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"Obey! OBey! OBEY!."

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Genki Ryuzaki



Ryuzaki Genki


"The Laughing Monster"
"The Immortal Zombie"


Demon Hybrid (1/2 Human)


Male Male








14 February

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status


Previous Affiliation

The Veil

Mark Location

Right Arm


Wandering Mage
Demon Hunter(Occasionally)

Previous Occupation

Demon Hunter


Demonic Duo

Previous Team



Zero Ikki

Previous Partner(s)

Elise Ryuzaki
Zero Ikki

Base of Operations

Red Keep (former)

Personal Status



Elise Ryuzaki


Great Rune Arts


Limit Breaker

"What do I want? What I want is power the power to destroy... But not just any power to destroy; I want the power to completely destroy my enemies... The flames of my hatred shall devour my enemies, all that remains will be ashes."
— Genki asking the Demon King for power

Genki Ryuzaki (りゅざきげんき Ryuzaki Genkiis a mage in 'The Veil' which is essentially a guild of Demon hunters; it is one of the neutral guilds. Genki's specialties whilst a member of 'The Veil' are binding/sealing magics, healing magic for support and fire and lightning magic for assault. Due to high healing factor he has earned himself the name The Immortal Zombie. He earned the name The Laughing Monster because he is always seen to be smiling in fights plus he has monstrous strength.


Genki full

Genki Full size image

Genki Ryuzaki bears the appearance of a young boy in his mid to late teens. He has long spiky red hair that is held in four places, on either side of his head (his sideburns that is) and two strips at the back of his head, he also has big dull red eyes a trait he obtained from his father, and fair skin with only a slight tan. He is slightly above average height with a lean body and almost no muscular build. He has been noted to be extremely cute mainly by girls and is also often thought to be a girl (usually by boys).

His guild mark is revealed to be on his right arm, just below his shoulder.


Genki is always smiling, one might even say he loves to smile and it is this trait that landed him the name The Laughing Monster this is because even in battle he'd usually be smiling. People who know him though often say that it is all due to his childish nature.

In truth he has never really outgrown his childish mannerisms, he therefore behaves very much like a child; a good example of this is that he tends to whin a lot either when he wants something or doesn't agree with something orsometimes for absolutely no reason. Like a child he also loves to play a lot. He used to play with his now deceased sister Elise but due to he death he is now forced to play with Zero who doesn't seem to enjoy it at all.

"People see what they want to see and hear what they want to it so wrong for me to give them what they want."
— Genki to Zero

One of Genki's less admirable qualities that very few are aware of is that he is a liar, and a really good one at that. His entire personality is infact a lie he is not the happy, fun loving kid that people see he is actually a cold souless monster. The main reason for his facade is that Zero once asked him to "keep his evil in check" around others when they moved to Little Lake the town neighbouring their guild, and the current Genki that people see was merely what came to mind first.


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Magic and Abilities

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