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Feng Long
Name Feng Long
Kanji 楓龍
Romanji Fēng Lóng
Race Clockwork Being
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Slithering Serpent
Personal Status
Status Active
Magic Slowing Magic
Plasma Magic
Razor Thread Magic

Feng Long (楓龍 Fēng Lóng; Lit. "Maple Dragon") is a former S-Class Mage of the Shooting Star Guild and was regarded as the Hero of Hargeon (ハージュンの英雄 Hājun no Eiyū) prior to his untimely death at the hands of Karen Nagareboshi. Some unnamed time later, his body would be excavated by Albion Trevelyan, and in a twist of irony, forged him as a Clockwork Being who has no recollection of his former life. He acts as a Dark Mage of the Slithering Serpent, in a cruel ploy of fate.

Character Outline


Feng's former appearance.

In his former life, Feng was a muscular man with brown eyes and long red hair. Part of his bangs fell down between his nose and left eye while the rest fell to the left side of his face. He was dressed in a white uniform, which also had a combination of Eastern and Western look to it. The collar was of traditional Japanese style, while the shirt itself had long twin tails. His armpits, knees and feet were clad in gray armor plates.

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Magic & Abilities


Behind the Scenes

  • In a similar manner to Sebastian Geil, this character was provided by Perchan for the author's use. Thanks goes to her for the original concept of both Feng and the Clockwork Beings, which she let me use in the article.
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