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Gen Akiyama is the Guild Master of the dark Guild Iron Spider


Gen is an old man almost completely bald with only a fringe of grey hair around his head. Gen is surprisingly strong and muscular for his advanced age this is in part because of a deliberate effort to maintain his physique. Gen Is most commonly seen wearing white or black T-shirts, tan shorts and a pair of well-worn sandals. In situations where more formal wear is required usually wears a gray business suit and Fedora.


Gen Is a powerful commanding figure. He is somewhat cold but values decorum so he is usually polite without being friendly. Gen keeps a tight rein on his guild which he runs like a business. The Guild Master of Iron spider makes a point of enforcing fair business practices and honesty with the Guild's clients and harshly punishes those who try and double-cross or deceive the clientele. This is done not out of any sort of morals but a belief that it would harm future business opportunities if the Guild gains a reputation for being untrustworthy. As previously mentioned he runs Iron spider like a business and expects the mages of his Guild to be as concerned with the bottom line as he is.


Gen Was a former member of the rune knights. After being dishonorably discharged for assaulting a superior officer Gen would begin his career as a illegal mage. Gen spent many years as muscle for one small name dark guild or another. Eventually he gathered together a few business minded illegal mages and founded Iron spider.

Magic and Abilities

Personal Barrier Magic - Gen is an expert in the use of personal Barrier magic having both extensive experience in the magic's use in combat and understanding it well enough to teach it to others.

Expert hand-to-hand combatant- Gen Is a well trained and experienced hand to hand combatant specializing in boxing.


Gen is based on Genji Kamogawa From the Manga Hajime No Ippo.

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