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Four Treasures
Sword of Tudedanann
Kanji 四御物
Rōmaji Shigyobutsu
Type Magical Items

Four Imperial Treasures (四御物, Shigyobutsu) also known as the Four Treasures of Tuatha Dé Danann (四御物トゥアハ・デ・ダナーン,Shigyobutsu no To~uaha de danān) are a set of magical items used by the people of Tír na.


According to the legends, the four treasures were given to the people of Tír na in their time of need by their savior, Tuatha Dé Danann.


Sacred Ash Tree

Sword of Tudedanann

Seihaiju (聖灰樹, Sacred Ash Tree) also referred to as the Ash Blade (灰剣,Haiken) known as the first weapon given by Tuatha Dé Danann. It appears as a two and a half meter ash tree branch, pieces of steel intertwining with each other from the end of the handle forming a blade. The tip of the it is not a sharply pointed blade like on a knife. It's broad blade with designs that somewhat looks like intertwining branches.

Rune Breaker Lance

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Rune Breaker Lance (ルーン文字ブレーカやり, rūnmojibureeka Yari) also referred to as the Tachikazeyari (断地風槍, Earth-Severing Wind Lance) is a large black and gold dual bladed naginata.

Twilight's Horn


Twilight's Horn (日暮れ角, Higuretsuno) also referred to as the Boundless Cauldron (果てしない大鍋, Hateshinai oonabe)

Stone of Kings

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Stone of Kings (石の王者,Ishiōja) also referred to as the Sōkan (雙冠,Twinned Crown)


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