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Flash Raven



Furasshu Rēvun


Caster Magic
Rare Magic
Spatial Magic (Teleportation Magic)



Flash Raven (全方高速移動術・金烏の迅飛(フラッシュ・レーヴン), Furasshu Rēvun lit. Omnidirectional High-Speed Movement Technique: Swift Flight of Golden Raven) is a unique Caster Magic, created by Mōnē Noctua and eventually utilized by Atrax Noctua. This magic easily goes under the category of Spatial Magic because of its mechanics, which actually may be similar to that of Teleportation Magic, yet being not the disappearing in one place and occurring in second, but a very fast movement technique, which allows to gap between the places within seconds, not losing the precious user's time.

In Fairy Tail: Vengeance of Balaur universe, this Magic was created in ancient times, yet nowadays utilized by mainly by martial artists of the Oriental Continent of Earth Land and those, who have learned it from them.




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