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Festival of Lights




Parent Magic

Light Magic



Festival of Lights (光祭り, Kōmatsuri) is a powerful Light Magic spell.


The Festival of Lights is a powerful Light Magic spell, the main purpose of which is to overpower one's enemy with a massive barrage of attacks. The spell is activated by the user at any point they wish, however, the process of its use against a target can only be achieved following a considerable period of time taken to allow the magic to accumulate across a wide area. Once it has reached a respectable level, the magic can fire on the command of the user, causing dozens of small beams of light to be sent flying upwards in an attempt to strike their target. However, given that so many beams exist, it is impossible to remotely control them, thus making this spell more of an artillery-style barrage rather than one with any refinement or control.

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