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Symbol of the Gargoyle Fist Guild
Gargoyle Fist



Gāgoiru Fisuto


Legal Guild


Sakura City, Fiore

"Gargoyle Fist" is one of the Legal Guilds of Fiore, established a while before the founding of Phoenix Wing.


Sakura City Dangerous Canyon

Canyon of Sakura City

Gargoyle Fist is located in the eastern section of Sakura City, one of the biggest cities in Fiore. The guild building is located in the heart of a dangerous canyon, and because of that, it is hard to reach the guild, even for experienced mages. Despite that, the canyon provides a great location for earth magic training, which attracts a lot of mages from different guilds. The guild has a rivalry with three other guilds, located in the same city: Phoenix Wing, Scythe Weasel and Trident Shark.


Rampart Terra

Rampart Terra

A few years after the guild's establishment, the first Guild Master of the Gargoyle Fist built Rampart Terra, a secret "weapon" to be used against the enemies of the Eastern Section.


Gargoyle Fist is a powerful guild, known for their stubbornness and steadfast fights. Mages of the guild seem to be very proud of the strength of Gargoyle Fist, but also acknowledge the strength of other guilds. Most members tend to rely on earth magic and its variations, like sand magic, but during the recent years, the guild had a a few strong wizards join their ranks, like a Forest God Slayer.

Name Rank Team Status
MorganaS-Class MageNoneActive
Flint DaibashunMageNoneActive
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