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"A paradise that never was."
Dreams of Serenity
Faux Babylon Symbol
Faux Babylon



Faux Babylon Symbol


Maricia (temporary)
Tenebrasia (true master)

S-Class Mages

Les Atouts Maudits (Sūmi Masēn, Wilma Vermillion, Hansel, Albert Spaggiari, Helena Lamford, Flynn Egozu, Malik al Thahab)


Dark Guild


Roaming the skies of Fiore

Faux Babylon (フォーバビロン, Fō Babiron) is a Dark Guild under the jurisdiction of the three demonic sisters Tenebrasia, Maricia and Invertia. A long time ago, shortly after being created by Zeref, they assumed control over a mysterious construct named Withered Eden (ウイトレドエデン, Uitoredo Eden) and made the castle their base. Assuming control of lesser Demons immediately, they used them to do their bidding. But as time passed, the sisters spiraled out of control and they were eventually sealed away. But the middle sister, Maricia, was freed by a group of individuals which would since be referred to as Les Atouts Maudits (厄隷封 (レス アトー モーヂ), Resu Atō Mōdji, Japanese for "Servants of Sealed Evil", French for "The Accursed Trump Cards"). Forced into the service of the new queen of Faux Babylon, they have begrudgingly became her dark knights and assist in her search for her lost and sealed siblings. Residing in the floating palace that is Withered Eden, they are essentially prisoners of Maricia due to the effects of Ritual of Ecstasy. But since most of them were already tainted by darkness when they joined, the heavy atmosphere is not exactly strange to them.




Seeing as the three head members of the Guild are demons, this is a guild which should not be trifled with. A single member, Sūmi Masēn, has a body count which extends into the thousands, perhaps ten thousands, alone. Most of these opponents were quite powerful contenders, yet they fell short when they engaged her in combat. Since the seven members of Les Atouts Maudits all possess dangerous Magic bestowed upon them by their master Maricia, they are to be reckoned with in combat. However, due to the fact that their location is hidden, few have actually witnessed the true power of this guild. The only assailants who actively enter combat, are the Wicked Hermit's Kyonshī and the associates of Carmen Murray.


Name Rank Team Status
MariciaSecond Guild MasterSisterhood of ZerefActive
Flynn EgozuS-Class MageLes Atouts MauditsActive
Sūmi MasēnS-Class MageLes Atouts MauditsActive
Helena LamfordS-Class MageLes Atouts MauditsActive
Wilma VermillionS-Class MageLes Atouts MauditsActive
Albert SpaggiariS-Class MageLes Atouts MauditsActive
HanselS-Class MageLes Atouts MauditsActive
Malik al ThahabS-Class MageLes Atouts MauditsActive
Nazaria and DellcariaEnvoys of MariciaApostles of InnocenceActive
Carmen MurrayMageN/AActive
Chinghis KamaroMageN/AActive
Narza NuptingaMageN/AActive
Conchita WawaMageGarçons FémininsActive
Luiz SaldoMageGarçons FémininsActive

Former Members

Name Rank Team Status
TenebrasiaFirst Guild MasterSisterhood of ZerefSealed
InvertiaS-Class MageSisterhood of ZerefSealed


  • The name "Faux Babylon" stems from the French word "faux", which means fake, and Babylon, which was a large city-state known for its apparent greatness. The combination insinuates that the guild is nothing but a deception of what Babylon was.
  • Faux Babylon was, in the past, a kingdom, but has since transitioned into a Dark Guild. Because the three rulers were sealed for several centuries, the "new" Faux Babylon is not the same as it used to be.
  • Their three leaders are associated with one of the three poisons of the mind in Buddhism. Invertia is associated with Ignorance, Maricia with Aversion and Tenebrasia with Attachment.
  • Just like the three sisters are associated with the Three Poisons of the Mind, each member of Les Atouts Maudits are associated with a deadly sin.