"I am a Mage of Fairy Tail, even if they no longer exist, this mark on my shoulder does."
— Gajeel after the death of Fairy Tail
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Gajeel Redfox



Gajiru Reddofokkusu


Black Steel (黒鉄, Kurogane)
Typhos (タイフォス, Taifosu)




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Fairy Tail
Phantom Lord

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Left Shoulder


Independent Mage

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S-Class Mage

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Metalicana (Foster Father)


Iron Dragon Slayer Magic
Iron Shadow Dragon Mode
Steel Shadow Dragon Mode
Steel Mode
Dragon Force

Gajeel Redfox (ガジル・レッドフォックス, Gajiru Reddofokkusu) is a former of Phantom Lord, and Fairy Tail Guild. After the Dragon's Attack, Gajeel's body was never found amidst the ruins of Crocus, and was deemed "dead" by the public, along with the majority of those who fought. Since he has awoken, he has been wandering Earth Land, traveling from country to country in order to meet stronger foes, and become stronger himself.



Gajeel's Current Appearance

Gajeel is a tall and muscular young man with long, spiky black hair, which is usually kept slicked back, revealing his forehead. He has red eyes (initially portrayed as green) with slitted dark pupils, and has no visible eyebrows. Most of his exposed body is covered in sets of simple, round studs. The most visible studs are on his face, with three of them above each of his eyes (acting as "eyebrows" of sorts), two on each side of his nose (sometimes mistakenly three in the anime), and two on his chin, just below his mouth. His ears are adorned by two sets of five earrings each.

He also sports four studs on each of his forearms, with his right one being covered in scars. As a member of the former Phantom Lord Guild, he bore his Phantom Lord mark at the top of his right shoulder. After joining Fairy Tail, his black Fairy Tail mark is located on his left arm, just below his shoulder. Being a Dragon Slayer, Gajeel's canine teeth are distinctively sharper than normal.

Gajeel's current attire consists primarily of a dark blue trenchcoat, nearly reaching his feet, with a green shirt with short sleeves worn under it, along with beige pants, with a grey belt around his waist, and black boots. His hair remains the same, albeit with strands of hair on the side of his head, hiding his ears, and wearing a dark yellow bandana on his forehead. He also wears fingerless dark brown gloves, with studs on the knuckles. During the Dragon's Attack, Gajeel recieved two large scars on his chest from his battle against a Dragon, in an attempt to fight back against it, going from his left shoulder, down to his right abdomen.


"I...will become stronger. Not for myself! But for others! With these hands, I will crush anything and anyone, and surpass Dragons! I will not fail twice, I refuse to fail! I am Gajeel Redfox, the Iron Dragon Slayer!"
— Gajeel's new found desire for power

Gajeel, for the most part, has remained the same as always. He is still a tenacious individual, with a short temper that can get the best of him, but has learned to better control his wrath. After the death of Fairy Tail, Gajeel has become distant from people, speaking very little or interacting at all, and prefers it to be that way until he believes he has become strong enough to the degree that he will never lose again.

He is a glutton, eating almost anything, especially if it's made of metal. Along his travels, Gajeel took the oppurtunity to also try and experience new things in the places he visited, such as the food, souveineirs and the like. He expresses great interest in new cultulers and places as a result of this, and has accumulated great knowledge of various places he visited as a result.

Powers & Abilities

Physical Prowess


Gajeel utilizing Iron Dragon's Sword during combat

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Gajeel has proven time and time again to be an excellent fighter in terms of close combat, his sheer strength and durability being more than enough to support him during a battle. While his Iron Dragon Slayer Magic does assist greatly in battle, he is capable of being a formidable opponent with his own raw strength alone as well. Gajeel's instinct and quick reflexes allow him to easily overpower his enemies, and the added durability and force of his Iron Dragon's Scales allow him to deliver devastating blows, capable of breaking down a wall with ease, as well as break his opponent's bones with a single strike. While lacking a proper fighting style, Gajeel focuses primarily on overpowering his enemies through sheer strength, yet also relies on his speed, and durability, in order to avoid or whistand blows from his enemy as well. In combination with his Iron Dragon Slayer spells, Gajeel is capable of gaining an advantage in battle quickly, especially when using his Iron Dragon's Club or Iron Dagon's Sword, which can allow for a variety of ways to regain the upperhand in combat. However, Gajeel's greatest strength comes when he activates his Iron Shadow Dragon Mode. With the ability to blend into shadows, and become a shadow himself, combined with the durability and strength of iron, Gajeel becomes a nearly unstoppable force, capable of fighting off powerful enemies, and even S-Class Mages, with great ease. He greatly focuses on utilizing the shadows to his advantage as well, and attack his enemies when they're wide open. When not using any Magic, Gajeel is still a force to be reckoned with. His body, being capable of whistanding devastating blows, makes him more than capable of enduring harsh punishment and reach his opponent, and attack his enemy. He has been shown to create powerful shockwaves from his fists upon contact, which only further damage his foe's body, and can turn his opponents' bones to dust with ease. Without the assistance of magic, Gajeel is still a formidable foe, and while he may lack the advantages from prior, can still put up a fight, using his strength and endurance to achieve victory even when nothing else is left.

Immense Strength: Gajeel boasts inhuman strength, unparalled to that of normal humans, and considered downright monstrous, even in terms of a Dragon Slayer's strength. He is capable of lifting objects many times his size, and with enough strength, throw them at his intended target. His strength plays a major role in his combat ability as well, being the reason as to why he is capable of delivering powerful blows to his enemies, even without a basis in his fighting style, with one punch to the stomach being enough to cause massive damage to a person's organs.

Gajeel's reflexes

With one hand, Gajeel can keep his enemy at bay, not letting them escape his clutches. Even without any enhancements, Gajeel is still a force to be reckoned with, even going as far as claiming that he has the strength a "true Dragon", and while never confirmed, he has the power to back up that claim.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: While not his greatest feat, Gajeel still has above average speed and reflexes, allowing him to outspeed ordinary people, and also have great reaction time, enough to block incoming attacks point blank from behind. He is capable of easily avoiding attacks, and immediately countering, as well as dodge any attacks before he could find an openning. Gajeel also displayed a certain degree of acrobatics, being shown to hang upside down using his Iron Dragon Slayer to achieve that, as well as managing his way around areas.

Immense Endurance & Durability: Gajeel's most astounding trait is his stamina, endurance as well as his durability, being considered inhuman, even for a Dragon Slayer. He has displayed great enough endurance to battle, even after being severely injured and beaten, without a hint that is fazed him. After improving his power, and becoming much more capable in battle, Gajeel's body has become capable of whistanding great force and attacks, without as much as flinching, and with almost no damage to his body whatsoever. Gajeel's body has even been compared to "steel" at times, simply by how incredibly powerful he has become. His endurance has also been classified as downright monstrous, having survived harsh injuries to his bodies, including stab wounds, even when such a thing is considered already difficult. Gajeel's "willpower" is also a major factor in this, proving himself to be capable of forcing himself, even through dire situations, to achieve victory, in his quest to become stronger. Even when beaten and injuries, and bleeding heavily, Gajeel refuses to back down, and goes as far as saying his entire body would need to be broken down in order to convince him he lost, or even kill him.

Enhanced Smell: Like all Dragon Slayers, Gajeel has heightened senses, his greatest being his sense of smell. He is capable of identifying different scents, including blood, and tell whether it's fresh or not. Even if blinded, or in complete darkness, Gajeel can use his sense of smell in order to locate his foe, recognizing their scent, and differentiating it from other scents, finding his opponent, and managing to fight even if blinded. If used correctly in battle, it can help Gajeel react to enemy surprise attacks, by locating a foreign scent that's near, allowing to quickly react, making it more useful than simple tracking.

Iron Dragon Slayer Magic

Iron Dragon Slayer Magic (鉄の滅竜魔法 Tetsu no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster-type Lost Magic that utilizes iron as a means to slay Dragons. Gajeel has been taught this Magic by his foster parent, Metalicana, and has mastered since. As the name implies, it allows Gajeel to change his body to the phsyiology of an Iron Dragon, becoming capable of generating iron, even in his lungs, allowing him to essentially "breathe iron", as well as becoming incredibly durable, much more than an average Dragon Slayer would be. His teeth and jaw are notably strong for being capable of gnawing metal, showing that he has also become physically stronger. He is capable of devouring metal, any kind of metal, in order to regain his strength, but cannot eat the metal he produces. Considering metal being common place for weapons, it grants Gajeel an advantage against most, if not all, weapon users, since he can simply devour their swords to become stronger.

The iron he produces is incredibly strong and durable, and its strength only increased after training. Weapons and scales created using his iron is durable and powerful enough to whistand almost anything, requiring great force in order to crack, and eventually break. This proves essential, as Gajeel is almost entirely reliant on close combat using blunt weaponry, as well as scales to protect him from harm and dish out damage.

Gajeel has displayed the ability of manipulating iron by turning his limbs into blunt weaponry to use against his opponent, or even coat his entire body in iron for protection. After training, Gajeel has also displayed the ability to liquify iron to better manipulate it, allowing him to catch enemies off guard, and better subdue, or even kill them. This is achieved by allowing his magic energy to spread, and make the iron spread as well, changing the shape of his magic energy, thus changing his iron along with it, thus liquifying his iron is achieved, allowing for greater versatility in combat. Gajeel can generate a seemingly endless amount of iron, enough to destroy an entire building and leave traces of metal behind, without as much as being hindered by the loss.

  • Iron Dragon's Roar (鉄竜の咆哮 Tetsuryū no Hōkō): Gajeel's exclusive metal-based Dragon's Roar. By gathering the magic energy in his mouth, Gajeel fires a massive tornado of scrap metal, and metallic shards that devastate and shred apart whatever is in its path. Gajeel is capable of quickly using his roar, even in dire situations, and its power remains virtually the same.
  • Iron Dragon's Scales (鉄龍の鱗 Tetsuryū no Uroko): An augmentation spell, that coats Gajeel's entire body in scales, greatly increasing his durability to even greater heights than before. Gajeel's body is said to be almost unbreakable, requiring immeasurable force to crack, however, it doesn't stop the blunt force that is inflicted onto him, but protects his body from injuries. His attacks also become more powerful, increasing the force behind each punch, having the power to break the bodies of Demons and Humans alike. Gajeel can also liquify the scales on his body and change their shape, such as making his entire body become surrounded by sharp spikes for an even greater defense, and making his attacks even more powerful. Gajeel can also instictively activate the scales, as if on instinct, instantly protecting his body with hundreds of iron scales, the moment anything potentially harmful so much as grazes his body. This is possible in every mode, allowing for excellent protection from surprise attacks.
    • Lightning Rod (避雷針, Hiraishin): After encountering a Lightning Mage, Gajeel reminiscient on how he used his body as a living lightning rod against Laxus, and after testing it once more, realized he had the potential of using it to his advantage. After several practices in battle, Gajeel managed to find a way to resist and cancel out Lightning-based spells, by using his Iron Dragon's Scales, in any mode, and on top of adding magical reinforcements, and at times, even extra layers of scales, he is capable of turning himself into a human lightning rod, attracting all Lightning-based attack towards him, and with a burst of magic energy, can cancel out the lightning before it becomes harmful, or too harmful to his body. This spell is extremely useful against Lightning Magic users, or even Lightning Magic of a higher calibre. Gajeel even declares that he could single handedly defeat Laxus now, with this power backing him up. However, extensive use can eventually become harmful to him, and extremely powerful Lightning attacks can lead to exhaustion and injury, but can still be cancelled, albeit not without consequences.
    • Burning Sensation (火照り, Hoteri): The same functionality as Lightning Rod, but one developed to combat Fire-based attacks. Reminiscient to when he lost to Natsu Dragneel, and was outdone by him, Gajeel sought out a method to endure and resist fire and heat better. It is achieved in a similar manner, by using magical reinforcement on his very skin, as opposed to his scales, to protect his flesh from burning, doing so to a greater degree than before, in order to make sure he doesn't recieve any burns, and then creating multiple small layers of scales on top of each other, reinforcemed with another layer of magical reinforcement, allowing for a great defense against fire and heat, as well as most physical attacks as well. However, powerful enough attacks can pierce through Gajeel's defense, but doing so requires great force regardless, and even then, Gajeel can repair this defense quickly, doing so in minutes, or even seconds, depending on the damage dealt.
  • Iron Dragon's Lance: Demon Logs (鉄竜槍 鬼薪 Tetsuryūsō: Kishin): A long range spell, in which Gajeel turns his arm into a spear form, and begins firing metallic spears in rapid succession, with enough force, and numbers to destroy a large portion of an area, leaving it littered with spears and destruction. The spears fired are powerful enough to break through hard metal with ease.
  • Iron Dragon's Club (鉄竜棍 Tetsuryūkon): More or less his signature move, Gajeel turns his arm into a metallic club, with a flat tip, that can be extended and is used purely as a blunt weapon. As expected, it can deal massive damage with great force, strong enough to break through walls with ease. Gajeel can create a multitude of these clubs from a single limb in order to overwhelm his foe, but can also do so from other clubs. He has displayed being capable of also generating them on his body, like his back, as opposed to simply his limbs.
  • Iron Dragon's Sword (鉄竜剣 Tetsuryūken): As the name implies, Gajeel turns his arm into a jagged sword, allowing for great cutting power, enough to cut through hard surface with ease. It can be extended, much like Iron Dragon's Club, to reach enemies who are out of reach. He can also create a multitude on his body, as a means of overwhelming his foes.
  • Iron Dragon's Chains (鉄竜の鎖, Tetsuryū no Kusari): By molding liquified iron from his body, and forming it into rings that are in one another, Gajeel can create long chains, with a sharp end, similar to a kusarigama. While he possesses no real skill in utilizing such a complex weapon, he does know how to effectively use it to his advantage in battle. Gajeel can create multiple long chains quickly, and use them to snare his foe, or to tie them up. At best, he can unleash a wide barrage of chains in order to entrap his opponent and make movement difficult. The chains can be broken by a strong enough individual.

Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義, Metsuryū Ōgi):

  • Karma Demon: Iron God Sword (業魔・鉄神剣 Gōma: Tetsu Jin Ken): One of Gajeel's most powerful spells. By clapping his hands above his heads, Gajeel generates an enormous amount of iron, forming it into one gigantic sword, similar to his Iron Dragon's Sword, and swipes it downward, as it obliterates anything in its path. The spell's power is so great, it is rumoured to be capable of decapitating a Dragon's head cleanly off, but that was never proven.
  • Karma Demon: Iron Spiral (業魔鉄螺線形 Gōma: Tetsu Rasen): Seemingly his second ultimate move, Gajeel transforms his legs into a giant drill, which rotates at high speed, heavily damaging and piercing through whatever it strikes. He used this spell to destroy the Dragonoid's core and to free Natsu from his imprisonment. Although it did what it was intended to do, Gajeel stated that he still had a long way to go, since he "planned" to destroy the whole Dragonoid, along with Natsu.
  • Karma Demon: Unlimited Blade Works (業魔・無制限刃が動作, Gōma: Museigen Hagadōsa): A spell Gajeel himself developed in his training period, and is considered one of his most powerful techniques. The spell comes in two versions, the basic attack version, in which Gajeel generates a massive amount of liquified iron from his being, forming it as a large wall, and from that wall, Gajeel fires a countless number of jagged swords at his opponent, created instantly from the iron wall, firing them as if they were bullets, with enough strength to shatter stone with ease. Gajeel claims to be capable of destroying an entire Guild with this spell alone, and leave the entire area looking like a warzone. The second version leans more towards close quarters combat. Instead of forming the liquified iron into a wall, he instead coats his body with it, in a fashion similar to Iron Dragon's Scales, only without the augmentation to his durability. From there, Gajeel can instantly create many swords from his being to use against his foe, and even sprout hundreds from his body. The technique allows for great versatility in combat, especially the second version.
    • Asura Mode (阿修羅モード, Ashura Mōdo lit. Fighting Demon Mode): Gajeel is capable of using the liquified metal to spread and create extra appendages for himself, two or more extra arms, sprouting either from his back, shoulders, or on his body. After hardening the limbs to become durable, Gajeel becomes capable of controlling this arms as if they are a part of his body, by manipulating the magic that moves the metal. This allows Gajeel for even greater combat capability, especially in close combat, since he can simply create more arms to battle enemies, from both sides of his body, leaving almost no room openning. Gajeel isn't limited to simply arms either, he can instead make the arms become swords, much like his Iron Dragon's Sword, allowing for an even greater range of attacks, becoming a destructive force as a result. However, this exerts a great amount of magic energy if used for too long.

Steel Mode


Steel Mode

During his journey and training, Gajeel managed to achieve what is referred to as Steel Mode (鉄の滅竜魔法・変鋼 (スチール・モード), Suchīru Mōdo lit. Iron Dragon Slayer Magic: Steel Modification), a state in which, after absorbing carbon into his skin, and then melding it with his magic energy, Gajeel turns his body into steel, thus achieving even greater power than before. While in this state, Gajeel's body become "shinier" and more smooth in appearance, and along with it, becomes immeasurably more powerful than before. Ever since achieving Steel Mode, Gajeel is capable of freely accessing this form, the same way he can access Iron Shadow Dragon Mode.

His durability, while great on its own, surpasses even Iron Dragon's Scales, keeping him unscatched from nearly any attack in existence, barely even fazing him. As a result, Gajeel's physical attacks become even more deadly and powerful, with a force great enough to shatter solid material with utter ease.

Due to the lightweight structure of Steel Mode, Gajeel's movement become much more agile and quick, even leaving an afterimage to his opponent when dodging their attacks, and can close the distance between him and his foe in mere seconds, making his attacks appear as if they come out of nowhere as a result. However, his reflexes and reaction time remain unchanged.

Gajeel has also shown that he can manipulate steel in a liquified state, same as he can with his iron. However, he claims that it is much easier to manipulate, and the speed where he can shape the steel into objects is much greater, due to being lighter in comparison to iron. Nevertheless, it is just as versatile as when manipulating liquified iron. All of his regular spells also become more powerful versions of themselves when enhanced by steel, including his Dragon Slayer's Secret Art.

However, the carbon within Gajeel's body is toxic to him, and thus, using it for too long can result in poisoning, becoming ill, or at worse, even dying. As such, it is used only against truly powerful opponents, and even then, he tries to not take too much time in this form.

  • Steel Dragon's Roar (鋼竜の剣, Koryū no Hōkō): An enhanced version of Iron Dragon's Roar. While the functionality behind it remains the same, it's power is much greater than before. The roar's appearance is much different as well, due to its glittering form, it is compared to a beam of raw magic when fired, and travels at great speed, closing any distance between the target in seconds, and even then, continue travelling and expanding in size, until it is viewable by an entire town. It's power is enough to leave a large crater as the aftermath, destroying whatever was once there. It has greater force than his Iron Dragon's Roar, and also has a "knockback" effect, requiring Gajeel to firmly plant himself in place in order to not be pushed back by its massive power.
  • Steel Dragon's Sword (鋼竜剣, Koryūken): Steel Dragon's Sword is an enhanced version of Iron Dragon Sword, only available when the user is harnessing the power of Steel Mode. In order to perform this spell, the user manifests a large amount of steel on one of their arms or legs; before focusing it and shaping into a large, jagged blade composed of steel which possesses incredible cutting power—making it all the more deadly. The spikes along the blade's edge make its slashes more painful and dangerous, and the sword's length can be increased to reach enemies who are far away from the user. It should be noted that from this singular sword, the user can generate a plethora of other, smaller swords, which increase their range even further. It's power and reach allows the user to slice may objects, including humans (at its strongest without any reinforcement), clean in two, and if they expel more of their magical aura into it, it can cleave through even the strongest of magical barriers, while causing a 'backlash' effect which enables the user to harm a foe by releasing the blade in the form of a blast of pure energy at them the moment they shatter a barrier. The swords can be elongated at the user will, making them powerful ranged weapons. They are capable of increasing their size dramatically and to detach them from their body. The blade is also sturdy enough to function as a shield of sorts; and the sword can also function as a chainsaw, effectively increasing its potential damage output while its explosive reactive properties bolster the damage dealt even more. The moment that the sword makes contact with the foe via impaling them, the composition of the sword is altered to cause additional, smaller blades to protrude from the blade inside of the foe's body, drastically increasing the number of wounds dealt to the foe.
  • Steel Dragon's Club (鋼竜棍, Koryūkon): The Steel Mode version of Iron Dragon's Club, which, much like Steel Dragon's Sword, is much more powerful than its iron counterpart. Unlike the iron version, Steel Dragon's Club boasts greater durability and forced behind it. The club can extend upon command or mental thought alone, and a plethora of other clubs can be generated from one singular club, or from his body as a whole.

Iron Shadow Dragon Mode

After consuming Rogue Cheney's shadows, Gajeel gained the ability to access Iron Shadow Dragon

Iron Shadow Dragon Mode

Mode (モード鉄影竜, Mōdo Tetsueiryū), allowing him to combine his Iron Dragon Slayer Magic with Rogue's shadows in order to utilize both elements at the same time, creating "iron shadows" that literally glitter like metal. Doing so allows Gajeel to use both the great durability and destructive force of his iron, along with the shadows' ability to travel in great speed within shadows and control darkness, granting him power even greater than before, rivaled only by his Steel Mode. It greatly enhances his physical abilities as well, granting him enormous speed, monstrous strength and greater resillience towards attacks.

Gajeel traveling using shadows

Gajeel is capable of travelling within shadows, much like how Rogue could, moving in great speed for long distances, and catching his enemies off guard by popping out of their shadows, and swiftly, and almost effortlessly dodge incoming attacks, even at point blank range. He can also become intangible darkness, allowing himself to become immune to physical harm, and even spells to a degree, but also cannot do any harm to his opponent as well, at best being able of firing his Iron Shadow Dragon's Roar, or use the shadows to attack his foe. He has even shown the ability to grab and punch Rogue, pulling him out while traveling via shadows, something that would normally be impossible, due to the intangibility granted by the shadows. However, the same would apply to him, as shadow-users can also touch him regardless of his intangibility, and light-based spells can do significant damage. But light in general, such as one produced by fire, or the sun, has no effect on him, but is infact advantageous to him, as it creates shadows that he can consume to regain strength, but not to the same level as eating metal would, and can infact make him sick if too much is devoured, unlike when consuming metal.

It should be noted that Gajeel can also use the shadows in order to swallow people and objects into them, almost as if the shadows were a black hole, and freely release them from the mass of darkness at will. Whatever gets absorbed into the shadows seems to remain intact, without any damage. Gajeel himself can enter the shadowy realm, and appear in a pitch black area where everything else is stored in a pocket dimension of sort. In this realm, he has complete dominance, controlling every speck of darkness, as he wills it, while his opponent is essentially blind. However, swallowing an opponent can prove difficult against foes who can dodge his shadows.

It has been shown that negative feelings, such as rage, and hate, can fuel and strengthen his shadows, making them more and more powerful. Even allowing his normal spells to become powerful enough to rival the power of a Dragon Slayer's Secret Art in terms of raw power alone.

Much like his regular Dragon Slayer, Gajeel can generate a near infinite amount of shadows to utilize in combat, and even eat shadows while in this mode to regain strength, or darkness, this includes his own shadow, and the shadows of others. His spells also become a mixture of iron and shadow, becoming more powerful and devastating as a result of this.

Iron Shadow Dragon's Roar

  • Iron Shadow Dragon's Roar (鉄影竜の咆哮 Tetsueiryū no Hōkō): A combined version of Iron Dragon's Roar, mixed with the shadows of Shadow Dragon Slayer. Gajeel can fire an enormous blast of shadows and iron, strong enough to whipe out an entire street from a town, and with enough destructive force to harm even powerful being such as Demons. Unlike his Iron Dragon's Roar, this roar appears to have more raw energy to it. As opposed to shards of metal shredding his opponent, it instead blasts them away, and erases them from existence. The roar can penetrate through countless layers of defenses, and is big enough to be viewed by an entire town, even from afar as a small explosion.

    Iron Shadow Dragon's Ghost

  • Iron Shadow Dragon's Ghost (鉄影竜の幽霊, Tetsueiryū no Yūrei lit. Apparition of the Iron Shadow Dragon): A defensive spell, meant to allow Gajeel to find his opponents weakness, if he were to fail to defeat his foe already. It is simply Gajeel turning his entire body into a shadowy figure, becoming intangible and allowing him remain in place without recieving so much as a scratch from his enemy. He can simply remain stasis in his spot without moving while his opponent wails on him. He can also become a mass of shadows, losing traces of physical form, and easily dodging any and all attacks, but can become tangible at any time and use shadow-based appendages, or simply himself, to attack his opponent and catch them off guard. The only weakness of this spell is that, while intangible, another shadow user can still touch and harm him, the same would apply to the element that works best against shadows and darkness, light, in any form, can harm him. There is also the issue of running out of magic energy when utilizing this spell, but it is a minor hindrance, due to it not consuming alot of power. Gajeel also displayed the ability of creating shadowy clones of himself, that have the same body figure as he does, and function as distractions, but share the same intangibility as he does.
  • Iron Shadow Dragon's Sword (鉄影竜剣, Tetsueiryūken): Gajeel gathers shadows and iron around his arms, creating a menacing jagged swords of iron, coated by shadows. Unlike his regular Iron Dragon's Sword, Gajeel is capable of making the blade become intangible, thus passing any defenses and going straight for the kill without any delay. Along with that, Iron Shadow Dragon's Sword has boasts greater cutting power, and can extend in a mere instant, and like it's iron counterpart, mass produce itself on Gajeel's body.
Steel Shadow Dragon Mode

Steel Shadow Dragon Mode

Steel Shadow Dragon Mode
(鋼影竜モード, Kōeiryū Mōdo): Considered Gajeel's "ultimate form", one of his most powerful, and arguably most dangerous ability, is combining his Iron Shadow Dragon Mode with Steel Mode, which is achieved by simply activating both together. This form is very similar in appearance to his usual Iron Shadow Dragon Mode, but his flesh is replaced by the glittering steel, with a slight tint of shadows.

The enhancements Gajeel recieved from this mode are staggering, easily dwarfing both Steel Mode and Iron Shadow Mode. It is essentially a fusion of both, as such, Gajeel's speed becomes so great, that the afterimages he leaves behind appear as if he is standing, as if he never moved, being compared to teleporting by his foes.

Gajeel's physical strength is amplified immensely, becoming capable of blocking an enemy attack with a single hand, and delivering a punch strong enough to cause a devastating shockwave, powerful enough to create a small crater at full strength, or even greater than that. He becomes a force to be reckoned with, being unhinged by almost any attack, without a scratch on him, thanks to the combined durability of both modes working together.

He can still become intangible, and generate shadows, as well as steel, both solid and liquified, for attacks. Along with his own power, Gajeel's spell also become more powerful, being granted a boost from two different modes at once, so much that even a simple spell becomes powerful enough to cause absolute chaos.

Gajeel, however, suffers from a combined weakness of both modes. The primary being the toxic effect of Steel Mode, and the large amount of magic energy he drains while activating both modes, when he isn't activating Second Origin. At best, Gajeel can last 10 minutes, which is plenty for him, but any further than that would be pushing himself and risking his own life.

  • Steel Shadow Dragon's Roar (鋼影竜の咆哮, Kōeiryū no Hōkō): Iron Shadow Dragon's Roar, combined with the enhancements of Steel Mode, granting it immeasurable, and destructive power, and by far Gajeel's strongest Dragon's Roar. It is executed like any other roar, by culminating the magic energy of both steel and shadows in his lungs, and releasing it from his mouth, unleashing an enormous blast of glittering light, coated by shadows, with enough power to penetrate and destroy nearly any and all barriers and defenses. Its size can modified to Gajeel's liking, either a blast with a wide radius, to cause as much destruction and damage as possible, or a small, cocentrated beam-like roar that is meant solely to penetrate tough defenses. Either version is extremely powerful in its own right, and at full strength can even be viewed from afar as an explosion.
  • Steel Shadow Dragon's Club (鋼影竜棍, Kōeiryūkon): Unlike his regular Iron Dragon's Club, Gajeel's Steel Shadow Dragon's Club is much more durable, and is notable for being capable of extending at incredibly speed, striking its target before they're given enough time to react. It is also much stronger, and Gajeel considers it an unbreakable weapon, with enough force to shatter bones and body into nothing but dust with one strike.
  • Steel Shadow Dragon's Sword (鋼影竜剣, Kōeiryūken): Like his Steel Shadow Dragon's Club, Steel Shadow Dragon's Sword is much more powerful than Gajeel's regular Iron Dragon's Sword, with enough cutting force to cut even the hardest material in half with ease, and much like Steel Dragon's Sword, it can be enhanced with Gajeel's magic power, allowing it to cleanly cut through magical barriers and other defenses like butter. The ability to extend the sword, and even create plethora of smaller blades on it, only further enhance its already deadly power.
  • Steel Shadow Dragon's Doppelganger (鋼影竜の二重身, Kōeiryū no Nijūshin lit. Double-Goer of the Steel Shadow Dragon): By releasing large amounts of shadows and liquified steel, Gajeel molds both together in the form of a serpentine Dragon, with an appearance very similar to his foster father, Metalicana. It possesses no limbs, only a snake-like body, and a head, as well as spikes running alongs it body, and the tip of its tail being attached to Gajeel's body, even covering an entire arm, shoulder included. The large Doppelganger is powerful, durable and is one of Gajeel's most powerful spells in his arsenal, used as an effective shield, as well as attack. Gajeel claims that the strength of the Doppelganger can rival that of a Dragon, and while such a thing was never proven, Gajeel has indeed been capable of easily overpowering foes he couldn't have prior using it. He is even capable of casting his Steel Shadow Dragon's Roar from the Doppelganger's mouth, as well as create a multitude of heads, in a similar vain to the legendary Hydra. However, the spell requires a large amount of magic power to execute and control, and is such, used as a last resort, rather than his first attack.
Dual Dragon Slayer's Secret Art

Dual Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (二元的滅竜奥義, Nigenteki Metsuryū Ōgi): Gajeel's strongest set of spells, classified as Secret Arts by him, which are spells he himself created that utilize the power of both his Steel Shadow Dragon Mode, or Iron Shadow Dragon Mode. They are all very powerful, and while some spells are exclusive to some modes, others can be used in all of them. The only exception being Steel Mode, which cannot perform these spells.

  • Karmic Death: All-Destroying Wrath (因果死:全毀棄怒り, Ingashi: Zenkiki Ikari lit. Cause and Effect of Death: Complete Demolishing Hatred): A "super version" of Gajeel's Dragon's Roar, many times more powerful than his other ones. It can be utilized with either Steel Shadow Dragon Mode, or Iron Shadow Dragon Mode. Usually, Gajeel would use his Dragon's Roar by generating both shadows and metal in his lungs, and then release both simultaneously to unleash his roar. However, while he does so, Gajeel almost mixes in large amounts of raw magic energy into his lungs, directly from his container, emptying almost half of it as a result. When doing so, the shadows and metal in his lungs become more powerful, and fuse together in perfect unison. Before being released, Gajeel must first firmly plant his feet on the ground, or else the knockback will send him flying. The roar released takes the appearance of a massive, light grey beam of raw energy, passing in incredible speed, and destroying its surroundings. Upon impact, the power of the roar is said to cause an earthquake, and leave a gigantic crater. Doing so heavily exerts Gajeel's magic supply, cutting it down by almost half, or more, dependiing on when he uses it. Its power is almost no different in either mode, but it is notably faster in Steel Shadow Dragon Mode.
  • Karmic Death: World-Breaker (因果死:天地器, Ingashi: Tenchi Shadanki lit. Cause and Effect of Death: Heaven and Earth Breaker): Considered a more powerful version of his Karma Demon: Iron Spiral, or even his Iron Dragon's Lance: Demon Logs, and has two versions exclusive to each mode. His Iron Shadow Dragon Mode utilizes it by creating a lance similar to his Iron Dragon's Lance, with the exception of it having the darker look of his iron in this mode, and being surrounded by shadows. Then, Gajeel begins firing an endless barrage of spears of iron and shadow. The spears travel in blinding speed, being almost impossible to follow, and with said speed, can penetrate through nearly any defenses and severely wound his foe. The Steel Shadow Dragon Mode version is vastly different, and more akin to his Iron Spiral spell. Instead of turning his legs into a drill, Gajeel instead does it seperately to each arm, spinning it with shadows spinning alongside the drill. Gajeel then rushes his opponent by spinning at them, with even more shadows coating him, giving the illusion that the drill's size has increased, and approaching its target in immense speed. According to Gajeel, this spell can "break through the world and everything beyond" with its power, and even though that could merely be his pride talking, it has been proven to be an extremely effective spell in breaking through defenses, and still strike his foe.
  • Karmic Death: Dragon King's Law (因果死:龍神数, Ingashi: Ryūjin Sū lit. Cause and Effect of Death: Fate of the Dragon God): Considered a more powerful version of Karma Demon: Unlimited Blade Works' first version. It incorporates the same function, with Gajeel creating a massive wall of liquified iron or steel, however, instead of firing a barrage of blades at his foe, he instead fires projectiles, imbued with his magical energy, reinforced and guided via shadows, and firing them at his target. The projectiles are similar to his Iron Dragon's Club in appearance, and can be fired in rapid succession, and thanks to the shadows guiding them, can also be used to track down his foe even if they try to escape. Upon contact, the projectiles explode, due to the magic energy imbued within them being released at the moment of impact, causing massive damage once hundreds, or thousands of them strike in the same area, or target, having enough force to completely eradicate an area and leave nothing behind.
  • Karmic Death: Iron Dragon King (因果死:鉄龍神, Ingashi: Tetsuryūjin lit. Cause and Effect of Death: Iron Dragon God): A more "complete" version of Steel Shadow Dragon's Doppelganger, in which, instead of creating simply a serpentine head, with a head resembling Metalicana's, Gajeel instead creates a full-body armor, molded out of shadows and liquified iron, that copies Metalicana's body to perfection. The replica is enormous in size, easily fitting the same as an actual Dragon. Gajeel cannot actually fly by using it, despite being capable of creating wings, but instead, can modify the replica in order to make it more suited for combat. For example, he is capable of extending its limbs, and making them more human-like, to allow him to walk on two and thus fight better. Gajeel can also freely travel inside the replica, avoiding any potential harm that he can recieve very quickly. Since the replica is entirely molded out of both shadows and liquified metal, it isn't easy to destroy, as it can simply reform in seconds, and even adapt against whatever foe Gajeel fights, and even then, when used along with Steel Shadow Dragon Mode, it becomes difficult to even crack, much less break, without it having a means of restoring itself.
    • Iron Dragon King's Roar (鉄龍神の咆哮, Tetsuryūjin no Hōkō): Gajeel is capable of gathering magic energy at the replica's mouth, much like he would before initiating his roar, but with an added boost of the replica's size, and the amount of iron and shadows used, as well as magic energy, Gajeel can fire an immensely powerful blast of shadows and metal, on a grand scale. Much stronger than even his Steel Shadow Dragon's Roar, but weaker than his Karmic Death: All-Destroying Wrath. He can also created a multitued of heads, firing the roar from each seperate head in a deadly barrage.
    • Iron Dragon King's Destroying Arm (鉄龍神の毀棄アーム, Tetsuryūjin no Kiki Āmu): By liquifying and reconstructing the replica's arms, Gajeel is capable of utilizing them for long ranged attacks. He is capable of extending the arms and controlling them even when extended farther away, and can create extra appendages, in a similar manner to his Asura Mode. It is essentially a physical attack, meant to crush whatever it strikes, however, when enhanced via Steel Shadow Dragon Mode, the arms are capable of inflicting massive damage, and even become nearly unbreakable, unless enough force is delivered, as well as gain a boost in speed, due to the lighter metal. In addition, the durability and strength can be further enhanced via large scale reinforcements of magical energy onto them, making a single hit enough to create a small crater, or even larger. However, this typically requires great concentration, and even alot of magic energy to properly execute. Regardless, if hit point blank, it can shatter an entire skeletal structure, but is always guaranteed to cause massive damage upon impact, even by powerful creatures, such as Demons. In addition, using the shadows, Gajeel can create surprise attacks, by erecting the arms out of shadows he controls, allowing for even greater advantage, especially in dark areas.
    • Iron Dragon King's Whip (鉄龍神の鞭, Tetsuryūjin no Muchi): Essentially the same as Iron Dragon King's Destroying Arm, only utilized with the replica's tail, utilizing it as a whip. First, Gajeel thins the tail, and grants it a sharp, bladed tip, and with that, can manipulate the tail in order strike his foes. Compared to Destroying Arm, the tail is much faster, and more precise as a piercing tool. In addition, when in Steel Shadow Dragon Mode, the tail becomes much faster, due to the lighter metal, and when it is thin enough, can even pierce through multiple targets before they can properly react.
    • Iron Dragon King: Drago Carapace (鉄龍神:ドラゴ・カラパス, Tetsuryūjin: Dorago Karapasu): The "strongest" spell in the Iron Dragon King series, and is comparable to Gajeel's Asura Mode, and Steel Mode. By using the shadows to absorb the large quantity of metal making up the replica, while also compressing them onto his body, Gajeel effectively creates an armor of steel or iron, that has a dragonic look, reminiscient to Metalicana, while also having shadows flowing from his body, and leaking from every corner. The armor itself also contains a tail, and claws, much like the original, but lacks wings, and the helmet resembles Metalicana's head, while the rest of the armor resembles his plated flesh. While in this state, the dragonic armor serves as one of Gajeel's greatest, if not absolute, defenses, due to being compressed to such a small size, it is incredibly durable, and can allow him to whistand virtually any physical attack, absorbing all kinetic energy, and simply dispersing it, and can even recieve only minor, non-significant injury from most spells. He even goes on and claims it would require a "true Dragon" in order to put a dent in this armor, and that at this state, his power is comparable to a Dragon Slayer using Dragon Force, or even surpass it. His speed is almost unhinged as well, since the compressed armor has no weight on him, and if used in Steel Shadow Dragon Mode, he is capable of moving at incredible speed, leaving afterimages, and travelling via shadows. His physical strength, while still the same, is noted for having a much greater impact, unleashing a large amount of kinetic energy, creating a shockwave upon contact. Drago Carapace's greatest achievement, however, is the large quantities of liquified metal stored within the shadows. At any moment, Gajeel can unleash large limbs made out of liquified metal onto his opponent, striking with "the force of a Dragon", sending his foes flying, and causing massive damage upon point blank range. He can also manifest large pools of liquid metal, and instantly use it as he desires, shaping and forming it. This can be manifested from any part of his body, as the shadows are a part of him, thus granting even greater offense, along with his defense, and almost limitless ways to attack. He is still capable of becoming intangible as well, allowing for him to easily become unharmed by whatever force he's fighting. His spells also recieve a massive boost, most prominently his physical attacks, such as Iron Dragon's Club, or Sword, being capable of unleashing large sized versions of them, or using "compressed" versions, that are capable of striking with incredible force, and are also very durable in their own right. However, as with his other Iron Dragon King spells, this takes a toll on his magical reserves, especially the process of activation, thus, it isn't commonly used, despite being incredibly powerful, and can drain Gajeel clean from power in mere minutes, if he's careless in using it.
      • Compressed Dragon's Roar: Gajeel is capable of firing a unique form of Dragon's Roar while using Drago Carapace. Due to using his magic energy to compress the metal in the form of an armor, and absorbing the metal into his shadows, the roar he fires also has a compressed form. It is incredibly thin, and fires at incredible, blinding speed as a result, however, upon impact, can implode into a powerful blast of raw magic energy, of both shadows and metal mixed. Gajeel is capable of using this "compressed Dragon's Roar" from even Dragon head replicas, much like he can with the original, large sized replica.
      • Dragon Strike (竜王の顎 (ドラゴンストライク) Ryūō no Ago (Doragon Sutoraiku) lit. Jaw of the Dragon King): By gathering and compressing shadows, with metal stored within them, Gajeel creates a black sphere, that almost "glitters" due to gaining metallic properties, and has a great degree of magic energy stored within it as well. It has a physical state, as evident by Gajeel being capable of holding and grabbing the sphere in his palm without it fading, though that can be thanks to his shadow abilities. He can also levitate these spheres around him, via controlling them, and can create multiple as well. The sphere can be thrown, or used as a blunt weapon, and upon impact, all the compressed energy, shadows and metal instantly release simultaneously in an unstable fusion, that create a spherical explosion in a grand scale, causing wreckage in its wake. They can also be used to change their shape and form, taking the form of spears, swords, barriers, but are each a one-time use, due to unleashing a destructive wave upon impact when enough force is delivered. However, the "blast" of these spheres can be controlled by Gajeel, causing them to unleash their blast in a single direction, or even in a concentrated, straight line, heading directly for his foe, most prominently with forms such as swords or spears. The spheres themselves do not take much to create, since they are relatively easy with the armor being compressed itself, but it burns energy, and shortens his time when used, thus Gajeel uses this carefully, and not carelessly.

Other Abilities


Gajeel's magic power, unleashed

Immense Magic Power: After his training for a period of 4 years, Gajeel has managed to achieve a magic power, equivlant, or even above S-Class. This is most evident in his ability to utilize so many spells, and switch into three different modes, all in one battle, and still continue fighting afterwards, exhibiting a large quantity of power. Gajeel has mastered this great power, managing to better control and manipulate it, to the degree that he can use magical reinforcements on his limbs, and even manipulate the magical make-up of his spells to improve them. Unleashing his magic

Gajeel's Aura Synthesis, taking the form of his father, Metalicana

power is shown to tear apart the surrounding area, and it has a green tint to it.
  • Aura Synthesis (オーラの合成, Ōra no Gōsei): As a testament of his monstrous level of magic power, Gajeel is capable of manifesting an aura of his foster father, Metalicana, at his side, paralyzing foes with fear at its sheer presence, within a sphere of his magic energy that spreads in a large radius. The aura's size is enormous, reaching the size of a giant when enough power is put into it. The aura is described as feeling as if a Dragon is truly standing before them, as it should. However, this takes a toll on Gajeel's body and magical reserved, and if used for too long, can leave him weakened and open for attack. Regardless, Gajeel is capable of using this to his advantage, and can even speak from the aura of his father, granting even more realism to the illusion.
  • Reinforcement: After learning to better manipulate his magic power, Gajeel soon learned how to use it to reinforce his body, thus increasing his already massive defenses, as well as his attack. A simple reinforcement of magic power to his fist is enough to make him capable of making an entire building collapse from a single punch, and his skin becoming powerful enough that he doesn't require his Iron Dragon's Scales for protection. The same applies to some spells, such as his Iron Dragon's Sword, or Club, allowing them to hit harder, and endure more damage, or even his Steel Dragon's Sword, massively augmenting its already deadly power. He is capable of emitting the reinforcement in mere seconds, and like his Iron Dragon's Scales, can do so instictively upon reflex. The strength of the reinforcement is great enough to protect him from powerful spells and attacks, enough to allow him to stand back up again.
  • Second Origin Activation (二番原解放, Nibangen Kaihō): After hearing of the Second Origin, Gajeel sought to achieve its power, and has successfully done so after training for 2 years, getting better control over his magic energy, and eventually, achieving Second Origin. It is Gajeel's trump card, and absolute final resort in battle. After he has completely emptied his current "container" in his being, Gajeel can gain access to his "second container" within him, one that has been passively absorbing magic energy his entire life, and thus, grants him power that dwarves every bit of power he has exhibited prior. Most evidently, Gajeel managed to access his strongest form, Steel Shadow Dragon Mode, and use it for a prolonged period of time, claiming that the immense magic energy keeps the toxic effect of the steel in bay for longer than before. Even his "weakest" spells, become much more devastating then before, and by using magic reinforcements on his body, he becomes a truly unstoppable force, with power said to rival a Wizard Saint, or even potentially surpass one. However, he can only keep this for 10 minutes, but can push himself for an extra 5 if absolutely neccesary, but is left with no magic, and feels an incredible seething pain across his being, making him an open target. Nonetheless, the boost he is granted is more than enough to finish off his foes.


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  • In Greek Mythology, Typhos, or Typhon, was known as the deadliest monster, said to be a Dragon, and was known as "Father of all Monsters". Gajeel gained the title after showing his fearsome power, and the people comparing him to "the monster, Typhos", hinting a creature of that name existed prior.
  • Gajeel's stats without any mode activated are:
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