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Figure Eyes

造形眼 (フィギュアアイス)


Figyua Aisu


Caster Magic
Eye Magic



Figure Eyes (造形眼(フィギュアアイズ) Figyua Aisu): is a type of Caster and Eye Magic.


Figure Eyes is a special type of Eye Magic that allow the user to take control of the souls of living things who come into direct eye contact with them, and to manipulate their respective opponents as if they were their dolls. When this Magic is used, the body of the one being controlled turns their skin into a more sinister or darker color. Such control can seemingly be nullified at the user's will, with the target being returned to the old self and regaining possession of their body. Activating this Eye Magic usually forces targets to close their eyes, in order to avoid eye contact with the caster; this very action, however, leaves them open to other attacks. Bickslow made claims that together with his Human Possession and Figure Eyes make for a combination unbeatable by anyone in the world. Which can be considered a statement short-lived.

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