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Fusion magic
Fusion Magic

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Fusion Magic better known as Fusion Technique (合併の術, Gappei No Jutsu) is an unique Caster Magic.


Fusion Magic allows one to literally fuse with anyone and anything they wish to and cannot be separated from them unless they wish. This technique is formed in the exact reverse of Fission Magic. Working on a reverse mechanism, it grants the user the ability fuse together powers, objects and even living things. The user can merge two or more separate beings into one, regardless whether the the objects are organic, inorganic, living, dead, technological, etc, they can be merged with the user. They can decide which parts of the objects are dominant in the union, what are deleted and which merge. They can combine two or more elements into a new element. If the user possess every elementary element required, they can create every advanced element in existence, and be awfully strong. This power allows for hybrid physiology and can often be permanent. If the user does not separate objects or beings within an hour, they shall remain united forever. However, these objects and beings, have absolute protection from any alteration or change, regardless of the source or cause, other than their own and retain the state they currently are. Entity Fusion Technique is one of the most important spells used in this form of magic. Entity Fusion Technique is a technique derived from fusion-magic. Centering around fusionism of entities or beings and instead of 2, it can fuse up to 5 beings into a single entity. Often feared and cited as one of the most dangerous techniques, this allows the user to fuse their bodies and powers together for a short span of time. It was created by three unnamed Mages, to merge their abilities, knowledge and even their memories in order to create a superior being. Once fused, two separate individuals are able to combine their power and area of expertise for the sake of combat. However, the form is so strong that it is awfully hard and exhausting to maintain and control. Also, the transformation doesn't seem to last longer than 5-7 minutes. Master's of this magic can also forcibly merge with other's against their will.


  • Requires extremely high control and understanding of Magic.
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