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Fusion-Make is a Caster-Type form of Molding Magic, utilized by various mages.


Highly versatile in its application, Fusion-Make allows the user to simultaneously mold two or more elements into varying shapes and structures. Though the stances used in initiating spells tend to vary, they share the characteristic that the caster's hands are clasped together. Similar to other styles of Molding Magic, Fusion-Make possesses Static and Dynamic spell types. Static-type spells involve the creation of weapons, structures, and environments; whereas Dynamic-type spells involve the creation of sentient creatures and directed attacks (i.e. blasts, beams, etc.).


  • Fusion-Make - Quicksand: Combining the elements of earth and water, the user creates a pit of quicksand either around them or within their immediate vicinity.
  • Fusion-Make - Shredder: Combining the elements of iron and air, the user releases a powerful blast of air and sharp shards of iron.
  • Fusion-Make - Crimson Serpent: Combining the elements of fire and earth, the user creates a large snake composed of lava that charges at the target.
  • Fusion-Make - Haze: The user combines fire and water to create a powerful burst of steam to obscure their opponent's field of vision, allowing them to flee or attack unseen.
  • Fusion-Make - Light Blindness: The user uses lightning and light to temporarily blind the opponent, it takes awhile to recover from.
  • Fusion-Make - Holy Hand Grenade: The user combines the element of light and fire to create an explosion to catch their opponent off guard making them wide open to a counterattack.
  • Fusion-Make - Mist: Combining water and air, together they create a thick mist that makes the user invisible. Making it hard for the opponent to attack.
  • Fusion-Make - Storm: Combining Lightning and air creates clouds and therefore, a thunderstorm. With this spell, the user has total control of lightning. Causing electrocution to it's opponent if necessary.
  • Fusion-Make - Plasma: Lightning and Fire creates a plasma ball developed within the user's hands and uses their strength to thrust the plasma ball forward.


  • This magic's capability to simultaneously mold multiple elements at once is similar to the capability of Memory-Make to create new spells from previously memorized spells. The major difference is that this magic doesn't require the memorization of other spells. However, the user cannot use special elements they don't have prior access to. For example, one couldn't incorporate God Slayer lightning into a given spell if the user doesn't possess the ability to use Lightning God Slayer Magic.
  • As the number of elements utilized in a given spell increases, the spell becomes more difficult to maintain and requires a greater amount of magical energy in order to be performed successfully.
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