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Gehenna (ゲヘナ, Gehena; Hebrew for "Hell") is a large, underground kingdom at an unknown location within Earth Land. The kingdom's population consists solely of Demons of various kinds, living away from humanity after retreating at the aftermath of the Dragon Civil War. It does not house all of Demon kind however, as there still exists some who have left, or even do not know of Gehenna's existence.

Gehenna's existence is considered an equivlant of a myth among humanity, since Demons aren't believed to possess a functioning society like humans do, while others believe in its existence. Its current ruler is Shaitan.


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Beasts of Gehenna


The Beasts of Gehenna being described as hellish and powerful Demons

The Beasts of Gehenna (ゲヘナの獣, Gehena no Kemono lit. Beasts of Hell) are the six most powerful Demons in the entirety of Gehenna, as well as of the strongest known Demons of their time to currently exist, as believed by the population of Gehenna and Shaitan herself. They are described as the "Ten Wizards Saints of Demon kind", and as it suggests, a single one of them is said to rival the power of a Wizard Saint, if not more. They were all chosen by Shaitan, and are the second highest authority in Gehenna, just below the ruler.

Their role is to serve as the strongest force of Gehenna's military, and be prepared to fight any opposing forces without question, as well as follow and devote their lives to the safety and protection of Gehenna and its people.


  • In Jewish Rabbinic literature, and Christian and Islamic scripture, Gehenna is a destination of the wicked.
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