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Lightning Chibi
Name Fulampo
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Green
Professional Status
Affiliation Paper PlanePaper Planes
Team Team Rose
Partner Dahlia Sunrock
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias Smarty (Dahlia)
Magic Lightning Nature

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Fulampo of the Lightning is a Boss Chibi Spirit under a contract with Dahlia Sunrock. He is by far the brightest Chibi Spirit with a considerable amount of inventions under his belt. He has the Lightning Heavenly Nature and is an excellent strategist, capable of outsmarting multpile Wizard Saints.


Light Chibi 3





Magic and Abilities

Natures Lightning Nature: With this nature, Fulamp can use spells that revolve around power, speed, and lightning.

  • Fulmine Pioggia (雷雨 Raiu): Fulampo releases several intense thunderbolts into the sky which form into an intensly powerful one that rains down on the opponent.
  • Carica Cervello (脳料 Nō-ryō): Fulampo touches the target, sending electricity through them and revitalizing their brain. This increases blood flow to the brain and allows them to think at high speeds.
  • Fogna Elettrico (電気下水道 Denki gesuidō ):Fulampo drains all electricity from the vincinity, powering all of his other spells.
  • Elettricità Statica (静電気で衣服がまとわりつくこと Seidenki de ifuku ga matowaritsuku koto): Fulampo shoots a yellow ball of electricity at the target. Once it hits the opponent, the target has a strong magnetic field and attracts anything within it's range. 
  • Rete Elettrica (電気のネット Denki no netto): Fulampo shoots an electric net at the target, which ensnares them.
  • Frusta Elettrica (電気鞭 Denkimuchi): Fulampo forms a powerful electric whip.
  • Sfarfallio (フリッカー Furikkā): Fulampo travels in short burst of electricity. It appears as if he's teleporting in green flashes.

Decade-Form A Decade-Form is special magic exclusive to Chibi Spirits. It allows them to "age" ten years for whatever the reason. Is is a slight increase in magical power but isn't something to be relied on. It can be used for disguising oneself as a human to blend in if wanted. Most Chibi Spirits only have one Decade-Form as it takes a lot of energy to do and is difficult to obtain.


  • Celia is based off of Verde from the Katekyo Hitman Reborn series.
  • Like the other Bosses, Fulampo's magic and spells are in italian.
  • According to an article featuring Fulampo in the Sorceror Weekly: Bosco Edition ...
    • If compared to an animal, Fulampo considers himself to be a crocodile.
    • His favorite food is pretezels.
    • His ideal-type is intelligent.
    • His stats are as shown
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