she knew God Slayer Magic was perhaps the strongest, but she felt as if it was more to that. "Are demons weak to God Slayer Magic? It would make sense since deities and demons are kind of like bitter rivals.", Lilith thought to herself. Lilith had lost all of her memories a couple of years ago so it didn't bother her so much that she didn't know a lot about what she believed was her own species. However, it was very inconvenient at times. "No, Itsuki didn't have any ice on him. All he had was one stab wound through the heart.", Lilith said. "As for your daughter: Kanami decided this by herself, no one forced her to.", Lilith continued.

Noticing the female jump back Navarro looked up confused. "Don't worry I'm not gonna hit you, my mother raised me to never raise my hand to a woman ever". I thought Sub-Zero may have been responsible but for someone to stab him like that is crazy, Nora is missing and now my Daughter is taken up arms how did all this happen in one week. The three of us need to move an-

NaVarro said realizing the woman had taken her cloak off. "Whoa.. I had no idea". NaVarro said standing straight up and looking Lilith in the face and eyes. "I didn't know you were so beautiful underneath that cloak. I always thought you were one of the many ugly demons that waltzed around this guild, but wow thank the gods Itsuki at least had good taste in how the woman around here looked. NaVarro said switching the conversation from serious to light toned.

Lilith was surprised by the comment itself and how suddenly NaVarro changed topics. This feeling of surprise felt similar to how she would feel when Itsuki's concentration was waning and he would say stuff out of nowhere. This memory of Itsuki brought a playful smile to Lilith's face as she said, "Is it just you and Itsuki that have concentration problems or does your other brother have these problems as well."

"Heh heh, heh well I do have a bd habit of getting of topic quickly when things catch my eye. As for Raido he isn't very good at staying focused on being serious, he's very chill and lax". NaVarro said trying to ignore the fact he made a pun, though not on purpose, it was the best word to describe him. More of a reason why he couldn't understand his brother joining a dark guild, he seemed pretty much the same minus the black marks he saw on his body.

"In any case we need to get moving and start finding some answer, I am not really sure what to make of this but I know I can't leave it as it is. I just wish I had the chance to make it up to Itsuki, the last we spoke angry words were shared. I pray to the Gods that his soul has found the peace he sough to create you demons as well". NaVarro said holding a quick moment of silence. The feeling his body had returned and the damahe completely healed he knew he needed to get stronger but first he was a father before a warrior.

"I don't think I got your name but for now it looks like its you and me working together to figure this mess out we gotta investigate the area and see what I can find". NaVarro said as he stroked his beard gently wrapping his mind around the events of his week long slumber.

Out of all the things that happened during the week, what bothered Lilith the most wasn't Nurarihyon's death, but rather why her danger sense didn't go off when Nurarihyon was close to dying. "Why didn't it alert me? Was he really in danger or did he plan to die?", Lilith thought to herself. Soon after this thought she heard NaVarro speak again. "My name is Lilith Demonblood and where would you like to look first," Lilith responded.

"NaVarro Nakano and I am sorry about the circumstances surrounding our last meeting. I wasn't thinking straight my emotions got the best of me". NaVarro said holding his head down in shame slightly. "Lilith huh, thats a nice name". He said before ending his greeting and bow of respect to the female demon. "Now that we got introductions out the way lets launch this investigation and track down the killer, no one and I mean no one fucks with my baby brother and gets away with it". NaVarro said balling his right fist near his right thigh. He was pissed, furious but randomly punching the ground would not help, instead he needed to find who waas responsible and return the favor them double fold.

"It's fine, I can understand why you were angry.", Lilith said. Hikaru flew up to Lilith's shoulder and once he got there he sat comfortably on her shoulder. "Not to sound rude, but remember the last time you rushed into things.", Hikaru said. Lilith glanced at Hikaru as if she was trying to tell Hikaru to stay quiet. "What my old friend is trying to say is, I believe Itsuki wouldn't want you to rush blindly to fight an unknown enemy.", Lilith said.

"Stupid Raido, Devil SLayer and that weird ice". NaVarro mumbled under his breath. The two allies before him it the nail on the head. He rushed in to fight Raido, and winded up being out cold for a week literally. To rush and fight a new enemy one who no less managed to kill his brother would be equally stupid and this time they may actually kill him. Raido's willingness to let him live with the shame burned him slighty but for now Itsuki needed him more.

"Fine, Fine you made your point so what's the plan here since my way has clearly failed me the last time". NaVarro said relenting and letting the other two plan.

"If you want to help avenge your brother you should go back to training because I have a hunch the person who killed Nurarihyon might have very powerful friends.", Lilith said. Lilith thought back to what Gaelon said about teaching other mages and how it could be dangerous. She never understood why, but she thought that surely a God Slayer could handle being trained by her. "If you want, I could help give you the strength you need."

Much to his happiness NaVarro was thrilled by the idea to get the help he needed However seeing what happened to his brother and father he feared being taught by a demon, his fears got the better of him but yet a ounce of interested remained, howere there was also something else that he wanted to do as well. "Lilith a tempting offer and one I will try my hand at but before I ask for help I will try to train amongest myself first and then come to you, but there is one thing you can do for me". NaVarro moved closer to Lilith's ear to hide the shame of what he was going to ask.

"See, Kanami has been trying to get me to date for a while now saying id be a good catch and that I worry about her too much. Now I till am not a fan of demons or anything but when they look like you they seem more human. Would you be able to put in a good word for me with some demons who look as good as you and say help me out It would really go well over with Kanami". NaVarro said once again straying from the actual topic here. Funny how a person who is a hybrid himself but refers to himself as a human would seek the help of a demon, somewhere he rolled in his future grave.

Now that NaVarro brought up the topic of demons looking like her, Lilith can't think of a single time when she saw a demon that looked like her. Every demon she met had a completely different feel to their magic power then the presence of her own. In addition, most demons don't come close to her level of strength, Lilith suspects that even Nurarihyon was drastically weaker than she is. This sudden realization of how lonely she is caused her facial expression to turn from happy to depressed, but after a couple of seconds her normal facial expression returned. "If I see any demons like me, I will think about it.", Lilith said a twinge of sadness in her voice.

NaVarro wasn't to familair with expressions but he was also no fool, something he said brought her down and he knew it. It was written on her face the sadness that was riddled in her voice. "I-i'm sorry was it something I said?? I didnt mean to upset you what I said I do apologize. I meant no harm". NaVarro fumbled over the words to say, the more he talked the dumber he felt. Taking a moment to run his hand through his lon shiny black hair he paused. "lets just get moving and think about happier things".

"You didn't do anything, I was just reminded of something.", Lilith said. Hikaru didn't even need to look Lilith to know what she was thinking and he sometimes had the same thoughts. According to what Gaelon told him, he summoned her from some world that is filled with demons and yet Hikaru has never seen Lilith use any Curses or even a Black Art. "I think we should leave soon to avoid any potential conflict.", Hikaru suggested.

Seeing the drastic change of attitude that overtook the group NaVarro agreed naturally. However he was still confused about just where exactly their destination would take them. "So, ummm, where exactly do we start our investigation at again. I think we either brushed over that detail a little to fast or I just didn't catch it". NaVarro said looking between Lilith and the newly arrived Hikaru. "Speaking of which, I dont think I got your name. What's your name". NaVarro said holding his gaze at Hikaru.

"Hikaru's the name and breathing fire is my game.", Hikaru said with confidence. Lilith remembered when she first met Hikaru and how he would always burn her with a torrent of flames every time he got irritated. It was during those times that Lilith wished Gaelon didn't give him the ability to breathe fire, even though it has come in handy a couple of times. "We're going to the location of Nurarihyon's death of course, where else would look for clues about Nurarihyon's killer. Gyūki and Otohime said they will handle Nora's kidnapping so we don't have to worry about that as much.", Lilith said.

NaVarro looked at the creature for a while and a fleeting thought crossed his mind but now was not the tine for such foolishness of his. "Right well then you two lead the way and ill follow you guys this time, see if we can catch any leads left behind at the scene of the crime. NaVarro said rubbing his chin. "Hey that kind of rhymed". He said outloud not realizing it. "Oh I am loving this im on a roll today". He said rubbing his hands together.

Hikaru flew up a couple of feet so that he was above Lilith's head. Lilith reached up and held on to Hikaru with both hands. "Do you have a way to get back home quickly? If not, Hikaru could come back to get you.", Lilith asked as Hikaru flew upward, causing Lilith's feet to leave the ground.

"Nope I will be fine". NaV said as a series of black flame burst from his body and he launched himself upward into the air staying float with the pressure of his magic. Since he knew where he was going he blasted himself forward as a human size black fireball and pressed forward torward the direction of their home quickly.

There were no problems flying back to Kimotama District and because of this it didn't take long for the duo to arrive at the Kimotama District. When Hikaru and Lilith landed in the middle of Kimotama District, Hikaru flew off as Lilith tried to sense out her new friend's magic power. "I should have asked where we were going to meet.", Lilith thought to herself.

NaVarro slammed into the ground and black washed over him in an angry fashion, the color of the magic and its brute force matched his preferred style of comat well, however even with flying it seemed he didn't completely have a grip on his magic. Looking back he looked to see if Lilith and Hikaru both landed near or around him.

"I bet Kanami could land with more grace than that.", Lilith thought to herself as she approached NaVarro. Once she reached NaVarro she said, "Are you ready to go? If we hurry we might see Tsuki, I know how you love to be near ice mages.", Lilith said playfully. Truthfully Lilith didn't know the exactly where Nurarihyon died, but she could easily find out. With her ability to sense ethernano, she is able to sense the emotions of those around her. Even though Tsuki was not close by, her emotions could clearly be sensed because of how powerful they were. All she needed to do was dive in deeper into Tsuki's emotions and find its source and finding the source she can figure out where Nurarihyon died.

NaVarro noticed Lilith opened up much more and seemingly developed quite a sense of humor, the comment of magic caught him by surprise. He wanted to get better at his magic he really did, but learning how to train with it has become sparingly and there were things he still needed to understand himself. The ice mages comment even he had to admit was funny. "Just lead the way to where his body was at". NaVarro said trying to be serious whilst hiding his snickering.

Lilith closed her eyes for a second to focus on Tsuki's emotions. When she opened her eyes she pointed to the west and said with certainty, "It's this way, NaVarro." After speaking, she began to walk westward toward the location of Nurarihyon's death. "It shouldn't be too far away, only a couple of blocks.", Lilith informed.

While followinf behind Lilith NaVarro closed his own eyes and began to utter off a prayer of his own. "Dear God's I come to you as a but a humble servant of your words and look for your forgiveness. I have failed more than I have succeeded and my own arogance has been the reason for my shortcomings. I failed to make through of my promise to always protect my siblings, I failed not once but twice. I do not seek mercy, but ony the focus and retribution so that i can right the wrongs I myself have allowed. In closing I pray my brother now finds peace in the nxt life". NaVarro said opening his eyes and contining to follow behind lilith. He hoped his words still reached the ears of the Gods who always listened to his prayers before.

As NaVarro had his eyes closed, Lilith felt a tingling sensation throughout her entire body. This sensation almost seemed like it was telling her she had to do something. Lilith decided to ignore the sensation and hoped that it would stop on its own. A couple minutes later, Lilith finally reached the location. Lilith looked around and noticed how normal it looked, almost as if nothing happened. She guessed that this meant that the police had already cleared the scene and Tsuki took the body. “I thought this would happen. Would you like me to recreate the scene? I could ask Hikaru to ask an information broker for more information about the scene.”, Lilith said. While Hikaru was nowhere near Lilith, Lilith is able to communicate with Hikaru through a telepathic connection that Hikaru made between them.

The police really did a number on this place, its spotless. NaVarro said surveying the area, this kind of cleaning had a woman;s touch to it and he noticed that first." You can tell a woman cleaned this, its spotless Lilith. Like now man, the find detail in the cleaning its crazy". NaVarro said nodding his head in approval, he needed this back at his house. Wayy off topic he was with what was going on. "Oh yea sure recreate the scene for me then please". NaVarro said snappping back into the conversation.

"Hikaru, please go to Otohime and ask her what the exact details of Nurarihyon's death.", Lilith spoke to Hikaru through their telepathic connection. She paused for a second, then spoke in Hikaru's mind, "In return you can tell her my main form of combat." There was silence for a second before Hikaru acknowledged Lilith's request by saying, "Ok." Minutes passed before a loading bar appeared above Lilith's head. "I guess what I use to fight is very valuable information.", Lilith thought to herself before thanking Hikaru through their telepathic connection.

Lilith stepped back a couple of feet and used the cataclysmic path to create a lifelike clone of herself. The clone laid down and Lilith placed her hands on the clones forehead. Lilith then used the adjust path on the clone to transform the clone into a clone of Itsuki with a single stab wound in his chest. Finally, Lilith extended her arm downward and fires several bolts of sorcery power at the ground around the clone, creating numerous small craters. "This is how Nurarihyon was found.", she said at last.

NaVarro had never seen a magic anywhere close to what Lilith just pulled out from under her sleeve, but it was very informative of the situation at hand. Moving closer to the body he observed the stab wound with great interest, a clean stab directly through the chest as well as the craters that litered the place and left its mark. The craters on the ground however were not traditional blasts the resembled giant slashes the kiss of a blade no less. NaVarro said rubbing the stubble on his chin. Not just any sword either, based on the smark left in the crater this sword was by excusing his langauge fucking huge. "I don't even know what to make of this, was this a sword fight or an actual battle? I mean look at the size of these marks?!? what kind of blade does this". NaVarro said pointing at the abarasions left on the ground. His eyes as big as saucers.

"We can't assume it was made by the sword itself, perhaps the mage simply used a spell similar to Sword Pressure.", Lilith said. Lilith may not be very knowledgeable about swords, but she has faced enough sword wielding mages to know slightly more than the basics. "If the sword is this huge, the mage is probably very strong and this assassin was able to kill Nurarihyon, which means they are probably very fast. Knowing this, do you still choose to train by yourself?", Lilith asked.

NaVarro froze in his thoughts for the second time in the span of month, at least one was not caused by any ice. Rather his own state of mind as he saw just how futile his I got this attitude had taken him. Whoever left these marks was fast enough to keep pace with Itsuki but strongt enough to leave scars on the area like this. The world suddenly seemed a lot bigger than just his usual view of it. BY doing so he himself felt smaller in the grand scheme of things.

Looking back over on the image of his brothers dead body, then quickly shifting gaze to the marks on the ground and then finally the image of him frozen and left for dead. NaVarro didnt like what was bound it come later if he ran anywhere else unprepared. "I see.... all of a sudden I dont feel to good about ym chance in this on my own". NaVarro admitted while fumbling over his words the idea of him being killed as was his brother choked him up and worst failing his mother and Kanami. "My skills just arent enough for this, how does this training of yours work exactly?" NaVarro question as a single tear ran down his face, the overwhelming pressure of excitment but fear had goosebumps grab his flesh and ride up and down his arms.

Lilith noticed the tear and said, "It looks like you are already beginning to become stronger. Discovering and admitting your weakness isn't an easy thing to do.", Lilith said. Even Lilith doesn't know much about her limits, but that is mostly because of her amnesia. "First I need to judge your strength for myself.", Lilith said. Judging by how the fight with his brother went, she had a rough idea of what NaVarro needed. However, she didn't know if there was something else he needed to improve. "After that, I might start helping you increase the strength of your magic power. I know that needs to be increased from the result of your last fight.", Lilith continued.

"It's not just that but I was completely outclassed in that battle, he was faster, and smarter. I use to have the physical strength advantage over him even then he was stronger. His ice was ungodly strong and froze my flames and worst of all, as an insult to me he only use one of his Devil Slayer magic spells". NaVarro said holding his head down. "I understand the magic is powerful, but me also being a half demon did not help and that blast nearly ended me. I don't know if he kept me alive because we are family or to shame me further.NaVarro said balling up his fist. He tried to distance himself from the truth of his bloodline but it clung to him as di his own skin." I don't know how he got his hands on that magic but it's corrupting him somehow, I feeel it. You can help me free him from that graps that blonde demon bitch and fickle magic has on him yes??". NaVarro said turning to Lilith and actually showing emotion on his face. He loved his family and wanted to return to the days he grew to love. It was a stretch but not impossible at all to achieve.

"I can help with your speed and me strategy as well.", Lilith said. When NaVarro asked her to help his family she was surprised that he would ask her for something like that. In her eyes, she always believed that he would ask Tsuki before him because of how close she was to his brother: Nurarihyon. "I can help you, but I can't guarantee that my help will get the result you desire.", she said.

"That is a fair enough trade to me" NaVarro said nodding his haed and wiping hie eyes slowly trying to regain his masculinty. Its funny, Sub-Zero was the one who took down the demon guild that imprisoned mom only for him to turn around and join what he hated most. Itsuki just wanted to have demons show they coul;d coexist among humans and now I am looking at his corpse. Samara is just as elusive as the air we breath, she's there somewhere but I never can see her. Then there is me, the only one who remebers the mantle of the family we were suppose to be". NaVarro said regaining the fire within him to stand and rise once more.

"I will take your training and regardless of what hardships I may face I will rise, you say you cant guarantee your help will help me get what I seek. Fret not, I will deal with the results and make them favorable". NaVarro said finally finding a smile within him to set free once more.

Lilith smiled before asking, "Ready to start your training?" After speaking, Lilith simply snapped her fingers, causing the clone of Nurarihyon to disappear. "If so, I have a place where we can have a brief spar. There is a small and abandoned park nearby, it will be perfect for your training.", she said.

Initially NaVarro's mind began to spurr doubts of how exactly a demon was going to help him sharper his God Slayer magic, but seeing the fruits of his labor in training got him a hosptial trip perhaps it was time for a second opinion. Maybe this demon did have something to help. He without lip followed her instructions, however a question weighed on his mind. "Lilith question, has Raido ever come here at Itsuki?? you know this being a guild of demons that clearly go about things different than Tartaros?. You guys seem to be about coexisting while Tartaros is well you know not about that". NaVarro said thinking harder as he followed. "I guess what I am asking is has Raido ever come here and interacted with you guys or made threats."

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