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"There’s no sound like to swords swords opposing,/ No cry like the battle’s rejoicing."
Ezra Pound, Sestina Altaforte: vv 32-33.

Gawain (ガーウェイン;gawein)is a Demon from a Book of Zeref, considered one of the most powerful creature the Black Mage has ever created. Blessed with both monstrous raw strength and martial prowess, he spent his immortal life wandering around the world, only to fight the mightiest warriors.  He is currently affiliated with Manus Zeref , holding the rank of Second Knight.




Magic and Abilities




  • Gawain was inspired by Nosferatu Zodd, from the manga Berserk.
  • Gawain is the name of a Knight of the Round the Table, King Arthur's nephew, to be more precise.
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