Chronicles of the Black Knight

Chapter 71

Jason backed away from Constantine. He looked at his shattered blades before they faded away.

"Surprised aren't you?" said Constantine. "I practice a Lost Magic as well. The Infinite Cutting Blade is a sword of light capable of cutting through anything."

"That's some powerful magic you got there," said Jason, recollecting himself.

"Hey, how come you don't know any Lost Magic?" said Mephiles.

"I don't need it," Jason began weaving hand signs. "Amaterasu: Formula 68!" Six seals formed around Constantine.

"Infinite Cutting Blade!" Light surrounded Constantine's hands. He sliced the air blocking part of the blast. It overcame him, covering his body. The smoke cleared, but he was mostly unharmed. "Épée!" He thruster his arm forward, creating a straight line of light. Jason jumped out of the way, but the blade was too fast and grazed his side. "Saber!" He made a downward slash.

"Black Shield!" Jason was slammed hard into the ground by the attack. His shield shattered from the impact. "I'm surprised you managed to block that," said Constantine, "although it did cost you." Jason panted as he got back to his feet.

"This guy's really putting you through the wringer," said Mephiles.

"He's just as strong as Surtr," said Jason.

"Will you have to use Second Stage?"

"Not yet I still have a few options." Jason weaved moved hand signs. "Amaterasu: Formula 15!" Three magic circles appeared in front of him blasted a beam towards Constantine. "Sonic Beat!" The two attacks collided, canceling each other out.

"What was that Jason? You should've blown him away!"

"Sorry Mephiles, but I fought a Zeref a little bit earlier, and now this guy, so I'm a little tired right now!"

"Who are you talking to?" asked Constantine.

"Black Arrow Bolts!" Jason launched several arrow shaped energy bolts at Constantine.

"Infinite Cutting Blade: Rapier!" Constantine slashed the air, cutting several of the bolts. Other ones made it through though, hitting him in several places.

Jason jumped into the air above Constantine. "Black Blade!" He sliced at him, but he blocked with the Infinite Cutting Blade, and Jason's Black Blade shattered again. "Black Rocket!" He punched Constantine hard in the face.

"Sonic Beat!" Constantine blasted him backwards with another blast of sound. Jason skidded back. He charged at Constantine. "Saber!" Jason jumped out of the way of slice just in time.

"Black Bullet!" Constantine narrowly dodged the attack. Constantine coated his fist in light, while Jason covered his darkness. The two punched each other hard in the face.

Chronicles of the Black Knight
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