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Foresight Magic



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Shuren Hakumen

Foresight (先見 Senken) is a special brand of Eye Magic that has been obtained by Shuren. Through unlocking a special seal in his eyes, his pupils become noticeably more visible as well as his veins being more prominent around his eyes and his eyes becoming slightly darker. Through this magic, Shuren's natural vision is enhanced to tremendous levels because of the magic flow into his eyes. The enhancements from this magic also allow him to view the magic of all things in nature, essentially allowing him to bypass any illusion or something similar. Through this, Shuren remarks that this is one of the ultimate eye magic, however, after prolonged usage, the eyes begin to strain on Shuren's magical energy, making it useful for single, short bursts before retreating them. It is normally used by Shuren to track down individuals who are retreating before the military's eyes.

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