Chronicles of the Black Knight

Chapter 25

Nether walked back into the throne room.

"So I went to get the place ready when suddenly I ran into these guys."

Behind him walked in Four other people.

"My best and brightest children have returned! cried Surtr.

"Oh calm yourself master," said a blonde woman with light emerald armor.  She was fair skinned with black eyes, and carried a quiver of arrows.

"It's nice that we've all finally returned," said a grey skinned man.  He had white hair, and grey eyes.  His attire consisted of a black cloak, while his shirt, shoes, and pants were all completely black, and he had two swords strapped to his sides.

"Yes, but please don't refer to us as your children," said a man in white armor with a lance.  "It makes things a little weird."  He was fair skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Yes especially since Angelo and I are madly in love!" said a woman wearing the same, but a more feminine attire, as the last man.  Her hair was brown, with brown eyes, but still fair skin.

"My children," said Surtr.  He began to address them.  "Dead Skull," the man with gray skin "Jacqueline," the archer "Angelo, and Valerie." The romantic couple.

"I see we're the only ones to arrived," said Dead Skull.

"More will come," said Surtr.

"Master Surtr," said Watcher.  "We have an issue."

"What is it Watcher?" asked Nether.

"It would seem the Black Void members haven't gone to war with the Magic Council," said Watcher.  "They must've seen through Victor's façade and come here instead."

"Well then you know what to do," said Surtr. "We must repel them.  We cannot allow them to stop us from reaching our goal."

"Yes master," they said.

"I'm sorry to send you all into combat so early," said Surtr "but you must repel them."

"We will do so with gusto," said Angelo.

"Go pick up Victor from the experimentation room," said Surtr. "He will assist you in the fight.  He has valuable information on the guild members."

"Yes sir," they said.  "We will depart at once."

Chronicles of the Black Knight
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