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Forbidden Weapons



Kinji Rareta Buki


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The Forbidden Weapons (禁じられた武器 Kinji Rareta Buki) are a group of weapons supposedly confiscated by the Magic Council because of their insurmountable power. Each one of the weapons carries a certain anti-trait that the human mind supposedly cannot live without out. The purpose of the Forbidden Weapons was to shatter the sanity of humankind. And the makers of the weapons-presumed demons- were almost successful. However, the Magic Council was able to intervene, and stop them. Because of the demons' vast amount of power, the only way to "get rid" of them, was to seal them away inside the weapons.

List of Known Forbidden Weapons

Dreamcatcher (ドリームキャッチャー Dorīmukyatchā): Dreamcatcher is a Forbidden Weapon utilized by Kyoko Byern. As the name states, the demon sealed inside Dreamcatcher is a demon of dreams. Therefore, it allows the blade to "catch" dreams. However, Kyoko says, "The phrase "catching dreams", is literally sugarcoating it. It doesn't catch your dreams, it crushes them. You wanna be a doctor? Too bad, you'll be bombarded with negativity. So much, that you'll think you're a pathetic excuse for a human. You wanna beat me? Well too bad, you'll start to think you're so pathetically weak, you can't even fight a snail. So to sum it all up, once this blade touches you, forget about ever achieving those long time goals in your life." The blade basically allows the wielder to have the sociology of the demon sealed inside of the blade, thus causing negativity to go through the wielder's target, hence, crushing their dreams.

Nusumaretaai (盗まれた愛 lit. Stolen Love)

Suiminhakudatsu (睡眠の剥奪 lit. Deprivation of Sleep)

Kōfukushōshitsu (幸福の消失 Disappearance of Happiness)

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