"After being backed into a corner once, you'll come to realize the cruelty of survival. All that's left is the question; What will you do about it?"
— Gatyao Cheer

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Gatyao Cheer
Thor megingjard 59294
Name Gatyao Cheer
Kanji 型八百 チア
Rōmaji Gatayao Chia
Race Human
Birthdate October 23rd, X774
Age 23

Male Male

Height 164 (cm)
Weight 67kg
Eye Color Golden
Hair Color Teal
Blood Type O
Guild Mark Location Back right shoulder
Professional Status
Affiliation Tesla Gale
Occupation Security Guard
Team Team Mantré
Partner Tetra Daler N/A
Base of Operations East Forest
Personal Status
Status Active
Magic Wood-Make

 Gatyao Cheer (型八百 チア Gatayao Chia) is the second member of Team Mantré and only current Maker Magic user in Tesla Gale



Gatyao in his security attire.

Despite the position of his work taskings, Gatyao is actually quite weak. He blames his age for this, saying the muscle will only develop in his thirties. The left side of his head is shaved, a bolt like marking placed from his temple. His eyes are golden, which is a rare trait in the forest. Gatyao wears what looks like a school uniform; white shirt, blue or yellow tie, and black vest. On top of that is a male blazer which varies in said colors. He stands at an average man's height. It seems like he acquired a single facial expression over the years, mainly because of the monotony of the East Forest. 


Gatyao has a laid-back demeanor, one that's actually blander then most. He talks in a deep voice, but knowledge is always apparent. When animals are being bullied, he usually pulls out the meaner, more daddy-like side of him. 





Magic & Abilities


Wood-Make - Earthen Armor

Wood-Make (木の造形魔法 ウッドメイク Uddo Meiku) is a type of Molding Magic which utilizes wood for offensive and defensive purposes. The caster can create a variety of wooden objects to be used for combat, ranging from wood-cutting weapons to human limbs. These objects can also be used for various defensive purposes. In addition, they can create sculptures as well as other non-combative objects. The caster of this Magic can create multiple wooden objects in one instance, allowing them to defeat a wider range of opponents with just a single spell.

Users of Wood-Make are also shown to merge their bodies inside actual wood, additionally with more than one occupant, making it an effective use for stealth.

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