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Gene is a scientist with a magic that he created himself called Molecule Magic. He is an independent scientist that is always looking for new ways to cure things and help others progress into the future.


Whenever Gene isn't in his lab coat, he can usually be seen in his casual clothes. His clothes usually consist of a yellow jacket with a white button up underneath, he wears khaki slacks even when he isn't working and being the old grandfather that he is, wears socks and sandals to keep comfortable.


Gene is a very forgetful person and can't remember peoples names very well but he can remember a lot of other things just fine. He is very intelligent as he spends most of his time inside of Reinhardt Labs studying different molecules and atoms. He is very proud of his daughter for doing what she loves and for his grandson for be a great wizard. He is one to make friends easily as he has a charming personality.


Molecule Magic - To use this magic the user must have direct contact with the object that he or she is manipulating. This magic is unable to manipulate any part of a human or mage though.This magic is very dangerous if not used correctly as if atoms are placed into molecules that aren't supposed to be there, the molecule can become highly reactive and even explosive if not handled with care or correctly.

This is a magic that Gene Reinhardt created but not even he is not yet a master of the magic but he is progressing every day in the field of molecule magic. Every once in a while he will mess up causing an explosion in his lab, but what he has done for the world is priceless. Gene has created countless new cures and medicines using this magic.

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