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Friction Magic



Masatsu Mahō


Caster Magic


Connor Erin

Friction Magic(摩擦マジック,Masatsu Mahō) is a Caster Magic used by Connor Erin that allows him to use friction produced by the human body at will.


This magic who allows total control over use friction (force between two surfaces in contact). This friction is produced by the body of the user to rub his body with the particles thatare dispersed in the air. As such, due to its user friction is able to produce energy which may also be used in spells. Also this magic can improve physical abilities of the user: for example by increasing their strength or speed.


Earthquake: Connor starts to generate friction on his feet  and then  he takes a leap. As he falls, due to the great strength taken the floor begins to crack creating large-scale earthquakes that can destroy 4-to 5 buildings this requires great magical power this also leaves the user exhausted depending of the scale of the earthquake.

Expansive Wave: Connor generates friction from the palms of his hands and then close his fist, punching the air. In doing so the air will "crack", generating a large-scale blast capable of destroying everything in its path including buildings and more. As he uses this attack to supposedly "stop" the air from moving it will stop anything close to it.

Burning Dance: Connor rubs his feet with the floor producing fire on his leg. He then kicks the opponent succsessfully hitting them. When this attack does contact with the opponent it will probably send them flying away.

Lightning Slash: Connor runs to the opponent with one hand touching the ground, this generate friction as it then forms lightning in one hand. Connor then pierces the opponent succsesfully doing fatal damage.

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