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Cilin Phoenix

S-Class Mages

Harmony Cacile
Alice Knightley





"We are not a simple guild. We are not simple mages. We are a gathering of hearts and souls which will stand for the same cause, no matter who gets in our way!"
— Cilin Phoenix's point of view towards his guild

Fire Heart is a legal guild located on the Eastern Forest of Fiore. Its master is the legendary Fire Mage Cilin Phoenix. The particularity of this guild is that its basement is hidden by a powerful Concealement Magic  which prevent most of the foreigners to get near the building. Fire Heart also gathers a huge number of powerful mages.


Cilin Phoenix and his comrades once fought the The Black Mage Zeref, an epic battle which led to the death of most of them. Cilin survived and decided to make sure the next generation of mages would be ready to face Zeref again. He then founded Fire Heart Guild and became its first master.  However, some Zeref's fanatics made of Phoenix and his proteges their targets. In order to protect them, Cilin, with the help of the ghost od Maevis Vermilion , performed the spell of protection, which turns out to be very similar to Fairy Sphere.

The protection spell happened to have an unique particularity : it can judge a person's heart. If the heart of the person is worthy of being an ally or a potential new member, he would be able to pass the barrier while if the spell sees darkness in his heart, his owner would not be able to pass through the magic.


Fire Heart Guil is currentl known as one of the most powerful guild of the country, since most of its members own rare and powerful forms of magic. Rumors say that an S-Class Mage of this guild could easily become one of the Ten Wizard Saints.


Name Rank Magic Status
Cilin PhoenixGuild MasterPhoenix SlayerActive
Harmony CacileS-Class MageWind MagicActive
Alice KnightleyS-Class MageRequipActive
Ethan AngelMageSummoning MagicActive
HanayuriMagePlant MagicActive


  • The guild mark is actually Sora's crest of Love in Dimon Adventure