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Caster Magic


Kazuki Fujiwara

Flash (閃光, フラッシュ, Furasshu) is an extremely powerful Caster Magic which utilizes the magical power to generate a hypersonic speed.


Flash is a type of Magic which gives the user the ability to increase their speed of form virtually infinite. Initially, was confused with High Speed. Although, it is substantially different than Jet's magic because don't only increases Kazuki's speed, but also his reaction time and reflexes in proportion to speed.

Flash has various offensive and defensive properties. Using its inherent nature of being able to increase their speed and reaction time proportionally, the user is able to dodge virtually any direct attack launched against him. By increasing their body with Flash, the user is able to surpasses more than five times the speed of sound, inter other words, reaching hypersonic speed and, proportionally, reaction time and reflexes in this same speed. It is also capable of "steal" the speed of a body for a short period of time, slowing or paralyzing them, whether humans, animals or objects. The reaction time and reflexes of the target are stolen together. A cloak of magical energy is created around the user, preventing Kazuki or its surroundings are damaged by friction with the air. With the speed, the impact of blows, as punches and kicks, is gradually increased, but the user of Flash is not injured by the impact of his own attack.

The speed limit of magic is directly related to the magical power user. For example, while a beginner magician could not even reach the speed of sound, a mage S-Class as Kazuki can easily reach supersonic speed. Prolonged use of this spell causes intense magical exhaustion, severe headaches and even fainting. Also use it in more than Mach 5 will cause immense stress and fatigue for the user. When running at speed exceeding Mach 3, the mage has trouble changing the direction in which runs, which can be exploited by opponents to create chances to attack the Flash user.


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