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Flame Devil Slayer Magic



Honō no Metsuaku Mahō)




Kaya Mai



Basic Spells:

Flame Devil's Rage(火魔の怒りを発射 Kama no Gekiko):This is the basic "Roar" attack available to a devil slayer.The user will inhale a large amount of oxygen into their person.Then they will infused this oxygen with their own magical energy and then ignite the air exhaling a large torrent of fierce flames capable of engulfing any target within its range.This spell will gives the user's opponent a glimpse of the raw destructive power a devil slayer can wield. Flame Devil's Thermal Strike:( 火魔の熱ストライキ Kama no Netsu sutoraiki):The user of this attack would engulf their fist in intense flames before launching a devasting blow at their opponent.In addition this upon coming in contact with an object (say for example an enemy's face)the attack would then cause an immense fiery explosion adding to destructive power of the attack.Only a person with high durabiltiy could survive this attack.

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