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Flash Fire




Parent Magic

Fire Magic

Parent Item

Sword (optional)



Flash Fire (閃光火 Senkōka) is a simple, highly effective Fire Magic spell. Its function is slightly different when compared to the general paradigm of Fire Magic spells.


Through emitting the magic at one's finger, using it the point of focus, the user charges, and subsequently compresses Fire Magic at their finger tips. Mimicking that of a gun, the user fires the spell from the tip of their middle finger, emitted in linear path, similar to that of a bullet, however, unlike a bullet, this spell is laser-like when projected. Even without mastering the spell, it moves at speed that most opponents cannot perceive. This spell serves as means to attacking Mage's using speed enhancements, and to efficient method rendering defenses useless, due to its speed.

If a user manages to master the spell to the point where they can manipulate this spell into different shapes, rather that the general circular beam, one can render nearly all magical defenses useless, seemingly regardless of its potency. If a user manages to penetrate a defense, even slightly, that is all that's needed. For when the defense is damaged, even a little, the user can expand this spell outward, literally destroying said defense from the inside out, and anyone within it.

The weakness to this spell is that one cannot change the trajectory of this spell, while still retaining the precision, and accuracy. This spell can also be projected through weaponry, in the same exact manner as it is expressed through the fingers.



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