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A Genie (精霊 Seirei) is a supernatural being that is an embodiment of a part of humanity. They inhabit Dungeons and await for those worthy enough to conquer it and obtain their power. Genies are able to make contracts with Humans and then store themselves into an object (known as a Genie Container) and await to be summoned. Genies are able to (essentially) merge with the Human as a type of power-up. The use of a Genie in a spell is known as a Genie Magic.

History of the Genie

Genie were said to be the product of strong Human emotion and a Human's shadow. They once roamed freely across Earth Land. Humans grew tired of Genies hiding in their shadows and (occasionally) taking over their bodies so they devised a plan to get rid of them. Experienced wizards gathered together from across the world and erected several large towers known as Dungeons.

These Dungeons were connected to a separate pocket dimension that could imprison the Genies. The wizards trapped the Genies in their own shadows and entered the Dungeons themselves before releasing the Genies inside. What they hadn't counted on was the Genie's great magical power being able to change and alter the conditions of the Dungeon, trapping the wizards inside.

Over time, the tall towers became a sign of power and great Kings wanted to harness that power. They built kingdoms around the Dungeons and eventually entered them to hide their treasures. Naturally, the Genies wanted a way out so they made contracts with the Human in exchange for them hiding their treasures. The kings abused the Genie's power of being able to temporarily to merge with them, and as a result, permanently lost their body to the spirit. Genies lured travelers in with lies and trapped them when the Human failed to realize the cost of using such a magic.

One Genie, however, had grown tired of using Humans carelessly and told one Human the secrets of their powers and that Human spread the news around. Now that news had spread on how to control the Genie, hundreds and hundreds of adventurers traveled to the Dungeons in an attempt to use one. The Genies hardened the difficulty of their towers, killing and taking the riches of the challengers.

The Dungeons still hold a sense of excitement at the chance of making it to the Treasure Room where the Genie lies in await.

Known Genies

Known Genies
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